Facebook Lessons 2011
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Facebook Lessons 2011



Provides lessons learned from managing and scaling Facebook brand pages to over 800,000 fans in ~8 months.

Provides lessons learned from managing and scaling Facebook brand pages to over 800,000 fans in ~8 months.



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Facebook Lessons 2011 Facebook Lessons 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Lessons Learned inOptimizing FacebookBrand PagesConfidential to IT Agility LLC
  • Discussion Agenda 1. Why Facebook matters to brands 2. Experience context (scaling Facebook fan pages) 3. Leading Practices for Brand fan pages 4. Questions/Discussion 1
  • Why Facebook Matters to Brands • Over 600 Million users at the end of 2010 (now 630M+) • Most searched term and site with the most time spent • Strong position (lock-in, network effect, market cap) • Cost effective marketing (viral effect) Source: Socialbaker 2
  • Business and organization Facebook pages are rapidlygrowing to pursue the consumer volume on Facebook. Facebook Business/Organization Pages • The top ten brands on Facebook have over 232 million Facebook fans • 50% of the Fortune 100 have active Facebook page(s) • Social Marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings for organizations are a rapidly emerging market – Facebook has over 700,000 local businesses with active company pages (Facebook, January 2010) – Several start-ups have started to provide Facebook SaaS offerings (Involver, Wildfire Interactive, Buddy Media, etc.) Source: Fanpagelist.com, April, 2011 3
  • IT Agility has captured lessons learned from scaling tenFacebook fan page and application sites. IT Agility’s Initial Consumer Facebook Offeringshttp://www.facebook.com/ITagility 4
  • Providing a fan page and application for each pop culturearea optimizes our overall fan base. CelebBistro Fan Page CelebBistro Facebook App• Gained over 330,000 fans in ~8 months • Has 170,000 monthly active users• Averages ~40,000 impressions per post providing free • Provides one stop shopping for content viral marketing and ―social clicks‖ • Makes it easy to socially share content• Creates great fan interaction (comments and likes) http://www.facebook.com/CelebBistro http://apps.facebook.com/celebbistro/ 5
  • By converging dynamic content, custom search, andcommunity features as native Facebook applications, weare disrupting the traditional media leaders. CelebBistro Fan Page Position (after 8 months on Facebook) Representative Fans As Of # Celeb Sites on Facebook Facebook Fan page Site URL May 4, 2011 1 The Hollywood Gossip http://www.facebook.com/thehollywoodgossip 638,804 2 US Weekly http://www.facebook.com/UsWeekly 430,460 3 TMZ http://www.facebook.com/TMZ 433,876 4 CelebBistro http://www.facebook.com/CelebBistro 304,241 5 Entertainment Tonight (CBS) http://www.facebook.com/EntertainmentTonight 262,423 6 Perez Hilton http://www.facebook.com/PerezHilton 168,600 7 E Online http://www.facebook.com/eonline 125,955 10 Access Hollywood http://www.facebook.com/AccessHollywood 77,447 11 PopEater (AOL) http://www.facebook.com/PopEater 62,142 12 Showbiz Tonight (HLN Network) http://www.facebook.com/ShowbizTonightHLN 58,330 9 Gawker http://www.facebook.com/Gawker 78,007 8 Entertainment Weekly http://www.facebook.com/entertainmentweekly?ref=ts 113,990 13 Wonderwall (Microsoft) http://www.facebook.com/Wonderwall 27,238 • CelebBistro fans are achieved without promotions or incentives 6
  • Our Facebook test sites demonstrate that users like to receive and share content within Facebook. Fans for Representative IT Agility Test Sites (As of 05/07/2011) 314,000 fans 101,000 fans 136,000 fans 47,000 fans 40,000 fans The initial five test sites achieved over 638,000 fans and average 80% “like” rate from visitors (without the use of promotions/incentives).http://www.facebook.com/CelebBistro http://www.facebook.com/TVaficionado http://www.facebook.com/CountryMusicBistro 7http://www.facebook.com/MovieNewscast http://www.facebook.com/HipHopBistro
  • Companies should adopt several leading practices fortheir brand pages. 1. Understand the Facebook edge algorithm and how to maximize impressions 2. Make high quality fan page posts • Write compelling and optimal fan page posts • Be responsive to fan posts/comments • Monitor and understand Fan Page engagement rates (time to post, post characteristics, etc.) 3. Optimize your page configuration • Ensure your photostrip is relevant • Select the best page category relevant to your brand page • Make page settings relevant to your brand (everyone posts, profanity level…) • Add Custom tabs and compelling application features for your targeted audience 4. Make a compelling landing page 8
  • 90% of fans do not revisit fan pages which makes fanpage posts critical to driving impressions. 1. The average Facebook person ―likes‖ a multitude of pages and interests 2. Over 90% of fans do not revisit the fan page 3. Most fan page posts are consumed via the broadcast out to fan newsfeeds 4. 99% of comments and likes come from fan interaction via the newsfeed 5. Newsfeed impressions measure how many fans see your fan page posts Source: IT Agility experience across our 11 managed pagesIt is critical for brands to make high quality fan page postsand optimize impressions via newsfeeds. 9
