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Introduction to
Unification Church Symbols & Traditions, some glimpses of Spiritual World History
Updated March 2016.

Best Regards.
Bengt de Paulis w. fam.

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  • v. 11.3 Mar 2016 in Kirkkonumi Finland
    v. 11.1 Dec 2015 in Kirkkonumi Finland
  • DP=Divine Principle, the New Revelation by korean Sun Myung Moonwww.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/DP73/
  • DP=Divine Principle, the New Revelation by korean Sun Myung Moonwww.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/DP73/
  • Many many spiritual manifestations, dreams, revelations, spiritual guidance, took place in the 50,40,70’s
    This declined in the 80s around 1984 TF imprisonment in Danbury.
    Was that the reason for poor membership growth in 80’s-2011?
    Remove ”Holy Spiritual” from the name above, and you have the movement during those years.
  • These slides are prepared for 2nd,3rd,4th ... Gen. Education and Spiritual training
  • Gather Mankind to Gods and TP realm, and Blessings will return!
  • Gather Mankind to Gods and TP realm, and Blessings will return!
  • The timecycles for this opportunity of fulfilling Gods Creation, is dependent on indemnity
    And therefore fixed in time. See time parallells & Indemnity.
  • The timecycles for this opportunity of fulfilling Gods Creation, is dependent on indemnity
    And therefore fixed in time. See time parallells & Indemnity.
  • Gather Mankind to Gods and TP realm, and Blessings will return!
  • Father (Sun Myung Moon) said, “I am fundamentally different from all of you.”
    The True Family was there, and all of us.
    He said, “I am managed by God of Night.
    You are all managed by God of Day.”
  • Gather Mankind to Gods and TP realm, and Blessings will return!
  • ”Jerusalem” & Heaven coming down to Earth!
  • Ref: http://www.3hdowsing.com/shop/product.php?productid=15
  • Ref: http://www.3hdowsing.com/shop/product.php?productid=15
  • Source: Gods Will and the WorldChapter 11 - The Significance of July 1, 1973
  • Healing:   Sin,   Fear,   Sickness (disease and death).   Poverty,   Demons and finally Satan himself
  • Healing:   Sin,   Fear,   Sickness (disease and death).   Poverty,   Demons and finally Satan himself
  • Healing:   Sin,   Fear,   Sickness (disease and death).   Poverty,   Demons and finally Satan himself
  • Healing:   Sin,   Fear,   Sickness (disease and death).   Poverty,   Demons and finally Satan himself
  • Healing:   Sin,   Fear,   Sickness (disease and death).   Poverty,   Demons and finally Satan himself
  • Da Vinci Code, Jesus fits together with Mary Magadele.But this causes a major problem in the painting, since John, Jesus favourite disciple is then missing.
    Anyway it points towards the Divine Principle interpretation that Jesus WAS MEANT TO MARRY!
  • DaVinci Code!John/Mary Magdalene can be moved and will fit exactly on Jesus' shoulder. Even if this sugegstion is not true, (it would mean John Jesus favo disciple is missing)
    Its interesting from the DP point of view that Jesus was meant to marry “Marriage of the Lamb”.
  • All these people were more or less deeply aware of the whole picture and prepared for the Coming Messiah.
    Bailey published: The Reappearance of the Christ.
    Besant,Bailey and Rudolf Steiner all came from the roots of Russian Madame Blavatsky.
    Fatima, was the Portugese vilage where 3 children met Jesus mother Mary in a
    by many visible (photographed) Revelation:
    Proclaiming the Second Coming and danger of Nucelar War.
    Ford was American medium that clearly 1964-65 foretold Sun Myung Moon as the Second Coming of Christ.
    Who Is He? Was publ 1998 by korean independent from UC, journalist Sung Mo Koo.
    Conclusion the Second Coming is to take place in Korea: Sun Myung Moon his name.
    Read more: www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/index.htm
    www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/proftxt.htm (in Swedish use Google translate)
  • From this spiritual poetry we can draw some conclusions:
    The Fall was Sexual including the Serpent and Adam & Eve
    High passions, Anger, Hate, Mistrust, Suspicion, Discord,
    all have their roots in the Fall of Man.
  • From this spiritual poetry we can draw some conclusions:
    The Fall was Sexual including the Serpent and Adam & Eve
    High passions, Anger, Hate, Mistrust, Suspicion, Discord,
    all have their roots in the Fall of Man.
  • DP=Divine PrincipleLSA=Lord of Second Advent
  • 1935 was the year the yourng Sun Myung Moon was asked by Jesus to finnish Jesus mission!
  • 1935-1944 waas the nine years Sun Myung Moon searches for the truth in Divine Principle!
  • This was the turning bottom point.
    The LSA, Messiah was spiritually protected from the faith of Jesus = to die before fulfilling the 3 Blessings!
  • This was the turning bottom point.
    The LSA, Messiah was spiritually protected from the faith of Jesus = to die before fulfilling the 3 Blessings!
  • Had UN been victorious, Korea would not have been divided into N/S
    Cain type – Communism, Abel type – Democracy
    Adam divided
    Discribes Korean War: process. 16 nations involved. Korean War memorial in Washington DC. Parents sent their sons to a place, they never heard of in their lives!
    Turkish soldiers. 16 nations came in order to save the Messiah.
    N-Korea pushed down the S-Korea within 3 days down to South. UN pushed all the way up North, then Chinese soldiers invaded. Was time TF was in Hungnam prison, who indemnified rejection of Peter-figure and lost disciples. TF had to start from bottom, worked so hard under harsh conditions. TF taught others how to stay healthy.
    Pyeong Yang was called the 2nd Jerusalem, because of Christian Revival spirit!!
    N/S = Esau/Jacob. If brothers could unite, this would become the foundation for a new naiton.
    (Leave behind all madness, bitterness, suffering)
    Sometimes the japanese (during the ocupation) would come to a village, kill all the men, and take the woman as comfort woman.
    Father went to see Kim Il Sung in 19?? And told him that man cannot be the subject (Jouche-Subject), but that God is the Subject.
    Father had to tell Kim Il Sung the truth, even at the risk of his life.
    Japanese are actually very nice people, but they got the role of the bad guy. Like in a movie, the bad guy is not actually a bad guy, but he is jut a good actor. Eve took everything, and Japan, as mother nation, got to restore that.
    During the korean occupation, unspeakable things happened. How can that ever be payed back? Thats why Father pushes Japan – so that we can have pity and forgive.
    All people have either a Cain type or an Abel type view of life.
    Communismis the final conclusion of the Cain type view of life.
    Dottet line is 38th parallel. Nobody (God, satan) yields, not even an inch.
    Father was in Hung Nam: Peter betrayed Jesus after following 2 years and 8 month, Father had to restore that and find Peter again in Prison.
    Kim Il Sung told his Son on his deathbed: You can trust Rev. Moon. If you have some question, you can consult with him.
    The Juche ideology centers on humans, and Kim is the Father.
  • "Holy Spirit" here is not the same as the Holy Spirit who is part of the trinity of God. A more accurate translation would have been "divine spirit" because the first of the two Chinese characters that make up the term, "Shin" means divinity or god, while the second character, "Ryeng," means ghost or spirit. Moreover, divine spirit is the way that the dictionaries translate the word. However, because the official translation has always been "Holy Spirit," it will be left as it is despite the obvious confusion. But keep in mind that "Holy Spirit" in this section refers not to the third member of the trinity of God and that it is identical to the term, "Divine Spirit," which is used interchangeably here to convey more accurate meaning.
  • http://www.unification.org/ucbooks/TSW/index.html
  • http://familyfed.org/news-story/twih/happy-birthday-true-parents-2-9650/
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • http://www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/eford.htm
  • http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Publications/TWotW/
  • Morewww.tparents.org/library/unification/books/40years/40-5-42.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • Great resource for UC texts:
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • http://www.messagesfromspiritworld.info/
    The text contained within these pages is a gift to you from the Interreligious and Internation al Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for your prayer and contemplation. It contains a series of reflections from major religious leaders in the spirit world. Though some of the ideas expressed may challenge your conventional understanding, the urgency of these times calls for new and deeper insight into the nature of life itself. Accordingly, this text is being presented in newspapers and other media throughout the world. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, have also challenged our conventional understanding. A world that once seemed safe and comfortable now appears vulnerable, as we are reminded of the fragility of life itself. The hopes for peace that arose with the new millennium have all but been dashed. In the face of uncertainty, we hold fast to family and loved ones, searching for what is truly lasting and meaningful in our lives. Long before this crisis, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon began working together with the world's major religious leaders to remove the barriers between religions and build bridges of peace. Immediately following the tragedy of September 11th, they convened a gathering of 500 religious, educational, diplomatic and political leaders from 101 nations in the heart of New York City to address the roots of the crisis under the theme, "Global Violence: Crisis and Hope." Leading Muslim clerics and scholars joined with Christian and Jewish leaders in prayer, and to establish bonds that would exalt faith in God and lead toward global peace.
    Subsequently, from October to December 2001, they conducted a speaking tour in 25 major cities in Korea, Japan and America to consider, "The Nation and World of Peace Which God and All People Desire." In the process, they have appointed 7000 leading men and women from diverse faiths and walks of life as "Ambassadors of Peace," who share the commitment to transcend the barriers of religion, race and nationality in the common cause of peace.
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
    See wikipedia Young Oon Kim
    A study of symbols and allegories in the Fourth Gospel, 1951, Victoria University, Toronto
    The Divine Principles, 1963, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Unification Church)
    Divine Principle and its Application, 1980, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
    For God's Sake, 1972, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
    World Religions: Living religions of the Middle East, 1976, Golden Gate Publishing Company
    World Religions: India's religious quest, 1976, Golden Gate Publishing Company
    World Religions: Faiths of the Far East, 1976, Golden Gate Publishing Company
    Unification theology & Christian thought, 1976, Golden Gate Publishing Company
    Unification Theology, 1980, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
    New methods of group Bible study in Korea: with focus on the Korean Methodist Church, 1982, San Francisco Theological Seminary
    The Types of Modern Theology, 1983, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
    An introduction to theology, 1983, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
    Unification theology in comparative perspectives, 1988, Unification Theological Seminary
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • Rev. Young Whi Kim was born on September 29, 1928. Like True Father himself, he studied electrical engineering in undergraduate school and later joined the first class of Korea’s Special Air Force Academy in 1953, completing his military service in 1955. When he was 27, he joined the Unification Movement on April 20, 1955. Since then, he has led the Unification Movement in various ways for nearly 60 years. Rev. Kim was Blessed in 1960 as the one of the three couples matched and blessed ahead of True Parents’ own blessing. He also served several times as the president of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of the World Christianity (HSA-UWC) in Korea and as the chairman of HSA - UWC Charity [currently called Tongil Group]. Additionally, Rev. Kim is known as the lecturer for the very first Divine Principle workshop in the United States in 1971. In 1974, True Father gave him the title of “Reverend.” He has served as a regional leader representing True Parents several European countries as True Parents envoy to the United Kingdom. Currently, Rev. Kim serves as the Director of the Cheong Seong Gyeong Project in Korea.
    Born: September 29, 1928
    1953 – Graduated from Seoul National University, Department of Electrical Engineering
    1953 – Entered first class of Korea’s Special Air Force Academy.
    1955, April 20 – Joined the Unification Church.
    1955, July 1 – Worked at Korean Electric Company.
    1956-60 – Director, Seonghwa Youth Association
    1958-60 – Pioneered Samcheok Church, Kangwon Province
    1960, April 16 – Blessed with Dae Hua Jeong, as one of three couples
    1960, October to October 1965– General Director of HSA-UWC, Korea
    1965, October to June 1967, – Regional Director of Kyonggi Province
    1967, June to July 1970, – General Director of HSA-UWC, Korea
    1970, August 1 – 1977, February – Second President of HSA-UWC
    1971, Lecturer at the first Divine Principle Workshop in United States
    1974, May 1 – Received title of “Reverend” from True Father
    1977, November to August 1981 – Chairman of HSA-UWC Foundation
    1981, September – Head of European Mission
    1986, November to November 1990, – Sixth President of HSA-UWC
    1989, November to October 1992 – Chairman of Kim Genealogy Association
    1991, July to August 1992  – President of Washington Times
    1992, August to August 1996  – Chairman of the Board, Sun Moon University
    1996, May 1 – National Messiah to England
    2008, June 20 – Boon Bong Wang to England
  • http://www.tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Talks.htm
  • http://www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/proftxt.htm
  • From 80s.90s to 2008 when HyungJinNim started his ministry
    There where not so many spiritual phenomena as in the early days 50s,60s,70s.
    Almost like the Holy Spirit(ual) was missing.
  • Many members of the Church in the 70s were very immature;
    the leaders of the Church were very critical and jealous of each others and they were condemning many members as Cains and Satan inspired if objected. Because of this condemnation of leaders such members were isolated from others because other members were afraid of being friends to Satan inspired members. And members were believing what their leaders said. In my opinion this kind of behavior toward other human beings is irresponsible and really psychological terror. It can be considered a crime. /Finnish member quote from the 70s
  • All members of the Church in the 70s were very immature (in my view);
    the leaders of the Church were very critical and jealous of each others and they were condemning many members as Cains and Satan inspired. Because of this condemnation of leaders such members were isolated from others because other members were afraid of being friends to Satan inspired members. And members were believing what their leaders said. In my opinion this kind of behaviour toward other human beings is irresponsible and really psychological terror. It can be considered a crime. /Finnish member from the 70s
  • All members of the Church in the 70s were very (in my view) immature;
    the leaders of the Church were very critical and jealous of each others and they were condemning many members as Cains and Satan inspired. Because of this condemnation of leaders such members were isolated from others because other members were afraid of being friends to Satan inspired members. And members were believing what their leaders said. In my opinion this kind of behaviour toward other human beings is irresponsible and really psychological terror. It can be considered a crime. /Finnish member from the 70s
  • Soltavlan Stockholm 1500!
  • Loss of spirit
    In outside jobs or physical missions in the Church you can keep yourselves constantly busy, and become highly skilled and highly admired, but Satan takes your spirit away. So this is what Satan has done to man, and what Father is trying to restore and put back: the foundation of spiritual and principled thought. You are going to need this kind of guidance in your lives, i.e., thought consistent with a broader principle. The more ideal way, of course, would be to stick to one job, the longer the better, but there first needs to be the spiritual discipline and thought. Just working day after day for the sake of "bread winning" makes no sense at all.
  • Thats why 3rd Adams physical survival and Holy Marriage
    is/was crucial.
    Early Blessed members in the 60’s where given a plan how to procede the Providence IF...TF was killed!
    HeungJinNim gave his life as substitute 1984!
  • http://www.tparents.org/library/unification/books/tt1/Toc.htm
  • April 1979-Apr 2011 = 9+11x12+11x12+11x12+3= 408 or 4080
  • April 1979-Apr 2011 = 9+11x12+11x12+11x12+3= 408 or 4080
  • You cannot connect God to the world on an individual basis, but through the five positions - Adam, Eve, archangel, Cain and Abel - and the formula course of restoration you can do it. There is no question that this is the future trend of the world.
    Everything I have predicted in the last twenty years has come true, no matter how incredible it sounded. It doesn't matter whether people help or criticize-this will come to pass because God is working.
    Only the True Father can set the tradition properly. I know that and that is why I push you-and why I push myself first. We all have a limited time on this earth. During my lifetime, I have been very busy establishing the necessary economic traditions and social traditions, especially in education. This is in order that you and your descendants can follow this tradition in the future-the formula course is for the sake of the future, even more than for today.
