MELA - Nihilanth 2011 - Preliminaries with answers


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The preliminary round. Audio video questions are removed because they make no sense in this context.

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MELA - Nihilanth 2011 - Preliminaries with answers

  1. 1.  An IIM Calcutta presentation Satyajit Chetri
  2. 2.  Released on 24th December, 2010. Name the film.
  3. 3.  All these Bond movie titles have a common attribute. o What attribute? o Which is the first Indian movie with the same attribute?
  4. 4.  A. Named after villains. B.
  5. 5.  Identify the person on the right, a musician who has visited India before.
  6. 6.  Who is next in this list?
  7. 7.  Chetan Bhagat. Vishal Bharadwaj is making the movie 2 States next, based on Bhagat’s novel. The person in the middle is named Cajetan Boy, who wrote the screenplay that was adapted as Kaminey.
  8. 8.  Which TV series?
  9. 9.  Iron Chef
  10. 10.  For X, Thank you for bringing your amazing music to my story – if only I’d had your soundtrack in the canyon, I could have lasted another Y. Best Wishes, X
  11. 11.  A.R 127 Hours
  12. 12.  Which office’s address is Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton, Pennysylvania in the USA and Wernham Hogg Paper Company, Slough, Berkshire in the UK?
  13. 13.  According to the Official Chart Company, Great Britain, they are anything less than 25 minutes of length or four tracks, not counting alternative versions of featured songs, if present. The first recordings released by many punk rock bands were released in this format because minor record labels did not have the funds to release a full length album for newly formed bands, and record stores would not sell demo tapes. What format?
  14. 14.  EPs
  15. 15.  The name of this Swiss town comes from the Latin for "Lions Flesh". The historic significance of this town, whose language is primarily Italian, is the fact that the main castle may have been designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Since 1946, an annual event in August has brought it to the worlds notice. Which town?
  16. 16.  Locarno
  17. 17.  The sequel (both comic-book and film) to which recent comic-book adaptation will be called ____ 2: Balls to the Wall?
  18. 18.  Which story does this painting represent?
  19. 19.  Androcles and the Lion
  20. 20.  What starts with this quote? P.S: John Roy Hill does not exist.
  21. 21.  The Dabanng Trailer. No points for saying ‘Dabanng’ and not mentioning the word ‘trailer’.
  22. 22.  In June 2010, a post on 4chan urged users to all search for the term "___ _____ Syphilis" pushing it to the top of Google Trends Hot Searches list. A poll asking which country he should visit next yielded half a million votes to send him to North Korea. There was also a rumor that his mother was offered $50,000 to pose topless in Playboy. Who?
  23. 23.  The original song was composed as the finale for X. This is a cover version by band Y, in their latest album Z. The name Z is a direct reference to their last album, which had the subtitle ‘Energy Never Dies’. Obviously, identify X, Y, Z.
  24. 24.  X - Dirty Dancing Y – Black-Eyed Peas Z – The Beginning. Their previous album was called The E.N.D.
  25. 25.  The band’s lead singer Y was inspired to come up with this record X after listening to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, which had no covers or fillers. Paul McCartney later called this album one of his favorite albums of all time, and Beatles producer George Martin said ‘Sgt Pepper’s is just an attempt to equal X’ ID band/lead singer and the album.
  26. 26.  Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds
  27. 27.  What to do with such low-class people? No manners, no sense, nothing. And you know who is responsible for this attitude — that bastard Shiv Sena leader..... He and his "Maharashtra for Maharashtrians" nonsense. They won’t stop till they have complete Maratha Raj.‘ Wait till the Marathas take over, then we will have real Gandoo Raj...‘ Where will you read these lines?
  28. 28.  Such a Long Journey, by Rohinton Mistry.
  29. 29.  This TV show from the 80s, directed by Amol Palekar, was a remake of a novel written in 1868-69, which had 3 sequels. Which novel?
  30. 30.  Little Women
  31. 31.  This extinct animal was the largest member of the order ___, which take their name from the Greek characters, because they were mistaken for mermaids. Also make their appearance in 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and Kipling’s White Seal.
  32. 32.  Sirenia
  33. 33.  Robert Indiana: I knew him very well. The reason he painted ____ is that he liked ___. Marcel Duchamp: If you take a _____and repeat it fifty times, you are not interested in the retinal image. What interests you is the concept that wants to put fifty ____ on a canvas. All gaps are the same. Fill up.
  34. 34.  Campbell Soup Cans
  35. 35.  Founded by Steven Hirsch and Bill Asher, this company changed public perception by releasing Ginger, in 1984, with the cover designed to look like a glamorous magazine and with high production values. It was among the first to have contractual employees, an educational series, and a superhero line. It has also won more AVN awards than any others in its line. Which company?