selected                                                                    findingsthe concentrated                      ...
SAIdentify and define the real opportunities                                                                       Toda VE...
SAIdentify and define the real opportunities                                                 Toda VE	$100                 ...
SAIdentify and define the real opportunities                                                                              ...
Identify and define the real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSP marketsCut through the hype with access to the latest data,...
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CSP Markets Report: New Edition 2011-2012


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CSP Markets Report: New Edition 2011-2012

  1. 1. selected findingsthe concentrated inside!solar power marketsreport 2011 – 2012Identify and definethe real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSPmarketsCut through the hype with access to the latest data, analysis andinsights in emerging global CSP markets Open now for your selected findings from this groundbreaking report
  2. 2. SAIdentify and define the real opportunities Toda VE $100 y, pu in the worldwide CSP markets by Ju rcha ne 2 se Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, 0analysis and insights in emerging global marketsThe CSP markets in Spain and the USA are now This report will allow CSP executives across thebecoming established and the industry has more supply chain to cut straight through to the factsclarity on expected growth. However there is still a lot with the latest data and clear analysis on emergingof hype clouding the growth potential for CSP in new markets including India, Australia, South Africa andemerging markets. To achieve success on the global across MENA. The report provides unbiased analysisstage, it is now vital for the industry to get a grasp on where the opportunities and threats lie to enableon the real trends shaping these markets in order to the clear decision making required to achieve successdefine new opportunities and assess likely threats. in CSP markets worldwide.purchase this report today and get…• Comprehensive listing of all commercial CSP projects worldwide• Analysis on which markets will truly take off in the next five years• Overview of the regulatory environment in each market• Insightful summary of CSP developments over the past 12 months• Get insight on the USA Market including progress on the BLMs fast track program• Updates on the CSP market in Spain including what the growth prospects are with more than 783 MW installed and 1.2 GW under constructiondrill down on emerging markets: india, mena, china, south africa and australia• Identify the growth markets and where your customers/partners are • Find out which of these markets are really open to foreign investment• Learn from the experiences of developers operating in these markets • Understand how to mitigate the risk of your CSP investment• Gain information on Government incentives and permitting processes in each market• Get an overview of supply chain development in new CSP markets• Find out how the plans to link North Africa to Europe for electricity export are progressingwho should buy this report? report methodologySuppliers and Contractors - will discover where developers and CSP Today carried out in-depth interviews with more than 40 CSP EPC’s are committing resources for new builds in emerging markets. industry executives with real world experience operating in these This will enable you to understand the scope of these investments emerging markets. and ensure you are strategically placed for future growth and The information collected included views on the drivers and success in the fastest growing regions. barriers in each market as well as their take on the growth Developers – this report will help you minimize the risk of CSP prospects of each market. Information and data on the CSP investments in global markets by understanding of barriers and projects was collected from national CSP industry associations and drivers in each market, identifying local suppliers and partners and developers. The information was then collated and analysed by our highlighting potential pitfalls of CSP investments. research team to create the report.Past buyers of CSP Today reports include developers, suppliers, Finally, the report was peer-reviewed by 4 independent CSP, engineering consulting firms, investors, academics. To support the report secondary data was also sourced. Turn the page now for the ground breaking selected findings from this report!  Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  3. 3. SAIdentify and define the real opportunities Toda VE $100 y, pu in the worldwide CSP markets by Ju rcha ne 2 se Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, 0analysis and insights in emerging global marketsselected findings from this ground breaking report… 2,673 MW morocco the amount of CSP currently under construction worldwide the largest market in the MENA region with 645 MW of capacity under development china has set a target of 2500 MW of CSP by 2020 under the government sponsorship More than 8,243 MW Solar Millennium, with 575 MW, is the developer the amount of CSP currently in with the highest capacity planning stage under construction Abengoa Solar with 555 MW followed by… Chevron energy and… solutions with 500 MWselected comments from over 80 pages of in-depth research “In India foreign companies such as Abengoa, Lauren Engineering and Skyfuel have signed agreements with local companies in order to participate “The World Bank has pledged over in this burgeoning market” $750 million in investment on CSP across the Middle East and North Africa, read the report to find out how these projects are progressing” Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  4. 4. SAIdentify and define the real opportunities Toda VE $100 y, pu in the worldwide CSP markets by Ju rcha ne 2 se Cut through the hype with access to the latest data, 0analysis and insights in emerging global marketscontents1 Worldwide CSP Industry Developments 3.2.2 Review of MENA Markets Table 9 Parameter overview for transmission linesIndustry Evolution Recent Developments Algeria Egypt Maps1.1 Industry Evolution Jordan1.2 Recent Developments Morocco Map 1 Direct Normal Irradiation in the USA 1.2.1 Projects Completed and Announced Tunisia Map 2 Renewable Portfolio Standards in the USA 1.2.2 Major Regulatory Changes UAE Map 3 Direct Normal Irradiation in Spain 1.2.3 Significant Mergers and Acquisitions Other Map 4 Direct Normal Irradiation in India 1.2.4 Game Changing Investments 3.2.3 Prospects for CSP in MENA Map 5 Solar Resources in North Africa & the Middle East 1.2.5 New Entrants 3.3 Overview of Other Emerging Markets Map 6 Suggested HVDC Interconnection Lines for Exporting 1.2.6 Technological Innovations 3.3.1 South Africa CSP from North Africa to Europe1.3 CSP Projects Worldwide 3.3.2 Chile Map 7 Possible transmission lines within North Africa and 1.3.1 Installed Projects 3.3.3 China to Europe 1.3.2 Projects Under Construction 3.3.4 Israel 1.3.3 Planned Projects 3.3.5 Australia 1.4 CSP Markets’ Prospects Round Up Worldwide CSP Industry Developments The Concentrated Solar Power Markets Report 2010 Conclusion 2 Established Markets for ConcentratedSolar Power References Table 1 Completed projects per country in last 12 months The Concentrated Solar Power Markets Report 2010 MW Operating Country Name Location Developer EPC Technology Storage CSP Markets Worldwide Capacity since Australia Big Dish Canberra, ACT ANU 0.32 Dish Stirling 2009 Australia Liddell Phase 2 Lake Liddell AREVA 3 Linear Fresnel 20092.1 The USA Appendix A. CSP Plants Planned and Under Construction Australia National Solar Energy Centre Newcastle NSW Torres de Miguel CSIRO Cobra (80%) 0.5 Power Tower Parabolic 2009 Spain Extresol 1 Sesmero, Badajoz, ACS-Cobra and Sener 50 7.5 hours 2009 Trough 2.1.1 General Market Conditions Worldwide Extremadura (20%) La Risca Alvarado, Badajoz, Acciona Acciona Parabolic Spain 50 2009 (Alvarado 1) Extremadura Energía Energía Trough An Optimistic Aggressive scenario assumes announcement of favourable Puertollano, Ciudad Puertollano Iberdrola Concentrated Solar Spain Real, Castilla la The years, andParabolic policies to boost CSP development in the coming 50Power Markets Report 2010 an optimistic 2009 Solar Resources in the USA Ibersol Renovables Trough Mancha view of the market operations where all projects get implemented as CSP Markets Worldwide Sanlucar la Mayor, Abengoa Parabolic Spain Solnova 1 planned and there is no dropout orAbener in implementation. Seville, Andalusia Solar delay 50 Trough 2009 Index of Graphs and Tables Sanlucar la Mayor, Abengoa Parabolic Spain Solnova 3 Abener 50 2009 Project Development & Permitting Outline For more details of the scenarios, refer to the Methodology