    SMM 820606
  • Just like a casting from creates an ideal copy of it
    So the Ideal Word of God, moulds us into the ideal Human form = Christ.
  • Last part of CSG: explains about Family Pledge,
    Peace Message #14
    Standard to check our daily life, blueprint of weekly schedule
    CIG = 2 persons become 1
    family is basis for society & world > kingdom
    When there is a celebration, or a birthday or something, in your home or elsewhere, the first thing you do is say the Family Pledge. The Family here is MY Family. Without this there is nothing to be salvaged (from this fallen world?)
    Children whom are controlled by loving parents.. Parents have to love unconditionally. That is the meaning of true love. The children came from mothers sexual organs. The root of life is mothers sexual organ, and the seed comes from Father God.
    True love is taught in the family.
    power: centering on True Love, mankind wants to be controlled, directed by True Love
    Love unconditionally = core of True Love
    From mother’s sexual organ: children born, owner of sex. Organ = God. Mother’s sex. Organ = original homeland, origin of love, life, lineage. Everyone misses his/her homeland, searching for. Raise up and be reborn, sex. Organ centered on God, way to seek for God.
    Father sex. Organ: seed is from. Palace of love, lineage = homeland of God. Where does True Love start? Family. = place to make oneness of m’s and w’s sex. Organ. Each one of us has to construct. Oneness with God, perfect connect man with God. Who is owner of m/w? It is opposite! When meet together and create family, they establ. Kingdom.
    Without Fall. Things are visible in Sp.W.! If they don’t make oneness, it will be different in sp.w. qualification to be owner. True owner of family must be our interest in life, by taking responsibility.
  • Divine son & daughter: not only phys. But also in sp.w. All men and women in H&E stand as sons/daughters of God.
    Cry out to become container to receive all of TP’s words and comfort God’s Heart.
    TP want each of us to become TP, condition to go to sp.w. with TP. Whatever I say, try to convey truth, you don’t understand. Want you to live. No way to save you in sp.w.
    There is a law is the world, and when people go to the spiritual world, there is also
    a law, that people have to observe.
  • All generations need to attend this ws.
    A / E= halves of God. After marriage: closest resemblance to God, nobody qualified Family Pledge before Providence of Blessing!
    Most important: shimjeong
    The family of a king
  • Are we resonating TP’s love?
    Centering on TP, world must become one big family, no sin, ph. & sp. ppl must be blessed.
    F, P, U, H: extend from ph. To sp. World. By perfecting the family.
    Family pledge will remain forever. TF’s life centering on w-peace
    TP allow us to start our life
    Period to restart our life, become one with TP’s heart and life.
    Must not waste our time, to receive content of family pl.
  • God is origin of love, love God more than partner. True patriots even sacrificed love for family for their country
  • Our family = representative! Maybe a few percent, but do we represent 100%?
    Jeong seong conditions – move heavenly fortune
    TF no time for himself to take rest!
    Hyo Jin passed away > TF: ceremony. TF repented, didn’t sleep 3 days: I couldn’t take care well of Hyo Jin Nim!
    Last yr March: TF ceremony.
  • Culture: change satanic – heavenly
    Thanks to TP,. New Civilisation
  • Liberation: through Blessing.
    Each Bl Fam can become center to Blessing of world. Open Blessing as much as possilbel!
    Through partner you can realize love in substance<. Therefore God created A/E as one Family.
    Need to understand; empower 3rdgen
    Oneness with TFam
    Abslute f/l/o. Before Restoration: ppl’ condition o
  • “I was truly amazed and determined to acquire that internal discipline. Jesus said that fasting indemnifies the forces of Satan and prayer calls on the power of God. Our movement did a lot of fasting in the beginning days, so I soon acquired my own internal discipline. My longest fast was 12 days, and then there were seven or eight 7-day fasts and many 3-day fasts. It was truly a great feeling for my spirit to be able to control my physical body in this way. It was wonderful how we studied Divine Principle. We read page by page, each taking turns between Neil, other new members and myself.” /Testimony Nanette Doroski 1968http://www.tparents.org/library/unification/books/40years/40-1-25.htm
  • The Fall is a spiritual blocking, that has stopped O.T growth, N.T. Growth and C.T. Challenges
    3 Judgement of Word, Personality and Heart.
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • Formerly IFVOC
  • Formerly IFVOC
  • Formerly IFVOC
  • Formerly IFVOC
  • Generally speaking we pray much too little.
    Prayer is the ”petrol” for spiritual activity!
  • 2010 HyJN also brought soil and rocks around the world!
  • "Until 17 years old, (2nd gen must inherit) the tradition, and from the age 17, 18, 19 20, 21, 22, 23 to 24 there are 7 to 8 years (for being Blessed.) /SMM 2 Nov 2011
  • Everything should be verified, even the realm of the 4th Adam. What is the meaning of the realm of the 4th Adam? It is centerd on realizing God’s ideal in the real environment. /SMM 2000
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • Coronation of God's kingship on January 13, 2001
  • CHEON SEONG GYEONG =The Holy Word of True Father – up until year 2000
    Published 2006 Engl.
  • CHEON SEONG GYEONG =The Holy Word of True Father – up until year 2000
    Published 2006 Engl.
  • CHEON SEONG GYEONG =The Holy Word of True Father – up until year 2012
    Published 2014 Engl.
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • Number of SunMyung Moon speeches translated to English
  • H.C. = Heavenly Calender
    From The Reapperance of Christ, by Alice Bailey
    p. 66 The works and teachings of Christ will be difficult to accept for the christian world, but in spite of this still be accepted in the Orient.
    He will be a World teacher and not just a christian teacher.
    p. 69 "the time of decission", as it is called in hierarchikal circles, was in the time of fullmoon in June 1936 and full moon in june 1945. The time of decision covered only 9 years ( a relatily short timeperiod); and resulted in the decission that Christ should return or become visible on Earth as soon as possible, and much earlier that planned.
    1945 was the year of founding United Nations.
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • Young adults are filling out applications to serve as missionaries in the 20 strategic nations and 20 providential nations as part of the Vision 2020 project, according to the International headquarters of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). The youth will be known as Cheon Il Guk youth missionaries and will substantiate the heart and culture of Cheon Il Guk to the 20 strategic nations and 20 providential nations, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the president of FFWPU- Korea, explained in a video announcement. These nations have been selected based on their potential for nationwide restoration with the help of missionaries from Korea, Japan and the United States. A key mission of the CIG Youth missionaries is to educate and train second-generation Unificationists.
  • http://www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/hondok.htm
  • The Completed Testament Age and The Ideal Kingdom 1997
  • http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Books/Cta-ik/Cta-ik-6-0a.htm
  • See Remarkable Messages from the Spiritual Real
  • Jesus in the clouds during Korean War 1950-53.
  • Source: www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/newbuddha.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Messiah2/0-Toc.htm
  • http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
  • Source:
  • www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Publications/NTLD-Stadelhofer.pdf
  • www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Publications/NTLD-Stadelhofer.pdf
    Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
    Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation
    Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s life work has been dedicated to building a world of lasting peace, a world in which all people live together in harmony as one, unified global family. It has been a labor of love. Together with his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and their fourteen children and numerous grandchildren, True Father, as Rev. Moon is affectionately and respectfully known, has inspired and worked together with a remarkable number of people from every walk of life.
    These witnesses to his work for peace include honored heads of state and noble spiritual leaders; teachers and academics; media professionals; business leaders and holders of public office. But he has equally inspired those who hold no high office or position, people whom society often ignores. Some of the people he met when he was in prison remember him to this day for his kindness, unselfishness, optimism and down-to-earth realism.
    This book presents a glimpse of some of his many accomplishments through the eyes of 144 men and women, both ordinary and extraordinary. Most of the essays in this volume were written as tributes for his birthday, and there is also a selection of shorter public introductions made over the years to the life and work of Rev. Moon. In their different ways, the writers’ insights can help us to understand a little better the fruits of his love for God and love for humanity, and his devotion to the cause of peace and to ending human suffering.
  • Written by Stephen Stacey, Blessed Couple living in Finland.
  • Google for Christian Nseka
  • The Words the Ellanson Family
    Minnesota Farm Boy (Rev. Lowell C. Ellanson) Finds True Love and Adventure in Rev. Moon's Church
    Bob SelleApril 12 2011
    Unificationists looking for an outside-the-box entre to inform laymen about the romance of the Unification movement need look no further than Wronged, Wrecked, and Resurrected: A Minnesota Farm Boy's Path From Abuse and Addiction to Finding God Through the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, by Lowell Ellanson. This new autobiography is an exciting and inspiring read -- one that will cause jaws to drop, eyes to open, and breath to stop.
    Written in a down-to-earth, familiar style, Ellanson's book (call it Wronged for short) has a noteworthy rhythm. It leads the reader from amazing spiritual experiences to heart-stopping dangers he faced to joyful times to deep experiences of the Divine Principle, God, and the marriage tradition of the church. Lowell artfully weaves together all of these elements to create a volume that not only fascinates but naturally educates any reader in the exciting basics of the theology of the Unification Church and the Marriage Blessing for which it is famous.
    For a first-time author, this book is a stunner. Wronged is packed with startling stories and inspiring anecdotes, holding your attention from beginning to end. It starts when Ellanson was five years old, when he suddenly heard a voice, out of nowhere, saying, "Christ is on the earth. The year 1975 is going to be a very important year. By the year 2000, the Kingdom of Heaven will be on the Earth."
    Then, a few weeks later, a similar voice told him: "Jesus has returned, and he is building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." Ellanson writes that he would remember these revelations from time to time as the years went by -- and, amazingly, he would eventually find that they were true.
    Raised on a hog farm near St. Peter, Minnesota, all was well with young Ellanson until a devious family friend pulled him into a pattern of sexual abuse that lasted for nearly a year (This is the interval he calls his period of being "Wronged").
    With the guilt from the abuse festering in his soul, Ellanson was victimized by several additional twists of fate that combined to push him over the edge into alcohol- and drug abuse (thus the "Wrecked" interval). He pursued a dissolute life for years during which he battled frightening demonic compulsions and had several brushes with death. Filled with bitterness, mistrust, self-hate, and hopelessness, he slid to the brink of suicide.
    Ellanson's wayward experiences finally scared him into attending an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. Through the AA program and its simple but powerful philosophy, Ellanson got sober, kicking both alcohol and drugs. He writes that he hasn't touched either since.
    Ellanson moved to Fargo, N.D. in his mid-twenties. While delivering pizza to a local dormitory at the University of North Dakota he bumped into a Japanese Unificationist who became like a "spiritual mother" to him.
    Before long, he was studying the Divine Principle, the revelatory theology of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, at the local Unification Church center. And when he was led to the conclusion that the messiah was on earth, he was dumbstruck.
    Ellanson joined the Unification Church (the "Resurrected" interval) and moved into the church center. Throughout this section, Lowell gives the reader an overview of the Divine Principle in an entirely natural way: He educates without preaching. He does this by telling us how the different points of the Principle affected him or reminded him of past experiences. After a year or so in the Fargo area, he joined the national Unification Church mobile fundraising team (MFT). Ellanson is one of the MFT "saints" of the Unification movement, having spent seven years in that mission, and he recounts many extraordinary anecdotes while there.
    Ellanson gives plenty of space to his rapturous, interracial matching and then Marriage-Blessing with Lesa Mitchell, an African-American sister from New Jersey, very naturally giving an overview of the deep theological meaning of the Marriage Blessing, the most important sacrament of the Unification Church. He explains the sanctity of the sexual relationship. He relates his experiences in the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principle (CARP), and praying at the Berlin Wall for it to fall -- on the very day communist East Germany announced the beginning of the end of its regime. He tells of how his parents became associated with the so-called deprogramming movement, and how reconciliation was eventually achieved. He recounts how he and Lesa became the managers of New Hope Farms, the equestrian facility in upstate New York.
    Ellanson concludes by marveling over what a wonderfully rich and blessed life he has lived, despite the turmoil of his youth and looks forward to continuing "this wonder-filled adventure of life."
    Wronged, Wrecked, and Resurrected: A Minnesota Farm Boy's Path From Abuse and Addiction to Finding God Through the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung MoonBy Rev. Lowell C. EllansonNeversink Press; 2010 $14.95
    Reviewed by Bob Selle 
    Table of Contents
    Tparents Home
    Moon Family Page
    Unification Library
  • http://www.amazon.com/Why-Evil-Rules-If-God-Non-believers/dp/1456873229/
  • www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/HakJaHanMoon-13/HakJaHan-131109.pdf
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • True Parents directed that three
    new volumes of True Parents’
    teachings be created for the
    present era of Cheon Il Guk,
    God’s kingdom, which is still to be
    made substantial. On the cover of
    each of these volumes are the words,
    “The Holy Scripture of Cheon Il
    Guk.” This refers to the fact that they
    were published after Foundation Day,
    the day True Parents designated as
    the first day of Cheon Il Guk. Two of
    the three were published in English in
    time for the second anniversary of
    True Father’s ascension.
    The first is Cheon Seong Gyeong,
    which could be translated as “Heavenly
    Scripture.” This work is composed
    of many short extracts from the
    range of True Father’s teachings over
    many decades, providing a complete
    picture of True Father’s teachings.
    True Mother had expressed that she
    wanted to provide a volume that
    drew together the “jewels” of Father’s
    The second volume is Pyeong Hwa
    Gyeong, which could be translated as
    “Scriptures of Peace.” It is a selection
    of 178 of Father and Mother’s complete
    speeches, also given over a period
    of some five decades. A third
    volume, Cham Bumo Gyeong, “True
    Parents’ Scripture,” which will feature
    True Parents’ life courses, is still undergoing
    final preparation in the original
    It is important to note that the new
    Cheon Seong Gyeong is more than an
    edit of the original Cheon Seong
    Gyeong, which was published in Korean
    in 2003. Even though some of
    the underlying themes are the same
    as or similar to those of the original
    work, many new extracts were selected
    that have never been translated
    before. The new edition
    includes what Father spoke of from
    the earliest years of his ministry to
    the final years of his earthly life. It
    was created to provide a complete
    overview of his teachings, also reviewing
    the stages of God’s providence
    up until the present.
    The work is enhanced by the inclusion
    of a selection of True Father’s
    prayers from the earliest recordings of
    Father’s words (1956) to Father’s final
    redemptive prayer just weeks before
    he ascended. These are not what True
    Father said to us as sons or daughters,
    but what he said to God, as a son to
    his Heavenly Parent. From that point
    of view alone, these are remarkable to
    have in writing, but they also reveal
    many new aspects of the mission Father
    has striven to fulfill and they explore
    aspects of his teachings
    unexpressed elsewhere.
    Notably, a section is also devoted to
    extracts from talks given by True
    Mother during the months following
    Father’s ascension. This is a record of
    her earliest guidance and expressions
    of resolve as the sole True Parent on
    Pyeong Hwa Gyeong similarly includes
    speeches from the earlier years
    of Father’s ministry, as well as those
    from the final fifteen years, during
    which many providential declarations
    were made and milestones reached.
    Many are public speeches, some retranslated
    or reedited for the new
    publication, with a good number in
    English for the first time. Pyeong Hwa
    Gyeong includes an alternative translation
    of True Families: Gateway to
    Heaven, and a new edit of Owner of
    Peace, Owner of Lineage, plus a number
    of the Peace Messages, all of which
    are scriptural texts that True Parents
    designated among the Eight Great
    Sincere effort has been made to
    translate these works into English.
