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Myriah Di Petrillo

Myriah Di Petrillo
Intro. to Lit Honors-Research Paper Assignment
Mrs. E. Evans
April 21, 2009
Grade 9



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    Twilight4 Twilight4 Presentation Transcript

    • The Life and Works Of... Stephenie Meyer
    • Stephenie Meyer, is a very popular female author who wrote a romantic-fiction novel, Twilight , that captured the hearts of teenagers all over certain parts of the world. She manages being a mom and an author very well. Stephenie lives both a normal life, and through the life of her characters to become better at what she does. This makes her novels more realistic and emotional.
    • About Stephanie
      • She was born in Hatford Connecticut on December 24th 1973, the same year the U.S first Space Station, the Skylab, was launched
      • graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelors degree in English
      • lives with her three sons, Gabe, Seth, and Eli, along with her husband Christian, who she also calls Poncho, and married him in 2003, which is the same year Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store launches
      • She is influenced by many great authors to create a basic writing structure and flow to her writing.
      • Influences Include:
      • + Shakespeare
      • +Orson Scott Card
      • +L.M Montgomery
    • Obtaining Balance Stephenie balances writing novels and being a mom very well by making a routine that makes both of these tasks much easier
      • In the daytime, she takes care of her three children, and spends her late nights writing away and getting lost in her stories
      • Writing at night also pays off because by writing at night, it creates a certain thrill and scarier mood to write her vampire stories, Stephenie claims.
      • When she writes in the daytime,
      • she will write about a page of her story,
      • stop and feed her children
      • or do chores around her house,
      • then continue writing again.
    • Her Books Release date: May 6, 2008 Released on October 5, 2005, the same month that South Asia earthquake hits parts of northern South Asia Released on September 6, 2006, The same year that astrologists predicted a total solar eclipse Released on August 7, 2007 Released on August 2, 2008, the same day that Two climbers from an international expedition perish after ice fall on K2 mountain in the Himalayas
    • Twilight Meyer has written a few very popular books, including The Host and some short stories that seem to have a darker, scarier vibe to them which attracts readers of all ages’ attention, but the one book that seemed to capture the most hearts and attention was her most popular book Twilight.
      • falls under the genres of romance, horror, and suspense.
      • written in June 2003, the same month that J.K Rowling published her fifth book of her Harry Potter series, and was finished in the end of August 2003, the same month that there was a widespread blackout in the United States.
      • SUMMARY: a seventeen year old girl named Bella Swan who moves to a town called Forks in Washington state. After moving she meets a mysterious boy named Edward Cullen, and feels magically drawn to everything about him. Strangely enough, he feels the same attraction toward her. Danger takes over their love when Bella later finds out that Edward and his extraordinary family are vampires, but not even this keeps the two lovers apart. What makes this story so interesting is Bella’s infatuation with Edward and the sense of danger that comes between their love for one another. Most people that find out there boyfriend is a vampire would run away and scream. They could have their blood sucked out of them in seconds, but this fact about Edward being a vampire attracts her more and makes their bond even stronger.
      • Movie made soon after in November 21, 2008
    • How Twilight Came to Be
      • Twilight came to Stephenie through a dream she had one night, and later this dream influenced a big part of the story and was even a chapter in her book. In her dream, she saw one of her main characters, Edward, sitting with Bella in a meadow with such a strong attraction to each other and both their true characters came out.
      • Stephenie used this information as the base of her book (the middle) and then formed a beginning and an end around this dream that she had that one night
      • Stephenie used this information as the base of her book
      • (the middle) and then formed a beginning and an end
      • around this dream that she had
      • Meyer describes it as a not so dark and gloomy outlook
      • on vampires, but a different and more positive view
      • on vampires.
      • Her vampires don’t suck the blood of humans, but suck
      • the blood of animals, and also seen more as protectors
      • with good intentions, emotions, and feelings, rather then
      • bringing fear to people and killing.
    • How it Got Its Name
      • Stephenie Meyer decided to call this book Twilight because of the time of the day when vampires came out, which was late afternoon and night.
      • She also called Twilight its name because Bella and Edward were in the “Twilight” of each others life, the highlight or climax.
    • Creating the Characters
      • Some of the events in her popular story related to some aspects in Stephenie’s Life. She claims that she fell for a boy in high school like Bella fell for Edward.
      • Some of the girls in Twilight reflected girls she use to know or knew today
      • Even though she used attitudes and moods of the people around her, Stephenie says that most of her characters came out of the blue, and that she made a lot of them up by herself.
      • She got the names of the characters from the time period the characters were from.
    • The Global Effects Publishers ran into many problems when releasing Twilight and making it worldwide.
      • Foreign publishers could not figure out a certain genre to fit this book.
      • also could not translate Twilight’s title into that many multiple languages
      Despite these facts of confusion, when publishers found a solution to make Twilight global, it hooked on fast and had different effects and opinions in various places all over the world.
      • United Kingdom: Twilight was everywhere. It was in hallways at schools, bookstore windows, students lockers, posters on the streets. United Kingdom readers thought Bella was a perfect, yet very provocative character.
      • Denmark: since the translated version was so long, it was split into two books.
      • Japan: loved it so much that besides having the regular translated version of the story, they made it into a manga series, which is a Japanese comic. They called the comics “The Boy Whom I Love is a Vampire”, “Blood Tastes Sadness”, and “Vampire Family in Darkness”. They named the manga series based on their opinions on what Twilight was about.
    • . In all, Stephenie Meyer is a great female author. She has a very good strategy and way of writing that makes the reader want to read more and more. In the future, if she keeps writing this way, she will have sold so many books. All of them probably will become popular and successful. Everywhere you go, in the United States and out, everyone will know Stephenie Meyer’s name, about her life, and good feedback on her wonderful books. Her stories will never seem to die out or get old. She will be the talk of everyone, everywhere.
    • I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching.