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Introduction to Divine Principle and historical concept of Cain Abel.

Summary: The one who is more public-minded is Abel.
Abel begins with thinking not about himself, but about God.
Never Command Cain!

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  • v 3.1 Apr 2016 Finland
    DP=Divine Principle, the New Revelation by korean Sun Myung Moon, 1920-2012.http://www.unification.net/dp73/
    50/50: Both Abel 50% and Cain 50% have the responsibility of uniting in Love=100%
  • As we learned in the workshop, the principle as the truth has been revealed historically as follows: Original copy of the Divine Principle (May 10, 1952), Explanation of the Divine Principle (Aug. 15, 1957), Exposition of the Divine Principle (May 1, 1966) and Original Divine Principle started to be educated (Oct. 10, 2008). Exceptionally there has not been any new book published for ODP besides the lecture notes. When you see them, you realize they are the contents of the principle detailed by the ideas of the Unification thought and some of Father's words, which, accordingly, would leave some members confused in thinking the workshop seems based on lectures that explore a deeper level of the Principle.
  • But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect.
    Only reason according to DP, was because this was a condition
    of separating the first fallen act, the spiritual fall
    and creating the foundation of substance for the Messiah.
  • Foundation of Substance = Human rel.ships is the key to understand why it took so long for the Messiah to finally come.1. THE FIRST WORLDWIDE COURSE OF RESTORATION INTO CANAAN
    Failure: John the Baptist fails to recognize he was the fulfillment of the Coming of Elijah!
  • Foundation of Substance = Human rel.ships is the key to understand why it took so long for the Messiah to finally come.
    2. THE SECOND COURSE OF RESTORATION INTO CANAAN ON THE WORLDWIDE LEVEL Jesus Succeeds the Mission of John the Baptist Failure of the Scribes to recognize Jesus as Messiah
  • Foundation of Substance = Human rel.ships is the key to understand why it took so long for the Messiah to finally come.3. THE THIRD COURSE OF THE WORLDWIDE RESTORATION OF CANAAN
    The Course of the Spiritual Restoration of Canaan, Centering on Jesus
  • Source:
  • Foundation of Substance = Human rel.ships is the key to understand why it took so long for the Messiah to finally come.
  • Foundation of Substance = Human rel.ships is the key to understand why it took so long for the Messiah to finally come.
  • East of Eden is a 1955 film, directed by Elia Kazan, and loosely based on the second half of the novel of the same name by John Steinbeck. It is about a wayward young man who, while seeking his own identity, vies for the affection of his deeply religious father against his favored brother, thus retelling the story of Cain and Abel.
    The film stars Julie Harris, James Dean (in his first major screen role), and Raymond Massey. It also features Burl Ives, Richard Davalos and Jo Van Fleet, and was adapted by Paul Osborn and John Steinbeck
  •  There is also a Biblical record saying that God loved the second son Jacob and hated the first son Esau while they were still in their mother's womb (Gen 25:23). This is because only the distinction of being the first-born or the second justified their respective positions of Cain and Abel. In the case of Jacob's blessing of his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, he blessed them by crossing his hands to lay the right hand on the head of Ephraim, the younger son, to whom he wanted to give priority (Gen. 48:14). This, too, is because Ephraim was in the position of Abel. According to this principle, God had Abel and Cain offer sacrifices, having set them up respectively in the positions where each could deal with only one master, either God or Satan (Gen. 4:3-5).
  • Source:
  • What happens when one comes across sources that the authors were naturally unaware of but whose inclusion gives a more “Principled” explanation than the one in the book? I realised that the Divine Principle books are “expositions” or “applications” of the Principle but not the Principle itself and that one should search for and integrate sources other than the Bible which give a fuller and more complete explanation. One of these is the Talmud, another the Qur’an and its commentaries. Of course one has to be very discerning, sifting through the material, listening to one’s heart and soul, praying and seeing what fits.
  • NY Times sept 2012.
  • http://www.tparents.org/moon-talks/sunmyungmoon97/970102.htm
  • Source: iUnificationist Meeting House
    29 Sep 2012
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  • http://www.messagesfromspiritworld.info/Lucifer/05.html#998960
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  • Source: Peace King
    Essay on the life and work of
    Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon
  • Source:
    Dr. Gordon L. Anderson (UTS Class of 1978) is the President ofParagon House, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on World Peace, and Adjunct Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He earned an M.Div. in Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion from Claremont Graduate University.
  • DP73: “Everyone, without exception, is struggling to gain happiness. The first step in attaining this goal is to overcome present unhappiness. From small individual affairs to history-making global events, everything is an expression of human lives, which are constantly striving to become happier”Replacing one corrupt leader or regime with another does not solve the root problem of Fall of Man = Root of Sins.
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • Nashville USA Bothanical Garden
  • From Hyung Jin Nims Lecturehttps://vimeo.com/56883978
  • DP & Cain Abel

    1. 1. Cain & Abel 50/50 Responsibility Respons- Ability Blake v 3.1
    2. 2. Short Vocabulary: CSG = Cheon Seong Gyeong, Holy Textbook CIG = Cheon Il Guk, Two persons become one, KoH CP = Cheong Pyeong, Spir. training ground Korea DP = Divine Principle, v1973 EDP = Divine Principle, v1996 ODP = Original Divine Principle, 2008 KoH = Kingdom of Heaven LSA = Lord of Second Advent OT = Old Testament NT = New Testament CT = Completed Testament TF = True Father, SMM = Sun Myung Moon TM = True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon UC = Unification Church See also extended Vocabulary: http://www.slideshare.net/bdp003/vocabulary-uc
    3. 3. Vocabulary: • SMM,TF = Sun Myung Moon, True Father TM = True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon TP = True Parents, Sun Myung Moon & Hak Ja Han Moon
    4. 4. The first Cain Abel relationship was between Lucifer and Adam said Father. /Prof. Oh 2012 …the principle of Cain and Abel is the fundamental principle of the cosmos and so it is my patent. If one understands this principle, that means they understand 70 % of the secret of the cosmos. All the relationships in the cosmos are based on the principle of Cain and Abel. /SunMyungMoon 2011
    5. 5. Book of Genesis: Chapter 4:1 thru 4:16 4:2 And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. 4:3 And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD. 4:4 And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering: OT
    6. 6. Book of Genesis: Chapter 4:1 thru 4:16 4:5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell. 4:6 And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? 4:7 If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. 4:8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. OT
    7. 7. Jesus: “I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” /Matthew 5:44-45 Jesus clearly knew the law of Cain-Abel relationships/restoration (Lucifer/Cain being jealous of Adam/Abel) that started directly after the Fall of Man! And can only be restored through True Love under free will submission. NT
    8. 8. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/S F/M Foundation for Messiah 1st Course I. John the B. –Elijah Jesus II. John the B. – Scribes-Rabbies III. Jesus – the People NT
    9. 9. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/S F/M Foundation for Messiah 2nd Course John the B. –Elijah Jesus fasting 40 days John the B. – Scribes-Priests Jesus – the People NT
    10. 10. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/S F/M Foundation for Messiah 3rd Course - only Spiritual John the B. –Elijah Jesus John the B. – Scribes-Priests Jesus – the People NT
    11. 11. Then who, between Cain and Abel, the sons of the same father, is supposed to stand in the position to deal with God as the representation of good, and who is to stand in the position to deal with Satan as the representation of evil? Both Cain and Abel were the fruit of Eve's fall. Consequently, this question was to be decided according to the course of the fall of Eve, who was the origin of the fall. DP73
    12. 12. Eve's fall consisted of two kinds of illicit love affairs. The first one was the spiritual fall through love with the archangel. The second was the physical fall through love with Adam. Both are, of course, the same in that they are fallen actions. However, when we want to decide which is more aligned with the Principle and more forgivable, we must say that the second act is more so than the first. DP73
    13. 13. This is because the second act of the fall was that in which Eve had intercourse with Adam, who was going to be her spouse in the Principle, out of her desire to go back to God's side after realizing the illicit nature of the relationship with the archangel DP73
    14. 14. The first act of the fall was that in which she had the relationship with the archangel, who was not her spouse in the Principle, out of the excessive desire to enjoy what it was not yet time for her to enjoy; that is, to become like God, with her eyes opened (Gen. 3:5). DP73
    15. 15. Cain, being the fruit of the first love, was placed in the position to deal with Satan, as the representation of evil, symbolizing the first fallen act of love with the archangel. Abel, being the fruit of the second love, was placed in the position to deal with God, as the representation of good, symbolizing the second fallen act of love with Adam. DP73
    16. 16. There is a saying… In Genesis 3 we saw the root of sin and in Genesis 4 we see the fruit of sin The ”Root of Sin” is the illicit sexual Fall of Man The ”Fruit of Sin” is Cain slaying Abel.