    They are probably the most comprehensive
    expression of True Parents’
    teachings in their own words to date,
    and it is hoped that their readers will
    gain much inspiration and blessing
    from their pages.
  • Barbara House Dream of Jesus and True Father in Spirit World
    Posted by Hermine Schellen on April 6, 2013 at 7:30am
    The following is an incredible testimony of one sister's spiritual experience during Easter.
    This testimony is a powerful witness that there is great new hope on the horizon, despite all the difficulties we are facing right now, in our movement. (H. Sch.)Betsy Halpert Orman wrote:
    Received this from my Regional Director, from a sister named Barbara House in Connecticut. Revival is coming. This is amazing — a must read!
    "On Easter I had a spiritual experience that I would like to share with you. Several members of our family went to Sunday service to the Baptist Church, that Adrian's grandfather had been a deacon in. It is a lovely church community and through the singing a beautiful atmosphere was created. At one point, when I closed my eyes, I saw TrueFather in front of me. He was so lively, and beaming with happiness. He wore a light beige colored suit, a white shirt and a light colored tie. He was standing very relaxed, putting his weight more on one hip. Then I saw that True Father was holding hands withJesus, who was standing to his right. True Father was alternating between embracingJesus with his right arm, or holding his hand. True Father was so blissfully happy. Even he was surprised by the glory and enormity of happiness of the occasion.
    Jesus was dressed in a white cotton gown, with with a red and blue stripe going down from the top to the bottom on each side of his neck. I felt very happy and blessed to be there, and thought, what an opportunity to see Jesus' face. Instead of his face though, there was only a rectangular cut piece of wood. Suddenly from inside the wood a big smiling face appeared. Smiling from ear to ear, brimming with happiness, Jesus' face appeared. He was clean shaven, and it was clear that this is the way he wants to be seen, with a face fulfilled and blissfully happy. If you want to find Jesus, you have to look for him with a smile on his face. Jesus would also love to have himself portrayed that way in images.
    It came to me that this Easter is so historic, because this is the first Easter that True Fatherand Jesus are together in the spiritual world. Jesus ascended on Easter, and he gave his mission to True Father on Easter morning, when True Father was 16 years old. Now TrueFather completed his mission and reunited with Jesus on this spectacular Easter. A new era has begun.
    It was then that I saw that True Father and Jesus were standing on a small hill, with millions of millions of people cheering them on. They were all in a beautiful landscape, and True Father and Jesus could be seen by all.
    My heart was filled to bursting. It was incredible. I truly experienced Heaven. It was Christianity's official introduction to True Father. My sense was that most of the participants were not sure who that man was who was standing with Jesus, but they knew two things, that True Father made Jesus so happy, as they had never seen him before, and that they themselves experienced a level of heart and love that they had never known was possible. It was their first experience of heaven. This was my first spiritual experience with True Father since he went into the spiritual world. It was so moving. I could not stop my tears.
    This could have been the end of the story, but it was not.
    In the afternoon, while I was standing at my kitchen sink peeling potatoes for dinner, I was transported to this realm again. Just out of the blue. Again I saw True Father andJesus. Now it was time for evening entertainment! The event was indoors, and TrueFather and Jesus were dancing on stage. Again it was the same feeling of heavenly bliss. There is just nothing to describe it.
    I was told three things: Number 1, that this was a real event taking place, not just my own spiritual experience,Number 2, that I was there in the function of a witness, and Number 3, that there will be other witnesses around the world.
    First I understood witness to mean that I was there witnessing the event. It took me a couple of days (laying sick in bed) to realize that I was supposed to give witness about this event. This is why I am sharing this with you."
    God bless youBarbara
  • Amazon:
    All human beings, upon finishing their lives on earth, are destined to transition into the spirit world. Here they discover that their "death" is, in fact, entrance into an extraordinary realm of eternal life. What is the nature of human life in the spirit world? It is almost indescribable in earthly terms, but not totally. In this book Kerry Pobanz, drawing principally upon the teachings of Sun Myung Moon and Emanuel Swedenborg, offers a deeply thoughtful and provocative glimpse of this unimaginable life beyond life. We must realize that the spirit world is our true home. We will inevitably discover that we originated from God's love as cosmic beings.
  • The Words of the Eu Family
    Forward to "A Testimony to God's Word, In Regard to Divine Principle"
    Gil Ja Sa EuSeptember 11, 2013
    As I am writing this book, A Testimony to God's Word in Regard to Divine Principle, in compliance with Father's direction, I will start with an excerpt from Father's Words.
    "The Word is the record of the tradition by which Teacher gained total victory over Satan. This tradition must be embedded within our everyday lives for us to bring about the Realm of Liberation for Heaven and Earth. You must spread the Word for which Teacher had to risk his life. Since the Word is the Word from Heaven, Teacher can work the miracle of resurrection centering on the Word even in the spirit world. So the Word is not something that simply flows by us and is gone. It can be compared to Teacher's final testament to his descendants. One day, Teacher will pass away. When he does, he must leave behind the Word. You must realize how rational the Word is, how principled it is, and how it has the power to grasp people's hearts."4/16/99
    "The Word spoken by Teacher is filled with energy, and people are drawn to it. They continue to follow the Word, even when they are told not to. The Word spoken by Teacher is the eternal textbook. Teacher teaches through revelation, so miraculous things happen. Therefore Satan cannot lay his hands on it. We must guide people to read the Principle."2/9/02
    I joined the church in 1955. At that time, there was an incident in which certain students and professors of Ehwa Woman's University and Yeonsei University were harshly persecuted to the point of being expelled from the school or fired. I was among the students expelled from Ehwa Woman's University during this incident.
    It was Teacher's [Sun Myung Moon's] Word, his Jeong Seong and his love that made it impossible for me to leave the Unification Church even after finding myself in this difficult situation. The profound and mysterious Word as spoken by Father penetrated into my heart. Moreover, an amazing spiritual power completely captivated me and led me to follow the Word even in the most difficult situation.
    We were young then, and the Principle and the Word spoken to us by Father were like nothing else in the world. We could not hope to fully comprehend his teachings. Just as my maternal grandmother used to feed me raw chestnuts as a child by first chewing them herself to make them more tender, Father would explain the Principle and the Word in a way that made it easier for us to digest. Father answered all the questions put to him by naïve and childish students.
    Father did not have the time to fully explain the Word in detail to everyone in the world. For this reason, he instructed me to spread his Word throughout the world without holding anything back, just as he had once done for us early members. 
    A Testimony to God’s Word, In Regard to Divine Principle
    For example, readers of True Father’s autobiography will learn of his trips as a boy to the sea shore to catch eels, and he was skilled at trapping wild birds. He says he loved doing it and didn’t mind running eight miles to the water. Eu explains in the chapter, “True Father Receives His Calling from God” another reason: due to the Japanese control of the farming produce, many in his village were on the edge of starvation.
    “During this period, people in Korea did not have much to eat. So the younger children would say to Father, ‘Older brother, I want to eat some meat. I want something sweet.’ They didn’t have anything to eat, because the Japanese people took everything,” she reports, and “He caught many birds with such traps, and the children would eat roasted bird meat to their hearts’ content.”
    Every chapter it seems has a gem of insight that humanizes True Father even as it illustrates the extraordinary achievement of every day of his life.
    Soon after True Father arrived in the United States to personally lead the movement, he got the order from God that he must meet President Richard Nixon. She writes that he had no clue how to do this and cried in tears every night, but to his family and to the church members he showed not a hint of self-doubt. As she explains: “…Father prayed with many tears. Father cried when he prayed, but he couldn’t cry in front of Mother or his children, let alone in front of the members. Why? Because Father was the hope of all hopes, Father thought about how we could follow him if we saw him shedding tears because he was worried or because he didn’t know what to do... Father told us that he told Mother, his children, and us that he was confident, but then he would turn around and shed tears. We were dumbfounded when we later learned this. At that time, the people around Father were recommending that he not meet President Nixon.” Having learned this, it casts a nuance on Father’s broad, radiant smile in the photo of him shaking hands with President Nixon early in 1974.
    Mrs. Eu expands on the notion some have heard at seminars that God experiences life through the bodies of people who are aligned with his ideas. As she explains: “Father once said, ‘God grows together with humans!’ What kind of amazing thought is this? I could not understand how a perfect being such as God grows together with humans. So I asked Father, ‘Does God really grow like a child? Christians will think we are crazy when they hear this. They keep persecuting us, because we say different things, but now you say that God grows? Then Father said, ‘God of course is perfect, but love cannot be felt unless there is a partner. You will know this if you have children. If your child is five-years old, you will have to play with your child as if you are a five-year-old as well.’”
    We learn that True Father had to struggle with all the emotions that we feel in the course of life. He had to force himself to forgive Kim Il Sung of North Korea before meeting him at the historic reunion in December 1991. His attitude is recounted by Mrs Eu this way:
    “Before Father went to North Korea to meet Kim, he went to Hawaii to offer Heaven the last prayer so he could overcome his hatred for Kim. ‘I can’t hate him even if the whole world hates him and accuses him of being a murderer. If I hate him, too, he cannot be saved. Then what kind of heart will I have to have when I see him? Yes, I will go there as his father who gave birth to him. People might say, ‘Kim Il Sung is a murderer, execute him, shoot him,’ but if his father were there, he  would still say with the heart of a father, ‘My son is a bad person, but I still want him in front of me. ’ Kim Il Sung’s father would do anything to save his son’s life. I will go with that kind of heart.” She concludes that the trust created at that meeting in 1991 was possible only because Kim could feel Father’s sincere love.
    Mrs. Eu concludes her book with a discussion of the meaning of the words, “Hoondok,” and her prediction that our movement is entering an age of Hoondok in which the leaders who continually read True Father’s words will gain ascendance over those who do not. In her book’s promotional tour through cities on the East Coast she has been referencing what she refers to as a Hoondok revolution that has been gaining momentum in Southeast Asia for two years.
    This book is bound to have great impact in the circles of serious devotional practice of our movement. Without question this is the book of the year. Make that book of the decade.
    Contributed by Douglas Burton, Public Affairs Director of HSA-UWC.
  • https://books.google.fi/books?id=V0qrBAAAQBAJ&lpg=PP1&ots=OIbkg1FYLB&dq=True%20Family%20and%20the%20SEONGHWA%20CEREMONY%20By%20William%20P.%20Selig
  • Dear Friend,
    I am very proud and happy to let you know that, after more of four years of work, “People Who Choose the Unification Church” was published, in Korean, “통일교를 선택한 사람들.” All the essential Unification ideas are creatively and directly explained so that they are comprehensible for people who are not church members. The book’s twelve chapters cover: “The masterpiece of love”; “Eve’s apple and Natasha’s snake”; “The suffering of God”; “Jesus’ marriage”; “True Parents for humanity”; “The power of woman”; “Breaking love’s glass ceiling”; “Marriage made in Heaven”; “Absolute sex”; “Eternal love”; “Blessed family life”; “Living for the sake of others.” The book is rich in verbal and visual illustration: Forty-six colorful real-life stories from Unification Church members and ambassadors for peace enliven the narrative – people from Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Guyana, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Nigeria, the United States, and Zambia. Twelve full-page, full-color illustrations, one for each chapter, were especially created for the book by a group of Russian artists and graphic designers.
    This book is a wonderful way to dispel the misinformation and half-truths that have been circulated by detractors of the church, or as it is called today, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and to share the power and beauty of Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s vision for a world of true love and peace. I would like to encourage you to buy the book, give it to your Korean-speaking friends and contacts, and spread the word that it has been published. To that end, I also ask you to post the announcement (and the book cover) in your newsletters, on your websites, and on your Facebook, and ask your friends and contacts to do the same. When the Korean sales go up, the book can soon be published in other languages. English and Japanese versions are in the planning stages.
    At the moment, the Korean version is available only in bookstores and on websites in Korea, but hopefully it will soon come out on www.hanbooks.com, an international Korean book merchandiser. If you want to get copies immediately, I will personally make sure they get to you, one way or another, wherever you are.
    Maarten Meijer
  • 1. 2000 Vol Speeches, 2. Exposition of Divine Principle, 3. Cheon Seong Gyeong, 4. Family Pledge, 5. Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong = PM Peace Messages, 6. True Family Gateway To Heaven, 7. Owner of Peace Owner of Lineage, 8. World Scripture
  • Source:
  • World Religions del 1,2,3 by Dr. Yong Oon Kim 1976 Judendomens Messias
    Islams Imam/Mahdi
    Hinduismens Avatar
    Buddismens Maitreya
  • http://www.tm.org/blog/enlightenment/jesus-christ-kingdom-god-within-you/
  • http://www.tm.org/blog/enlightenment/jesus-christ-kingdom-god-within-you/
  • Unification Church Symbols & Traditions

    1. 1. Introduction to Symbols & Traditions of Unification Church UC Mosaic v 11.3
    2. 2. Short Vocabulary: AGS =Absolute Good Spirits Ahn Shi Il = 8th Day Pledge CBG = Chambumo Gyeong, Holy Textbook CSG = Cheon Seong Gyeong, Holy Textbook CIG = Cheon Il Guk, Two persons become one, KoH CSW =Cheonji Sunhak Won (Museum) CP = Cheong Pyeong, Spir. training ground Korea DP = Divine Principle, v1973 EDP = Divine Principle, v1996 ODP = Original Divine Principle, 2008 Contin…
    3. 3. Short Vocabulary: KoH = Kingdom of Heaven LSA = Lord of Second Advent OT = Old Testament NT = New Testament CT = Completed Testament PHG = Pyeonghwa Gyeong (Peace Messages) TF = True Father, SMM = Sun Myung Moon TM = True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon TP = True Parents, TF+TM TTM = Textbook and Teaching Material UC = Unification Church See also extended Vocabulary: http://www.slideshare.net/bdp003/vocabulary-uc
    4. 4. HSA-UWC Holy Spirit(ual) Association for the Unification of World Christianity
    5. 5. Jahve a fearful God O.T Moses Abraham, Isaak, Jacob Fallen Human Spiritual Gap Unfallen Sacrifice = Animals
    6. 6. God, a loving Father N.T Realm of Indirect Dominion Dominion by Result Faith in Jesus Divine Channel
    7. 7. 4000 BC 2000 BC 2000 AD 1994 AD CHEON IL GUK JESUS
    8. 8. 4000 BC 2000 BC 2000 AD 1994 AD CHEON IL GUK JESUS
    9. 9. God, Man made Divine! C.T KoH
    10. 10. Ruled by God of Night
    11. 11. God of Day
    12. 12. God of Night & Day /TP of Heaven Earth and Humankind 1st, 2nd & 3rd Blessings CP ChannelsChannels
    13. 13. 600-200BC 1684AD 1905 ”TOE” Theory of Everything Spirit & Physical Laws united Spirit thought > speed of light Science Truth Newton & Kepler Einstein ”The Earth is round” Classical Physics F = ma Early Greek Culture Pythagoras,Herodotus Plato,Aristotle Relativity/Quantum Physics E = mc^2 Principia Mathematica Compare the Development of Physical Truth
    14. 14. 4000BC 0 2000AD Old Test. 2013 13Jan H.C. (22Febr)Spiritua New Test. Competed Testament C.P Moses Jakob Main: 10 Commandments Main: Love God & Your Neighbor as yourself Main: 2013! C.P. Jesus as Christ, New Adam “The Way” C.P. True Parents 1960 30 2013 …with the Development of Spiritual Truth Cheon Il Guk 20031960
    15. 15. The Mountaintop, or the Summit as it may be called, may be viewed from the North, East, South or West; from above, below, or from within. Each view looks different; yet each viewer looks at the same Mountaintop. So it is with religions of man — Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and so forth.