Section in Seville, Andalusia Solar Trough the Appendix. Cobra (80%) Guadix, Granada, Parabolic Spain Andasol 2 ACS-Cobra and Sener 50 7.5 hours 2009 Andalusia Trough (20%) Cumulative ForecastedAbengoa Abener Investment in Operating CSP Projects until Incentives and Government Support in the USA Sanlucar la Mayor, Spain PS20 20 Power Tower 1 hour 2009 Seville, in Spain ($ Bns) 2015 Andalusia Solar Central Solar 20 Alvarado, Badajoz, SAMCA Parabolic Spain Termoelectrica 50 7.5 hours 2010 Extremadura Renovables Trough Graphs La Florida To conclude, as with other regions where CSP is being developed, 17 2.1.2 Installed Capacity and Projects Under Construction/ Spain USA Solnova 4 Maricopa Solar Sanlucar Pessimistic moderate scenarioonce more projects are in progress, confidence will increase amongst n la Mayor, 15 Andalusia Abengoa Seville,n Optimistic aggressive scenario Peoria, Arizona Solar Tessera Mortenson 50 12 Parabolic 15 Trough 2010 the stakeholders. Investors will have a clearer view of how the 13 13 Project industry is growing1.5 the ancillary infrastructures will take shape. Solar Construction11 and Dish Stirling 2010 Announced 10 9 9 Once the critical component manufacturing industry has started Holaniku, 8 Parabolic USA Kona, Hawai Sopogy 7 2 2009 Keyhole Point Trough up, development is likely to speed up considerably. The focus on USA Ridgecrest Solar Lancaster, California 5 5 human resources development is intended to create an increasingly eSolar 5 Power Tower 2009 5 indigenised market for CSP in India, where the key components will be 2.1.3 Barriers and Drivers Figure 1 Cumulative MW Installed to June 2011 2.2.b Major Regulatory Changes 2 <2009 2 2010 able to be sourced internally. Scalability is a prime factor in the Solar During the last 12 months there have been a series of regulatory plan, and in the long term this will reduce costs as economies of 0 India 2011 changes that have impacted on CSP development in several of thescale are built up. Phase 2014 Solar India is expected to provide much 2012 2013 2 of 2015E leading markets. The majorityFigure 20 will help maintain alarger additional capacities as by then implementation procedures will 2.1.4 Prospects in the US Market Figure 2 MW installed by country in 2010 – 2011 of these stimulus to the market. However, as we summarise below, not all of them can be established and understood. have been The above graph represents cumulative investment in CSP operating viewed in a positive light. Details of all regulatory developments are plants by 2015. With a higher investment cost per MW as compared given in the individual market assessments in the report. 3.3.2 Middle East and North Africa (MENA)2.2 Spain Figure 3 MW Installed per Country as at June 2011 to the USA, CSP in Spain is expected to command cumulative capital Solar Resources investment of $13 bn to $17 bn by 2015. The value of investment in USA The MENA region incorporates many of the key attributes required for operating projects is estimated at $2.4 bn by 2009. This however CSP development. It combines vast, flat areas of desert with a high USA government support for CSP is on course to increase, dueprojects and does not include represents only the completed to a variety of measures. The US Department of Energy (DoE) Fiscal Year 2011 ensuring a highly favourable environment for CSP plants. level of DNI, 2.2.1 General Market Conditions Figure 4 MW Installed by Technology as at June 2011 investment made in projects either under construction or planned. budget request shows an increase in CSP funding as part of The map below indicates which parts of the MENA region have the its Solar Programme. The request includes the establishment of a pilot solar zone resource, representing a huge area which stretches optimum solar Forecasted Annual CSP Installations in Spain until 2015 (in MW) across from the countries of North Africa to the Middle East. in the Southwest which will demonstrate new CSP technologies, the Solar Resources Figure 5 MW Installed by Developer to June 2011 600 launch of an initiative to demonstrate new CSP technologies thatn Pessimistic moderate scenario could lead to over 1 GW of projects, and the development500 new technologies aggressive resources of the MENA countries could, if 500 of The rich solar energy scenario n Optimistic 500 that integrate solar energy with the grid. exploited at scale, not only meet domestic electricity demands but 417 422 415 406 could also be an electricity