Beaminglite Pvt ltd ( India )


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Provide complete lighting solutions to any corporate or projects for Hotels, Malls, offices, Hospitals ......

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Beaminglite Pvt ltd ( India )

  1. 1. BEAMING LITE CORPORATE PRESENTATION Ref. Main Section Dated Sub Sections C01 Introduction 06 2012 Vision & Mission, Values, Management C02 LED Products 06 2012 Premium Range, Value Range C03 Commercial LED Lighting 06 2012 Panels, Bulbs, Down Lighters, Spot Lights C04 Outdoor LED Lighting 06 2012 Street Lights, Area Lights, Bay Lights C05 Premium Technologies 06 2012 Screw & Lock Design, Optics C06 Projects Showcase 08 2012 Commercial, Outdoor, IndustrialVersion TwoCorporate Presentation, August 2012
  2. 2. Introduction – Vision & MissionVISIONTo become the preferred supplier in India’s Energy Efficiency Drive, across our various areas ofinvolvement, through the development and offering of superior value, high quality products and engineeringservices. MISSIONTo become a key partner with all our stakeholders, by way of ensuring that:Our product offering consists of the best product & engineering cost effective solutions for all of ourcustomers’ needs.Our approach to dealing with customers is underpinned by a strong service orientation that is focused onmeeting their needs in a courteous, personalized and above all professional manner.Our suppliers are our long term partners for whom we want to deliver more value by rediscovering theirprocesses across all applicable segments.Our products are competitively priced & aggressively marketed whilst guaranteeing that the higheststandards of after sales & trouble shooting support are always maintained.Our internal systems & procedures are streamlined towards delivering our promise of exceptional service.Our maintenance of strict cost controls by means of ensuring budgeting and cost effective businessfinancing methods. 2
  3. 3. Introduction – Values VALUESWe believe that we will achieve all of these desired business results through being true to our core “Values”which are synonymous to with our goal to achieve our vision and they are: Hard work & Commitment. Recognition, Performance & Rewards. Dependability & Accountability. Openness, Personal Honesty, Integrity & Loyalty. Innovation & Creativity. Personal Humility, Unity & Mutual Respect. 3
  4. 4. Introduction – Management ABOUT USDuring the years 2007-2011, the founders travelled extensively in search of good energy efficient LEDlighting as they felt that it is the one of the technologies which will drive the future of lighting in India. Thefounders prioritized various LED component and contract manufacturing partners based on practicality andtechnical supremacy.As a part of our management strategy of having a pre-cursor firm in this industry, on 5th of May 2011, oneof the Founders established a low investment proprietorship firm under the name “Beyond Lite” with itsoperations cased out of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. All the founders were involved in various aspects ofthe firm. After One year of getting overwhelming response for the various LED products under the firmname, the founders setup BEAMING LITE Private Limited in New Delhi to focus on embarking on a vision totake part in India’s energy efficiency drive with a nationwide presence. MANAGEMENTThe founders combined total diversified business turnover exceeds USD 15 million as on 31st March 2012.We had identified a technologically advanced design based on a Globally Patented “Screw & Lock” Designwith 3D Thermal Management. This design is patented by BrightLite Systems, Singapore. We also identifiedan advanced optics design, again globally patented by Zhihai Lighting AG, Germany which enhanced thepole spacing without compromising on average illumination for outdoor lighting. At present we have a salespipeline exceeding USD 2 million for the year 2012-13. 4
  5. 5. LED Products – Outline At Beaming Lite, we believe in true and realistic LED replacements for inefficient lighting. Whether it be for commercial, industrial or residential applications, you will always be able to save with Beaming Lite. Beaming Lite aims to bring clarity to the rapidly expanding LED lighting market by adopting a unique approach. We offer a one to one service helping to empower you with all the information you need to make informed product decisions and achieve the best results. Our quality does not stop with our products, we stand by our claims and offer warranties to ensure that you have peace of mind for many years to come 5
  6. 6. LED Products – Strategy Inline with our strategy, Beaming Lite offers both a Premium Range and a Value Range LED Lighting products. This range differentiation provides the customer the flexibility of making of LED transition as per their choice. Beaming Lite provides independent DIALUX Simulation for all its products. Beaming Lite also provides complete Top-Level Financial Analysis to the customer on the LED transition which includes the following. 1) Discounted Payback 2) NPV Outflow Analysis 6
  7. 7. LED Products – Customer Procurement Myth RealityAsking for a certain wattage Same wattage of LED The difference in lightingof LED products? produce the same lighting output in the same wattages output of LED varies upto 40%Looking at Lumens provided Lumens provided by LED is The light trapped due toby Manufacturer right fixture is not taken into account - “Actual Lumens” vide test reportLED transition Requires complete existing Products which allow for fixture change retrofitting availableLED Quality Difficult to assess without 2 Easy to assess with year trials independent testing reportsIndian Climate Very Hot for The ambient temperature of Reality tests have provenOutdoor LED India unsuitable for LED otherwise lighting 7
  8. 8. LED Products – Ranges Premium ValueLED Chips Cree / Osram / Citizen Epistar / BridgeluxLuminaire Lumens >= 90 Lumens / Watt >=80 Lumens / WattLED Driver Patented, Meanwell Meanwell, NormalLED Optics Patented NormalLED modules Hand Removable, Normal NormalFree Replacement >=3 years 1 year to 3 yearsGuarantee PeriodCertifications CE, ROHS, IES LM-79 / 80 CE, ROHSDiscounted Payback Period 2-3 years 1-3 yearsLumen Depreciation 90% >= 50,000 Hrs >= 30,000 Hrs 8
  9. 9. Beaming Lite – Panels 9
  10. 10. Beaming Lite – Bulbs & Bars & Strips 10
  11. 11. Beaming Lite – Spot Light & Down Light 11
  12. 12. Beaming Lite – Outdoor – Street Lights 12
  13. 13. Beaming Lite – Outdoor – Area Lights 13
  14. 14. Beaming Lite – Industrial – Bay Lights 14
  15. 15. Premium Technologies – Screw & Lock Design Screw & Lock DesignThe Ultra-BrightLite™ LED Light Source is an innovative designed which uses a combination of high powerLED technology, metal housing, secondary optics and a smart compact built-in power supply to provide anall-in-one solution. With this light engine, it will give the lighting product designer a very low cost, reliable &complete LED solutions where it helps to shorten the product development cycle and time to market for anew lighting product design 15
  16. 16. Premium Technologies – Screw & Lock Design 3D – Heat Management 16
  17. 17. Premium Technologies – Premium Optics Premium OpticsThe Optics for street lighting is essential as LED street lights are quite costly. Hence to reduce CAPEX hasbeen BEAMING LITE’s motto. Hence we have provided premium optics for greater pole spacing. 17
  18. 18. Projects Showcase – SOMA Group 18
  19. 19. Projects Showcase – NSL 19
  20. 20. Projects Showcase – Infotech @ NSL 20
  21. 21. Projects Showcase – Infotech @ NSL 21
  22. 22. Projects Showcase – Cafeteria @ NSL 22
  23. 23. Projects Showcase – L&T Highways 23
  24. 24. Projects Showcase – Gangavaram Ports 24
  25. 25. Projects Showcase – METRO 25
  26. 26. 26