    16. 16. How do they apply to you right now in your life? To what degree have you incorporated each one? Each created its own principles that follow some of the Divine Principles of Truth. In the end, it all comes back to the Relationship of "THE ONE GOD WITHIN." In our life, each of us searches for Truth within our heart. Go through the following Divine Principles, and carefully consider each one.
    17. 17. The real spiritual starting point of preparation for a Unification Church was the sad answer to Jesus prayer 2000 years ago in Israel! Go the Way of the Cross! That led to a need for 2nd Advent of Christ! Only God new the plan (=Korea), according to Jesus Gethsemane (Mk. 14:36)
    18. 18. TF SunMyungMoon starting his public Messianic mission 1945 3 –years preparation before first 7-year course 1948-1953 Ending in Korean War 1950-53 1945-1948 Jesus doing his 3 –year Public preparation Ending in Crucifixion
    19. 19. 1st 7-year course 1960-1981 1960 1961-1967 1968-1974 1975-1981 2nd 7-year course 3rd 7-year course
    20. 20. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis 1400 C.P. (Central person) Jesus as Christ, New Adam “The Way” C.T. (Core teaching) “Love God and your neighbor” • “Forgive and love your enemies”
    21. 21. Some 13 Core Teachings of Jesus: Initial Message "This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel." The Golden Rule: "Do to others whatever you would have them do to you." The Greatest Commandment: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength... You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Love of Enemies: "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." Repentance & Forgiveness: "If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him.
    22. 22. Judging Others: "Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.“ Faith & Prayer: "Have faith in God... Therefore I tell you, all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours." Jesus' Destiny: "The Son of Man must suffer greatly and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and rise after three days. Jesus' Identity: "Again the high priest asked him and said to him, 'Are you the Messiah, the son of the Blessed One?' Then Jesus answered, 'I am; and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of heaven.' "
    23. 23. Jesus and the Father: "After Jesus was baptized... a voice came from the heavens, saying, 'This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.' me by my Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal him.“ Jesus and the Holy Spirit: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.“ Healing: "And these signs (casting out) shall follow them that believe (Christians) in My name (Jesus) shall they "cast out 'devils'." Mark 16 Follower: “Take up your cross and follow Me” (Matth 16; Mark 8; Luke 9)"
    24. 24. Some 13 Core Teachings of True Father Moon: Initial Message: The Messiah, Christ, LSA, 3rd Adam - will be born in Korea as a man, - and marry in Holy Marriage - and Bless others in Holy Marriage. /DP The Golden Rule: "Do to others whatever you would have them do to you." The Greatest Commandment: Fulfill the 3 Blessings. Whatever the time or place, love is most important. God was searching for a person who would live with a heart of love and who, when faced with suffering, could cut off its effects with love. /TF Biography
    25. 25. …Core Teachings of True Father Moon: Love of Enemies: "When you love your enemies rather than seeking revenge, you create the condition for winning them over and eventually leading them. All the world religions- Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.-that are persecuting me are actually signing over their blessings to me in the process. That is the inevitable consequence of their opposition.” “This is universal truth. Therefore, persecution is not really a bad thing; in fact, it is almost a necessity. Throughout history religions have been persecuted, but still they have flourished. Persecution does not necessarily bring destruction.” “This operates like a balance scale. If you push one end all the way down, the other end will rise all the way up. When Western culture and Western people persecute me, the Oriental, black and colored people will rise and acknowledge me as their champion. They will support me. " /23 Jan 1983 “Historians will record that Reverend Moon truly exemplified the command of Jesus: Love your enemies. Reverend Moon has been loving his enemies through every circumstance, including this recent court indictment and trial. I inspired the creation of the Inchon film for the purpose of awakening of the American public. Likewise I inaugurated the creation of The Washington Times to inspire righteous public opinion for the sake of America. These deeds will be recorded by future historians as manifestations of loving one's enemies.”
    26. 26. ...Core Teachings of True Father Moon: Repentance & Forgiveness: Law of Indemnity + The Blessing Judging Others: "Stop judging each other” /DaeMoNim Faith & Prayer: Pray for the sake of all humanity, or for the heart of God and the cosmic dispensation. History is looking forward to another epoch, and such paryings, the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. /SMM 16Oct 77 TF Destiny: Not to die (Prophetic, 3 dove in Noahs Ark) Marriage of the Lamb Fulfill the 3 Great Blessings
    27. 27. ...Core Teachings of True Father Moon: TF' Identity: At a meeting held in the eastern part of the United States on the occasion of his first visit to the U.S.A., a questioner bluntly asked him: "Are you Christ?" In reply Sun Myung Moon raised his hand and pointed to various members of the audience in turn, saying: "and so are you... and you... and you also, if you can accept it. The purpose of the coming Lord is that some day all shall be like him – like Christ.“ In a way then, the Divine Principle, this new revelation, is the documentary of my life. It is my own life experience. The Divine Principle is in me, and I am in the Divine Principle.
    28. 28. ...Core Teachings of True Father Moon: TF and the Heavenly Father: My every action is to liberate God from his sorrow. God has been following Reverend Moon all these silent, lonely years. TF and the Holy Spirit: TF + TM = True Parents “New Holy Trinity” Healing: CP Providence since 1995…Ancestor Liberation Following: We have to make sure that we are very strict in following True Parents and ensure that all of humanity will eventually follow our footsteps. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven after the year 2000, we have to enter as families, as Blessed couples. We cannot enter the Kingdom of God without True Parents' grace. No matter how difficult your situation may be, you have to follow behind the Lord of the Second Advent. You have to follow completely. /IS MY TRUE SON'S DAY April 18, 1996
    29. 29. Apostle Paul • 1962: I bear witness to the fact that the Old Testament and the New Testament combined are not sufficient to live by in the New Cosmic Age we have ascended into. To be saved, every man, woman and child must commence their mission before they leave this earth plane. And before they can do this they must find the reason for the original sin and what original sin is. Perfection and resurrection can only be achieved through work and that work must be done in the body, the spirit of Truth demands it. … through the original sin none is righteous, NOT ONE PERSON. Rom. 3:10 It means that all have a common guilt, a common sin.
    30. 30. Apostle Paul Paul 9.11.2001 "I recognize the importance of human responsibility." Now after learning the Principle, I became even more confident that the Apostle Paul's traditional view of God was very mistaken. We necessarily should have attended God, the resurrected Jesus and the Messiah. Individual responsibility of 100% is of tremendous importance for God's providence. I promise to study the Principle and lead Christian believers here in the right direction. I have been making thorough preparation for accomplishing my assigned mission.
    31. 31. Da Vinci Code
    32. 32. God wanted to have Jesus marry and have a home and children. Together with his children he could have expanded to a society and nation and world which was one family of God. Then the praise of God would have been heard from the entire earth; that sound would have echoed and resounded in the spirit world, and the spirit world and physical world together would have been joyful in celebration. After the Messiah fulfills God's will, he will have a day of celebration and dancing. The Messiah will dance and the whole universe will dance with him. Even God will come down and be everyone's partner, dancing together. That's the way God wants it done on God's Day. /SMM 1 Jan 1978
    33. 33. Because Joseph took this kind of action the bible refers to him as a righteous man. It was God's desire that Zachariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist surround and protect the Messiah no matter how difficult their family situation might be. None of them wanted to protect Jesus. Zachariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist all knew how Jesus was conceived. They all were opposed to Jesus marrying their younger daughter. This family secret phenomena became the basis for the problem of incest. / SMM19 Apr 1996
    34. 34. 2000 year of preparation for the 2nd Coming of Christ M Luther (1483-1546) R. Steiner Antroposophy Korean Phophecies Nostradamus 1503-1566 Swedenborg 1688-1772 Theosophy 1800 ”1920” Tagore Yeats Many Prophecies St John of Patmos Fatima Ford Vanga 1930s Branham Korean prophecy Chung Gam Rok www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/index.htm
    35. 35. Luther on Islam As early as 1518, Dr. Martin Luther had identified the Islamic faith as the "scourge of God." * For the rest of his life Luther believed that the Muslims were God's punishment upon a sinful Christendom who had, among other sins (ingratitude, toleration of wicked sects, worship of the god Mammon, drunkenness, greed, and the split of Christendom which had provoked His wrath), tolerated the papal abomination. ___________________________________________________________ Say, "We believe in God, and in what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in what was given to Moses, Jesus, and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to God do we submit.“ /WS1, Islam.Qur'an 3.84
    36. 36. As discussed in the Principle, Ishmael, the elder of Abraham's two sons, could not receive God's blessing when Abrahams position a father of faith was passed to Isaac, the second son. Abraham had made a mistake in the sacrifice of birds and animals but through his determination to restore that mistake he offered his son as sacrifice. In the original dispensation, Abraham was to lay a foundation of faith after which Ishmael and Isaac would lay a foundation of substance. God's blessing would then have been given to Isaac and Ishmael. DP and Islam
    37. 37. As shown in the Principle, the church did not succeed in establishing a purified foundation for true parents in its first 400 years. Consequently, by the end of the fourth century Christianity could not be confined as the global Abel and therefore entered a long history of wandering in the wilderness of the fallen world in a prolonged providence. These shortcomings in Christianity meant that it could not restore the errors of the Israelites and was not able to embrace the Ishmaelites. Thus the stage was set for God to send Mohammed as a prophet to the Ishmaelites. DP and Islam
    38. 38. Jerusalem, al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock 692AD
    39. 39. 2000 year preparation Prophecies Nostradamus 1503-1566 X 75 Long awaited he will never return in Europe. He will appear in Asia; One of the league issued from great Hermes, He will grow above all other powers in the Orient. 1503-1566 France Medical Doctor Prophet
    40. 40. The Fall of Man is described in Sexual terms exactly like the novel (?) Divine Principle by Dr Sun Myung Moon Book IX: Satan returns to Eden and enters into the body of a sleeping serpent. The serpent tempts Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. She eats and takes some fruit for Adam. Adam realizes that Eve has been tricked, but eats of the fruit, deciding that he would rather die with Eve than live without her. John Milton Paradise Lost 1667
    41. 41. At first the two become intoxicated by the fruit, and both become lustful and sleep together; afterwards, in their loss of innocence Adam and Eve cover their nakedness and fall into despair: "They sat them down to weep, nor only tears/ Rained at their eyes, but high winds worse within/ Began to rise, high passions, anger, hate,/ Mistrust, suspicion, discord, and shook greatly/ Their inward state of mind." John Milton Paradise Lost 1667
    42. 42. 2000 year preparation Prophecies Swedenborg was called the “Columbus of the Spiritual World", “the Nordic Aristoteles", or "Swedish Newton". He called Himself plainly " the servant of Jesus Christ". Swedenborg 1688-1772
    43. 43. 2000 year preparation Prophecies • Man survives physical death in a living body • Our spirit is already in the Spirit World when alive in the Physical World. • God does not judge us – Our life does! • Jesus did not resurect physically. • 2nd Coming is Swedenborgs revelation Swedenborg 1688-1772
    44. 44. Spiritual Vibration: Evil spirit World Good Paradise KoH True Love & God
    45. 45. DP: Christ conceusness is a matter of mental warfare against the lower evil thoughts (vibrations) • That’s why Jesus as Christ was controversial • That’s why DP (Divine Principle) and LSA (Lord of Second Advent) are controversial! Eph 6:12: “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities (rulers), against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Apostle Paul instructs us to put on our spiritual armour because our battle in this world is a "spiritual" one. A warfare that involves the trickery and power of the devil, as opposed to a human battle.
    46. 46. 2000 year preparation Prophecies Dr. Young Oon Kim: For me, Divine Principle's idea of the polarity in God sounded like Swedenborg's idea of God's dual essentialities: divine wisdom and divine love. Since man is a representative image of wisdom and woman is a representative image of love, there is need for them to have a reciprocal relationship. Isn't this like our Unification theologies emphasis upon the polarity of man and woman and the need for give and take? Swedenborg 1688-1772
    47. 47. 2000 year preparation Prophecies Dr. Young Oon Kim: There are two worlds, the spiritual and the natural. These are distinct, yet similar. Spirit world has trees, mountains, cities and societies, just as does the natural world. Swedenborg 1688-1772
    48. 48. 2000 year preparation Prophecies Dr. Young Oon Kim: Swedenborg also corrects the traditional doctrine of the resurrection. Jesus' physical body was not resurrected. By overcoming the last trial -the crucifixion- Jesus was completely glorified. He "made the very corporeal in Himself Divine." That is, he no longer had a human body like ours. Swedenborg 1688-1772
    49. 49. Quote 1929 about Korea, written by the great Indien Poet and Nobel literate Tagore: "In the golden Age of Asia Korea was one of the light-bearers and that light is waiting again to be lit for the enlightenment of the East." 2000 year preparation Prophecies
    50. 50. Därefter så uppenbarade dom under en följd av år, ett enormt tidsschema som omfattade hela historiens struktur och mening, tolkat som ett komplicerat mönster av 2000-års perioder. Tre år senare, så hade Yeats femtio anteckningsböcker fulla av nedskrivet material. Han omarbetade dessa och publicerade det hela i en 300 sidors bok kallad "En Vision". ”A Vision” Efter att freden mellan västmakterna och Tyskland undertecknats i Versaillesfördraget den 28 juni 1919, så publicerade W.B. Yeats ett poem med titeln "Återkomsten" (1920). ”The Second Coming” (1920) 2000 year preparation Prophecies
    51. 51. In 1915 Bailey discovered the Theosophical Society and the work of Blavatsky. The Reappearance of the Christ is part of a set of 24 books by Alice A. Bailey, written in cooperation with a Tibetan teacher between 1919-1949, constitute a continuation of the Ageless Wisdom. 2000 year preparation Prophecies
    52. 52. page 44 The general staff of the Christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers … The spiritual and organising effect of expressed and voiced invocation has been also attempted since 1935, and the energy of the invocative cry of humanity has been directed into those channels which reach from Earth to that High Place where dwells the Christ. Comment: 1935 was the very year the young Sun Myung Moon was asked by Jesus to finnish Jesus mission! 2000 year preparation Prophecies
    53. 53. p. 66 The works and teachings of Christ will be difficult to accept for the christian world, but in spite of this still be accepted in the Orient. He will be a World teacher and not just a christian teacher. p. 69 "the time of decision", as it is called in hierarchical circles, was in the time of full moon in June 1936 and full moon in june 1945. The time of decision covered only 9 years ( a relatively short time period); and resulted in the decision that Christ should return or become visible on Earth as soon as possible, and much earlier that planned.
    54. 54. Comet McNaught viewed over the Pacific in 2007 Comet McNaught,
    55. 55. R. Steiner, Austrian • Nature is like a huge life womb for Man • Life is like a plant, with the potential future budding inside of it. • Comment: 1. Life in water = the womb 2. life in the air = Earth 3. life in Love = Spirit World
    56. 56. • Steiner regarded the same spiritual forces working in nature as in mans mind. • Nature is all the time (naturally) developing its possibilities
    57. 57. • S. was greatly influenced by Goethes Colour-theory, "S: a total experience of the colour without the form“ • The internal and external are always in a rel. ship (compare Swedenborg “Law of Correspondence") • Founder of Waldorf School
    58. 58. Goetheneum Steiner founded The School of Spiritual Science, intended as an "organ of initiative" for research and study and as "the soul of the Anthroposophical Society" Steiner believed that through freely chosen ethical disciplines and meditative training, anyone could develop the ability to experience the spiritual world, including the higher nature of oneself and others.
