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DP & Swedenborg
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DP & Swedenborg


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Divine Principle & Swedenborg. An introduction to the Spiritual World and Eternal Life.

Divine Principle & Swedenborg. An introduction to the Spiritual World and Eternal Life.

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  • v2.8 Sep 2013
    DP=Divine Principle, the New Revelation by korean Sun Myung Moon
  • Source:
  • DP=Divine Principle
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  • Source: The Good Guy
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  • Similar to DP.
  • Source: thegoodguy
  • Nature: Cycle of beauty …seed…stem …flower….pollination…seed… eternal cycle!
  • Ref: In the Spiritual World, every word you speak gives others a true portrait of yourself
  • Ref: In the Spiritual World, every word you speak gives others a true portrait of yourself
  • Ref: In the Spiritual World, every word you speak gives others a true portrait of yourself
  • Ref: The problem with time travel by thegodguy
  • Ref: The problem with time travel by thegodguy
  • Ref: The problem with time travel by thegodguy
  • Ref: The problem with time travel by thegodguy
  • Ref: The problem with time travel by thegodguy
  • Ref: The problem with time travel by thegodguy
  • DP=Divine Principle
  • Source:
  • Måkläppen Birds Paradise southwest Sweden
  • Hell: The Final Frontier
    by thegodguy
  • Aegina Greece 2013
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  • Aegina Greece 2013
  • Aegina Greece 2013
  • Transcript

    • 1. Divine Principle & Emanuel Swedenborg v. 2.8 Introduction
    • 2. Emanuel Swedenborg 1688 –1772
    • 3. When the human body is worn out, it dies. But when the heart stopped beating and lungs stopped heaving, his/her inner self continues immediately his/her life in another existence. He/she is now a spirit and no one on this earth can with their bodily eyes see him/her.
    • 4. He/she has, however, in her new existence left a body that on the dot corresponds to the body he/she had on earth but in other for us unimaginable substance on the nature of Swedenborg himself is uncertain. He/she sees and hears and feels. He/she has the stomach, liver, kidneys, and even bladder and she hungers and thirsts.
    • 5. If the dead shall become alive first on the Day of Judgment? Were, are they then after death, asks Swedenborg. “Is Adam and Eve and all with them hovering in Space? What could be more wailing, lamenting and more difficult than such a wait? Can not their destiny be compared with prisoners, bound with chains and fetter?
    • 6. If man had such a lot after death were it not better to be born a donkey than a Human? Is not the body eaten by worms, rats and fish? ? And could a skeleton, dried out by the sun or decay into dust be introduced in a new body?“ (T § 693) Swedenborg's suggestion about a new life immediately after death is a classy counteroffer. Epic of the Afterlife: a Literary Approach to Swedenborg /Olof Lagercrantz
    • 7. Spiritual light “A Columbus of Spirit World”
    • 8. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a renowned scientist whose spiritual senses were awakened; he began a systematic investigation of the spirit world and discovered many of its secrets. Divine Principle v.96
    • 9. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a renowned scientist whose spiritual senses were awakened; he began a systematic investigation of the spirit world and discovered many of its secrets. Although his research was long ignored by theologians, recently, as increasing numbers of people have communicated with the spirit world, its value is gradually being recognized. Divine Principle v.96
    • 10. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a renowned scientist whose spiritual senses were awakened; he began a systematic investigation of the spirit world and discovered many of its secrets. Although his research was long ignored by theologians, recently, as increasing numbers of people have communicated with the spirit world, its value is gradually being recognized. In these diverse ways, the Abel-type view of life was maturing to form the democratic world of today. Divine Principle v.96
    • 11. Since the satanic side mimics in advance the providence of God, we may expect that God’s providence calls for three stages of revolution to take place in each of the three spheres of religion, politics and economy. Divine Principle v.96
    • 12. Since the satanic side mimics in advance the providence of God, we may expect that God’s providence calls for three stages of revolution to take place in each of the three spheres of religion, politics and economy. In the sphere of religion, the first reformation took place under Martin Luther’s leadership after the first renaissance. Divine Principle v.96
    • 13. Since the satanic side mimics in advance the providence of God, we may expect that God’s providence calls for three stages of revolution to take place in each of the three spheres of religion, politics and economy. In the sphere of religion, the first reformation took place under Martin Luther’s leadership after the first renaissance. A second reformation was launched after the second renaissance by the spiritual movements led by people such as the Wesley brothers, Fox and Swedenborg. From our examination of the progress of history, it is evident that a third reformation will occur following the third renaissance. Indeed, the state of today’s Christianity desperately calls for such a reformation. Divine Principle v.96
    • 14. Emanuel Swedenborg January 29, 1688 – March 29, 1772 was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian and Christian mystic. He termed himself a "Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ”. He said that the Last Judgment had already occurred, in 1757, although only visible in the spiritual world, where he had witnessed it. That Judgment was followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which occurred, not by Christ in person, but by a revelation from Him through the inner, spiritual sense of the Word to Swedenborg. Emanuel Swedenborg 1688 –1772
    • 15. For the remaining 28 years of his life, he wrote and published 18 theological works, of which the best known was Heaven and Hell (1758), and several unpublished theological works. Some followers of Swedenborg believe that, of his theological works, only those which Swedenborg published himself are fully divinely inspired. Emanuel Swedenborg 1688 –1772
    • 16. The Arcana Cœlestia, (Heavenly Mysteries or Secrets of Heaven) is the first and largest work published by Emanuel Swedenborg in his theological period. It was written and published in Neo-Latin, in eight volumes, one volume per year, from 1749 to 1756.
    • 17. It consists of an exposition of the spiritual sense of the books of Genesis and Exodus, according to the doctrine of correspondence (theology), and demonstrated by many supporting quotations from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. While not denying the historicity of the stories of the Patriarchs (Bible) and The Exodus from Egypt, it explains them as describing symbolically the process of spiritual growth and struggles in each individual person
    • 18. • We all come to the Spir World according to our Earthly life • One Physical and one Spiritual body only • One physical life – no reincarnation • ”That man after death is in possession of all their senses and of every memory, thought and feeling that she/he enjoyed in the world and that she/he did not leave nothing left except her/his earthly body. “ /Swedenborg Similarities Divine Principle and Swedenborgs teaching
    • 19. • Trinity – is not true. /Swedenborg God's purpose for creating Adam and Eve was to form a trinity by raising them to be the True Parents of humankind united in harmonious oneness as husband and wife centered on God in a four position foundation. /DP • Faith without action is of no value. Good faith leads to good actions /Swedenborg Since God predestines His Will absolutely, if the person who has been chosen to accomplish His Will fails, God must continue to carry on His providence until its fulfilment, even though it may require Him to choose another person to shoulder the mission. /DP Similarities
    • 20. • We all come to the Spir World according to our Earthly life • One Physical and one Spiritual body • One physical life • ”That man after death is in possession of all their senses and of every memory, thought and feeling that she/he enjoyed in the world and that she/he did not leave nothing left except her/his earthly body. “ /Swedenborg • Trinity is not true Similarities Divine Principle and Swedenborgs teaching
    • 21. Swedenborg worked under the mathematical premise that all concord and harmony come from octaves. Therefore, a mature tree could express a mathematically precise octave through its stages of development from 1) seed, 2) root, 3) stem, 4) branches, 5) leaves, 6) flowers, 7) fruit and back to 8) seed. The Lord’s Prayer also can be articulated by an octave if one knows how!
    • 22. In the human body all process takes place between one organ, tissue, cell and another. Each of these organic units function as a centre of stability between completing processes. In the human mind, ideas and thoughts represent similar centres of stability for mental forces gravitating towards some decision and conclusion in action.
    • 23. Swedenborg’s “Circle of Life”
    • 24. Within nature, a seed has both predictive and explanatory powers as to its future trajectory and development. Amazingly, scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg discovered this same patterning principle and series operating in the human intellect and in the narratives of the Bible! The steps in each series of successive and simultaneous events always move towards a common equilibrium whereby the beginning is reclaimed in the final step. A seed has all the successive steps of its future fulfillment simultaneously built in. In the human intellect, ideas are just like seeds.
    • 25. • Personal salvation • One saviour - Jesus • Second Coming = New Truth through Swedenborg • Jesus is God Differences • Family salvation • Two Saviours – True Parents • Salvation both Physical & Spiritual • Children born without orig. sin • Physical Second Coming born on Earth • Continued revelation = Divine Principle, Biography, CheonSyeongGeong, 1000 and more Volumes • Jesus and God 2 separate Holy Sinless personalities – God incarnated in Jesus
    • 26. • Angels are human spirits Differences According to Emanuel Swedenborg, angels are simply good people who have lived in the physical world previously. Angels are not a separate or superior race of beings. Wings, according to Swedenborg correspond to (symbolize) spiritual power. And the word angel means messenger. • Angels are separate from man created as only spiritual beings. “Man reaches perfection only after having acquired the ability to rule the rest of creation, including the angels” /DP73
    • 27. Prof. Young Oon Kim
    • 28. Often people ask how I was able to accept the Divine Principle. There were several contributing factors. One of them is because I was greatly influenced by the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg and still treasure them deeply because they have continued to have lasting value in my spiritual life.
    • 29. According to Swedenborg, there is a correspondence between what takes place on earth and what occurs in the other world.
