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Ga quarterly may_12_keynote

  1. 1. Induction of 2012 FellowsInstallation of Academy Committee Books and Literacy
  2. 2. WelcomeGriselle Gemmati ’93
  3. 3. Golden Apple 2011 Fellows
  4. 4. Welcome Griselle Gemmati ’93Judy Hanson Chicago Children’s Choir
  5. 5. Happy Birthday Jim!
  6. 6. Golden Apple Updates Dom Belmonte ’87
  7. 7. Induction of New Fellows Griselle Gemmati ’93 Kristie Charles ’06 Cheryl Watkins ’91
  8. 8. Robert Taylor Second Grade Central Road Elementary Rolling Meadows (District 15)“Loved how he structured our class; he changed thecurriculum to fit us; I felt like I was the only child inthe room; he invested in every student in the class.”
  9. 9. Pamela Kelly First Grade Naper Elementary School Naperville (District 203)“She cultivates a family community; she inspired my imagination and she makes learning fun – I always want to come to school.”
  10. 10. Maria Barba Third Grade Douglas MacArthur School Hoffman Estates “Ms. Barba teaches two languages. It’s like being intwo countries, and while you’re in the other country, all the people in THAT country speak both languages and they’re all your friends.”
  11. 11. Monique Blakes First Grade Oscar DePriest Elementary Chicago Public Schools “I hope she gets this award because she shows usmore work and she shows us that she loves and cares about us; she tells us we are the best.”
  12. 12. Denise Ostarello First-Third Grade Crete Elementary School Crete “She is very kind and helps me learn things andmakes me laugh; she lets us dance and stretch in the classroom.”
  13. 13. Bryan Jackson Third Grade Latin School of Chicago Independent “He is always there for us and we do not want todisappoint him; we are confident with learning – it’s in our brain and he helps it slip out for us. Each student has a connect with Mr. Jackson.”
  14. 14. Susan Stephan First-Second Grade Norwood Park Elementary Chicago Public Schools“She is cool, fun, and kind; we do different thingsevery morning and go on field trips to interesting places that nobody else would think of like museums.”
  15. 15. Zackary Ruelas Third Grade St. Malachy School Chicago Archdiocese“The most important thing he always says is, I will never let you down and we all really believe this.”
  16. 16. Kathy Burns Second Grade Highland Elementary School Naperville (District 203)“She takes time with us to make sure we get it; shetalked with me to find out I loved hockey and then she took time to learn about it;  she always finds something in common with us.”
  17. 17. Elizabeth Luna Kindergarten Murray Language Academy Chicago Public Schools“She is a great teacher. I enjoy the class centers…Younever know what to do, but if you look at the center, you will know what to do.”
  18. 18. Meet and Greet
  19. 19. Thank-you to the 2010-2012 Griselle Gemmati ’93
  20. 20. 2010-2012Academy Committee CHAIRMAN OF THE ACADEMY Griselle M. Diaz-Gemmati ‘93 1ST VICE-CHAIRMAN Kristie Charles ‘06 2ND VICE-CHAIRMAN Cheryl D. Watkins ‘91 PRE-K-3RD GRADE LEVEL REPRESENTATIVES Cheryl Chapman ’97 Brigid Gerace ’91 Carolyn Grantham ‘03 4TH-8TH GRADE LEVEL REPRESENTATIVES Carol Broos ’08 Tim McCollum ’08 Linda Newman ‘96 HIGH SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES Nguyen-Trung “Joseph” Hieu ’87 Jane Klunk ’00 Nancy Powell ‘08
  21. 21. Installation of 2012-2014 Academy Board Griselle Gemmati ’93
  22. 22. 2012-2014Academy Committee CHAIRMAN OF THE ACADEMY Carol Broos ’08 1ST VICE-CHAIRMAN Cheryl Chapman ’97 2ND VICE-CHAIRMAN Cheryl D. Watkins ‘91 PRE-K-3RD GRADE LEVEL REPRESENTATIVES Carolyn Grantham ‘03 Gloria Moyer ’09 Paddy O’Reilly ’90 4TH-8TH GRADE LEVEL REPRESENTATIVES Marc Hans ’11 Tim McCollum ’08 Linda Newman ‘96 HIGH SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES Jacob Gourley ’10 Phyllis O’Connell ’95 Nancy Powell ‘08
  23. 23. Announcements Updates
  24. 24. Scholars Inductionand Summer Institutes Jim Sorensen ’99
  25. 25. 2012 class of Golden Apple Scholars 135 students selected•57% first generation of their family to attend college•36% come from low-income families•45% are Caucasian•30% are Latino•16% are African-American•4% are Asian/Pacific Islander•5% are Multi-Racial•36% are from Chicago•33% are from the Chicago suburbs and collar counties•31% are from other areas of Illinois
  26. 26. Social Networking Zio Perez ’06 Scholar ’93
  27. 27.!/goldenapple_il
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Connect, Contribute, Collaborate
  30. 30.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. hands-making-a-circle.php
  33. 33. Social Learning Edmodo
  34. 34. Screenshot of edmodo and code
  35. 35. Connect, Contribute, Collaborate
  36. 36. Results of Academy Survey Griselle Gemmati ’93 Carol Broos ’08
  37. 37. Four Basic Elements1. Outstanding Comments
  38. 38. Four Basic Elements2. Program Involvement
  39. 39. Four Basic Elements3. GA Opportunities
  40. 40. Four Basic Elements4. Networking/Connecting
  41. 41. Literacy Presentations Group 1 PreK-3 Group 2 4-8 Group 3 High School Group 4 ARC
  42. 42. Lunch and BreakoutBook Discussion about PresentationInvolvement in GA - Opportunities Reconnect and NetworkFavorite Book, Resources, Activities
  43. 43. Book Raffle and Reflections Kristie Charles ’06 Carol Broos ’08
  44. 44. Please fill out formfor program involvement
  45. 45. Induction of 2012 FellowsInstallation of Academy Committee Books and Literacy