source for neighbouring Europe. The World Project Development & Permitting Figure 6 MW of Plants Under Construction as at June 2011 400 382 382 300 281 Resources Institute (WRI) has estimated that the amount of solar 337 11 resource striking 6,000 square kilometres of desert in North Africa could supply thermal energy equivalent to the entire oil production of 249 265 230 Incentives and Government Support Figure 7 MW Under Construction by Technology the Middle East – some 9 bn barrels a year. 200 138 2–3 kWh/m2/day 100 3–4 kWh/m2/day 2.2.2 Installed Capacity and Projects Under Construction/ Figure 8 MW Under Construction by Developer 0 <2009 2010E 2011E 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E 4–5 kWh/m2/day 5–6 kWh/m2/day Figure 21 Announced Figure 9 MW Planned by Country 6–7 kWh/m2/day >5 kWh/m261 /day 2.2.3 Barriers and Drivers Figure 10 MW Planned by Technology 2.2.4 Prospects in the Spanish Market Figure 11 Developers planning largest amount of MW Map 6. Solar Resources in North Africa and the Middle East Source: Kevin Ummel and David Wheeler. 2008. “Desert Power: The Economics of Solar Thermal Figure 12 Cancelled projects in the USA Electricity for Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.” Working Paper 156. Washington, D.C.: Center for Global Development. 733 Emerging Markets for Concentrated Solar Figure 13 CSP plants installed in the USAPower Figure 14 Cumulative installed capacity in the USA Figure 15 Installed CSP projects in Spain3.1 India Figure 16 Installed CSP capacity by MW in Spain 3.1.1 General Market Conditions Figure 17 MW of plants installed and under construction in Solar Resources Spain as at June 2011 Incentives and Government Support Figure 18 MW planned and under construction in India as at 3.1.2 Market Specific Conditions June 2011 Supply Chain Development Grid & Interconnections Tables 3.1.3 Installed Capacity and Projects Under Construction/ Announced Table 1 All Installed Plants as at June 2011 3.1.4 Barriers and Drivers Table 2 RPS or RPG in states where CSP is eligible, planned 3.1.5 Prospects in the Indian Market or in operation3.2 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Table 3 Summary of the Various Incentive Mechanisms in 3.2.1 General Market Conditions the USA Solar Resources Table 4 Plants Installed in the USA Incentives and Government Support Table 5 Installed CSP Plants in Spain Overview of Projects in the Region Table 6 CSP Plants Planned and Under Construction in India Supply Chain Development Table 7 CTF Planned projects for MENA CSP Grid Interconnection Table 8 CSP Plants planned, under construction and Barriers and Drivers operational in MENA Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –
  5. 5. Identify and define the real opportunitiesin the worldwide CSP marketsCut through the hype with access to the latest data,analysis and insights in emerging global marketswho are csp today?Welcome to CSP Today. We are a business unit of FC Business Intelligence providing focused news, events, reports, updates and information for the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power industry. Founded in 2007, CSP Today operates throughout the USA, Europe and MENA region, providing business intelligence on the issues that matter to you. We do this by providing industry focused news, events, reports, Pages: 80+maps, podcasts, webinars and information for the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power industry, and we are constantly researching new and Release date:innovative ways in which to serve you better. June 2011Our community of CSP developers, EPCs, technology providers, utilities and financiers are encouraged to engage in industry Full price:discussions through the CSP Today website, during webinars and at events. Our high level Reports offer an opportunity for the community USD$ 1995to get access to unique and valuable information for your business with real data and results available, in addition to thorough analysis and helpful takeaways for your business.Working with you, CSP Today aims to be the hub of the CSP community enabling dialogue throughout the industry and driving CSP forwards.your informationFirst Name: Last Name:Company:Telephone:Email:Address:City: State/Province:Zip/Postcode: Country:Report Name: Quantity:Final price: $1995 Discount Code:payment detailsName (as it appears on card):Card Number:Type of Card:Expiry Date: Security Code: Order your copy today, visit For more information contact –