  • Understanding the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm is critical for optimizing fan page posts. EdgeRank News Feed Optimization• Edge rank is an affinity score between the viewing user and the item’s creator (if you send your friend a lot of Facebook messages and check their profile often, then you’ll have a higher affinity score for that user than with an old acquaintance you haven’t interacted with in years).• There’s a weight given to each type of Edge (a comment has more importance than a Like)• Time is a factor….the older an Edge is, the less important it becomes.• Multiply these factors for each Edge then add the Edge scores up and you have an Object’s EdgeRank. The higher the edge rank is, the more likely your Object is to appear in the user’s feed.• The act of creating an Object is also considered an Edge, which is what allows Objects to show up in your friends’ feeds before anyone has interacted with them. 10
  • Business Fan Pages have several EdgeRankconsiderations. EdgeRank Brand Page Optimization • A frequent fan page visitor and active user creates a higher affinity score with that fan • High volume of likes and comments drives a higher EdgeRank • Time remains a factor….the older an Edge is, the less important it becomes. • Attached content (video and photo links) drives a higher edgerank • Several factors appear to drive relative Facebook impressions across fan page posts • Competition against other fan page posts • Weighting of factors driven by Facebook (e.g. promoting places feature) • Volume of fans on your page helps (critical mass helps to drive more likes and comments) 11
  • Facebook has optimal times to post fan page content. • Facebook engagement has three engagement peaks: early morning (7 a.m. EST), after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST). • Non-work hours have the highest engagement rate peaks • Thursday, Friday and Sunday posts have the highest engagement rates • Each brand needs to consider the behavior and peak engagement rates for their audience Source: Buddy Media Study 12
  • Post characteristics drive engagement rates. • Using action words increases fan interactions wit h your posts • ―Like us‖ if you ……works • Asking for comments works • Posts with 80 characters or less gain 27% more engagement than posts that were more than 80 characters. • Only 19% of posts in the study were shorter than 80 characters • Posts with a full-length URL had three times the engagement of their shortened bit.ly, ow.ly and tinyurl counterparts (the likely reason is readers want to know the link destination) Source: Buddy Media Study 13
  • Optimal frequency of posts varies by type ofbusiness fan page. • Optimal Post Frequency is relative to the type of brand page site • 1 – 2 posts per day for a typical company brand page • 3 – 4 posts if you have interesting and compelling content • 6 – 12 posts per day for media sites • Post at least 1 hour apart • Don’t repost the same content • Write an optimal status update with the content • > 4 lines will yield …‖more‖ link to see full post • Video and Photo links increase post quality and ultimate Facebook impressions • Ending with a question increases comments 14
  • Page engagement rates vary based on theoverall volume of your fan base. Average Fan Engagement Rates • Engagement rate measures how compelling your fan page posts are • Page engagement rate is total fan interaction (comments, likes) / total page fan base • Average engagement rate varies by page’s total fan volume Source: Socialbaker’s page analysis of 9,000 Facebook brand pages 15
  • On February 10th 2011, Facebook completed platform updates to allow application integration with company pages. Adding Compelling Application FeaturesThis updateallows companiesto add dynamiccontent and moreadvanced Facebook Developer Blog (February 10, 2011)applications ascustom tabs ontheir brand page. Sources: http://developers.facebook.com/roadmap http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/462 16
  • Adding search services and targeted/dynamic content onyour Brand Page improves fan conversion rates.Our platform provides news to our Company Brand page:• Facebook News• Social Media• PR News• News tabs achieve a 45% ―like rate‖ from visitors• Attracts visitors and increases fan engagement• Achieves significant savings in ad spend and reduction in promotions/incentives 17
  • Bartab achieves a 70% like rate by featuring beer,cocktail and wine news on their company brand page. • Webtab/Bartab—added relevant beverage industry news to Bartab’s Facebook Beer News | Cocktail News | Wine News | company page (achieves a 70% ―like‖ rate from the drink news tab) • Drink news provides a much larger population to target with Facebook ads • Driving more fans to your company page increases the newsfeed volume for your fan page posts • Higher newsfeed engagement drives increased impressions http://www.facebook.com/bartab 18
  • Make a Compelling Landing Page (CelebBistro Example) 19
  • Make a Compelling Landing Page (Coca Cola Example)Coca Cola is the most popular brand page on Facebook with over 22 million fans 20
  • Make a Compelling Landing Page (Red Bull Example)Red Bull is the 5th most popular brand page on Facebook with over 15 millionfans 21
  • Questions? 22