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Marketing Mix BEConnected Conference

Bob McClintick, Creative Memories
Andrew Leavitt, Nu Skin
Brett Duncan, Mannatech

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Marketing mix dsa_master_-_12.6.11[1]

  1. 1. 2011Direct Selling AssociationBe Connected ConferenceIntegrating Social MediaWith More TraditionalMarketing ToolsBrett Duncan, Mannatech, Inc.Andrew Leavitt, Nu Skin EnterprisesBob McClintick, Creative Memories
  2. 2. Social vs Traditional Media Social and Traditional media are not mutually exclusive TRADITIONAL MEDIA & SOCIAL MEDIATRADITIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA MEDIA
  3. 3. The Merging of Communications Web/Mobile Print Direct• Corp. websites • Catalogs • Physical facilities & stores• Market websites • Flyers • Business meetings• Microsites • Advertising • Incentive trips• Email • Direct mail • Conventions• Mobile sites • Shipment inserts • Signage Social • Blogs • Social Media • Mobile Apps • Etc.
  4. 4. What You Had to Say … How many dedicated social media employees do you have on staff?40% 37%35% 31%30%25%20% Social media15% 12% staff 10% 10%10%5%0% 0 Part-time 1 full-time 2 full-time 3+ full-time
  5. 5. What You Had to Say … On what platform does your company have a social media presence?100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 92% 40% 84% 80% Social 30% 63% media 20% 41% platforms 10% 0% 4% 10%
  6. 6. What You Had to Say … Do you have a social listening program?45%40%35%30%25%20% 39% Social 37% listening15%10% 22%5%0% Yes No I dont know what that means
  8. 8. Social Listening
  9. 9. It’s a Big, Big World Wide WebThe Web contains at least 9.29 billion pages The estimated minimal size of the indexed World Wide Web is based on the estimations of the numbers of pages indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo Search. Source:
  10. 10. Cut Through the Noise & Listen • Set up alerts for your company nameGoogle alerts is free • Set up alerts forand allows you to set relevant productsup search queries for • Set up alerts forkeywords which your website URLsGoogle will then • Set up alerts foremail you whenever it key executives,indexes those words. competitors, etc.
  11. 11. Cut Through the Noise & Listen • Ability toHootsuite’s free schedule postsversion allows you to and tweetsupdate across • Easy-to-usemultiple platforms (up dashboardto 5 networks) and • Paid versiontwo RSS feeds via ($5.99/mo.)your computer, features GoogleiPhone, Android Analytics and Facebook Insightsphone or Blackberry. integration
  12. 12. Cut Through the Noise & Listen • See if your brandSocial Mention offers is being discussedreal-time social media • Evaluate positive,search and analysis negative mentionsalong with the most • Gauge the passioncommon indicators of for your brandsocial media activity:strength, sentiment, • Discover the size of audience yourpassion and reach. brand has reached
  13. 13. Cut Through the Noise & Listen • Subscribe to relevant website RSS feeds • Monitor news sites, Google Reader competitor sitesSocial media and moremonitoring begins • Manage and sortwith a dashboard, feeds by topicand Google Reader • Pair it with iGooglecan get you started for easy desktopdown the right path. viewing
  14. 14. Theres a Metric to the Madness
  15. 15. Market Research
  16. 16. Market Research
  17. 17. Market Research
  19. 19. Social Media Press ReleasesWhat makes apress release social?
  20. 20. Social Media Press ReleasesA social press release contains everything necessaryto share and discover a story in a way that iscomplementary to your original intent. - Brian Solis
  21. 21. Social Press Release Case Study• Keyword-rich, blog-style headlines• Easily- accessible, bulleted information• Relevant quotes• Boilerplate information• Multimedia (video, photos, documents and links)• Social sharing tools
  22. 22. Case Study: PR MetricsSecured coverageon 156 websites,reaching a webaudience of 29million viewers.More than a 60%increase in thenumber of outletsthat picked up therelease over atypical pressrelease
  23. 23. Case Study: DR Benefits Sharing news via social channels provides an easy way for non-media folks (i.e. distributors) to interact with and share your message.