    17. 17. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants God Me Others
    18. 18. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant God Me Others
    19. 19. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son God Me Others
    20. 20. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son Illegitimate son God Me Others
    21. 21. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son Illegitimate son God Me Others True son
    22. 22. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son Illegitimate son God Me Others True son Eve (mother)
    23. 23. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son Illegitimate son Adam (father) God Me Others True son Eve (mother)
    24. 24. The 8 vertical stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son Illegitimate son True son Eve (mother) Adam (father) God God Me Others
    25. 25. The 8 vertical x 8 horizontal = 64 stages of restoration – the Path of Abel • Apply to all my relationships. • Cain and Abel cannot be received by God unless they come together Servant of servants Servant Adopted son Illegitimate son Adam (father) God Me Others True son Eve (mother) God
    26. 26. On another visit, Mrs. Kim gave her son a set of clothes that she had made. But he gave them away also, even though his clothes were in tatters. Mrs. Kim was angry. "I went to all the trouble to bring these clothes so that you could wear them," she told her son. "What gives you the idea that you can just disregard my feelings and give them all away? How can you do such a thing?" A True Abel
    27. 27. Reverend Moon replied, "Mother, I am more than just a son of the Moon family. I am also a son of the Republic of Korea and a son of the world. Even before that, I am a son of God. You love me as your son, but I have to love those poor prisoners from the position of a parent representing God. This iswhat Heaven expects.“ This was Reverend Moon's determination: "God tried to save humankind even at the expense of sacrificing his only son, Jesus Christ. How can I bring salvation to people if I'm not even willing to sacrifice myself?" A True Abel
    28. 28. God Me F/F F/M Foundation for Messiah
    29. 29. God Adam AA God Me Abel CainF/F F/S F/M Foundation for Messiah
    30. 30. 1. Separate from Satan Restore the Faith of A&E 2. Dominate Satan = Restore 4 fallen natures
    31. 31. Classic Cain-Abel film: James Dean 1955
    32. 32. Cain was traditionally considered to have red hair; the expression "Cain-coloured beard" is used in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor (1602). In addition, Shakespeare also references Cain and Abel in Hamlet Hamlet says "And yet this knave jowls it to the ground/as if it were Cain's jawbone, that did the first murther!".
    33. 33. the distinction of being the first-born or the second justified their respective positions of Cain and Abel /DP 73 Born killers
    34. 34. Cain slaying Abel painting by Rubens
    35. 35. “Eve inherited from the archangel all the characteristics that came about when the archangel committed a sexual act with Eve against God's will. Then Adam, who entered into a blood relationship with Eve--who in turn was in the position of the archangel to him--came to inherit the same characteristics. In this manner, these characteristics gave rise to the fallen nature of man”. /DP 1973 Cain Nature/Fallen Nature
    36. 36. • Failing to take God’s standpoint selfishness, jealousy Cain Nature/Fallen Nature
    37. 37. • Failing to take God’s standpoint selfishness, jealousy • Leaving one’s proper position fornication, adultery Cain Nature/Fallen Nature
    38. 38. • Failing to take God’s standpoint selfishness, jealousy • Leaving one’s proper position fornication, adultery • Reversing dominion arrogance Cain Nature/Fallen Nature
    39. 39. • Failing to take God’s standpoint selfishness, jealousy • Leaving one’s proper position fornication, adultery • Reversing dominion arrogance • Multiplying the criminal act evil habits and drawing others into evil action Cain Nature/Fallen Nature
    40. 40. The first Cain-Abel relationship was between 1st Adam and Lucifer! /Prof.Oh
    41. 41. Brother and DP Lecturer William Haynes in UK wrote: • Who did Cain marry? • One of the commonest questions readers of the Bible ask is, 'who did Cain marry?' The answer is quite simple. One of his sisters. You see according to Jewish and Muslim traditions Eve always gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl each time. So Cain, Abel and Seth were all born with twin sisters.
