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Identify and define the real opportunities                                          Pages: 80+in the worldwide CSP markets...
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CSP Markets Report - New Edition 2012 (selected findings)


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CSP Markets Report - New Edition 2012 (selected findings)

  1. 1. Se Ch ma Fi e! Su Cte nSi le i ap rie nd m d d te S ing r & SThe ConCenTraTed SolarPower MarkeTS rePorT 2011 – 2012– Identify and define the real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSP marketspurchase this report today and get…• Comprehensive listing of all commercial CSP projects worldwide• Analysis on which markets will truly take off in the next five years• Overview of the regulatory environment in each market• Insightful summary of CSP developments over the past 12 months Open now for your selected findings from this groundbreaking report
  2. 2. 80+ pagIdentify and define the real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSP markets es USd $199 5Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, analysisand insights in emerging global markets The CSP Market is shifting – stay in the know with unrivalled information on all the markets that matter to youWhen an industry is developing at the rate of the Concentrated Solar Thermal power market, you need accurate,detailed and up-to-date you need to know…?• The total MW capacity of the CSP projects currently under construction worldwide?• A full run-down on the real trends in the US, India, Australia, South Africa, MENA and European markets for CSP in 2011 and 2012?• Inside information on the country most likely to dominate in emerging market CSP growth?The CSP Markets Report 2011-2012 provides insight and strategic information on the current position and value of the concentrated solar power market to all interested parties, from those new to the sector to key industry players and groups. This groundbreaking report was prepared using a wealth of new data and insight from in-depth, open-ended interviews carried out with key representatives from developers, EPC contractors, financial institutions, component providers and industry associations. To ensure a truly global approach, the interviewees were based in China, Germany, India, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, UAE and the USA. Each of the interviewees was able to provide valuable local knowledge as well as adding to the overall picture of the global position The report provides up-to-date information about the CSP industry globally and takes an in-depth look at each market, at installed capacity, government incentives, barriers and drivers, project status and trends from India and the Middle East to Spain and the USA, plus emerging markets including Australia, China, Chile, Greece, Israel and South Africa.Cut straight to the facts with this groundbreaking report… Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  3. 3. 80+ pagChapter summaries and a ‘taster of the data’ es USdWhat does the report cover? Read below a short guide to each $199chapter of the CSP Markets Report, including a ‘taster’ of 5some key stats and facts from each of these critical sections. Worldwide CSP industry developmentsIn this section, the report explores the industry evolution key extracts, stats and factsof CSP, from the technology’s inception to the very latest challenges, taking you on a journey towards CSP’s market dominance. Major projects from Ivanpah to Lebrija 1, both completed and announced are covered in detail, along with major regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions and game-changing investments. CSP Today’s experts analyse how new entrants 2,673 MWand technological innovations have changed the face of the the amount of CSP currentlyindustry over decades of change. under constructionAll CSP projects worldwide, from development right worldwidethrough to construction and commissioning are listed in detail, categorised by technology, developer and country. The chapter concludes with a comprehensive evaluation of the prospects for CSP Markets in 2011 and 2012 with supporting graphs and charts which offer comparative data by developer, geography, technology and much more. significant mergers and acquisitions More than In February 2011, Spanish energy and infrastructure company Acciona sold a 15% stake in Acciona 8,243 MW Termosolar to Japanese industrial group Mitsubishi the amount of Corporation. The price of the 15% stake is valued CSP currently in at €45.8mn. This amount is structured from €38.1 planning stage mn in equity and €7.7 mn in shareholder loans. The transaction provides for the future possibility of a stake increase, to 17%, for Mitsubishi. In addition, there is going to be a €300 mn loan to Acciona Termosolar. For this, Mitsubishi, together with three Japanese banks, has agreed to finance Acciona with support from Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI). Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  4. 4. 80+ pagIdentify and define the real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSP markets es USd $199 5Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, analysisand insights in emerging global markets Established Markets for Concentrated Solar PowerArguably many of the emerging markets for CSP are now key extracts, stats and factsbecoming more like established markets, and economic uncertainty has had an enormous impact on the more mature regions for CSP. But undeniably the two world leaders in The evolution of Spanish CSPterms of installed capacity, expertise and experience continue In terms of technology, the to dominate the CSP industry: Spain and the USA parabolic trough is clearly the preferred medium, and this is also Focussing on these two markets in exceptional detail, the reflected in future plants planned for report explores General Market Conditions, Solar Resources, Spain, as can be seen in the Appendix. project development, permitting, installed capacity and The other notable fact is that nearly half projects under construction/announced in both the USA of these installed plants have some form (including geographical information) and Spain. of storage, which has also helped Spain Critical barriers and drivers, from governmental support, achieve a market leadership position by incentive mechanisms, regulation and technical challenges demonstrating that storage with CSP is a are presented and analysed, with key figures and viable option. It is also