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Korn/Ferry - Our Approach To Search

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kornferry - our approach to search

  1. 1. KORN/ FERRY INTERNATIONAL We are talent.A guide to our brand
  2. 2. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Whether the pilot is flying a Boeing 777 or the Wright Brothers’ Flyer, it is the person rather than the aircraft that makes the flight successful. Despite all of the technological advances of the past 100 years, the simple truth remains people make businesses work. Forty years ago, Lester Korn and Richard Ferry launched Korn/Ferry Enterprises in Los Angeles with little more than $10,000, a typewriter, one secretary and a dream — to become the premier global executive search firm. Today, Korn/Ferry International is truly the fruition of their shared foresight. As the industry leader, our firm enjoys a rich heritage, one of innovation, boldness and success. We have elevated executive recruitment to a fine art, infusing unique and proprietary science-based tools, buildingOur story a successful mid-market and outsourced recruitment company, and adding even greater value through our leadership and talent consulting offerings. Korn/Ferry’s impact on the human capital market, albeit significant, has only just begun. It is our brand and the trust it conveys that present us with the opportunity to do more. Together, we will further evolve and forge new traditions into the fabric of our great company. Korn/Ferry—a great brand, the very best people and an enormous opportunity. Thank you for your contribution. Gary Burnison Chief Executive Officer 1
  3. 3. It was during a time of turmoil, generational clashes and military conflict that two young entrepreneurs shared a vision — to establish a company focused on delivering leadership to leading organizations around the world. Stepping into virtually uncharted territory, Lester Korn and Richard Ferry founded Korn/Ferry International on November 14, 1969. from theInnovative We have come a long way since Lester and Richard started the business 40 years ago. Our start heritage as the leading executive recruitment firm has paved the way for us to address other aspects of talent management to help our clients achieve their business goals. Organizations are seeking ongoing methods and systems to attract, develop, retain and sustain their workforces. To help them with these needs, they will turn to partners they can trust, who are credible and can help their businesses thrive. And who is better qualified to provide this than Korn/Ferry? For four decades, we have helped organizations build their leadership teams. Simply stated, we have the best people, we have the best solutions and we have the best brand. This is a position and a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We use our success to continually innovate and look for new ways to add value for our clients.2 3
  4. 4. Infusing Art and science often merge to bring science art about success. From painting to architecture, medicine to astronomy, examples of the delicate balance into between art and science are evident across many fields and professions. The same collaboration is true in our work. We understand the subtleties and intangible aspects of talent — the “art,” so to speak. It is that feeling you get after years of experience; although you cannot put your finger on precisely why, you know in your gut that one candidate is a better fit than the other. And now, by introducing the tools and techniques made possible through our unique technologies and intellectual property, we at Korn/Ferry add precision to our processes — the “science” — and create the platform for providing the talent management services clients truly need in a changing world.4 5
  5. 5. Creating a long-term human capital competitive advantage for our clients rests on the ability to address four fundamental leadership and talent management needs — attracting, developing, retaining and sustaining key talent. Our solutions are aligned to deliver optimal value in each of these areas. Attract Retain We offer an unparalleled depth of experience, We define what drives optimum performance global reach and industry knowledge through and employee engagement. We ensure that our executive recruitment services, plus a management and executive pay programs and unique methodology that includes a compe- incentives align with shareholder value, company tency-based interviewing framework and our strategy and sound governance practices while proprietary behavioral assessment tool. effectively motivating participants. Develop Sustain We enhance the effectiveness of existing We coordinate and scale key aspects of the or newly hired talent through developmental talent management process to create a long- coaching, onboarding, residence-based term platform and culture within our clients’ leadership programs, team effectiveness organizations. We achieve this through our offerings and scalable developmental tools. proprietary technology tools and by certifying our clients on our assessment process and The search and other components of our intellectual property. beyond6 7
  6. 6. Talent drives business. Lester and Richard realized early on that their firm could only be as good as the people they hired to serve their Our vision clients. When recruiting our own employees, we apply the Our vision is to be the premier global provider same exacting standards we use to identify and attract of talent management solutions, known for unsurpassed quality where the most talented outstanding talent for our clients. colleagues serve our clients each day. We strive to be the premier career destination in the industry, providing our workforce with a unique strategy, deep resources and offering an Our mission environment that allows for career-long develop- ment and personal growth. Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients, candidates and colleagues through Each person who works for Korn/Ferry is an our actions and the delivery of unsurpassed example of our undisputed ability to attract and leadership and talent solutions. retain the very best talent. Korn/Ferry will continue to develop and deliver new and impactful talent solutions that are Our values unique to the industry, but it is ultimately our team’s skills, teamwork, commitment and – Integrity and respect passion that will guide our evolution into the – Teamwork and collaboration world’s leading talent management resource. – Personal accountability – Effective communication8 9
  7. 7. Executing We will achieve our goals by adhering to our strategy, which centers on the following initiatives:a well-focused Institutionalize our go-to- Solutions-driven growth market strategy to outperform Providing clients with a rich and ever-growing the market set of solutions, further strengthening relation-strategy Being recognized as the premier provider of and ships and diversifying our firm. preferred partner for the broadest suite of talent management solutions. Pursue transformational opportunities along the broad Deliver unparalleled client HR spectrum excellence Further developing adjacent, talent-based Continuing to invest in technologies, processes service offerings that differentiate our flagship and tools to make our services more timely and business and extend our brand. effective for clients. Create a lifetime career Extend and elevate the destination Korn/Ferry brand to create Having the premier employer brand in the the top of mind firm in industry and being seen by our clients, colleagues and competitors as the firm human capital with the preferable platform that provides Promoting our solutions through a unique a lifetime of career opportunities. marketing campaign, The Art & Science of Talent, and our thought leadership think-tank, The Korn/Ferry Institute, to create the top of mind firm in human capital. 11
  8. 8. An integrated OUR LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE talent framework THE AmERICAS ASIA PACIFIC EUROPE, mIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Atlanta Auckland Amsterdam Bogota Bangalore Athens Boston Bangkok Barcelona Buenos Aires Beijing Brussels Corporate vision, culture & strategy Calgary Brisbane Bucharest Caracas Guangzhou Budapest alignment Chicago Hong Kong Copenhagen Strategy Dallas Jakarta Dubai Detroit Kuala Lumpur Frankfurt Talent strategy, organization & workforce planning Durango Melbourne Helsinki Houston Mumbai Istanbul alignment Irvine New Delhi Kiev Lima Seoul London Los Angeles Shanghai Luxembourg Medellin Singapore Lyon Mexico City Sydney Madrid Talent Organization Succession Miami Taipei Milan Minneapolis Tokyo Moscow Acquisition Design/Development Planning Monterrey Wellington Oslo Montreal Paris Naples Prague New York Riyadh Performance Executive Leadership & Northern Virginia Rome Process Management Recruitment Team Development Philadelphia Stockholm Princeton Vienna Quito Warsaw Rio de Janeiro Zurich Compensation Learning & Employee Engagement San Francisco Planning Development & Retention Santiago Sao Paulo Scottsdale Seattle Stamford Toronto Language Common support & sustain Vancouver Washington DC Competency definition & assessment Scalability support & sustain System enablement12
  9. 9. 1900 Avenue of the StarsSuite 2600Los Angeles, California 90067Tel: +1 310 552 1834Fax: +1 310 553 6452www.kornferry.com 1209BRANDBOOK