    • 30. A. The Invisible Substantial World and the Visible Substantial World HS SS body mind God person invisible substantial world (spirit world) subject visible substantial world (physical world) object – perceived through 5 spiritual senses – perceived through 5 physical senses
    • 31. B. The mediator and the center of harmony of the cosmos spirit world physical world spirit self physical self
    • 32. 2. The Realms of Indirect and Direct Dominion of God autonomy and governance of the Principle * + human portion of responsibility * all things all things Godsymbol human beings human beings image Realm of God’s direct dominion love beauty God beautylove Realm of God’s indirect dominion or realm of dominion based on accomp- lishments through the Principle Growingperiod(night) Completion stage Growth stage Formation stage (morning) (evening)
    • 33. Because Swedenborg is best remembered for his claims to direct knowledge of the afterlife, he has been criticized or ignored by most Christians. Yet the fact is that his theological system has considerable merit simply on the basis of its reasonableness and moral worth, quite apart from the controversial question of his reliability as an expert on parapsychological phenomena.
    • 34. God is made up of His deity (the Father), His incarnation (the Son) and His operation (the Holy Spirit or Divine Truth). Hence, instead of three distinct persons there is one person with three characteristics. He believed that Jesus Christ was God made flesh, the Divine Human.
    • 35. For me, Divine Principle's idea of the polarity in God sounded like Swedenborg's idea of God's dual essentialities: divine wisdom and divine love. Since man is a representative image of wisdom and woman is a representative image of love, there is need for them to have a reciprocal relationship. Isn't this like our Unification theologies emphasis upon the polarity of man and woman and the need for give and receive? Doctrine of God
    • 36. There are two worlds, the spiritual and the natural. These are distinct, yet similar. Spirit world has trees, mountains, cities and societies, just as does the natural world. The only difference is that each thing in one world is spiritual which is natural in the other world. Creation and Providence
    • 37. Why did God create the world? Its universal purpose is that there might be an eternal conjunction of the Creator and the creation. He wants men to be His habitations, so every created thing is finally designed for the sake of man. Creation is in continual progression toward an ultimate end. God seeks men to elevate themselves to their Creator and conjoin themselves with Him. Creation and Providence
    • 38. For Swedenborg, Providence works to save all men, whether they are Christian or not. Everyone who lives by the principles of the Ten Commandments is saved. Even if some are totally ignorant of God yet live a charitable life, they are instructed by spirits after death and receive a spiritual principle into their moral life in heaven. Creation and Providence
    • 39. Or in the case of Islam, that faith was raised up by providence in order to destroy idolatry and give some knowledge of the Lord before Muslims should come into the spirit world, Swedenborg claims. Creation and Providence
    • 40. The Lord's kingdom on earth then consists of all good men. As for the church, it serves as mankind's heart and lungs. Those who are not Christians by profession are therefore like the parts of the body kept alive by the heart and lungs. Creation and Providence
    • 41. In history the Church has taken 4 successive forms: 1. the Most Ancient Church from Adam to the flood, 2. the Ancient from Noah to Moses, 3. the Israelites from the revelation of Mt. Sinai to the coming of Jesus, and 4. the Christian church, which will last until the second coming of the Lord. Creation and Providence
    • 42. Jesus inherited hereditary evil from his mother but he was free of the more internal hereditary sin which comes from the father because his father was God. Since he was born of Mary, Jesus had infirmities and temptations like any other man. Gradually, however, Jesus put off everything human in his nature until nothing remained of what be had derived from his mother. Christology
    • 43. By overcoming numerous temptations, he achieved glorification or complete union with God. His whole life had been a continual temptation. From his childhood until his death be was assaulted by evils and conquered them. He fought against all the forces of hell and subdued them entirely, Swedenborg claims. Christology
    • 44. He established order in the heavens. And he prepared for a new spiritual church. However, he did not redeem the world by his blood, as popularly thought. He saves men only because of the powers of his life, lived according to the precepts of faith and charity. Christology
    • 45. Jesus' physical body was not resurrected. By overcoming the last trial -the crucifixion- Jesus was completely glorified. He "made the very corporeal in Himself Divine." That is, he no longer had a human body like ours. Christology
    • 46. Swedenborg also denies the Pharisaic idea that all men will be physically resurrected at the last day. (DP same view) Actually, every man rises again immediately after death. He thinks he still has his body, exactly as it was on earth. Christology
    • 47. Swedenborg denied the ideas of predestination and justification by faith alone. Salvation requires actions on man's part and cannot be granted as a free gift from Christ. To enter heaven a man has to exhibit charity, piety, the desire for a new life and exercise the free faculty of doing good. Christology
    • 48. According to Swedenborg literalistic method of Bible reading obscures the real message of the Bible. If the Word is divine, it must have a spiritual meaning. As God reveals Himself in 3 ways and there are 3 heavens corresponding to these, so in Scripture one can find celestial, spiritual and natural meanings. The literal sense is the foundation for the higher interpretations but is the least important. Doctrine of the Scriptures
