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Final Advertising Portfolio

Final Advertising Portfolio

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  • 1. B Brian SchillerAdvertising Portfolio “A great ad campaign can change the world.”
  • 2. Table of ContentsThink before you ;-) pg 3,4,5Bump Bloks pg 6,7,8Bucikowo pg 9,10,11Brunswick Zone pg 12,13,14Fiat 500 pg 15,16,17GiG-Get up Get fit Go Play (PSA) pg 18,19,20Truvia pg 21,22,23,24
  • 3. Target market:Women 13-19Men 13-19Think before you wink (PSA)Teenage girls from the ages of 13 to 19 are themost susceptible to this danger and the campaignwill primarily focus on them. To create an effectivecampaign the introductory length of the campaignwill run 6 months with the possibility to recyclefurther past the campaign length.The advertising campaign will heavily focus onprint and web media. Ads will be placed innationwide teenage magazines such as“Seventeen” and “CosmoGirl.”PSA ConceptThe advertising campaign will heavily focus onprint and web media. Ads will be placed innationwide teenage magazines such as“Seventeen” and “CosmoGirl.” There will alsobe placed ads on billboards near Middle School,High School, and even some colleges, which willcontain the message to be aware of Online SexualExploitation.Team Members: This print advertising targets teenage This print advertising is designed to warn teenage girls of theHeidi Kushner girls to just be careful when chatting dangers of texting images to people they do not know.Allana Kernis on the internetBrian SchillerKris Sanchez
  • 4. Radio Spot #1 Guy#1: [Cell phone beeps – income message] Guy#2: Who’s texting you now? Guy#1: Man (inhale) this one chick, she’s so hot! Guy#2: Oh yeah? Guy#1: [Receive incoming picture] OH MAN!Web banners will be placed in social media outlets such as; facebook, Guy#2: What? What is it?myspace, and twitter. Also banner will be seen on popular search engines, Guy#1: Check this out.along with magazine web sites such as Teen, Cosmo Girl, and Teen Vogue. [Shows guy#2 the picture] Guy#2: Oh man is right, she is beyond hot! Guy#1: See I told you! Guy#2: Dude, send that pic to my phone. Guy#1: Alright Guy#2: [Cell phone beep – incoming message] Nice! Thanks man! [Guys high five] Once you hit send it is out of your control. This message brought to you by the Ad Council to promote awareness of online sexual exploitation. Radio Spot #2 SFX: Keyboard typing, instant messaging sound. Girl: [Giggling] SFX: Keyboard typing,instant messaging sound. Girl: [Giggling] SFX: Keyboard typing, mouse click. Do u want your fam Instant messaging sound. Phone rings. Girl: Hello? to see that text?? What are you talking about? [IM sound] What do you mean there’s a picture of me online? Let me look it up. [Concerned] Girl: [Shocked] Oh my god. Girl: Mom, I’m sorry! Indoor billboards will be placed in malls and in schools. These are known areas were the target audience Announcer: Once you send it, you can’t take it will notice and be effected by the important messages the billboards deliver. The use of the campaign back. Think before you wink. logo, will create familiarity with the target audience creating an effective image that will tell teenagers to This message brought to you by the Ad council to think before they ;-) promote awareness about teen online sexual exploitation.
  • 5. “Build it Bump it”
  • 6. Target market: Billboards are meant to create awareness of Bump Bloks and how much fun they can be.Boys 1-5 The first is a standard billboard, using the tag-line: “Build it Bump it.” This will create a fun Build it bump itGirls 1-5 environment for both parents and children depicting how much fun it is to build with Bump Bloks, but is just has much fun as knocking Bump Blocks down and starting over.Secondary MarketWoman 30-45Men 30-45In the market of toys for children, there is one consistentbigger is better. This important for two reasons, one beingsafety, and two bigger toys always get more attention inthe eyes of a child. Knowing those facts Bump Bloks is thenewest toy on the Children’ market. With the use of largeshapes and bright colors, we feel confident Bump Bloks willgrab every child’s attention and curiosity. The Bump Blokscampaign will focus on children who are 18 months and up.Also the campaign will target parents, to inform them of thefun their children can get from Bump Bloks. Dynamic Advertising: Instead of having a standard billboard blending in with highway advertising. The second billboard, is a highway billboard designed to tie in the dynamic advertising, Bump Bloks has decided to do something completely dynamic. The ad is a life and the standard billboard. This will be a 3 dimensional ad using large Bump Bloks to size castle using enlarged Bump Bloks, that will be placed along some of the create a Bump Block environment. The use of the logo at the center will unify the ad with most congested highways. This ad can put children that are stuck in traffic into the campaign texture, and various elements. a day dreaming state, while create wonder and curiosity for both adults and parents alike.
  • 7. Build it bump it Build it bump it Build it bump it LEARNPrint Advertisement:Magazines will be a key aspect of the Bump Bloks campaign. There are two different concepts appealing to both children and parents. Theconcept of using bright colors and fun graphic elements will reach children depicting a fun relatable environment. Both concepts will use afull and half page ad’s to recycle the campaign. The two ad’s will be placed in magazines that create the strongest awareness.