    42. 42. Brother and DP Lecturer William Haynes in UK wrote: • Ibn Isahaq, a Muslim wrote a commentary on the Qur’an • The stories in the Bible, Genesis in particular, are very terse and there are many details that are missing. The Jewish rabbis have always recognised this and over the centuries have filled in the gaps with midrash – extra details.
    43. 43. Adam ordered his son Cain to marry his twin sister to Abel, and he ordered Abel to marry his twin sister to Cain. Abel was pleased and agreed with that but Cain refused thinking himself better than the sister of Abel. He desired his own sister instead of Abel having her.
    44. 44. So Adam said, “Son, offer a sacrifice and your brother Abel will offer a sacrifice. Whichever of the two of you has his sacrifice received by God will have the more right to her.” Source: http://communities.um-uk.org/2009/09/24/ midrash-and-the-principle/
    45. 45. Please listen to William Haines: Cain - Abel First 4 minutes http://www.utsalumni.org/news/abraham-the-idols-and-the-burning-palace-william-haines-uts92-17387/ www.utsalumni.org/news/how-is-the-foundation-of-substance-restored-william-haines-uts92-17263/
    46. 46. The disciples well knew the status of Jesus, that he was Christ the Messiah. It is unbelievable how one (Judas) could do such an inconceivable harm to a righteous man for a few pieces of silver. Judas wanted to marry the sister of John the Baptist, who was providentially intended for Jesus. Judas, in this instance, stands in the position of Cain, representing Satan. In accordance with the Principle of restoration, therefore, it was crucial for Jesus to retrieve his wife from the hands of Satan. Jesus - Judas
    47. 47. Judas knew that Jesus, as the relative of Elizabeth, was in a better position to marry the sister of John the Baptist; therefore, he conspired with the Jewish Leadership, who in turn bribed him with thirty Pieces of silver. Source Book: Why Evil Rules -. If God Is by Anslie H. Abraham (UC-Brother from India) Jesus - Judas
    48. 48. 2012
    49. 49. Dr. Andrew Wilson : If Jesus was in fact married, and if his wife was also Jesus’ most devoted disciple, as The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife indicates, then Christians both on earth and in the spirit world need to reassess their views of True Mother (Hak Ja Han Moon). For truly she has been True Father’s (Sun Myung Moon) most devoted disciple and is worthy in every way. Wolli Wonbon 1952
    50. 50. According to True Father’s first Principle text, Wolli Wonbon (written in the early 1950s), Jesus was indeed married to Mary Magdalene. It was a conditional marriage, however, because Mary Magdalene also had been sleeping with another man in the Archangel position (Judas Iscariot), who was supposed to give her to Jesus. Mention that Jesus would have to restore Eve in this way is hinted at in Exposition of the Divine Principle in the discussion of Abraham and Sarah in Egypt:
    51. 51. SunMyungMoon: At the time of Adam, three persons fell. After the Fall, the archangel and Eve united and expelled the owner. However, at the Second Coming, Eve is to separate from the archangel, unite with her sons and daughters, and love True Parents absolutely, more than anybody else. These are not my words; they are the Principle viewpoint. You have to know this clearly.
    52. 52. With whom should women and their children unite? They must unite with the true Messiah. Therefore, in the Last Days, there are three figures: Eve, the archangel and Adam. Since Eve and the archangel united in the Garden of Eden and expelled her legal husband, at the time of restoration, Eve becomes united with the Lord of the Second Advent and has to expel the archangel by restoration through indemnity. By denying her present husband and the external, satanic environment, she has to contribute to the history of True Parents by herself. / /SMM 970102
    53. 53. Dr. Andrew Wilson contin.: Jesus tried to set up Judas’ wife as the woman in the position of Eve who would fulfil the original purpose of the Will. Mary Magdalene was this woman. Although she was Judas Iscariot’s lover, she absolutely obeyed Jesus’ will. Thus, as Satan had taken Eve from Adam, Jesus would try to take Judas’ wife for himself and thereby fulfil the Will according to the Principle.
