2013 Indiana LinuxFest -  Getting Started With PC-BSD
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2013 Indiana LinuxFest - Getting Started With PC-BSD



Slides from my talk at the 2013 Indiana LinuxFest entitled: ...

Slides from my talk at the 2013 Indiana LinuxFest entitled:
Getting Started with PC-BSD

This talk was a basic introduction to PC-BSD with a walkthrough of the installer and a summary of a number of the unique PC-BSD utilities.



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    2013 Indiana LinuxFest -  Getting Started With PC-BSD 2013 Indiana LinuxFest - Getting Started With PC-BSD Presentation Transcript

    • Getting Started With PC-BSD Ken Moore PC-BSD/iXsystems Indiana LinuxFest July 27, 2013
    • What is FreeBSD? The Good ● Unix-like OS descended from AT&T UNIX ● Legendary stability and security ● The ports system ● Unified development model ● Excellent documentation ● BSD License The Bad ● Generally difficult to install/configure ● Lacking some of the more PC-oriented device drivers
    • BSD License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • GPLv3 License
    • What is PC-BSD? FreeBSD Simplified! ● Pre-configured desktop/server installation ● Desktop-Environment agnostic ● Automatic ZFS setup ● Up-to-date package repositories PC-BSD Additions ● Graphical Installer ● Warden (jail management) ● PBI package format w/ EasyPBI ● System backup/restore functionality ● Many graphical system administration and device management utilities Important! PC-BSD is only available for 64-bit systems, and has standardized on the ZFS filesystem
    • ZFS What is it? ● Enterprise-grade filesystem and logical volume manager ● Developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 2005 ● FreeBSD versions were available starting in 2007 Features ● Instant snapshots (local backup) – Send/Receive snapshots ● Allows boot environments ● Software RAID (z1, z2, z3) ● Self-healing with data corruption detection
    • PC-BSD Installation
    • Post-Installation Initial Setup
    • Welcome To PC-BSD!
    • PC-BSD Control Panel
    • System Configuration - Basic ● Safe method of system configuration ● Any/All Desktop Environments without re-installing the OS ● Add additional drivers or development toolkits
    • System Configuration - Advanced ● Full control over each individual package on your system ● Complete FreeBSD ports tree available as pre-built packages ● Updated package sets released twice a month ● Conflict resolution/management for any changes
    • Other Utilities System Usage ● AppCafe Manage End-User applications ● Life-Preserver Automatic Data Backups ● Mount Tray Connecting External Devices System Configuration ● Network Manager Wired/Wireless connections ● Sound Configuration Set desired audio device
    • The PBI Package System The Purpose ● Provide a safe, system package independent, method of installing/updating applications Additional Goals ● Ensure that applications do not require an internet connection for installation ● Minimize library duplication to preserve disk space The Implementation ● Written in pure shell (/bin/sh) ● Intelligently shared libraries between PBI's ● A single PBI contains all libraries, files, and data needed for an application to run. ● Completely independent of the local system packages and other PBI applications
    • EasyPBI ● Graphical front-end to the PBI build system – Generate build instructions (a PBI “module”) – Run the actual build process ● Tight (but optional) integration with the FreeBSD ports collection ● No technical experience required ● Average time to create a module for a FreeBSD port: 5 minutes start to finish
    • The Warden ● Jail management system ● Integrates many ZFS features (snapshots, etc..) ● 3 Types of jails: traditional FreeBSD, ports jail, Linux jail ● Export/Import jails between systems ● Command-line application, with an optional graphical interface
    • Which Version? *-RELEASE Track ● Currently FreeBSD 9.1 ● Better for production systems ● Stays with the offical FreeBSD releases ● Updated packages sets on or about the 1st and 15th of each month *-STABLE Track ● Currently FreeBSD 9.2-Beta1 ● More development oriented ● Will have newer drivers and FreeBSD improvements sooner ● Updated package sets on or about the 5th and 20th of each month ● Update to the latest -STABLE version on the 1st of each month Remember! PC-BSD is for 64-bit systems ONLY! DVD, USB, and live USB images are available for download at: www.pcbsd.org
    • Questions? Slides Available for download from: http://www.slideshare.net/beanpole135/2013-ilf-gettingstartedwithpcbsd