  • 8. “HOT Shoes HOTTER Prices”
  • 9. (Professional Account) Fall into winter fashion showTarget market:Woman 19-26 BUCIKOWO Date: October 1, 2009 Venue: SpyBar Chicago Produced and Promoted eventSecondary Market Venders:Woman 30-45 HOT Shoes HOTTER Prices Frewena Fashion Sponsors: Sharon Daniel SalonCampaign Length: Tito’s Homemade VodkaAugust 13, 2009 - December 31, 2009During campaign Bucikowo was featured in Contributors:fashion shows in the Chicago land area. MADA PhotographyFashion shows include: Mario Ink Body PaintAugust 2009 Rockahaulic Fashion Festival. Models:October 2009 Fall to Winter Fashion Show Danielle DesimoneNovember 2009 Latin Fashion Week Anna ShilovDecember 2009 MGO Magic Fashion Show Elisa Robles April DotyDecember 2009 Mark Wayne Intimate’s Fashion Brenda Mercado Christina Schmitt Mary Jane This was the first fashion show Roxy Wallace Bucikowo shoes were featured. The Thea Fernandez project attracted a large crowd and Jamie Lee Charpetta created a positive image for Bucikowo, Print adverting created to be placed in Local Chicago fashion that translated into eventual sales. magazines, and Cultural Journals. Staff: Project Manager: Brian Schiller Stylist: Fidel Gonzalez
  • 10. Latino Fashion Week Date: November 2-8, 2009 Promoted event Styled product Direct marketing campaign Venues: Green Dolphin Chicago Center of Performing artsPostcards were used as direct marketing Dana Hotelstrategy. The postcards were handed out, V-Livegiven to VIP’s and used as ways to find andcontact Bucikowo. New business cards are to be added to the campaign to enhance the new Bucikowo image. Magic Fashion show Date: December 17, 2009 Promoted event Styled product Direct marketing campaign Catalog created to advertise product as an Venues: online store. Used in all fashion shows, and Edge Lounge samples were given to promotional models.
  • 11. “It’s better than a game”
  • 12. Target audience:Men 18-26 Women 16-24Secondary audience:Boys 5-13 Girls 5-13The campaign will consist of 4 different executionsthat will describe and promote why Brunswick Zoneis among the best of today’s forms of entertainment.The executions will consist of print, web, directmail, and both indoor and outdoor billboards.As of December 31, 2008, Brunswick Zone had 104bowling centers nation wide. Brunswick as acorporation provides recreational productsworldwide, bowling is one the sports Brunswickfeatures. The sport of bowling has been on a con-sistent down swing for nearly a generation.Although Brunswick bowling has been on theforefront in the improvement and growth of the sportof bowling, as a whole the sport still needs astronger message to bring in new business andstrengthen the overall name. Print Advertisement: The ad will be targeted to children with the idea that the parents will be This ad will be target to informing consumers about how much fun bowling can reading the ad, while the children will be interpreting the ad. This will build be at Brunswick Zone. To appeal to the targeted audience were going to use a base of customers at an early age and will be designed to keep these young imagery that is familiar with the audience. Using an image of a smart phone bowlers as they grow up throughout their teenage years and a text message shows that not only is bowling popular, but Brunswick Zone the new place to be.
  • 13. Its better than a game Web banner: The web banner will be placed in social media outlets, such as facebook and myspace. Also we will place the banners on popular search engines that generate high volume such as google and yahoo. We also want to use society pages such as the Chicago land site, as a way to inform the target audience about the excitement of Brunswick Zone. PRSRT STDBillboard: US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT #364The Billboard campaign will be designed to be informative outdoors, but dynamic and Creative copy writing and imagery willentertaining indoors. The use of text message style copy will help relate our target speak to the target audience by using clever Bowling at Brunswick Zone has be- come the hottest place to hang out,audience to better relate that Brunswick Zone speaks to them phrases and spelling that young people compete and party the night awaw. Serving great drinks, spicy musjc, and a will understand. unique experience few can offer. John Smith So put on your bowling shoes, and 1234 Fake Street Des Plaines Il, 60708 come out and play at Brunswick Zone! Its better then a game Direct Mail: The direct mail campaign will focus on neighborhoods surrounding current Brunswick zone centers. Many of these mailers will have promotional copy such as: “Bring this mailer in for a free game.”
  • 14. Fiat fever catch it
  • 15. Wanna go for a ride?Target Market:Men 21-26Women 19-25Chrysler and Fiat have teamed up to therelease of the European classic, the Fiat 500.To catch the new target market’s attention anew exciting logo will needed to be created To attract the target market, the Fiat will usethat will display this a new and exciting new some sex appeal to create interest and buzzFiat in the best possible image. about the car. This half page print ad is a perfect example of this concept.The big idea to open the campaign will bemovie placement. This will create buzz andexcitement about the car, which in returncreates interest and eventual sales..Old Logo Rebrand Movie Poster: The Fiat 500, will have product placement in some of today’s most exciting movies. This will create brand awareness, and create exciting image of the car, and how it can perform.