    54. 54. When True Mother and True Father were Blessed, the situations of Jesus’ day had to be indemnified. Certainly there are huge differences between Mary Magdalene and True Mother — not least that True Mother was a pure and virginal young woman when she and Father were wed. Nevertheless, like Jesus’ would-be wife, True Mother faced and overcame incredible opposition from other church members, thereby indemnifying the disciples’ rejection of Mary Magdalene. She received all the accusation aimed at the original Eve and then at Mary, digested it, and restored the wife’s position.
    55. 55. Now, on the foundation of her victory, the story of Jesus’ wife can be revealed to humankind. Don Brown’s The Da Vinci Code enjoyed extraordinary popularity because the time has come to rehabilitate Mary Magdalene from obscurity. She was the predecessor of True Mother, and True Mother stands on the foundation of her devotion to Jesus. Contributed by Dr. Andrew Wilson, UTS
    56. 56. Who was Jesus' father? It is the same as Cain and Abel, one father had two descendants. When Mary conceived, it was in Zachariah's home, where she stayed for six weeks. Who is Jesus' father? (Zachariah.) I don't know!
    57. 57. You know well. You said it, not me. (Laughter.) Now is the time for everything to be revealed, there is nothing hidden. We come to know the truth, it is consistent and natural in every way. That is God's law, it is simple. SMM/1992
    58. 58. At the time of Jesus, the law was such that if any unmarried woman were to become pregnant she was supposed to be stoned to death. In such a strict society, how could Jesus even think about demanding a younger sister to become his own bride? Let us imagine ourselves in that time when the younger sister Mary actually took away Elizabeth's husband and became pregnant. Then she gave birth to Jesus.
    59. 59. As Jesus grew up he was requesting to marry the younger sister from Elizabeth's family. Can you imagine that? It was virtually impossible, because if it had become known to the general public then the families of Zachariah and Jesus would have been destroyed. /SMM1996
    60. 60. Comments on Cain/Abel by SunMyungMoon True Father
    61. 61. "Christians, though they talk about Cain and Abel, they don't fully know it. What recently impressed me (from listening to his own speech) is it is only Yong Myung Moon (Father's original name) that found and clarified that the principle of Cain and Abel is the fundamental principle of the cosmos and so it is my patent. If one understands this principle, that means they understand 70 % of the secret of the cosmos. All the relationships in the cosmos are based on the principle of Cain and Abel. SMM/2011
    62. 62. 1950’s
    63. 63. When we look at our Unification Church, we can also see that here there are always Cain and Abel. Thus, God wants to reveal the words through Abel and hopes that everyone will become one with the Abel figure. SMM/1957
    64. 64. However, there is someone who prevents people from becoming one with Abel, and that person is none other than Satan. Consequently in order for you to live the correct life of faith, you must learn to discuss everything with that Abel person for the sake of becoming one with him/her. SMM/1957
    65. 65. …someone who prevents people from becoming one with Abel, and that person is none other than Satan. Satan repented 1999. Apology of Lucifer
    66. 66. From Lucifer to True Parents I am offering this to True Parents. I am very sorry that I gave you an extremely huge difficulty to straighten out the countless aspects of evil history of sin that I committed. What word would I have to tell you? Once, I, undeserving and selfish, desired to receive the blessing. I am very sorry for this. /From Lucifer - March 21, 1999
    67. 67. If satan-lucifer repented 1999 then why still evil 2013… • 1/3 of all Angels fell together with Lucifer All not yet restored • Billions of evil sprits (dead people) exist • All Spirits need to go through Ancestor Liberation More: Google for Ancestor Liberation
    68. 68. Andrássy Kurta, János (1911 - 2008)
    69. 69. 1960’s
    70. 70. We must restore that in which Adam failed. We must unite the entangled and complicated history of evil and straighten it out. We must feel indignant about the fact that Cain slew Abel, and we must go through the bloody way for Abel. The rebellious descendants passed 1600 years under enemies' control. SMM/4 Jun 1962
    71. 71. 1970’s
    72. 72. Up to the present moment, those who are in Abel's position have been sacrificed by those in Cain's position. Abel is on the side of God, while Cain is on the side of Satan. In order to save the people in the satanic world, righteous men on God's side have hitherto been sacrificed. /SMM 1974
    73. 73. In every segment of history there have been Cain and Abel relations in each level of society, and it is not surprising to see the same thing happening now at the end of history. When it seems that nothing can prevent the communist world from reaching its total objective, an Abel group, which will begin very small, will gradually come to invade more and more of the communist realm. /SMM 1978
    74. 74. 1980’s
    75. 75. Ware making this home church system-the 360 homes. Home church is Cain, the external level Then you can restore your clan - the Abel internal level easily. Do you know what I mean? Automatically, Cain and Abel can unite. That is what home church is.