    • 49. In Swedenborg's opinion his major work was to prepare a detailed explanation of the hitherto concealed spiritual and celestial meaning of the Bible. Doctrine of the Scriptures
    • 50. For Swedenborg the Last Judgment refers to two distinct events: 1)the immediate judgment of each soul at death and 2)the end of a church. Last Days
    • 51. The Adamic Church fell because of its sensuality, lusts, and corporeality, Swedenborg declared. So the delight of good which God intends becomes man's delight in evil. Hell originated from man's love of self and the world. Last Days
    • 52. According to Swedenborg there is no one devil called Satan… (wrong according to DP) but myriads of self-centred men in this world who opposed the Divine and became devilish spirits when they died. The Lord does not cast anyone into hell. He never turns His face from man, becomes angry with no one and damns not a single soul, because He is goodness, Love and mercy. As man causes his own evil he makes his own hell. Last Days
    • 53. Completely evil spirits have no conscience. They suffer in hell simply because they lack the power to do as much evil as they desire. Demonic spirits punish each other in their efforts to dominate. Last Days
    • 54. Nevertheless God does not allow sinning to run unchecked. For example, evil spirits are restrained from becoming worse. Last Days
    • 55. That is, they are not allowed to go beyond the level of wickedness reached in their earthly existence. Furthermore, when evil becomes so all-pervasive that it threatens the balance between heaven and hell, the Lord founds a new church to restore the cosmic order. Last Days
    • 56. So the doctrine of the last judgment – in Swedenborg's view – does not mean that heaven and earth will perish. (same as DP view) Instead it means that a new church will appear both in heaven and on earth to carry out the Lord's purpose. Last Days
    • 57. According to Swedenborg the human race will continue for all eternity because it is the basis upon which heaven is founded. Also, the doctrine of correspondences implies that men must live forever. Last Days
    • 58. There is a mutual and reciprocal conjunction between man and angels. No angel subsists without man and no man can exist without a spirit or angel. (For Swedenborg angels = humans who passed over) Last Days
    • 59. Men and women are inclined for "conjunction into one" as part of God's plan for creation. However, there are two kinds of marriage: the natural or biological kind and the spiritual. Swedenborg stresses the significance of the higher type. Heavenly Matrimony
    • 60. The male represents the wisdom of love and the female symbolises the love of wisdom. When earthly marriages come from love of Goodness and truth, the kingdom of the Lord on earth corresponds to His kingdom in heaven. Marriage originates with God, fills humans with heavenly love and makes them in the image of the Lord. Heavenly Matrimony
    • 61. Sexual love belongs to the natural man and conjugal love to the spiritual man. Higher than the biological desires is conjugal love, which cements internal relationships and provides spiritual satisfactions. Heavenly Matrimony
    • 62. “There (in Spiritual World), the two remain male and female as to form, and become one angel as to their soul. As a couple they live a life of useful service in the Lord's Heavenly Kingdom, which is perfected to eternity. If a person dies unmarried he or she will find a spouse in heaven.” /Swedenborg Swedenborg
    • 63. Swedenborg points out that even angels (Angels = humans who passed over) are sexual. Thus, there are marriages in heaven corresponding to those on earth. Heavenly marriage refers to the happy union of male understanding and female will. In heaven a married couple become so interrelated that they are called one angel rather than two. Heavenly Matrimony
    • 64. The union of husband and wife in heaven does not produce more offspring but rather procreation of more love and truth. According to Swedenborg, conjugal love is the highest kind of relationship because it expands the innermost things of both mind and body. Heavenly Matrimony
    • 65. In heaven there is no domination of one partner by the other. Husband and wife experience the joy of mutual sharing, and delights exceed all others. Thus, genuine conjugal love is an image of heaven. Heavenly Matrimony
    • 66. All he believed and all he wrote were outward signs of his genuine love for God and fellow men or his personal kindness and basic goodness. Summing up his life and thought are two brief sentences taken from his exposition of the Book of Revelation: "Worship does not consist in prayers and in outward devotion, but in a life of charity. The primary part of worship is a life of charity, and its secondary is praying.” Summary
    • 67. My Encounter with Reverend Moon: His Teaching and Person I found several elements in the teachings of Reverend Moon striking. See 12 points. Source:
    • 68. 1. I found the Divine Principle's concept of God more illuminating and dynamic., very personal, yet not anthropomorphic. For Reverend Moon, God is a Being of infinite love, longing for passionate human response and absolute loyalty. Instead of seeing God as purely masculine, he believes God is our Father/Mother Creator, uniting the male and female essences in perfect balance.
    • 69. 2. Divine Principle reveals clearly the reality and nature of Satan. In this materialistic age, many do not recognize the existence of Satan. However, Reverend Moon has specific knowledge about him, his origin, nature purpose, tricks, and scheming, as well as his final destiny. Knowing this he is able to subjugate Satan. Thus the cause of cosmic tragedy for God and man is revealed and its resolution made possible. This I realized, was crucial information.
