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  1. 1. American Standard Page 1 of 6 home | sitemap | contact us | profile | c sales promotion | designers | innova Click thumbnail to view a bigger product image. IDS Series IDS Natural Wall IDS Clear Deck-Mount IDS Single-Hole Basin IDS Extende Mount Basin Mixer Basin Mixer Mixer Hole Basin IDS Series 2863 1961 6801 6802 Available on selected Available on selected Available on selected Available on s Nobile Series stores stores stores stores Acacia Series La Vita Series Minimalistic Series Ventuno Series Tonic Series IDS Exposed Bath and Active Series Shower Mixer 6811 Ceraplus Series Available on selected stores Cygnet Series Saga Series Nobile Series Agate Series Concept Series Seva Series Rio Series ISS Series Nobile Joystick Single Nobile Joystick Single Nobile Single Lever Nobile Expo AMM Series Hole Basin Mixer Hole Extended Basin Handle Basin Mixer & Shower M 0602 Mixer 0601 0611 WIL Series *NEW 0603 *NEW *NEW *NEW Tap Series 5/11/2012
  2. 2. American Standard Page 2 of 6 Kitchen Faucets Flush Valves Nobile In-wall Bath & Shower Mixer 0612 *NEW Acacia Series Acacia Single-Hole Acacia In-wall Bath Basin Mixer and Shower Mixer 1620 2135 La Vita Series La Vita Single Hole La Vita Extended La Vita Exposed Bath La Vita In-w Basin Mixer Single Hole Basin & Shower Mixer Shower Mix 0501 Mixer 0511 0521 *NEW 0502 Minimalistic Series Minismalistic Single- Minimalistic Extended Minimalistic Exposed Minimalistic hole Basin Mixer Single-Hole Basin Bath and Shower Bath and Sh 1801 Mixer Mixer Mixer 1800 1811 2123 Ventuno Series Ventuno Single-hole Ventuno Exposed Ventuno In-wall Bath Basin Mixer Bath and Shower and Shower Mixer 6901 Mixer 6921 5/11/2012
  3. 3. American Standard Page 3 of 6 6911 Tonic Series Tonic Single-Hole Tonic Exposed Bath Tonic In-wall Bath and Basin Mixer and Shower Mixer Shower Mixer 3101 3111 3121 Active Series Active Single-Hole Active Extended Active Exposed Bath Active In-wa Lavatory Faucet Single Hole Basin and Shower Mixer and Showe 3901 Mixer 3911 3921 3902 Ceraplus Series Ceraplus Exposed Ceraplus In-wall Bath Bath and Shower (w/ and Shower Mixer Set shower kit) 6221 6211 Cygnet Series Cygnet Single-Hole Cygnet Extended Cygnet Exposed Bath Cygnet In-w Basin Mixer Single-hole Basin & Shower Mixer Shower Mix 0301 Mixer 0311 0321 0303 Saga Series 5/11/2012
  4. 4. American Standard Page 4 of 6 Saga Single-Hole Saga Exposed Bath Saga In-wall Bath and Basin Mixer and Shower Mixer Shower Mixer 1501 1511 1521 Agate Series Agate Extended Single-Hole Basin Mixer 2602 Concept Series Concept Single-Hole Concept Exposed Concept In-wall Bath Basin Mixer w/ plastic Bath and Shower w/ and Shower Mixer Set pop-up Shower Kit 1421 1401 1411 Seva Series Seva Single-Hole Seva Mono Basin Seva Exposed Bath Seva In-wal Basin Mixer w/ plastic Faucet w/o pop-up and Shower w/ Shower Mix pop-up 6506 Shower Kit 6521 6501.101 6511 Rio Series Rio Single-Hole Basin Rio Exposed Bath and Mixer Shower (with 2121 handshower set) 2132P 5/11/2012
  5. 5. American Standard Page 5 of 6 ISS Pillar Tap (without ISS Wall-mounted Tap ISS Exposed Bath and ISS In-wall pop up and flexible T102 Shower Mono (with Shower Mo hose) handshower set) spout (mixe T101 T103-11 showerhead T105-21 AMM Series AMM Pillar Tap AMM Wall-mounted AMM Exposed Bath AMM In-wal (without pop up and Tap and Shower Mono Shower Mo flexible hose) T202 (with handshower set) spout (mixe T201 T203-11 showerhead T205-21 WIL Series WIL Pillar Tap WIL Wall-Mounted Tap WIL Exposed Bath & WIL In-Wall T401 T402 Shower Mono (with Shower Mo *NEW *NEW handshower set) spout and T403-11 showerhead *NEW T405-21 *NEW Tap Series Cool Self-closing Tap 2400 2400 Kitchen Faucet 5/11/2012
  6. 6. American Standard Page 6 of 6 ISS Deck-mounted ISS Wall-mounted AMM Deck-mounted AMM Wall-m Kitchen Tap Kitchen Tap Kitchen Tap Kitchen Tap T106 T107 T206 T207 Ceraplan Kitchen Minimalistic Kitchen Cascade Kitchen WIL Deck M Mixer Mixer Mixer w/ Pull-out Kitchen Fau 5637 5608 Spray T406 1802 *NEW WIL Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet T407 *NEW Flush Valves F511 Watercloset F501 Urinal Flush Urinal Flush Valve for Urinal Flush Flush Valve (lever) Falve (push button) LEED 1L per Flush (lever type) 5110 5010 9803.0P1 9803.0P0 *NEW *NEW home | sitemap | contact us | profile | customer service | designers | innovation/technology ©2011 American Standard Companies 5/11/2012