    76. 76. God had prepared through His providence to unite the world centered on Christianity. After the Second World War the struggle of Cain and Abel should have been finished and, centered on Christianity, the providence of God should have been accomplished. /SMM 19Feb 1989
    77. 77. Cain slaying Abel by DANIELE CRESPI Date :1618-20
    78. 78. How can we bring unification of Cain and Abel? How can we unite the mind and body. When we look at God, the right hand side is internal, or Abel, and the left hand side is external, or Cain. The Abel side may be a small seed, but it will grow from the individual, to the family, tribe, national, and worldwide level. The same is true for the Cain side.
    79. 79. Drawing the horizontal and the vertical line, crossing here in the center, there will be right and left, upper and lower. All levels on both sides must be united. God is working to bring unity between the right and left: we have to embrace the communist world. This is why headwing ideology is important.
    80. 80. The four providential positions are Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel must unite with Eve, the mother, then these three united together can restore Adam, the father. The dwelling of God with man becomes a reality when this formula is accomplished on earth. Everything that was lost because of the fall of man must be restored before establishing the kingdom of God on earth.
    81. 81. Each blessed family is standing in the Abel position and must save the Cain families, which means our relatives. Father has pioneered the victorious path and now you can be connected. This will create a unified world. True Parents are the global Messiah. If you unite with this condition, you shall become tribal messiahs, and even eventually national messiahs.
    82. 82. My direct instruction to you this morning is the restoration of the Cain and Abel relationship through the work of tribal messiahship. When your tribe accepts and respects you then they will respect Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. Satan is in trouble he has been trying to block us and destroy our reputation but that will be finished when we fulfill as tribal messiahs.
    83. 83. I have laid the worldwide foundation under all kinds of opposition and even welcomed the persecution. What about you? There are now many favourable conditions out there; can you say its impossible to restore your tribe? Today I am anointing you as tribal messiah-you can go to your hometown, fulfil your role as tribal messiah, and bring your tribe to our True Parents. /SMM 19 Mar 1989
    84. 84. The importance of Cain and Abel relationships starts right here. In God's recreation process, as well as in the original creation process, subject and object relationship is very important. We see plenty of examples of this in the Bible, namely good and bad seem to be in conflict and fight, but eventually goodness will raise up. That is none other than this point.
    85. 85. 1990’s
    86. 86. If the fall did not take place, in His original creation, God would have been the subject and the rest of the world would have been the object. But it became upside down. God became the object. How sorrowful! We have to restore this.
    87. 87. We see that the first son, who did not belong to God, always took the first position of subject. God's side, as the second son, always tried to restore the elder sonship. So there is always a struggle. After good and evil fight and establish enough condition then Satan has to separate. Satan separates from goodness. That has been the way of history.
    88. 88. It all started from the individual level but as history progresses, it will be culminated in the nation's position. Eve's position is no longer an individual position but a nation's position. It is an autumn time position. By Eve embracing both the Cain and Abel position, they go towards the country in Adam's position. The one who harvests this is the one to come. /SMM 19 Apr 1992
    89. 89. Historically Cain and Abel have failed to unite and this has caused tremendous problems in God's providence. Satan has always invaded due to this disunity. Even though the Israel nation was God's chosen nation, when they failed to recognize and unite with Jesus, who stood in the position of Abel, they lost everything. They fell under Satan's dominion. The same is true today for this nation of America that represents Christianity, if they fail to recognize and unite with the Lord of the Second Advent they too will end up in hell. /SMM 19 Apr 1996
    90. 90. After 2000 years
    91. 91. The Fall multiplied: Adam – Lucifer, jealousy Mind – Body, wrong order Husband/Wife, disharmony Parents/Children, disharmony Siblings, disharmony Tribe Nation (S.Korea – N. Korea) Democratric World – Communist Block Divided Spiritual World!