    • 70. 3. Divine Principle harmonizes the ageold controversies of Christology. Christology revolves around some perplexing problems.. Jesus' incarnation, his divine/human nature, the virgin birth, the Trinity, the resurrection, the atonement, and the redemptive work of Christ.
    • 71. 3. Contin. As the Jews taught, the Messiah will be a man chosen by God, one born like any other human being. There is no need for a virgin birth. While in his physical body Jesus had both human and divine natures. When he entered the spirit world he discarded his physical nature and became more fully divine. However, God alone is eternally infinite; Jesus is finite and dependent on God.
    • 72. 3. Contin. According to Reverend Moon, Jesus' original mission was to establish the kingdom of God. His opponents had him killed before his work was finished. It was not Jesus' wish to drink the cup of martyrdom. On the contrary, he wanted to fulfill his God.given mission. The crucifixion was neither his choice nor God's will.
    • 73. 4. The Holy Spirit is not a third person of the Godhead but God's redemptive activity in diverse forms. The Trinity may refer to their three functions, but there are not three Gods.
    • 74. 5. Jesus is not coming on the clouds in a Second Advent. The Second Advent will be realized through another incarnation of divine truth. As Jesus was a human being, the Lord of the Second Advent must be another human being, proclaiming and establishing the kingdom of God on earth. He will fulfil the task Jesus had initiated and left incomplete.
    • 75. 6. The concept of salvation varies greatly from religion to religion. But all this is the theological overlay of centuries. Jesus Christ required his hearers only to listen to his words and join him in building the kingdom of God. Reverend Moon's requirements are the same: to study his teachings and join him in forming the kingdom of heaven on earth.
    • 76. 7. With what authority can Reverend Moon ask us to listen to his words and follow him? He has paid historical indemnity for the sins of Adam and Eve and their successors. He is also fulfilling the restoration on the cosmic levels, from the individual and family levels all the way to the universal level. For his accomplishments, he has secured the absolute approval of God Himself, together with Satan's confession and acknowledgment.
    • 77. 8. God is a God of heart and love, the intrinsic desire of heart and love is to feel joy. To be, as a couple, His most intimate, object for His eternal love. The Almighty Creator needs a tangible human companion. God wanted to direct His vital and infinite love toward man and woman and receive in return their most grateful response. Our universe was created for God to experience ultimate joy by loving give and take with true man and woman, without whom He must remain lonely and unfulfilled.
    • 78. 9. For Reverend Moon, the realization of the purpose of creation is the goal of history -- which must be absolutely fulfilled by the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth, as Jesus proclaimed. Individual salvation and happiness here and hereafter are inextricably related to this larger providence. This view of the the world immediately magnifies one's view of life.
    • 79. 10. Those of us who follow Reverend Moon call him Father because he has fulfilled the role of the Third Adam, becoming the embodiment of God, the Infinite Spirit.
    • 80. 10. If the first Adam had not fallen he would have * received God's blessing in marriage with Eve. They would have become the True Parents of humanity. Then the coming of Jesus would have been unnecessary.
    • 81. 10 If Jesus, the Second Adam, had married a bride and established God's kingdom on earth, they would have become the True Parents of Humanity. Then the Second Advent would have been unnecessary.
    • 82. 11. Also Reverend Moon knows the spirit world and afterlife very well. I knew that the eighteenth century spiritual seer, Emanuel Swedenborg, had given detailed information about such things. Reverend Moon is even more accurate, reflecting the current situation. Naturally he corrects some points in Swedenborg's writings.
    • 83. 12. Time and again Reverend Moon emphasizes the heart of God: "You must approach God with an open heart and listen with your heart when God speaks." Other religions and theologies greatly value the devotional life, the loving heart and feeling of utter dependence, spiritual ecstasy, joyful affection for God, enthusiastic witnessing, and sympathetic identification with Jesus' suffering, with all of which Reverend Moon completely agrees. But he goes much beyond.
    • 84. Sun Myung Moon 1950s
    • 85. According to Swedenborg, the seven days of the week symbolized the seven states or successive steps that humans had to go through for spiritual transformation. He also claimed that the seven-day creation story in Genesis symbolized this precise innerspiritual process. Source: The Good guy
    • 86. “Friday” or fifth day of the week represented the stage in spiritual development where God is multiplying the goodness of a person’s heart and mind. But this stage is only reached after a person discovers that goodness only comes from the Lord God, and, has begun the inner combat of struggling against one’s innate negative compulsions.
    • 87. This new assessment of one’s inner flaws (compared to God) can be considered as “bad luck” to those who find such sincere self-revelation as personally painful and upsetting to one’s false self-image This assessment has further credibility since the number “13” (“3” or “holiness” and “10” or “God’s full influence”) symbolized the beginning of spiritual temptation and purification (which God uses to get an individual to acknowledge, then resist, one’s ignoble leanings and character faults).