    59. 59. Goetheneum Steiner believed that such discipline and training would help a person to become a more moral, creative and free individual – free in the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love. He believed in equality of human rights for political life, individual freedom in cultural life, and voluntary, uncoerced cooperation between organizations of producers, distributors and consumers to provide solidarity in economic life. Comment: Compare with Unfication Thoughts theory of new Economics and Culture.
    60. 60. Goetheneum Science has come to understand the distinction between the optical spectrum, as observed by Newton, and the phenomenon of human colour perception as presented by Goethe According to Goethe, "Newton's error... was trusting math over the sensations of his eye." Pre-Raphaelites. and J. M. W. Turner studied it comprehensively.
    61. 61. Goetheneum Steiner describes Christ's being and mission on earth as having a central place in human evolution: The being of Christ is central to all religions, though called by different names by each. Every religion is valid and true for the time and cultural context in which it was born. Christ Second Coming would become manifest in non-physical form, in the "etheric realm" — i.e. visible to spiritual vision and apparent in community life Comment: We are NOW entering the Universal Aquarian Age!
    62. 62. “Exploding star “ a Supernova
    63. 63. • Hitler • Archangel Russia • Einstein • Billy & Ruth Graham • 1920 2000 year preparation Prophecies 1920 Ref: Jon Quinn www.divineprinciple.com/
    64. 64. • Hitler; The book is a Satanic Bible. It is based on racial hatred and love of violence. Hitler wrote that God had given him the commission to eradicate the Jew and raise up a new race of men, "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator by defending against the Jew; I am fighting for the Lord." Of course, the Lord is Satan who rules this earth. Hitler had total confidence in himself. He is a Satanic Christ. • Archangel Russia; The following is a few notes about Archangel, Russia. In time, we will complete this section of the book. For now, we want to mention the amazing historical fact that Lenin's Red Army marched into the city of Archangel in February 3 days before Sun Myung Moon was born. Coincidence? The most evil, godless empire known to man was born 3 days before the Messiah was born. Three is the number of separation. Satan struck first with his evil ideology and its spokesman, Lenin. Three days later, God gave the world His spokesman for truth, Sun Myung Moon. 2000 year preparation Prophecies 1920
    65. 65. • Einstein, “From the 1920s to the end of his life in 1955, he searched for what he called a unified field theory. He said the universe is exactly engineered: "God is subtle but he is not malicious.“ 2000 year preparation Prophecies 1920
    66. 66. • Billy & Ruth Graham, I would like to tell the importance of a person who was born in 1920. It is the story of a girl born and raised in China. Her name was Ruth Bell. When she was 15, she was, as amazing as it sounds, living a few miles from the spot Jesus gave his mission to a 15 year old boy on Easter morning, 1935. By growing up in China, she learned to love oriental people. She was not corrupted by the West. By going to school in Korea she was groomed to be a bridge between the young, humble Korean messiah and the rich, powerful white nations. She would have been invaluable as a helpmate to her husband who would have to grapple with the heresy and the skin color of someone so different than the John the Baptist. Her acceptance of the young Christ from the East would have been as important as her husband's. Christians have been waiting for 2000 years for the return of Jesus. They needed Ruth Graham to help them make the jump to accepting what looked like a blasphemer of God. 2000 year preparation Prophecies 1920
    67. 67. • 1920 William Butler Yeats was one of the greatest poets of the 20th century. He and his wife were very interested in things spiritual. He published one of the most famous poems of the 20th century, The Second Coming, in 1920. There is no coincidence that he published this in the same year that Sun Myung Moon was born. Rev. Moon is the Second Coming of Christ. Spirit world was working to prepare mankind for the new messiah, from the very day of his birth 1920! 2000 year preparation Prophecies 1920
    68. 68. Pyongyang 1946 earliest roots of UC • West Coast: Female group - Inside Belly Church "The new Lord is twenty-six and you must serve him well, as you have served me," Jesus said.” • East Coast: Male group -
    69. 69. Moon taught that Korea was the second Israel and that the return of Jesus would take place in Korea. But, he said, the return would not happen in either the spiritual or supernatural way that Christians tended to expect. He said that, just as the mission of the Old Testament prophet Elijah passed in the time of Jesus to John the Baptist, so the mission of Jesus would pass to another. Pyongyang in 1946 was still a dynamic center for Korean Christianity. Denominations which had been banned by the Japanese had re-established themselves. There were churches everywhere. Christians called the city the Jerusalem of the East. But the writing was on the wall, as the Soviet-backed authorities began breaking up Christian power.l 1946 Pyongyang 1st attempt
    70. 70. Hungnam after US bombing raids (Imperial War Museum, London) "Weren't you hurt?" Pak asked Moon after it was over. Moon had been working in the area where empty sacks were stored when the bombing began. "God said that no one would be hurt within a twelve-meter radius of me. While the bombing was going on, I was praying and communicating with the saints in the spiritual world," Moon replied. Pak, elated that they had both survived, began singing the 'Garden of Restoration' song. After a body count, the guards announced that two hundred and seventy people had been killed during the raid. /The Early Years, 1920-53 - Michael Breen May 1948- May 1950 “Prison Witnessing”
    71. 71. In 1948, Israel became independent; therefore, some might think it reasonable for the Lord to come back to Israel. Korea also became independent in 1948. However, Korea was liberated from Japanese colonization, in contrast to modern Israel's situation. Conceivably both countries may have become independent at the same time because the physical Israel inherited something from the spiritual Israel, Korea. 1948
    72. 72. The fact that the Jewish people, who had been wandering for 2,000 years, found their nation, shows that all their sins had been forgiven. Because Jesus' death was indemnified, mankind was able to receive forgiveness and the Lord of the Second Advent could come. 1948
    73. 73. Unified Korea has the shape of an Angel blowing a horn! 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we shall always be with the Lord." The Archangel Gabriel will blow a sacred trumpet horn to wake the dead at the Last Judgement
    74. 74. Korean War 1950-1953 National Sacrifice (God’s and Satan’s Front Line) Kim Il Sung (False Father) True Parents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910 Panmunjom Adam God Satan Cain Abel View of life ⇒ Cain-type democracy View of life ⇒Abel-type democracy Communism (Esau) Democracy (Jacob) Atheism Materialism Evolution Theism Idealism Creation 1789 Yu-il thought Homocentric Ju-che thought Unificationism God-centered Subjectism Head-Wing Brotherhood Godism From ODP Slides 84
    75. 75. HSA-UWC Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity 1954
    76. 76. (DSA-UWC) Divine Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity 1954
    77. 77. "Holy Spirit" here is not the same as the Holy Spirit who is part of the trinity of God. A more accurate translation would have been "divine spirit" because the first of the two Chinese characters that make up the term, "Shin" means divinity or God, while the second character, "Ryeng," means ghost or spirit. Moreover, divine spirit is the way that the dictionaries translate the word.
    78. 78. However, because the official translation has always been "Holy Spirit," it will be left as it is despite the obvious confusion. But keep in mind that "Holy Spirit" in this section refers not to the third member of the trinity of God and that it is identical to the term, "Divine Spirit," which is used interchangeably here to convey more accurate meaning.
    79. 79. From David S Kim, one of the 4 founders / Let Us Learn From The Past, publ.2009
    80. 80. 50s Korea 1975 World Missionaries Project Butterfly 70s USA Europe 60s Japan 2nd,3rd,4th…Generation 1st Generation
    81. 81. Korean flag
    82. 82. The Korean flag is called taegukki. Its appearance symbolizes the principles of yin and yang in Oriental philosophy. The circle in the center is divided into two equal parts. The upper red section represents the ”positive” cosmic energy yang. Similarly, the lower blue section symbolizes, the ”negative” cosmic forces yin. The two forces together embody the concept of perpetual motion and balance and harmony that characterize the eternal realm. (KoH)
    83. 83. The circle is surrounded by four trigram, one in each corner, from the ancient Chinese wisdom book I Ching Confucius and Lao-tse has commented on this important book of wisdom!
    84. 84. Each trigram symbolizes one of the four universal elements (from top left aroundclockwise): Name Property Element Family relationship Ch'ien, the creative - strong - heaven - Father K'an, the precipice - dangerous - water - second son K'un, the host - sacrificing - earth - Mother Li, connects - is brilliant - fire - second daughter
    85. 85. Pusan 1952 roots of UC
    86. 86. UC flag
    87. 87. Original UC flag is red and white. • Red color symbolizes power, energy and positivity. • Also red is a clear symbol fro the blood of martyrs. • The white background symbolizes purity and holiness. • The 12 rays representing the 12 human characters. Israel's 12 tribes, Jesus' 12 disciples, Jacobs 12 sons 1954
    88. 88. • *12 can be divided by 3. • *As the key word for number 3 is harmony (at least outwardly), this implies that the number 12 will also contain within itself certain harmony. However, because we are dealing with the level 4 of spirit manifestation, this is a different kind of harmony, as it is connected with the cosmos. • *In other words, the number 12 implies some kind of a cosmic harmony. 1954
    89. 89. • *Life is experienced (at least outwardly) as harmonious (12 is divisible by 3) and the individual feels his or her connection with the global plan for humanity and the cosmic karma. • *On a very high level, the person of the number 12 is able to withstand with easy the intensity of very high vibrations, thus willingly cooperating and collaborating with the spiritual world on variety of earthly problems, which ultimately leads to the minimizing of their negative karma and impact on the 1954
    90. 90. • *manifestations of the number 12 on the earthly plane are the arts, especially the music, since there are 12 major half-tone • *Its first manifestation (the music) is filling up the human soul with a harmony of a very high spiritual order and its second one (the astrology) is revealing to humans that their destiny is just a fragment of the cosmic evolution * / Ref: www.usenature.com/article_numerology_12.html (not UC) 1954
    91. 91. • In the future, centering on God's Kingdom, an era of registration will arrive. • People will try to be part of the 12 tribes and 144,000 group of people. Do you know what the 144,00 group of people is? • An era of registration is coming. Centered on the unification of North Korea and South Korea, /Dr Sang Hun Lee 1997
    92. 92. TF 1954 Korea TF, True Father = SunMyungMoon
    93. 93. TF 50’s Korea TF, True Father = SunMyungMoon
    94. 94. TF 50’s Korea TF, True Father = SunMyungMoon
    95. 95. TF 50’s Members TF, True Father = SunMyungMoon
    96. 96. TF 60’s Korea TF, True Father = SunMyungMoon
    97. 97. January 4, 1959 Miss Young Oon Kim begins the American Mission
    98. 98. From Hyung Jin Nims Lecture Restoring the Marriage of Jesus
    99. 99. 1960 New Age Frontier USA http://tparents.org/Library/Unification/Publications/naf/0-Toc.htm m
    100. 100. 1962 Start of the Little Angels Google for Little Angels Tour -- An Interview with Dr. Bo Hi Pak November 2011
    101. 101. The Early church in the West was called Unified Family Ca. 1962
    102. 102. Martin Luther King Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed - we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. This will be the day, this will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning "My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring!" Aug 1963 Washington
    103. 103. Martin Luther King And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it Ring from every tenement and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last." Aug 1963 Washington
    104. 104. Reiner Vincenz, the first Unificationist to join in Europe. Peter Koch One of the first missionaries to Europe. 1963
    105. 105. Reiner Vincenz SeungHwa ceremony
    106. 106. The Jesus of Galilee will not return - it is not necessary. The Christ who manifested through him is the Eternal – he will manifest again. Mr. Moon in deep meditation can project himself and be seen just as Jesus has been able to project himself and be seen by the saints. This is one of the marks - of the messiahs always. 1965
    107. 107. Mr. Moon reminded me that in the Book of Revelation there is a picture of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down out of the heavens. And there was a door on the east and a door on the south, a door on the north and a door on the west – and when the teacher comes, he always has to come through the eastern gate. In the Holy City of Jerusalem there is an eastern gate long since sealed and blocked. It will never be opened until the new teacher comes. /Arthur Ford sitting 1965 1965
    108. 108. The Hebrew name of the Golden Gate is Sha'ar HaRachamim ( ), Gate of Mercy. In Jewish sources the eastern gate of the Temple compound is called the Shushan Gate., this would make it the oldest of the current gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls.
    109. 109. According to Jewish tradition, the Shekhinah )ivine Presence) used to appear through the eastern Gate, and will appear again when the Anointed One (Messiah) comes (Ezekiel 44:1–3) Comment : Divine Principle claims Messiah comes from the East, Korea! I can only repeat the vision of John, that when the New Age comes, the Eastern Gate will open, and not only man - but Revelation – will flow out of that gate. /Ford-Fletcher
    110. 110. But you cannot expect the message to be accepted immediately by vast numbers of people only those who are ready and who are willing to listen and to whom this particular message seems to be right and meaningful. That is the way that all the world teachers have had to go. And remember one thing only, that if it is of God, it can not fail. And it is of God. /Arthur Ford sitting 1965 1965
    111. 111. Father speaking at the second workshop for matching candidates preparing for the 777-Couple Blessing Ceremony; On the blackboard: 1. Membership number 2. Local church 3. Name 4. Date of Birth 5. Date of joining the church 6. Length of time in a public mission 7. Number of spiritual children 8. Educational level 9. Current occupation
    112. 112. The 777-Couple Blessing Ceremony took place in the Changchung Stadium in Seoul on October 21, 1970. According to an article in the American magazine Time, in which was recorded: "Master Moon intoned: 'Will you swear to love your spouse forever?'
    113. 113. 1970-73 online
    114. 114. UK 1974 Mobile Witnessing with bus ”Samson”
    115. 115. Some Performing Arts 1970s… Sunburst New Hope Singers Julia Moon performing with the Universal Ballet Company
    116. 116. Happy TF 1974 at Belvedere
    117. 117. Todays World 1980-2012
    118. 118. Books Dr. Lee 1973 SMM (1935-42) (1952) 1973 1996 2005 3Color 2007 Color slides 2008 ODP Dr. Lee 1984 VOC CAUSA 80-92 Wolli Haesol 1957 Wolli Kangron > 1966 Engl.
