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Reflection Essay
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Reflection Essay


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Ben's reflection essay

Ben's reflection essay

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Ben Duerksen
    Mrs. Otter
    Reflection Essay
    11 January 2010
    Machining or Auto Mechanics
    High school is extremely tough for me. I hate having to do homework and I do not enjoy having to study for tests. I detest having to read for an assignment, I would rather read articles in a magazine or service manual. In this essay, I will explain why I chose these work samples, the pride I have in these samples, and the process I had to go through in achieving a good grade on these assignments.
    I enjoy being able to make things out of almost nothing, so this year I took Machine Tech. The reason I chose my machine tech project was that I worked hard on it and got a pleasant grade. Not everyone can operate an engine lathe; therefore, I take pride in the project. I was able to achieve an excellent grade on my machine project because I took my time and worked hard. I had to be within a few thousands of an inch on all of my dimensions this is a difficult task to achieve. When running the lathe I had to use basic math and special formulas to calculate the right RPM to turn the part. I also had to calculate the correct feed rate for the machine and make the correct depth of cut. Working on this project was fun and a big learning experience.
    I enjoy working on cars. I chose my auto project because I worked extremely hard on it and enjoyed the work I did. In this project, I had to design and build a body of a truck for a float in the homecoming parade. I also had to get a General Motors 305 running. I spent time replacing bad spark plugs, timing the engine and some other assorted tuning procedures. I take pride in this project because I made the deadline and only had a week to do so.
    The threading project in Machine Tech was a difficult task. In the project, I had to calculate RPM and feed rate for the lathe. I had to turn the part down to diameter. I also had to put a 45 degree taper on one end, and put an inch and a half of 13 threads per inch on the other end. Threads have to be precise so that a nut can fit on them. I take pride in this task because it was extremely difficult and took a great amount precision and hard work to achieve.
    These assignments were difficult and took quite a bit of time to finish. With hard work and diligence, I accomplished them. I took pride in these assignments, and I chose them because of that. I also chose these assignments because they are from my favorite classes.