Implementing Social Media Marketing Strategy


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Social Media 101:
- I have created my company page, what do I do now?
- Why its so difficult to engage the customer?
- How to get more likes?

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Implementing Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media 101: Why the “likes” are important? The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army, but for that you need people to connect with you.
  2. 2. I have created my company page, what do I do now? Before wooing potential customers to you page, you have to prepare your page to welcome new visitors by building up an engaging content so it looks appealing to the reader. You also don’t want them to visit your company’s page when it has no likes at all; you have to show a new visitor that your page is not a “scam” and that other people like it too. You can start building up an audience by inviting your friends and employers to like/follow your page. Ask your previous customers to visit your page too and leave a review.
  3. 3. Content is the King Creating an appealing content is one of the most important things in your marketing strategy as your ability to engage the visitor will determine the success of the whole social media marketing campaign… … however, creating the “right” content is not as easy as it seems…
  4. 4. Why its so difficult to engage the customer??? a) Your customers don’t want to be bothered by you when their on social networks. It’s their personal space to socialize and if they’ll want anything from you, they’ll “google” you. b) While on social networks, your audience is wooed by a very different information to the one that you normally have on your company’s website, yet many companies do not understand this and continue with unresponsive marketing strategy.
  5. 5. OK. So what should I do then? First of all you have to realize that to be a “social” business is not about being on “Facebook”. Its about being sociable and attentive to your customer. Which means that you shouldn’t write only about your company and its achievements. In your posts include something which is not directly related to the company’s activities, something that your customers could easily relate to and recognize it as their interest.
  6. 6. If you are a B2B company, your customers are very likely to be interested in networking & business opportunities, performance improvement, marketing etc. so make sure that you build your page content around the topics that your customer is interested in. Be visual. On social networks, nothing works as good as a picture. Make sure you post not only pictures of the company’s activity but also include something “catchy”.
  7. 7. Be entertaining. Even the most hard working professionals love a good lough and sharp comments when they’re checking their social networks. Adding some entertaining yet sensible posts on your pages will help you to keep your audience engaged. Show you’re an expert of your field. Write about your area of expertize, giving out helpful tips. You can start with writing a blog post or starting a thread on Quora about “10 things that can reduce your office refurbishment costs” or “Things to avoid when refurnishing your office”. You can also woo some audience on your Linked In page by writing in Linked In “Q&A” column about starting and running a business etc. which will help your business page to get more followers. Be perceptive. Social Media Marketing is very much “learning by doing” and you should always monitor which information proves to be responsive and be prepared to change your strategy when it isn’t.
  8. 8. How do I get more likes? Even though the content is the key to your strategy’s success, for it to work its magic you have to work a little on gaining your first few hundred (?!) likes. As it was mentioned before, you should start with your friends, employers, customers and all the other lot that you already have a connection with.
  9. 9. Use freebies, discounts and promotions to attract the audience (e.g. free cinema tickets, wrist watches etc.) Find ACTIVE Facebook and Linked In Groups to post your promotions in. Only post in the target groups if you have something to offer. Nobody wants to be offered something to buy, so avoid scamming people and concentrate on offering something valuable to them. Be generous! Many small-medium sized companies are out there too trying hard to get more customers to like them. Like them first! It’s very likely they will check out who has connected with them (just make sure your page looks cool so they would want to connect with you too).
  10. 10. Be creative! Link your Social Media Marketing strategy with your online marketing strategy. Send out your contacts an email engaging them to connect with you online, do it in a compelling way or offer them something in return. Don’t forget to State why people should follow you on the front of all your Social Media Pages!!! People need to know what’s in it for them if they stay connected.
  11. 11. Also… Make sure you link your website to your social media pages. Make the most of your efforts! Use key words and tags in your blog posts to help you out with your Google rankings.