    • 88. Finally, Friday the 13th usually has us going into the day with a certain amount of increased vigilance and watchfulness so that something unexpectedly bad doesn’t happen to us. Symbolically speaking, a similar vigilance should take place within our inner spirit where we should keep watch of negative or hurtful intentions from causing bad things to happen to our souls. So keep watch in both worlds! /thegodguy /EDWARD F. SYLVIA, M.T.S. Philosopher/Theologian
    • 89. Artist Benny Andersson
    • 90. “Nature is in minor key.” by thegodguy On my recent visit to Sedona, Arizona, I attended a musical demonstration of flute music by Native American, Wolfs Robe. He is a flute musician, flute historian and flute maker of the authentic native instruments. He is one of only six Native Americans qualified to carry on this art. All the traditional and original Indian flutes played in minor key.
    • 91. When a woman in the audience asked why this was, he responded by saying, “because, nature is in minor key.” Having studied the ideas of Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff, I am quite partial towards indigenous cultures, and their wisdom traditions. So I pondered his statement a bit.
    • 92. Anyone familiar with musical theory will tell you that the minor key is more suitable for quiet contemplation while the major key is more “flashy” and, “in your face.” Nature certainly offers an environment conducive to quiet meditation, while 42nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan plays more like a major key.
    • 93. Swedenborg and Gurdjieff suggested that ancient music was originally objective. Swedenborg insisted that humankind once possessed an angelic knowledge of art that transcended any art known today. This ancient art produced precise theological effects on the higher functions of the human mind, which now are mostly dormant. Gurdjieff made similar comments.
    • 94. quote made by Swedenborg, as a young man, concerning genuine art: “That is not art which reaches its effect by chance.“ /EDWARD F. SYLVIA, M.T.S. Philosopher/Theologian
    • 95. Does your Astral Body stink? By thegodguy The strange word formulation, above, was uttered by George Gurdjieff, but it could have been said by Emanuel Swedenborg, as well. Both men were concerned about humankind’s inner (or spiritual) development. Humans, if they ignore their spiritual responsibilities, will literally give off a foul-smelling sphere in the “other” (or spiritual) world.
    • 96. This “smelly sphere” represents the inner quality of one’s heart and mind, which becomes organized into a real body for the soul. (The human form is ultimately the reflection and organization of all one’s loves.) Gurdjieff called the rarefied (magnetic) blood, which constructs this higher bio-organization (like the Astral or preliminary spiritual body), Hanbledzoin, while Swedenborg called it the Animal Spirit.
    • 97. During the process of genuine spiritual transformation and regeneration, it is this inner blood that gets purified (Swedenborg: Divine Love & Wisdom, p 423). This higher blood, in turn, purifies the lower, corporeal (red) blood. During the organic processes of life this higher, magnetic blood, gives off and eliminates its dregs through perspiration and is connected to our sweat glands. I predict that someday we will develop the technology to measure this bio-cleansing process and, from subtle odors released, determine whether we are spiritually evolving or just fooling others through pretense.
    • 98. Haverdal Sweden
    • 99. My babies are nuts by thegodguy From an elevated and spiritual point of view, nuts (which are large seeds) symbolize intellectual ideas that are of extra value and big enough to feed and sustain the mind. I have learned that the human mind and its memory are like a field, and, various principles (like seeds) will take root in the soil or quality of this mental ground. In fact, a growing tree represents all the same steps that a growing intellect goes through.
    • 100. That is why we can easily exchange botanical terms for mental functions. For instance, the ideas of the human mind take root, branch out, flower,produce fruit, and create new ideas (seeds) to take root or be planted in another person’s mind (one’s psychoscape). Therefore, the visible world of nature can enlighten us as to the nature of the invisible world of the spirit—if we know how to decode it. According to scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, Holy Scripture makes use of this same kind of symbolic language (he called it correspondences
    • 101. As an example, the Garden of Eden in Genesis represents the beautiful quality of noble thoughts and affections of humans who allowed God to plant heavenly ideas into the inner landscapes of their souls. Such an inner paradise of the human heart and mind leads to true and eternal happiness.
    • 102. Language in Spiritual World Source: The Good guy
    • 103. All speech (no matter what the language) has its origins in the ideas and emotions of our intellect and heart. In the spiritual world—which is closer to the origins of our being and mind—individuals communicate their ideas and affections directly to others (forgoing terrestrial words). Source: The Good guy
    • 104. Since these ideas and feelings make up a person’s inner reality, they present an elevated language that provides a perfect picture to others of the quality of that person’s very soul. Source: The Good guy
    • 105. Time Source: The Good guy
    • 106. Ezekiel's Vision interpreted as the Old and New Testaments by Fra Angelico (1455 AD)
    • 107. • Time is cyclic (periodic) because all process in the universe travels in repeating patterns. Within these patterns are distinct and smaller units of periodic process (like Ezekiel’s vision of wheels within wheels). Therefore, time is layered and operates on different scales. • That is why everything in the universe is unified, and has order and orientation. From the Swedenborgian EDWARD F. SYLVIA, M.T.S. Philosopher/Theologian
    • 108. Compare with DP view of Time and Providence
    • 109. • Einstein was one of the first modern thinkers to believe that time was a part of the very fabric of physical reality. He was basically correct. • But where his theory jumped the tracks is that spacetime was not continuous—like a linear sheet of paper or a membrane.