    119. 119. Divine Truth Divine Love -VOC Divine Wisdom Core Teachings
    120. 120. Several Printings 1952 TF Original version 1973, 1980 Level 4, 1996, 2005 3color, 2013 ODP, 2006/2014 CSG.2015 CBG 1973 1980 2005
    121. 121. …rule all nations with a rod of iron (Truth). Rev 12:5 The Holy Scriptures Cheon Seong Gyeong, Cham Bumo Gyeong and Pyeong Hwa Gyeong
    122. 122. Starting Hawai 2008 ODP – Original Divine Principle WS • Rev. Yoo Korea 2008... • Rev Ye summer 2012 Korea • Prof. Yong Taek Oh's 2012 • Rev. Young 2012 • Rev. An 2012 …and many more
    123. 123. • Marx, Engels, Lenin • Denies God and existence of Spirit • Like Lucifer did in the Fall • MATERIAL law CONTROLS MAN • Man is evolved Animal • free world exploits the poor • uses words “Democracy, peace, freedom” • Communistic reality: No Demo., peace, freedom • Fear, secret police…everywhere 1867
    124. 124. • Conflict Class Struggle • ‘Revolution’ • Workers Paradise ? • In Reality: Conflict leads to Destruction Hatred Resentment
    125. 125. The character of Unification Thought, (Godism) which is the philosophical systematization of this truth received as revelation by Reverend Moon, is described by Dr. Lee as: A philosophical theory dealing with questions of being, logic, cognition, value, art, history, and practice; a theory assuming theological nature in that it deals with the attributes of God, creation, providence, etc.; Dr. Lee 1973
    126. 126. Dr. Lee 1973 a theory of standards for settling actual problems; a reform theory which is aimed at restoration to the original world; a complementary theory which recognizes the truth in existing philosophies and theologies; a theory for cultural revolution which provides the basis for the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven; and the true liberation theory which aims to liberate all humankind from Satan and thus to liberate God. /Lee - 1973 Unification Thought - 1981 Explaining Unification Thought - 1991 Fundamentals Unification Thought - 1992 Essentials of Unification Thought (Head-Wing Thought)
    127. 127. Karl Heinrich Marx (1818 – 1883) A German philosopher, political economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, and communist revolutionary, whose ideas played a significant role in the development of modern communism and socialism. Marx summarized his approach in the first line of chapter one of The Communist Manifesto, published in 1848: "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles." Marx argued that capitalism, like previous socioeconomic systems, would inevitably produce internal tensions which would lead to its destruction. Just as capitalism replaced feudalism, he believed socialism would, in its turn, replace capitalism, and lead to a stateless, classless society called pure communism.
    128. 128. Marx, April 18, 2002 I, Marx, affirm God's existence and that He is the Parent of all humankind. I denied God and shouted loudly with confidence to the extent that people believed me more than God. Now I'd like to reveal my experience with God to the whole world. I felt that my theoretical paradigm was crumbling as I listened to the Godism lecture. At the same time my pride was damaged severely. VOC
    129. 129. When I listened to Godism, I thought it was a dream, but it was not. Then a beam of light came into my heart like a red-hot bullet. I, Marx, have met God. I have found that He is the Parent of humankind. I have felt the greatness of God's love. I clearly convey to you who God is. He is the Parent of humankind. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on the Earth, brought this fact to light. The Divine Principle and Unification Thought express the original standards that open the way to salvation, so you must read them! . I ask this of you seriously. I clearly say that I apologize for my past to God and True Parents and love them and am proud of them. Marx, April 18, 2002 VOC
    130. 130. From Evolution Theory to a New Creation Theory -- Errors in Darwinism and a Proposal from Unification Thought by Dr. Sang Hun Lee Dr. Sang Hun Lee Evolution with God www.tparents.org/library/unification/books/evoltheo/0-Toc.htm
    131. 131. Unification Theological Seminary, New York. UTS Founded in 1975
    132. 132. I. Comment on Evolution by Dr. Moon 1 Febr 1982 Many people believe that man came into being through an evolutionary process. This is an expedient explanation but it cannot actually be the fundamental one. Even evolution must have had an origin somewhere. Did the animal become a human through an evolutionary process? Where is the origin of man's spirit, mind, and thought within the animal? Where did human thought begin in the evolutionary process? Did animals have any spiritual ancestors? Evolution
    133. 133. I. Comment on Evolution by Dr. Moon 1 Febr 1982 Does the amoebae, the beginning point of the evolutionary theory, contain the energy necessary to propel itself forward into a higher form of being? If not, that extra energy must be supplied from the outside. Who is in a position to supply the energy necessary to make one object into another object? Observers of the phenomenon of evolutionary development do not try to figure out this question. They only observe the end result and call it evolution. But if we look more deeply into the internal aspect, we conclude that there must be some additional source of energy besides the object which is changing. Evolution
    134. 134. Comment on Evolution by Dr. Moon ommunism And Falsehood Evolutionism For thousands of years, or hundreds of millions of years, has any energy been added to monkeys? Can the monkey have that kind of original character? So we can conclude that, unlike the monkey, a great original energy has been given to humans. The reason why an unchanging element, not changeable element, has been added into humans, is so they can become a substantial object to the unchanging Subject. This logic is, right! We have that kind of original character, which means that there must be a Subjective real being who also has that kind of original character. omment & conclusion: God exist! Evolution
    135. 135. Dr. Sang Hun Lee 2000 1998
    136. 136. 2001 Dr. Sang Hun Lee
    137. 137. The content includes the reflections of 80 historical leaders of Judeo-Christianity, as well as 13 disciples of Confucius. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Sang Hun Lee, who was President of the Unification Thought Research Institute in his earthly life, and who passed into the Spiritual World in 1997. Dr. Lee interviewed the participants and conveyed these messages, which were recorded by Mrs. Young Soon Kim between August 27 and November 13, 2001.
    138. 138. Some books by Prof. Young Oon Kim 1969 1980 1983 1976 DP and its Application 1914-1989 1975
    139. 139. Books by Prof. Young Oon Kim 2003 1914-1989 All Books Online at http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm
    140. 140. Faith and Life by Rev. Yo Han Lee 1977 Online http://tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Books.htm Content: Divine Principle Applied to Our Daily Life • Volume1 Internal guidance Sixth Sence Cain & Abel Indemnity, Witnessing, Prayer • Volume 2 Adam Family Noas Family Abrahams Family Jacobs Cource • Volume 3 Moses Family Life of Jesus
    141. 141. Excerpts from intervue of Sun Myung Moon by Frederik Sonntag Moon: The Divine Principle is not a philosophy, not a theory; it is a principle. It is an unchanging truth of God. Once that truth is revealed, then that principle must be lived, acted upon. At least a foundation for its accomplishment must be laid. Then Satan cannot invade. When a person is completely united with the truth, then Satan cannot take him away from God. 1977
    142. 142. For instance, if God and Adam and Eve had been completely united with truth, then there would have been no room for Satan to infiltrate. Truth must become incarnate. It must be lived or fulfilled within a living person. (Jesus, LSA) Otherwise it can be taken away and misused by Satan. This is why I do not reveal truth until the conditions are all met or the truth is embodied to a certain point. In a way then, the Divine Principle, this new revelation, is the documentary of my life. It is my own life experience. The Divine Principle is in me, and I am in the Divine Principle. 1977
    143. 143. Who sees me frequently in their dreams? Sometimes you may find yourself crying when you are missing me. If you are out fund raising and all of a sudden you are struck with such love for me that you start crying and missing me, then a few steps ahead of you I will be standing there, even carrying the same kind of fund raising product you have and going ahead of you fund raising. This is happening all over, particularly in Japan. There are many mysterious spiritual things happening to our Japanese members, especially to those selling the marble vases door-to-door. All kinds of spiritual assistance are coming to them and other members themselves are completely flabbergasted at how much money they are earning. The secret is that God comes down and helps them. /THE ONES WHO CAN RECEIVE GOD'S LOVE SMM October 1, 1977
    144. 144. World Mission HQ The Washington Times Washington UC-church
    145. 145. Young Whi Kim Divine Principle Study Guide 1,2 & Q&A
    146. 146. No 1 1984 No 2 1985 No 3 1987 Guidance for Heavenly Tradition No 1,2,3 No 3 online Young Whi Kim
    147. 147. Books by Rev. Paul Werner Early missionary to Europe 1964 1980-85 • Heaven Down To Earth • Psyche and Spirit (Free online) • In Harmony with the Eternal • Tapping the Unlimited reservoir • Series: Small booklets from the above
    148. 148. Tparents.org Gary Fleischer Longest UC-online Resource in the west Many Testimonies, Books, Photos…
    149. 149. www.euro-tongil.org /DP /swedish /finnish Members Testimonies Online Testimonies
    150. 150. 2000 Kwang-Kee Song Pres. Europe 1983-1994 Dr. Joon Ho Seuk Early Koreans 2008 Hwang Sun-jo
    151. 151. Brothers/Sisters Books amazon.com 2006 About God, not UC 2006 2006 Online
    152. 152. 2005 Kevin Mc Carthy 2003 Jon Quinn Online Brothers/Sisters Books amazon.com 2007
    153. 153. (HSA)-UWC (Holy Spirit(ual)) Association for the Unification of World Christianity Did UC lose some of the Spiritual Part in 1980,90,2000 (?) that was before the UC-keymark in 50s Korea,60s Japan,70s Europe/US
    154. 154. All speches from 1965 to 23 March 1975, are Master Speaks After that Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon
    155. 155. 1. Police Headquarters of Gyeonggi-Do ( 경기도 경찰부 - gyeong-gi-do gyeong-chal-bu) under Imperial Japan on October, 1944 Father was imprisoned for his underground activities and tortured for not revealing the names of his collaborators, but he did not mention any of their names. He was released in February in 1945 and after that he had blood in his stool for one month due to the tortures he had received. 7 Deaths/Ressurections
    156. 156. 2. Kwak San police station in Jeongju ( 정주 곽선지서 – jeong-ju gwak-seon-ji-seo) in October, 1945, shortly after the Korean liberation from Japan The Communist party in North Korea was becoming dominant those days after the liberation, and Father was imprisoned for one week for allegedly being a spy from South Korea.
    157. 157. 3. Dae Dong police station ( 대동보안서 - dae-dong-bo-an-seo) in Pyeong Yang from August 11 to Nov. 21, 1946 Father was imprisoned for allegedly being a spy from South Korea. Father received cruel tortures, and was thrown half-dead outside the prison on Nov. 21, 1946
    158. 158. 4. Heung Nam labor camp in North Korea from May 20, 1948 to Oct. 14, 1950 Father was re-arrested by the Interior security forces and imprisoned for allegedly having disturbed peace and social order. He was liberated one day before his execution date by UN air force on Oct. 14, 1950.
    159. 159. 5. Seodaemun Prison in Seoul, South Korea in 1955 Father was incarcerated for alleged immoral behaviors under the name of religion. Father says he would never forget that one of his ex-followers in North Korea came to see Father's being taken to the prison and gave a slur upon Father. Father was arrested on July 4 and released (not guilty) on Oct. 4, 1955.
    160. 160. 6. Danbury Federal Correctional Institute (Danbury Prison) in the US from July 20, 1984 to Aug. 20, 1985 Father was incarcerated for alleged tax evasion after he had invested millions of dollars for the sake of the US and the Free World.
    161. 161. 7. Helicopter incident on July 19, 2008 Despite of this dreadful incident, True Parents still (2008) fly around the world for the sake of liberation of God and salvation of all humankind.
    162. 162. • HSA-UWC 1954 Holy Spiritual Association for the Unification of World Christianity • Tongil Gyohoe (Kor.) • The Family, Tongil Family, Tongilfamiljen (Swe) • Unification Church: An elderly woman in the Taegu group, Lee Jae-gun, was asked by a Christian which church she belonged to. "The Unification Church," she said, making the name up on the spot. /The early years by M. Breen • (“Moonies”) in the violent 70’s (first used in 1974 by the American media, when the UC held a campaign at Madison Square Garden in New York City.) Namings
    163. 163. • Unificationists • Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 1994 • Living in Cheon Il Guk 2000-…, 2013-… Namings
    164. 164. You can tell people, "If you want to know about the Moonies, Come with me and live with us for three days. You will learn a lot." Let them taste the water (spiritual) and taste the Divine Principle. What is the power that makes you so strong and what makes you so sure that God's kingdom on earth can be a reality? Let them learn about this. Divine Principle enters your body and cleanses it of all kinds of ingredients that clog you up. We call it Moon-wash. /Mainstream of the Dispensation of God
    165. 165. • (“Moonies”) labeled in the violent 70’s …(many, all?) members of the Church in the 70s were very immature; the leaders of the Church were very critical and jealous of each others and they were condemning many members as Cains and Satan-inspired. Because of this condemnation from leaders such members were isolated from others because other members were afraid of being friends to Satan inspired members. Sigh! And members were believing what their leaders said. In my opinion this kind of behaviour toward other human beings is irresponsible and really psychological terror.
    166. 166. Artist: Benny Andersson Sweden
    167. 167. Benny Andersson
    168. 168. In the Palace
    169. 169. Unification Church Unification of what!
    170. 170. Unification Church Unification of Ourselves!
    171. 171. Unification Church Unification of Ourselves! 1. Mind & Body
    172. 172. Unification Church Unification of Ourselves! 1. Mind & Body 2. Husband & Wife
    173. 173. Unification Church Unification of Ourselves! 1. Mind & Body 2. Husband & Wife 3. Mankind & The World
    174. 174. Unification Church Unification of Ourselves! 1. Mind & Body 2. Husband & Wife 3. Mankind & The World 4. The Physical & Spiritual Worlds
    175. 175. Unification Church Unification of Ourselves! 1. Mind & Body 2. Husband & Wife 3. Mankind & The World 4. Physical & Spiritual Worlds The Fall! Root cause of conflict = separation of 1-4! DP: “There is no freedom outside the Principle”
    176. 176. Who gave Lucifer - SATAN his spiritual power over Man & Gods Creation!
    177. 177. SINLESS (before the Fall) Adam & Eve did!
    178. 178. Who can restore it back to Man!
    179. 179. Spritual! Spiritual & Physical! Tool: SINLESS New Adam & Eve! Jesus tried both Salvations but achieved only one, Spiritual Salvation! True Parents = fulfillment of both!
    180. 180. Loss of spirit In outside jobs or physical missions in the Church you can keep yourselves constantly busy, and become highly skilled and highly admired, but Satan takes your spirit away. So this is what Satan has done to man, and what Father is trying to restore and put back: the foundation of spiritual and principled thought.
    181. 181. Loss of spirit… You are going to need this kind of guidance in your lives, i.e., thought consistent with a broader Principle. The more ideal way, of course, would be to stick to one job, the longer the better, but there first needs to be the spiritual discipline and thought. Just working day after day for the sake of "bread winning" makes no sense at all. /SM840712
    182. 182. TF10 children 1972 Everyone of you shall take Jacob's position. You shall marry and have 12 children of your own, the internal ones twelve sons and daughters and externally you shall have 12 spiritual children. External internal both, 12 spiritual children each. Eventually that will expand into 72 disciples, 12 and 72 makes 84. / Tribal Messiah 1978
    183. 183. Life in UC 70’sLouise Moore-Scheirer: In the old days of First Generation UM, we would call it "Sacrifice yourself for others, come into the Love of God, and Share your Blessings with all." An even older version was: Separate yourself from satan, come into the love of God, and sacrifice yourself for others. But those days are gone forever basically. Today there is a new level of Blessing and Good Fortune, and I, as one, could not be happier or more relieved.