  • 16. Billboard advertising will be placed in highways, and malls. These high volume area, will target toward men and women, and place them in a exciting environment that relates to them. The tag line: “Fiat fever,” will be used with these kind of advertising to create buzz, and curiosity about the car.Bus advertising will also use the Fiat feverconcept, but also challenge consumers whouse the bus, to try driving the Fiat 500.
  • 17. Target Audience:Boys 5-13 Girls 5-13 i A push for a healthy America! GSecondary Audience:Men 29-40 Women 27-40 LL i et up(PSA) Get up Get Fit Go playToday children are less likely to simply go out and Get F tplay. With the options of television, internet, and L Lvideo games, its very common for most children todevelop poor eating habits, a poor active life, andeventually become over weight.G.I.G. is an organization created to help encourage, Lparents and children to get up, and go play. With the Guse of fun typography, and neutral colors, speaks toboth boys and girls. o play Today children are more likely to develop eating disorders,  become overweight, and even worse social outocast. The Ad  Council educates the importance of play, and an active life.  Print Advertisement: This type dominant ad, introduces the campaign logo “GIG.” This full page ad is a perfect example of the problem among The full page advertisement is a call to action to both children today’s children. The look of boredom, shows that generally and parents about how important it is for children to play, and children are bored, and not stimulated. Like the type ad this stay active. advertisement is another call to action to get children to get up and play.
  • 18. Today children are more likely to develop eating disorders such as obesity due to an inactive life. Out of shape figure standing confused Out of shape figure walking to couch Out of shape figure sits on couch watches other kids Informative copy describing the problem play and football passes by figure.This billboard is used to push the campaignlogo, and the call to action. The billboardties in the print campaign and reminds the Due to many factors such as television, the internet, and video games, children have All children need at least two hours of play a day. The Ad council teamed up withtarget audience of the logo, and the become less motivated and less willing to play. will be spreading the message of how important it is for children to go out and play.organizations behind the campaign. Informative copy detailing the problem. Out of shape figure is offered to play and declines Campaign logo, along with orginization logo comes while copy enters frame calling to action children and into frame parents of how important play is. This 30 second commercial is designed to be consistent with the print campaign. The commercial shows how children have become disinterested, and are less likely to go out and play. The ad is a call to action to both parents and children to get out go play and get fit. The web banner is an animated banner that uses the campaign logo as a call to action to the target market.
  • 19. “nature’s sweet secret”
  • 20. Target Audience:Women 25-45Truvia is a zero-calorie sweetener made fromthe Stevia plant. The sweetness of this plantcomes from the leaves, which are called therebiana. The Stevia plant was found innortheastern Paraguay. They have been usingit in foods and beverages for over 200 years.Most Stevia-based sweeteners use unneededparts of the plant. Truvia strictly uses the besttasting part, the Rebiana. This product is madeup of all natural ingredients. These include:Erythritol, Rebiana, and Natural Flavors. Truviacan be used in substitute of sugar in manydifferent recipes. It is also ok for diabetics toconsume it.Team Members:Breene WardAli FerrilTony SorvenoBrian SchillerMichelle Dipaollo After we get the attention of our audience, it is Other billboards include transit advertising that will important that we show how Truvia will fit into their be placed along train stations and other forms of daily routines. Therefore, we included a coffee cup other public transportation. These billboards will be below the billboard to reinforce the practical uses of in high traffic areas where consumers are likely to Truvia for those who may not have previously seen notice and read. the product.
  • 21. nature’s sweet secretWeb banner: Print Advertising:The ad’s themselves are designed to give the image that Truvia Will be used in today’s modern health magazine’s, suchhas been natures sweetest secret, and has grown in use, and as, Today’s Fitness, and Better Health. Also the ad will bepopularity across the globe. There are two separate web placed in Parenting magazines that will fully reach thebanners each with a message that conveys the message of the target market.popular use of Truvia, but also tells us how Truvia’s popularityhas spread.
  • 22. Scene 1: The world has turned for decades Scene 2: The secret sprouted from nature’s Scene 4: Soon this pure secret was not a se- without knowing nature’s sweet secret! purest ingredients. cret, as the world was introduced to nature’s Camera: Zoom into rotating earth Camera: Zoom in South America sweetness! Camera: The whole world will be seen spreading stevia plants Scene 5: Today, nature’s sweet secret has Scene 6: Truvia, is nature’s purest and natu- Scene 7: Truvia, nature’s sweet secret. journeyed across the world. ral sweetener that can be used to satisfy all Camera: Shot of white background with Camera: The whole world can be scene of our needs. Truvia logo along with Truvia sweet surrounding the Camera: The globe, sugar, and logo can be world seenHalf Page Advertisement: Commercial:Half page magazine ad’s will also be used to show the range of good This television commercial will be used to show that Truvia is natures allthings truvia can do for everyday snacks, and products. natural secret, that just needs to be discovered by the consumer.