  24. 24. Social Media Press ReleasesDo all my releasesneed to be social?
  25. 25. Social-Enabled Newsroom
  27. 27. Content Distribution
  28. 28. Content Distribution
  29. 29. Content Distribution
  30. 30. Content Distribution
  31. 31. Content Distribution
  32. 32. Content Distribution
  34. 34. Mobile App Case Study
  35. 35. Flexible FrameworkUnited States Japan • Augments traditional communications channels with distributors • Customized by market • Dynamic content updates • Shareable • Linked to local and corporate social media accounts (YouTube/Twitter)
  36. 36. Supported PlatformsiPhone Android iPad (and mobile web)
  37. 37. Nu Skin Mobile App Usage • Launched in 25 markets and 14 languages • More than 24,000 downloads to date • Additional features planned based on market and user input
  38. 38. Mannatech Presentation App(Launching Soon)
  39. 39. Bridging the Media Divide
  40. 40. Marrying Print With Digital UniquelyUniquely trackable Itrackable vanity URL IQR Code
  41. 41. Get the Code (Or the URL) Quick Response (QR) codes are used to store … • Website addresses • Email addresses • Phone Numbers Use QR codes in … • A presentation • Print ads • Company catalogs • Business cards, handouts
  42. 42. Build It, Track It • Google URL Shortener allows you to create a shortened URL along with a QR Code • Kaywa allows you to create a QR code for a URL, email address or phone number • Search “free QR code generator” to discover other options
  43. 43. ResourcesBooks• Engage! – Brian Solis• The New Rules of Marketing and PR – David Meerman Scott (Get the ebook)WebSocial Media TodayMashableSocial MentionHubspot
  44. 44. Resources – RankingMike’s Marketing Tools • Enter URL and key terms to see your rankings on major search engines. Just for fun • If you’re feeling so-so about the website progress you’ve made, take a trip back through time.
  45. 45. Resources - KeywordsGoogle Insight Search • Tons of information, from Top 10 search terms to rising searches to demographics.Google AdWords Keyword • Compile hundreds of keywords. See what search terms people are using to get to your website and how much competition there is.
  46. 46. Resources – Traffic DriversAlexa • Find out what search terms are driving traffic.Quantcast • Monitor keywords and audience demographics.Compete • Monitor your traffic and competitor traffic.
  47. 47. THANKS
  48. 48. Content Distribution
  49. 49. Happily Ever After Photo Contest! New fans/followers: 7,700+ Total newsfeed impressions: 6,299,417 Daily active user increase: 48% Total contest page visits: 96,384
  50. 50. Marketing to Drive Awareness Edge RankFacebook Fans Jan. 2011 = 7 Feb. 2011 = 17 Mar. 2011 = 16 Apr. 2011 = 29 12% May 2011 = 24 Edge Rank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine what content shows up in user’s news feed. The better the score,Post Interaction the larger the impressions. 70%
  51. 51. Marketing to Drive AwarenessBloggers Get Onboard to Promote ContestTo create buzz, mommy and craft bloggers were offeredtwo free copies of Nancy’s Full of Love book: One tokeep and one to give away to one of their readers.Total Blog Posts: 30
  52. 52. One Thing Leads to Another … Rachael Ray Show Appearance As a result of the Royal Wedding contest, Creative Memories had the opportunity to pitch a London album to Nancy O’Dell for a May 9 Rachael Ray Show appearance. • Creative Memories gift bag given to audience • More than 4 minutes in front of an estimated 2.6 million daily viewers • 700+ Creative Memories fans respond to Facebook scrapbooking question
  53. 53. And Then The Madness Hit … • Voted Minnesota’s best brand in July 2011 • Social efforts help us surpass some iconic brands • Featured in a Social Media Examiner white paper plus other print, online mentions • Featured in Direct Selling News September, November editions
  54. 54. What Did We Learn?• Social media is a deep and rich channel – and a valuable complement to traditional marketing• Social media is a great equalizer • David can win against Goliath• Social media gives brands the opportunity to observe, listen, engage, learn, adapt• Loyalty and engagement are an essential and invaluable piece of the puzzle