    184. 184. 1989 TF more then 12 children If you really understand the depth of the Divine Principle, you know that he (True Father) is going the way of Jacob as the exemplary course, so I'm supposed to give birth to at least 12 children /True Mother 1975
    185. 185. • Chinese 12 animal years: From Chinese tradition each year has an animal tradition. Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Cow, Dog, Pig These 12 animal years have a subject and object relationship. • Even the Greek Philosophy was created based on the principle of these animals. Based on the nature of these animals - characteristics were adapted to describe human life. If you look at the animal world carefully, there is a natural enemy, tiger, deer, lion, sheep and whatever there is always a subject object position. One dominates the other. /SMM Sept 27, 2003 12
    186. 186. • The four broad rays symbolize the 4 winds, the 4 main religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Eastern Religions • 4 seasons, Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter • the 4 elements in Classical Oriental pholosophy and Hinduism, Buddhism
    187. 187. • The square in the middle represents the Four Position Foundation, or God’s original ideal of family — it has the parent, the child, and all centered on God. • The center of that symbol is God’s essence, and that essence is true love. When we begin, we always like to draw the symbol with our hands. I want to ask you all to join me in drawing the symbol with our hands. We’re going to first draw the circle, that is, give and receive action, then the Four Position Foundation, and then receiving or inheriting the true love of God. Aju. Give yourselves a warm round of applause. /HyJN
    188. 188. 1965
    189. 189. 1970sCARP Born on February 9, 1939, Rev. Chong Goo Park joined our church on January 20, 1956, during his second year of high school, and was blessed in 1961 among the 36 couples. His early missions in the church included serving as itinerary worker for a province and witnessing leader at the headquarters church in Seoul. In 1964, he set up a school to teach English and other subjects, receiving an award for his efforts from the Korean Ministry of Education five years later. In 1968, Father presented him with an award for outstanding work during the first seven-year course and six years later gave him the title of Rev. Park. During 1976 and 1977, he served as an itinerary worker for world missions in Asia, and from 1977 until his death of cancer in 1982, he worked tirelessly to build up CARP throughout the United States and, most recently, in Europe. “Tiger Park!” Dr Seuk Hyo Jin Nim ?
    190. 190. 1994 Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
    191. 191. 1954 1960 2003 2013 HSA-UWC Real CIG KoHSpiritualProgress
    192. 192. 1954 2008 2013 HSA-UWC FFWPUI CIG Real CIG KoHSpiritualProgress 1992 1994 2000 UPF 2005
    193. 193. 2000 2004 2008 2012 CIG start UPF 2005 2013 13Jan (22Febr) SpiritualProgress 2005
    194. 194. The Tradition, Book One, Chapter 1 - Attendance Etiquette Chapter 2 - Prayer Rooms and Altars Chapter 3 - Services Chapter 4 - Pledge Service Chapter 5 - Il Jeung Prayer and Fund Chapter 6 - Pictures of the True Family Chapter 7 - Holy Songs Chapter 8 - Holy Salt Chapter 9 - Holy Ground Chapter 10 - Unification Church Chapter 11 - Unification Church Flag Chapter 12 - Indemnity Fund Chapter 13 - Tithing Chapter 14 - Holy Days and Holidays Chapter 15 - Shimjung Candles Chapter 16 - Birth Candles Chapter 17 - Ae Chun Candles Chapter 18 - Holy Robes Chapter 19 - Births, Birth Ceremony Chapter 20 - Eight Day Dedication Ceremony Chapter 21 - Blessed - Family Ceremonies Chapter 22 - Blessed Family Practices Chapter 23 - Deaths, Seung Hwa Ceremony, Funerals online
    195. 195. Tithing We should understand that mind, body, and material belong to the public, but not without a purpose to it. The purpose is to bring a total oneness between a subject and an object centered on God in order to have a right ownership. Then, we eventually come to own God ourselves. If we own God instead of material, not only shall we come to own everything, not to mention material, but also shall we become a perfect subject towards the material. /SMM 1/6/75 One of the main teachings of the Unification Thought is: Mine is yours, and yours is a nation's, and a nation's is the world's, and the world's is God's, and God's is mine. /SMM /6/4/72
    196. 196. Official founding of HSA-UWC 1954 2nd attempt
    197. 197. Holy Wedding of LSA and his Bride The Bible Marriage of the Lamb 1960
    198. 198. 1973
    199. 199. 1974
    200. 200. “New Future of Christiany” Madison Square Garden 18 Sept 1974 1974 1st Main Speech
    201. 201. "God’s Hope for America" Yankee Stadium 1976 1976 2nd Main Speech
    202. 202. "God’s Hope for America" Washington Monument 1976 1976 3rd Main Speech
    203. 203. 1976
    204. 204. From the providential point of view, heavenly history is also moving into a new phase of accomplishment. My personal ministry of 30 years was consummated in 1976, (1946-1976) and 1977 marks the dawn of a new level in my mission.
    205. 205. 1976 June Newsweek
    206. 206. • Wednesday Service • Sunday Service • 40 day Summer/Winter Witnessing • Home Church 1978… • Ocean Church 1980… Early UC Traditions
    207. 207. 1978 Home Church
    208. 208. 1978 Motto "Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven.“ Slogan: 1-1-1 = every member, guides one new member, every month. (TF own goal 1-10-1) 1978 Home Church
    209. 209. Anyone who listens and is totally obedient, without hesitation, shall receive an incredible reward. Those who try to figure out an easier way will be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven, like John the Baptist. /Total Self Re-Evaluation 9.14.80, Belvedere Be a Doer! Not a Thinker!
    210. 210. Home church has everything, for kings and queens down to the lowliest beggar. For the last three years you have had all kinds of ups and downs, and hard times with your leader, now with Dr. [Mose] Durst and before him with Rev. [Won Pil] Kim, but it all boils down to one conclusion -- you have to do home church. /Total Self Re-Evaluation 9.14.80, Belvedere Home Church
    211. 211. Ocean Church 1980… “Water is like the progenitor of life. So we need to love water, which also represents God. We need to love the ocean.
    212. 212. 1982
    213. 213. 2, 7, 21, 40 Day Basic DP WS Old Test. SpiritualProgress New Test. 3 1/2 years FR Restore Material Creation Formula Course 1980 ETF,STF,DONE 2000 True Parents Blessing Blessed Holy Life CIG,CSG Spiritual Training Completed Testament 3 1/2 years Witnessing Restore People
    214. 214. Old Test. SpiritualProgress New Test. Spiritual Life Completed Testament 2000 YEARS LIVING WORD 1946-2011… 65 YEARS LIVING WORD Ideal Human form = Christ
    215. 215. Juankoski Finland
    216. 216. Finland First Missionary Ellen van Kampen 1972
    217. 217. Finland Blessing 1978
    218. 218. Finland WonHwaDo 1987
    219. 219. Finland Blessing People 1998
    220. 220. Finland ca 2000 Youth at Sea
    221. 221. Full Bow Meaning • First, it is a very symbolic act. You bow down with four limbs, meaning that you are standing on the four- position foundation. This bow also reflects the proper subject and object relationship, because, as you bow, you move from high to low, which symbolizes the vertical relationship between heaven and earth. Belvedere ca 1980
    222. 222. • Stand naturally, not in a stiff way, with one foot slightly ahead of the other. The right foot symbolizes man and the left foot symbolizes woman. The right foot should go slightly ahead of the left, symbolizing also the subject and object relationship between man and woman. • Then, as you bow, all parts of the body come closer together, and this symbolizes how the four-position foundation becomes one. Belvedere ca 1980 Full Bow Meaning
    223. 223. • The head symbolizes God, and both arms symbolize man and woman and the relationship that they have. • The feet represent earth. • So, when we raise our arms to touch our head, this shows the subject and object becoming one with each other and one with God, then coming down to be one with the earth. Belvedere ca 1980 Full Bow Meaning
    224. 224. • Even the face symbolizes this whole relationship. • The eyes symbolize God, • the nose symbolizes man and woman -- one but with two parts – • and the mouth symbolizes earth. • The eyes look out and see; this represents heaven. • 'Me torso’, the body symbolizes the universe. Full Bow Meaning
    225. 225. • The universe stands on the foundation of the four-position relationship. It's very appropriate to greet and respect God, and those who represent God, in this way. • In Korea (and Japan), this custom has existed for thousands of years. However, we do it, not because of the Korean custom, but because it coincides with the Principle. This is the way children greet their parents every day, every morning. Full Bow Meaning
    226. 226. • This is the most proper way to show respect because it reminds us in a very meaningful way of who we truly are in front of God and in front of one another. • This is also very important to Pledge each week, each month, and each year. Full Bow Meaning
    227. 227. • At these times, the man and wife, if they are blessed, should bow down in an easterly direction, because that is where the sun rises and this too symbolizes God. • The North is another direction you can bow towards because the highest point, the North Pole, is in that direction. Also, the North Star, which has been the guiding point for mankind throughout history, is in the northern sky. /The Meaning Of The Full Bow Reverend Sun Myung Moon 1 Oct 1980 Full Bow Meaning
    228. 228. Prayer/Pledge
    229. 229. ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love ② to seek our original homeland ③ and establish the original ideal of creation ④ the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven ①Takes interest ( I am the owner ) ②Takes responsibility ③Protects ④Raises Owner 「 Reference 」 252 Family Pledge Verse 1
    230. 230.  ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② to represent and become central to heaven and earth  ③ we pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family  ④ patriots in our nation, saints in the world  ⑤ and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth 253 Family Pledge Verse 2
    231. 231.  ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② to perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart  ③ the Three Great Kingships  ④ and the Realm of the Royal Family Family Pledge Verse 3 254
    232. 232. ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② to build the universal family encompassing Heaven and Earth ③ which is God's ideal of creation ④ and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness 255 Family Pledge Verse 4
    233. 233.  ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② to strive everyday  ③ to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world  ④ as subject and object partners 256 Family Pledge Verse 5
    234. 234.  ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② to embody God and True Parents ③ we will perfect a family that moves heavenly fortune ④ and conveys Heaven's blessing to our community 257 Family Pledge Verse 6
    235. 235.  ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② to perfect a world based on the culture of heart  ③ which is rooted in the original lineage  ④ through living for the sake of others 258 Family Pledge Verse 7
    236. 236.  ① As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on true love  ② as we enter the Completed Testament age  ③ to achieve the ideal oneness of God and humankind in love  ④ through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience  ⑤ thereby perfecting the realm of liberation and the realm of being completely free in the of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven 259 Family Pledge Verse 8
    237. 237. A Sinner ?
    238. 238. Another Sinner ????????????
    239. 239. Yes both…and all Mankind are sadly born as inheritad and “Born Sinners” from the Fall of Man All according to Jewish/Christian/Islamic and Principle teaching
    240. 240. New Test. John 8:44: Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Islam. Qur'an 7.11-27: O Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. O Children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you in the same manner as he got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their clothing in order to expose their private parts. He and his tribe watch you from where you cannot see them! We have made the devils friends only to those without faith.
    241. 241. Divine Principle I.2.2.2: Eve, having become one body with the archangel through their illicit sexual relationship, was in the position of the archangel to Adam. Adam, by becoming one body with Eve, inherited all the elements Eve had received from Lucifer, in the same manner she did. These elements were then transmitted to their descendants... and mankind has multiplied sin to the present day, thus perpetuating the lineage of Satan.
    242. 242. 3 stages of Human Life I. II. III. Birth (not Death) “Birth” (not Death) Physical & Spritual Physical death & Spritual “Birth”
    243. 243. The Womb of Mother Earth Protection
    244. 244. Solar Wind effect = Aurora
    245. 245. Tang Gam Indemnity Because the providence of God's salvation is the providence of restoration through indemnity (Tang gam), that is, to let man, who has lost his value through the fall, regain it through a course which reverses that of the fall. The fall occurred due to the fact that man did not fulfill his responsibility for growth. It is necessary, therefore, to fulfill this responsibility by subjective determination (reject sleep, sex, food and welcome prayer, fasting, FR, witnessing) in order to return to the original self through indemnity.
    246. 246. Tang Gam Throughout this course, man must be exposed to uneasiness, despair or suffering. Also, since the fall occurred due to lack of faith in God's word, man is asked to compensate for this by believing unconditionally. But this belief must not be a superstition. It is for this reason that the paradox of faith (being unconditional). But such a paradoxical faith is requested only until the Second Advent.
    247. 247. Tang Gam Starting from the Second Advent, faith stands on the base of the new words of God; therefore it is no longer paradoxical, because the absolute truth is revealed by the new words. Thus faith until eternity is not necessary. After having restored the original self and the world completely, through the Second Advent, we will not need faith nor prayer. Unification Thought Dr. Sang Hun Lee
    248. 248. Classification of sin Solution: Blessing Ancestor Liberation 1 Original sin 2 Hereditary sin 3 Collective sin 4 Individual sin Human beingsSatan Common baseCommon base Condition forCondition for give and take actiongive and take action Violation ofViolation of heavenly lawheavenly law Sin
    249. 249. EveEve AdamAdamArch-Arch- angelangel Arch-Arch- angelangel Eve Adam 1Failing to take God’s standpoint 2 Leaving one’s proper position 3 Reversing dominion 4 Multiplying the criminal act Eve AdamArch-Arch- angelangel Fallen Nature
    250. 250. The right way to deal with sin. 1. Realization of sin. But this time first we must realize the extent of God’s forgiving love. If we don’t understand the forgiving nature of God, we have no place to take our sin. If we don’t let God deal with our sin then Satan will deal with it, and will surely use it against us to destroy us. 2. Guilt. True guilt leads us to the strong desire to take responsibility for our sins. We have realized how our sins have hurt God, how our sins have hurt ourselves. Guilt gives us the strength to handle the course of restitution under God’s love and forgiveness. Guilt brings us into submission, humbly before God. It brings us to the place where God can deal with us.
    251. 251. 3. Repentance. Now we can repent with all our heart! Why does repentance free the sinner from Satan? Because it is one thing that Satan cannot do! He is the father of false pride. Satan hates to hear the voice of the repenter, just as God rejoices (Luke 15:7) over the repentance of even one sinner. 4. New determination. Take up the cross and follow. Go and sin no more. (Based on their understanding, some explanation of the need to lay an indemnity condition or Tang Gam.) Now we must go the reverse way of sin. Instead of replacing the love of God with self gratification, we become the second self of God and Jesus by sacrificing ourselves for the sake and benefit of others. We connect to the true source of love by becoming a temple of God and letting his spirit dwell in us. As we connect to the true source of love, then our desire for false love (sin) will decrease. We are free and have LIFE! Ref: http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Books/Stephens-100/
    252. 252. Tang Gam TF 11Nov 2000 True Parents have finished paying indemnity. (2000) There is no indemnity now. All you need to do is wipe clean your horizontal life, raise your sons and daughters and enter the age of father-son cooperation. There is no indemnity. Since this is the time for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven within the realm liberated by God and True Parents, who ultimately desire true liberty for the world, we are having the Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony in Chung Pyung. Everything is included in these words. /SMM 11Nov 2000
    253. 253. Achieve Human Completion Gods Direct and Indirect Dominion If you look at the Principle of the Unification Church you will find mention of realms of indirect and direct dominion. /SMM The Fall! The Fall! The Fall!
    254. 254. Achieve Human Completion Gods Direct and Indirect Dominion Gods 1st,2nd 3rd Blessing If you look at the Principle of the Unification Church you will find mention of realms of indirect and direct dominion. /SMM The UM Blessing of Marriage
    255. 255. Due to the Fall, all humanity came to remain in the realm of indirect dominion, disconnected from the realm of direct dominion. This resulted from Adam and Eve's failure to fulfill their portion of responsibility, and consequently the providence of restoration has been prolonged. We have not understood this. What is it that we need to do in the realm of indirect dominion in order to reach the realm of direct dominion where we can be connected to the realm of God's love? We must fulfill our portion of responsibility. /SMM (1976.1.31)
    256. 256. What do the words "Principle of the Unification Church" mean? Why is it called the Principle? The purpose of the Principle is to show clearly the borderline between the realm of dominion based upon accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of direct dominion. /SMM (1986.1.3) The realm of direct dominion is a place where Adam and Eve can participate together, united in love. Thus, the realm of indirect dominion is the realm in which their portion of responsibility has yet to be completed. When the portion of responsibility is fulfilled and Adam and Eve become husband and wife centered on love, God becomes the internal Father and Adam and Eve become the external parents. When these unite as the inner and the outer, the realm of direct dominion is established for the first time. In this process, marriage is therefore absolutely necessary. You cannot enter this realm as a single person. /SMM (1986.1.31)
    257. 257. 1920-50 The Early Years (in Korea), 1920-53, by Michael Breen 50:s Dr. Young Oon Kim 60:s Towards Human Unity by Anthony Brooke How God and Jesus led me to Father by Mrs. Doris Converging paths by George Fernsler Italian beginning by Dr. Martin Porter Testimony by Mrs. Porter Face to Face by Mr. Philip K. Burley Some Testimonies similar to Acts, in the Bible!