    • 110. • Because time is the result of God’s influence in the world, all time finds its successive moments leading to some cosmic result—that is, some utility. The universe is nothing but process finding form in uses. Time cannot manifest outside this cosmic law—which promotes interdependence through utility.
    • 111. • To go backwards in time would mean to thwart God’s unifying activity and the directionality of Divine Providence. Comment: Judas Iscariot and the Pharicees thwarted Gods providence by betraying and crucifying Jesus the Messiah, 2000 years ago. A potential KoH postponed another 2000 years until today.
    • 112. • To move into the future, one would have to jump ahead of God’s creative activity and providence — which means that you would have to know where God is taking the world and be able to do God’s Will all by yourself! Comment: By paying indemnity, the possibility of moving the providence forward, is possible. Problem is sinful Man can not be reached by Gods direct guidance until he/she is in the direct dominion of God. Meaning The Blessing must have been given by the sinless Messiah. end
    • 113. Compare with DP view of Time and Providence
    • 114. Columbus, Einstein and Swedenborg
    • 115. All three men mentioned above were famous pioneers. Christopher Columbus, as well as other 15th and 16th century explorers challenged the idea that the world was flat. However, even proving the terrestrial earth was round preserved it as a continuous plane.
    • 116. Centuries later, Albert Einstein expanded this idea of continuous structure and curvature to spacetime. Although spacetime was curved it still represented a continuous plane—called thespacetime continuum. Spacetime could stretch and warp but it seemed unable to create a quantum entity (matter). This problem still perplexes scientists.
    • 117. In between the lives of these two great explorers (1688-1772) lived the amazing scientist/theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg. He developed a cosmology in which spacetime consisted of distinct inner levels of structure and substances with less limitations on their geometry and action.
    • 118. This “sandwiching” of reality (in which limitations are lawfully removed within process) made discrete leaps, like a ladder, all the way to God, Divine Love and the non-material structure of the Spiritual World!
    • 119. Theology aside, Swedenborg’s model of reality (discrete degrees) is needed by contemporary physicists in order to rationally merge Einstein’s relativity theory with quantum mechanics, in which gravity is described in terms of non-continuous quantum units. This makes Swedenborg’s contributions truly unique within the history of human ideas!
    • 120. Swedenborg was a legitimate academic and scholar. His multi-leveled model of reality had both explanatory and predictive powers since the discrete levels of structure making up the cosmos corresponded to each other (a mimetic analog which requires mathematical precision).
    • 121. In this way all the physical processes found in the natural world are an image and likeness of the non-physical processes operating in heaven; Swedenborg found a way to keep the laws operating on these distinct levels self-consistent!
    • 122. Again, these constants of law could also be applied to spiritual revelation. Swedenborg even went on to provide ponderous evidence that this cosmic template of universal order is secretly hidden within the sacred architecture of the Bible narratives.
    • 123. One of the unique benefits of grasping such a multi-faceted doctrine of divine reality is that God can reveal deeper theological mysteries while also solving deep scientific mysteries. (Successful evolution even requires humankind to elevate their minds towards receiving such new discoveries of unity.)
    • 124. Swedenborg learned that two essential and divine influences emanated from the Creator—love and wisdom. He described love as psycho-spiritualwarmth and wisdom as spiritual light. These two influences warm the hearts of angels in heaven and enlighten their minds. In fact, Swedenborg maintained that angels perceive these two influences as coming from a Spiritual Sun— the supreme abode of God’s Holy existence.
    • 125. Hell: The Final Frontier
    • 126. Swedenborg discovered that the men and women of this terrestrial earth are inwardly connected (heart and mind) to the influences of each realm. Influences from those who have their abodes in heaven love the Lord God and the neighbor, while those who exist in Hell have a burning hatred and contempt for God and for others. These two realms inflow into the hearts and minds of those still living on earth and fight a “turf war” over this psychical ground of the soul.
    • 127. Heavenly goodness only flows in and takes root in our hearts and minds to the degree that we self-examine our lives, find specific faults and succeed (with God’s help) in resisting these character flaws. This inner turf of the human heart and mind determines what our spiritual environment (inner reality) will ultimately consist of. The final battle of Armageddon actually takes place on this interior battleground!