interesting to note developments documented in an easy-to-read format, along that the PS10 and PS20 plants in Seville are with maps depicting direct normal irradiation and renewable using power towers with storage capacity.portfolio standards. The report also covers cancelled projects in the USA, cumulative installed capacity, and real plants installed, along with the same for Spain, arranged by MW. Game changing investmentsDetailed and accurate charts are provided to aid your data $1.6 bn in loans has been guaranteed by the extraction from the report, including cumulative capacity US DoE for the Ivanpah Solar Electic Generating in the USA, and a breakdown of MW installed and in System, which will have three CSP plants using construction in Spain amongst many more. power tower technology. Google will invest $168 mn in equity into the project, joining BrightSource and NRG Solar, a division of utility NRG. Google has invested in a few renewable energy start-ups, including BrightSource Energy, but its stake in the Ivanpah project is its largest energy investment to date. USA installed capacity The total newly installed capacity in 2010 was 78.5MW, and cumulative CSP capacity from all 17 operating plants reached 509MW. Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  5. 5. 80+ pagIdentify and define the real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSP markets es USd $199 5Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, analysisand insights in emerging global markets Emerging Markets for Concentrated Solar PowerWith a focus on India and in-depth insights into the key extracts, stats and factsMiddle East and North Africa market, this chapter of the report details General Market Conditions, Solar Resources, Incentives and Government Support within each region. India’s emergenceWithin MENA, markets covered include (but are not limited In India foreign companies such to) Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and the UAE. as Abengoa, Lauren Engineering Outside of India and MENA, the report analyses the and Skyfuel have signed agreements prospects for CSP in South Africa, Chile, China, Israel and with local companies in order to Australia. participate in this burgeoning market.Throughout this section, and for each country or market, independent researchers analyse the Market Specific The Middle East and North AfricaConditions, Supply Chain Developments along with Grid & The World Bank has pledged over $750Interconnection features for each area. Moreover, the Report million in investment on CSP across the provides key data on current Installed Capacity and Projects Middle East and North Africa, read the report to Under Construction or announced, along with details on find out how these projects are, major players within the industry so far and critical supply chain information. Barriers and drivers to Recent DevelopmentsCSP market proliferation are examined in detail throughout The last few months of 2010 and early 2011 this section of the report, and with the help of our expert witnessed a number of key advances in independent reviewers, the general market expectations for several countries in the region, including:each region is set out as a conclusion. • The request for proposals for the first phase A selection of the visual aids in this chapter include tables of the Ouarzazate plant in Moroccodepicting CTF Planned projects for MENA, CSP Plants • Kuraymat in Egypt coming online and the planned, under construction and operational in MENA and a final stages of commissioning of ISCCs in Parameter overview for transmission lines. Morocco and Algeria • An expression of interest for solar projects Maps in this chapter include a full breakdown of Solar in JordanResources in North Africa & the Middle East, Suggested • Saudi Arabia moving ahead from its study HVDC Interconnection Lines for Exporting CSP from North mode, with the final policy framework Africa to Europe and possible transmission lines within North scheduled for the end of 2011Africa and to Europe. • UAE Shams 1 closing financing China China has set a target of 2500 MW of CSP by 2020 under the government sponsorship. Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  6. 6. Identify and define the real opportunities Pages: 80+in the worldwide CSP markets Release Date: June 2011Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, analysis Full Price:and insights in emerging global markets USD$1995Is this report for me? Who are CSP Today?suppliers and contractors Welcome to CSP Today. We are a business unit of FC You will discover where developers and EPC’s are Business Intelligence providing focused news, events, committing resources for new builds in emerging reports, updates and information for the Concentrated markets. This will enable you to understand Solar Thermal Power industry. throughout the USA, Europe the scope of these investments and ensure you and MENA region. are strategically placed for future growth and We do this by providing industry focused news, events, success in the fastest growing regions. reports, maps, podcasts, webinars and information for the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power industry, and we are developers constantly researching new and innovative ways in which This report will help you minimize the risk to serve you better. Our community of CSP developers, of CSP investments in global markets by EPCs, technology providers, utilities and financiers are understanding of barriers and drivers in each encouraged to engage in industry discussions through the market, identifying local suppliers and partners CSP Today website, during webinars and at events. Our and highlighting potential pitfalls of CSP high level Reports offer an opportunity for the community investments. to get access to unique and valuable information for your past buyers of csp today reports business with real data and results available, in addition to thorough analysis and helpful takeaways for your include: business.Developers, suppliers, contractors, engineering consulting firms, investors, academics, and many Working with you, CSP Today aims to be the hub of the more CSP community enabling dialogue throughout the industry and driving CSP forwards.your informationFirst Name: Last Name:Company:Telephone:Email:Address:City: State/Province:Zip/Postcode: Country:Report Name: Quantity:Final Price: USD$1995 Discount Code:payment detailsName (as it appears on the card):Card Number:Type of Card:Expiry Date: Security Code: Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –