Mile stone 3 travelnpax


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Mile stone 3 travelnpax

  1. 1. Dedicated to making grouptravel simple & hassle-free
  2. 2. MISSION STATEMENT It’sthe mission for to provide its customers with all their group travel needs, our one stop easy to use interface will help our customers to get all their wants and needs when traveling together.
  3. 3. ISSUE BEING ADDRESSED At the current time there are no user- friendly group travel websites available to our customer demographic
  4. 4. SOLUTION TO ISSUEA simple and user-friendly home screen interface. Consumers simply enter the group travel information- (how many people, To/from, dates, Select a few customizable options and the groups ready to go.
  5. 5. Mock Screen Shotof theTravelnpax.comhome screenGroup users can create anaccountThe trip will be stored and eachmember of the group travelingcan communicate with eachother directly on the site.
  6. 6. Mock Screen Shotof “PAXPAY”“PAXPAY” is’ssignature feature which allowseach member of the travelinggroup to pay just what theyowe, avoiding that “I OWEYOU” problem when travelingin groups.**Demonstration purposesonly**
  7. 7. MARKET SIZE Travelnpax will be competing with the other top travel sites existing presently, with slight but significant twist that Travelnpax is for “group travel” or people in traveling in “pax” The Market Size will be a consumer base similar in size to that of Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline.
  8. 8. MARKETING & DEMOGRAPHICS During Phase 1 of we will be using Target Marketing. Directly marketing to the consumer-base via online advertising, and social media. Research determined- potential customers for to be between the ages of (18-40)
  9. 9. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPETOP COMPETITORS INCLUDE: In order of currentusage rates. *** ** StudentUniverse is most similar, but is not tailored to group travel and only harnesses a young demographic.
  10. 10. MATRIX Will offer travel deals to wider  Offers cheap travel deals to range of customers students The success of the site, relies  Easy to use interface on a user-friendly site- simple  Offers and-hassle free. Flights, Accommodations, an Will also d activities offer, flights, accommodatio ns and activities. (target  Offers a feature called “fairplay” marketing) which allows you to just type in Travelnpax will offer group your From: and Studentuniverse will offer you deals from that features such as “paxpay” specific location. and the easy communication tool so that the group can travel with ease.
  11. 11. REVENUE AND STARTUP No current revenue  Existing An initial Customers(users of investment is any travel site) needed for the  Internet users (18- construction of the 40) will be hit with a site, as well as for “strategic” startup marketing marketing to gain initial campaign for the momentum. initial pull.
  12. 12. TRAVELNPAX BUSINESS MODEL1. Aggregation: will aggregate flights and accommodations, with the plan to eventually become its own aggregator cutting away that first layer of cost and be placed on equal playing field with its competiors such as Expedia and Priceline2. SELL:’s own breakthrough features and easy interface are attractive to competitors who could eliminate the inevitable upcoming cost to match Travelnpax’s interface plus grab a piece of Travelnpax’s market share3. Expansion: Travelnpax could further develop the group travel interface to include other areas of travel,
  13. 13. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS AND NUMBERS 15,000-20,000$ Initial investment for site construction- 5,000-10,000 5,000 for startup- target marketing. (using online advertising, social media, and peer reviews) 3,000 for daily operations**Projected #s are from personal research-
  14. 14. INITIAL INVESTMENT PHASE BREAKDOWN Milestone 1: To Launch Site 40% Milestone 2: Target Marketing campaign 30% Milestone 3: Site development and research 30%