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Talks about our music opportunity program

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Music program presentation info

  1. 1. Jeffery Rhodes
  2. 2. Lowering the dropout rateUsing music as a bargaining tool 1 4 • Music opportunities for • Free recording studio grades and attendance time for better grades 2 5 • Students can • How bad is it Sing, Rap, or play a instrument 3 6 • Offering recording contracts • Take theyre opportunity to outstanding students to the public market
  3. 3. Lowering the dropout rateAbout 7000 students dropout each school day all year longTrading music opportunity for hardwork. • Better Grades • Great Attendance • Make your own music CD • Learn how to make beats and sell them on the internet. Music is • Trade good grades for studio time influential and • Now it’s time to do shows persuasive We have got to do something about the dropout rate.
  4. 4. Graduating Vs NotA second line of text could go hereDROPPED OUT GRADUATEDOn food stamps, little Jobno income – likely sell opportunities, secondarydrugs, fix cars and not education choices, longerpay child support. lasting relationships, tax • Arrested before payer • Drugs or other • Try other things abuse • Hobbies family fun • Not so Graduating discouraged puts revenue into the Drop out economy takes from the economy
  5. 5. Music OpportunityIts who’s responsibility to find a way to connectBeats4books give musicopportunity and is not apromise to become a star. Itis the hope to help someonebecome a Artist however ourgoal is to lower the dropout With these opportunitiesrate and with your help it each student must trywill work harder and show improvement every quarter.
  6. 6. Some of the benefitsGreat benefits For rap groups • Promotion, CD Art work, Instrumental Tracks, Shows, Photoshop tutorials • CD Duplication, Mix and Mastering, copywriting For singing artists • Web Site Promotion • Stage Performance • CD Promotion • J Card Promotion
  7. 7. This is a chance to experience Perform at local Make a CD and Learn to play a concerts to open sell to the public new instrument. for major acts on iTunes and CD and plays. baby.
  8. 8. SO WHOS THE HIGHESTFlorida Comes in last place at 55% NewThese represent the highest Jerseynumber of graduates for 2000 87% #1 Hispanic African Louisiana Americans 73% West Virginia 74%% Native American Asian Alabama Illinois 86% 95% Caucasian North Dakota 89%
  9. 9. SO WHOS THE LOWESTFlorida Comes in last place at 55%This chart shows what states FLORIDAare the lowest starting with 55%Florida being the lowest overall #1plus Florida comes in firstplace in Caucasian that Hispanic Africandropout. Americans Mississippi WISCONSINSometimes the dropouts are 23% 41%not counted like in Washingtononly the people that wrote inwere counted even though thestate admit that they weremore dropouts. Asian Native American Nebraska Rhode Island 40% 66% Caucasian Florida 60%
  10. 10. National Graduation Rates:Class of 2000 90% 80%The chart to the right shows 70%the disparity between 60%graduation rates amongdifferent ethnic groups. While 50%Caucasians and Asians have 40%higher than average graduation 30%rates, minority students such 20%as African- 10%American, Hispanic, and 0%Native-American Students areconsistently left behind.What can we do to help raisegraduation rates to 79% orhigher for EVERYBODY ?
  11. 11. In major US cities, only halfof students graduate…A report released in 2008 shows that whileaverage graduation rate is nearly 70%, only 52%of students in major cities will graduate.Urban Schools Of 50 major cities included in the report, the average DROPOUTS 42% graduation rate was 58%. Seventeen of the cities had graduation rates of 50% or lower, with Detroit coming in the lowest at 24.9%. Grey, Barry: 04.03.2008,
  12. 12. Urban vs. SuburbanGraduation Discrepancies Urban SubarbsThere is a huge differencebetween graduation ratesin major urban school 100districts and those in theadjoining suburbs in 802oo8.In Baltimore for 60example, only 34.6% ofpublic high school 40students graduate, whilein the adjoining 20suburbs, 81.5% of kids getthere diploma in 4 years. 0That’s a difference of 46.9percentage points!!!!
  13. 13. Help us get startedHere’s how you can helpAll we need is a good start. Wewant to help the community by 1 Download our instrumentalsoffering these opportunities tostudents who do better inschool and continues to do 2 Cash donation tax deductablewell. 3 Donate metal like cars and washers and dryers 4 Sponsor 1 student for $2000 tax deductable 5 Donate a instrument
  14. 14. Picture Page LayoutHere is a place holder for the text. You may delete this text. Image from
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