    • 128. Swedenborg’s scientific investigations included an in-depth study of the brain and the brain cells (neurons). He suggested that the neuron had deeper substrates of structure. It is only recently that some modern neuroscientists are looking for deeper structures in the neuron to account for higher reasoning and abstract thought. These brave brain scientists (including the famous physicist/mathematician Roger Penrose) suspect that microfilaments or microtubules represent a nervous system within the neuron itself!
    • 129. Swedenborg claimed that these deeper substrates of brain design take on geometries that become more invisible, because such deeper structures successively remove themselves from the constraints of physical law and action. In each case, brain function jumps to a discrete level of activity representing a new analysis of infinity Each level of brain activity also represents one’s quality and type of worship (we worship what we love). /The Good Guy
    • 130. Take up your Cross! In the same way that the Lord was scourged and suffered crucifixion, we too, must put ourselves in a similar negative position. This is done (spiritually) by searching out our own character flaws and praying to the Lord for the power to resist such negative influences. (This is the real meaning behind “carrying one’s cross.”) In other words, spiritual combat is a fight against ourselves.
    • 131. Swedenborg is saying in his work True Christianity (Vol. 2, chapters 7 – 10). Genuine spiritual love can only be obtained through innocence. And innocence can only be obtained by sincere self-examination. And self-examination can only be obtained by waking up. And finally, being inwardly awake can only be obtained when we become de-hypnotized. Otherwise, our love will always be spoiled and worldly. Source: thegodguy
    • 132. Sperm and one’s spiritual quality Sperm is more than “cum.” Scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg stated that human male sperm contains real spiritual substances within it. These spiritual substances represent the deepest qualities of a male’s heart and mind.
    • 133. Therefore, if a male individual decides to undergo spiritual transformation, it seems logical that this change would be reflected within the innermost structure of his sperm. After all, some more noble active principle, or seed, must be implanted from his understanding into a matrix consisting of an equally noble new species of love in his heart (will) for a man to genuinely change for the better. What about women? Well, Swedenborg tells us that they were created not to simply love their own subjective views but to love those views in some other man. /thegodguy
    • 134. Emanuel Swedenborg 1997 • God said that even though man's ability is limited, the power of the Holy Spirit is infinite. Swedenborg was one who thought the power of God more precious than human ability. • He is staying in a good place that is close to Paradise. • When I entered the room, Swedenborg greeted me with a bright smile and face. It was a very good feeling. Dr Lee In Spiritual World
    • 135. Emanuel Swedenborg 1997 • Because he lived communicating with God for a long time, even when he came to the spirit world, his spiritual eyes shone very brightly. • People who are attending him also had bright faces and humble minds. However, because they don't know True Parents' thought and the Blessing, I came to think that before True Father comes to this world, I would witness to them by giving lectures as soon as possible. Dr Lee In Spiritual World
    • 136. Messages from the Spirit World Emanuel Swedenborg 2001.10. 3 "Truth that theologically and philosophically shows the basis of spiritual phenomena." I experienced spirit world while I was still on the earth. I experienced the real God in several ways while I was on the earth. That's why I have never doubted the existence of spirit world.
    • 137. Messages from the Spirit World Emanuel Swedenborg 2001.10. 3 There was no basis in experience, logic or the invisible world for what I wrote and left as books on the earth. It was only a deduction of what might be. Also an extremely small part of it was written down. But Divine Principle and Unification Thought are explaining spirit world philosophically, theologically, historically and with detailed accuracy based on the purpose of creation.
    • 138. Messages from the Spirit World Emanuel Swedenborg 2001.10. 3 Because most people can't realize the truth, they can't escape from the eternal thorns of hell. The lecturers here understand God's mind and practice. And I know who is the hero of Divine Principle, who is Reverend Moon.
    • 139. Words of True Father SMM
    • 140. Humankind has moved out of the authority of the era of restoration through indemnity (1996), thanks to the grace of True Parents who have suffered hardships through which they sweat blood.
    • 141. Humankind has moved out of the authority of the era of restoration through indemnity (1996), thanks to the grace of True Parents who have suffered hardships through which they sweat blood. We all have the responsibility to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world in which God can dwell, from the authority of hell. Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what kind of era is dawning? The reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious authority centerd on God and True Parents shall be eternal. /SMM January 8 -- 15, 2012
    • 142. Humankind has moved out of the authority of the era of restoration through indemnity (1996), thanks to the grace of True Parents who have suffered hardships through which they sweat blood. We all have the responsibility to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world in which God can dwell, from the authority of hell. Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what kind of era is dawning? The reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious authority centerd on God and True Parents shall be eternal. /SMM January 8 -- 15, 2012 "Even if I go to hell, I would be kicked out from there since I tell the truth. In heaven, I do the same and would be kicked out too and go to a higher place.“ /SMM June 2012
    • 143. Remember the Beauty in Nature is there to Inspire the Pure and Holy inside us all! Have a great Blessed week. Prepared for 2nd gen inspiration by Bengt de Paulis.