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Essentials of Living for others UPF1

Essentials of Living for others UPF1






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    Essentials of Living for others UPF1 Essentials of Living for others UPF1 Presentation Transcript

    • The Essentials of Unification Principle and World Peace Part 1 Our relationship with God Living for the sake of others The family as the school of love
    • How do we realise world peace?
      • We must know God, His nature, principles and purpose of creation.
      • God is good, but our world is full of conflict because we are ignorant of God and do not resemble Him – we are selfish.
      • Religion has the central role in overcoming our ignorance and transforming us from selfishness to living for God and others.
    • The Relationship between God and Human Beings Creator Origin/Cause Creation Effect Object Subject Parent Child resembles the parent God Human Beings All human beings originate in God. Our love, life and ideals come from God, and we feel these are the most precious things because they are most precious to God. But God cannot have love, life and his ideal all by himself. He needs a reciprocal relationship with a partner of love. God created human beings as His object, His partner of love. To realise God’s purpose of creation we should fully reflect His nature by becoming a true human being, a person of heart and love, a child of God.
    • The Pair System - living for the sake of God and others. God Higher Purpose Object Partner Subject Partner Development Realise Purpose Centre/Purpose Interaction Outcome/Result Mind Man Parent Human Being Body Woman Child Environment God True Parents True Teachers True Leaders The centre of peace and harmony, God, is living for the sake of all His creation. To realise my value I must fulfil my purpose of existence by living for God and others
    • Life’s Three Fundamental Goals God Mind Body True Person God Husband Wife Children God True Person Environment True Ownership True Family and Society Individual Peace Peace in Human Society Universal Peace True Parents True love True life True lineage
    • The Family is:
      • The School of Love – nurturing heart and character, the primary training ground for relationships.
      • The School of Ethics – the basis of social norms.
      • The School for Good Citizens – empathy begins with mother and infant, anti-social behaviour stems from family problems.
      • The foundation for peace.
    • The Four Great Loves God M F M F Son’s Love Brother’s Love Husband’s Love
      • Children’s Love
      • Brother’s/Sister’s Love
      • Conjugal Love
      • Parent’s Love
      Father’s Love Daughter’s Love Sister’s Love Wife’s Love Mother’s Love True Man True Woman The most important aspect of development is heart and emotion Infant - emotion Child - intellect Youth - will Settlement point of the Four Great Loves
    • The Central Point of First Love 50% of God 50% of God
      • The Sexual Relationship is sacred:
      • under God’s approval and blessing
      • God’s Palace of true love, life and lineage
      • the dwelling place of God
      Woman Man God M F God comes down to the central point where man and woman meet in love for God and each other. The Settlement Point of the Four Great Loves. A man’s sexual love belongs exclusively to his wife and a woman’s sexual love belongs exclusively to her husband. They are the precious gift of God, the source of true love, life and lineage.
    • Unmarried people should be committed to the ideal of unchanging love for their future spouse. Envision the benefits if each country educated its young people that the most precious thing is to keep their love pure for their eternal spouse.
    • No one can entirely shield young people from the impact of TV, movies, concerts and the Internet. Instead we have to educate them to recognize the terrible results of free sex and false love, and the value of true love and good families.
    • As leaders standing in front of God, you can give a positive influence to your nation. Children hope to see their parents as an example of true love . The younger generation want to see leaders who live an exemplary life.
    • Father and Mother Moon have conducted marriage blessings for millions of couples since 1960, including couples from all races, religions and nations, both previously married couples, and newly engaged couples.