    258. 258. Extraordinary Messages from Heaven One of the mediums from Moderna was very different. This woman, Lidia, was blind. I put into her hand a bell from Father's wedding cake and asked her what it was. She looked most perplexed as she began to receive heavenly messages. At first she could not believe the messages as they were so incredibly unusual, then she said, "Yes, God has a basis on earth through this man; divine marriage; no one can stop him.“ More www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/english/eTestimonies.htm Some Testimonies similar to Acts, in the Bible!
    259. 259. 1968 Founding of IFVOC To humankind's great loss, communism raised its head during this century. Reverend Moon perceived that without overcoming communism, humankind could not achieve eternal peace. He therefore revealed Unification Thought as an ideological alternative to communism, and established an influential organization, the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC), on January 13, 1968.
    260. 260. 1971 Unification Thought Institute The Unification Thought Institute was established on August 7, 1971, with the purpose of unifying religion, science and philosophy centered on the Unification Principle. Its goals include overcoming and eradicating communism, and finally systematizing the God-centered ideal which will bring the Kingdom of Heaven on the foundation of a unified and harmonized human civilization.
    261. 261. 1974
    262. 262. Books by Med. Dr. Lee Early member 50s Dr. Lee 1973 Dr. Lee 1984 Dr. Lee 1981
    263. 263. Korean Pottery – Unification Pottery Many miracles!
    264. 264. 1981 CAUSA's inception was as an ideologically-based God-centered movement for the support of "Victory Over Communism" activities in South America during the time of prolific communist infiltration into that region. In the Latin language, CAUSA means "Cause," or the "First Cause" namely God. As part of the CAUSA movement, the International Security Council has met annually since its first convention in Paris, February 17 to 20, 1985.
    265. 265. 1991 No 1 Online
    266. 266. Died 1984 Seung Hwa 1985 Heung Jin Nim
    267. 267. Blessing Heung Jin Nim & Hoon Sook (Julia)
    268. 268. 1984 Heung Jin Moon - from the book The Victory Of Love Preface: One day in the beginning of 1984, on a somewhat chilly morning in Cairo, Egypt, I was having breakfast with Rev. Walter Gottesman. At the time, I was the International Itinerary Worker in Africa. Rev. Gottesman, an 1800 Couple, who was the missionary to Egypt, and I were seated at a table which was covered by very thick glass. All of a sudden, one corner of this glass cover cracked, and the line of the crack formed a small letter "h".
    269. 269. 1984 We had not put any hot dish on that corner; in fact, all the food we were eating for breakfast was cold. But when I touched the place where the glass cracked, it was very hot. Both Walter and I were certain that it was some kind of spiritual phenomenon. Soon after that, we received the sorrowful news of Heung Jin Nim's Seung Hwa. /Dr. Zin Moon Kim (visited Finland 2000)
    270. 270. 1984 Background: At the time of the accident TF was doing a VOC rally in Korea. There were assassins ready to kill TF. The sacrifice of HJN is regarded as indemnity that protected TF:S life at that time. After the Seung Hwa ceremony there were several messages from spir world coming through brothers and sisters around Europe and the World.
    271. 271. 1984 • Father Rupert Maeyer in Munich, gives Testimonies from Spirit World. • Faith Jones, a UK mediumistic sister, travels around UC Europe and gives messages from Heung Jin Nim and Jesus. Members chose 8 cities x 7 churches, to witness to. www.tparents.org/library/unification/Talks/Jones/Jones-861100.htm Google for ”Faith Jones site:tparents.org”
    272. 272. ”Black Heung Jin Nim” 1988 , Kundioni, a brother from Zimbabwe Africa, travels around the world meeting brothers/sisters giving messages from Heung Jin Nim, allowing couples to start their families. Later becomes controversial. 1988
    273. 273. 1987 Citizens Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland The Citizens Federation was established by the members of the National Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland and their colleagues in Seoul on May 15, 1987. Reverend Moon said, in his inaugural address, that the reunification of Korea was a historic task, connected with the resolution of worldwide problems.
    274. 274. 1996 In 1996, True Father added the word “True” to God’s Day and the other original Holy Days.
    275. 275. 1998 www.tparents.org/Lib-Unif-Publicatn.htm
    276. 276. 2010 In 2010, True Father established the “Heavenly Calendar,” which displaced the Gregorian calendar in Unificationist observances and corresponded in most respects with the lunar calendar. As a result, from 2011, True God’s Day was no longer observed on January 1 but on the first day of the first month of the Heavenly Calendar
    277. 277. •   승화식 (Seunghwa Ceremony) is to be held within three days after one dies. • 성화예식 (Seonghwa Ceremony = Connect to Heaven) is to be held from the time of - Conception - Marriage - Death 2011
    278. 278. 2013 On January 7, 2013, True Mother announced that Unificationists should address God as “Heavenly Parent.” Thereafter, True God’s Day became “True Heavenly Parent Day.”
    279. 279. Prayer & Fasting History: Prayer and fasting was daily standard in the early days of UC! 2000 years ago Jesus said: “Fasting indemnifies the forces of satan.” “Prayers call on the power of God.” 1959 Korea
    280. 280. The Importance of Prayer Reverend Sun Myung Moon April 15, 1979 Prayer is an absolute necessity. You may kneel down all the way to pray, but the most important thing is that you create an environment of commitment first. Unless your basic attitude is ready, no amount of prayer will be useful. In the Christian world today many people pray every day, but do you think they pray to destroy the Christian churches? No, they pray for prosperity, but the churches are crumbling nevertheless. Do you pray for the sake of the Unification Church? You don't have to pray for the Unification Church; pray for the big things: the nation, the world, the liberation of God. What you are really doing then is praying for a cross even bigger than the Unification Church. Prayer
    281. 281. A Life of Prayer, April 15, 1979 Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The most important thing in prayer is the attitude of the person who is praying. The most essential thing is your commitment to go forward without reservation. If anything wants to block you, you have to be decided that it will never stop you. Unless you have that commitment first, God will not waste His time trying to help you. He has always been deceived in history, so what God needs to see is proof of what you are and how strong your commitment is. You may tell God you are totally committed, but He will shake His head and think, "I have to wait three more years and see." If God sees that something isn't quite right in you, He will wait before sending down His help. God needs to be sure. Prayer
    282. 282. Do you think I made a commitment to God that I would never change, not for fifty years or the rest of my life? I prayed first for the absolute faith which could say, "Even if not a single person in this world can believe, I will believe and follow in whatever incredible course You give me." Second, I asked for absolute knowledge and wisdom. Third, I asked for absolute love. Prayer
    283. 283. In order to fulfill bigger things you need an adventurous mind and be willing to take risks. Then God will tell you not to worry, that He is right behind you. If you throw yourself into overcoming the stone walls and persecution before you, God will take up your battle for He knows who is just and who is unjust. But first God will watch, giving you a chance to knock your opponent down with your own capability. This is the same thing a father and mother would do. If you come running to God to ask for help before you even confront your enemy. He, like any parent, will be ashamed to hear you and will send you back out again. Create a good problem: be a heavenly troublemaker instead. Prayer
    284. 284. Prayer
    285. 285. The power of prayer The younger Rev. Hyung Jin Moon had wondered what the real power behind his father’s success was. He was sure it was due to the power of his prayer life and he suggested that his audience study Jesus' teaching on prayer. Matthew, Chapter 6 records Jesus giving The Lord's Prayer, and Rev. Moon suggested that he was not simply teaching his disciples a prayer to recite by routine, but was giving his disciples a pattern or formula for prayer. After asking everyone to say the prayer with him, Rev. Moon noted that it started with “Hallowed be Thy Name,” then “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done." We needed to first praise God, then pray that His will be done. A relationship with God was a gift and could only be effective on God's terms. After we have started this way, we could pray for "our daily bread" and to be forgiven and able to forgive others, and not to be led into evil, he explained. Prayer
    286. 286. 1. Before 1960 TF prayed in the name of the Lord 2. From 1960 TF and all members prayed in the Name of True Parents (In TPN, TN=Their Name) 3. From 1999 we pray in our own Holy Blessed names…Aju! (IMN In My Name) "Aju" means "My Lord" in Chinese characters. Used instead of "Amen" Prayer
    287. 287. • On September 14, 1999, Rev. Moon opened the era in which blessed families could pray in their own names [i.e. conclude their prayers by offering it in their names]. At the time of the commemoration of the 14th True Children’s Day on October 27, 2000, he established a new format for the prayer ending. 4. On New Year’s Day, 2001, he instructed that our communication with God should be in the form of a report rather than a prayer. Prayer
    288. 288. • As you all know, whenever we pray, we end with the word Aju. • It’s important to understand the meaning of Aju. It is from Chinese characters. The character for Ah is for me, myself, or my. It can also be possessive, mine. Then Ju is the character for lord or owner. So every time Unificationists pray and say, “Amen, Aju,” what we’re saying in Aju is that we’re praising God, saying, “My Lord.” It’s very important to understand how we end our prayers and how we can understand what Father Moon has guided us to report to heaven. /HyJN Prayer
    289. 289. He also taught his listeners that people often thought of God as a vending machine, to be kicked a couple of times if the candy didn't come, but that didn't work. And, he asserted, Father Sun Myung Moon's heart and teaching went even further: after praise, he prayed for the world, nations, others, before self. Prayer
    290. 290. He had once been in an airplane in the middle of a violent storm (S. America small plane) and started praying "save me, save me", but then he remembered he had recently given a sermon on prayer, and that this was not the right way to pray! He started praising God, and the fear went away. We needed to pray not for what we wished but to trust God. Our lives would change if we came before God in the way He expected. / Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Prayer
    291. 291. The Importance of Prayer (4/15/79) From the Book: A Life of Prayer, 1991 The Importance of Prayer (4/15/79) Belvedere, New York Translator: Bo Hi Pak Prayer and Action (April 15, 1979) Prayer (March 29, 1981) Prayer
    292. 292. A Life of Prayer, April 15, 1979 Prayers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Benefits of Prayer by Rev. Ken Sudo A Prayer Before Dying THE ASTONISHING STORY OF A DOCTOR WHO SUBJECTED FAITH TO THE RIGORS OF SCIENCE - AND THEN BECAME A TEST SUBJECT HERSELF Pray and Grow by Rev. In Hoi Lee 10 Best tips on Prayer by brother Jim Stephens January 2000 www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/prayer.htm Prayer
    293. 293. 2nd Gen Prayer
    294. 294. History: According to the lunar calendar, March 16, 1960, is the date of our True Parents' Holy Blessing. This was also the day Father created and used Holy Salt for the first time. He used it to sanctify the church hall before the ceremony, and taught its importance at the meeting he held afterward. After the ceremony, he distributed Holy Salt to those in attendance. He asked those individuals to pass on Holy Salt to members throughout the world. Holy Salt
    295. 295. After the Holy Wedding in 1960, I created holy salt. Do you know why? It was because True Parents should not use anything from the fallen world. God's Son is the Parent whom God has perfected. Everything that is defiled in the fallen world should be burned; however, since this is not possible in Practice, holy salt was created as an alternative.
    296. 296. Sprinkling things with holy salt symbolizes cleansing the things of the fallen world. Applying holy salt cleanses Satan's world and, on that condition, Heaven's side is able to use the things in the fallen World. /CBG p. 79
    297. 297. Holy Salt Biblically the number 7 = Earthly perfection Exodus 25:37 And thou shalt make the lamps thereof, seven; and they shall light the lamps thereof, to give light over against it.
    298. 298. Comment from Christian tradition: We have a priest that does the blessing with the exorcism prayers. Not many priest do that anymore. He also does oil and water at the same time. I carry a small amount of salt and water with me all the time. we have used it in motel rooms and on camping trips. When I know we will be in contact with someone who is confrontational about the faith I bless myself and the kids. I have slipped all three into whatever I am cooking, especially when it just seems like the devil is making my house crazy with little spats and tiffs. I never use it without also saying a short prayer also. Oh and to avoid vacuuming it up I place it in corners where the vacuum doesn't reach. I have even slipped it into the holy water font at Catholic Churches that have lots of abuses. Holy Salt
    299. 299. Holy Candles drive away Satan and there are several kinds that we will not enumerate here. Their creation, use, and bequeathing is the subject of an elaborate and detailed ritual. Families will store their “seed” candle by which they can sanctify more candles and matches for their own or others’ use. 1. Shimjung Candles 2. Birth Candles 3. Ae Chun Candles Holy Candles
    300. 300. Significance: Shimjung Candles* have the ability to diminish Satan's power. As they burn, the spiritual atmosphere changes, becoming more pure and holy. When we use them, we comfort God's heart. He recognizes that we are striving to become His true sons and daughters and to help Him ultimately to fulfill His original will. History: On January 5, 1966, True Father gathered the president and nine regional leaders. of the Korean church and, after explaining their significance, bequeathed one candle and one box of matches to each. Father referred to these as Shimjung Candles. 1. Shimjung Candles Holy Candles
    301. 301. Significance: According to the Principle, blessed children should be born in a godly environment; during this period of restoration they are still born in impure, ungodly environments. The use of these candles makes a condition for a holy environment to be created during the birth of the blessed child. History: The Birth Candle tradition originated at the time of Ye Jin Nim's birth. After the 36 Couples started married life, True Father be- queathed one Birth Candle and one box or book of Birth Matches to each couple. Since that time, they have traditionally endowed Birth Candles to other couples. 1. 2. Birth Candles 3. Holy Candles
    302. 302. Holy Candles Significance: The English translation of Ae Chun Cho is Love of God Candles, referring to the love that God has for humankind. Unlike Shimjung or Birth Candles, Ae Chun Candles are a pair of candles. One is referred to as a "Father" candle and the other, a "Mother" candle. As they represent the harmony and love of the True Parents, these candles must always be burned together. The candlelight is a symbol to ward off all satanic infiltration; it gives a spiritual shield of protection from Satan. God and True Parents are present each time the Ae Chun Candles are lit. As Father began this tradition with Mother, when we light the Ae Chun Candles we are allowed to share the tradition of our True Parents. Whenever these candles are lit, the authority of true love is present. The speech which Father gave at Belvedere on May 20, 1984, in which he explains the significance of the Ae Chun Candles, was published in the August 1984 issue of Today's World and is excerpted below. 1. 2. 3. Ae Chun Candles
    303. 303. Holy Robes Holy robes The design of these white garments was given by a medium, who said they are the customary dress in the Kingdom of Heaven. They “symbolically purify us externally.” Their design and use is highly prescribed, although in recent years their use for holy days is diminishing.
    304. 304. Images Pictures of True Parents and True Family serve as protection, like the blood on the Hebrews’ doors that spared them from the angel of death. By them, with our sincere faith, angels and good ancestors protect the home. A church flag fulfills a similar function. Holy Pictures