Where to buy beats


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This article explains where to buy beats. In short, we highly recommend www.7elevenbeats.com

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Where to buy beats

  1. 1. Where to Buy BeatsIn a world where there’s just too many to choose from.
  2. 2. Index• Making Investments• Beat Packages• Protect yourself and your music• Leasing – Unlimited Distribution• Exclusives• Conclusion
  3. 3. Making Investments• The only way you can get big in this business is by making investments. You have to buy microphones, simple equipment, a computer, and beats. Yes, you have to pay for your beats, this is the biggest step to success. – No Producer wants to make you big if you treat them like the thrift store, labels don’t want to hear your music with tags all over them from free beats.
  4. 4. Beat Packages• Make sure whichever website you choose has beat package discounts. For example, some websites (not many) will offer 6 beats for $34.95. This will ensure you have a large quantity of high quality beats.
  5. 5. Protect yourself and your music• The main purpose of purchasing beats is not necessarily to purchase the “beat” itself, but to purchase the license for the beat. By purchasing the rights to the beat you are entitled to sell your song without worrying about legal issues.
  6. 6. Leasing• Unless you are a major artist making major money, this is by far the best option , to go. Prices range from $10-$25, the higher price isn’t always the best of them, but neither is the lower. Use your ears to determine who’s beats are best.• Make sure the producer’s leased beats have UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTION. This is HUGE, most producers limit your distribution to 2,000. Which means if you have a video online that has more that 2,000 views, your screwed. Technically one view is a distribution.
  7. 7. Exclusive Rights• This is where it gets messy. Exclusive rights on a beat can go anywhere from $100 to $10000. The reason it can get so expensive is because once tha beat’s exclusive rights are sold, the producer can no longer sell the beat- which means they’re no longer making money from the beat.
  8. 8. Conclusion• Be careful where you buy your beats from. These producers are normal everyday people, generally they don’t want to scam you, but it does happen!• We suggest the best, most easy to use online production company that we’ve ever seen: Where to buy beats