    92. 92. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/S 1945-48 F/M Foundation for Messiah True Father Korean Christians TrueFather – KoreanPeople
    93. 93. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/M Foundation for Messiah True Father INDEMNITY 1948-1954 Finding disciples Heungnam
    94. 94. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/M Foundation for Messiah True Father HSA-UWC 1954 Early Members Korea
    95. 95. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/M Foundation for Messiah TRUE PARENTS True Parents INDEMNITY 1960-2000 Blessing 1960 Blessed Couples Members
    96. 96. Christianity also was divided into two: Catholicism and Protestantism. They became enemies to each other and fought each other just as Cain, the elder son, had fought his younger brother Abel. Thus human history has developed, constantly creating more boundaries, multiplying struggles. We, therefore, have to liberate ourselves from this attitude of erecting boundaries and struggles. /SMM 19 Feb 2002
    97. 97. Cain and Abel should be united. They should be like twins. Western people should learn the language of their mother and father. And you [Koreans] should learn a Western language, to love your sons and daughters. In order to teach them, you should learn their language. /SMM 19 Aug 2000
    98. 98. Cain slaying Abel church Tecamachalco, Puebla, Mexico
    99. 99. Toward an “Abel” UN? The Unification Movement and the United Nations
    100. 100. • UN forces who liberated Rev. Moon from captivity at Hung Nam labour camp during the early stages of the Korean War (1950-53). • In subsequent years, Rev. Moon regularly extolled the sixteen nations who fought under the UN banner and in 1982, he funded production of “Oh Inchon!” a full-length Hollywood feature film intended to memorialize the landing of UN troops on the Korean peninsula.
    101. 101. • Divine Principle (DP), extols the “great powers” for having “allowed minor powers… to become member states of the United Nations” and “giving them rights and duties equal to those of the great powers.” • DP goes so far as to associate the UN with the “Last Days” and “close of sinful history.
    102. 102. • On the one hand, it perceived that the UN had a providential, even eschatological significance. • On the other hand, it saw that the UN was politicized in ways that blocked its effectiveness. • This ambivalence characterized the movement’s understanding of the UN during the cold war era and has continued to characterize it until the present.
    103. 103. The solution he proposed was to combine statesmanship and good governance with the wisdom of the world’s faith traditions and principles of spiritual practice.
    104. 104. However, Rev. Moon was not oblivious to the divisiveness of religion. He acknowledged that “deep-rooted conflict between major religious traditions” constituted the background of “violent wars all over the world.”
    105. 105. He also contended that their “preoccupation with individual salvation and narrow denominational interests” had “prevented religious bodies from giving their utmost to the cause of world salvation.”
    106. 106. The UM had maintained a mission at the UN since the early 1970s. Working out of local church centers, its “UN team,” later known as the “New World Forum,” cultivated contacts and invited guests to UM-sponsored events or conferences.
    107. 107. Race of Cain, Liverpool Digital Art Global Cain – Abel conflict
    108. 108. Natural Subjugation of Cain In yourself, your mind is in the position of Abel and your body is in the position of Cain. The body is mistreating and distorting your mind, directing you the wrong way, but the mind endures patiently, suffering for your body. Eventually, when you reach a certain stage your mind will be able to control your body to some extent.
    109. 109. Natural Subjugation of Cain Think about how difficult it is to unite these two within you, mind and body, Abel and Cain; further, how difficult is it to unite different personalities. It is almost impossible to make Cain voluntarily surrender to Abel.
    110. 110. Natural Subjugation of Cain You are standing as God's representative -- as Abel. However, Cain is directing all sorts of Cain nature and characteristics against you. Satan is waiting in ambush. How can you make oneness? Only when you make Cain surrender and stand on your left side, can you secure your position as Abel.
    111. 111. Natural Subjugation of Cain As a missionary have you accomplished this foundation to declare yourself as an Abel? This is the problem! You cannot help God expand our activities. Restoration doesn't come without indemnity.
    112. 112. Natural Subjugation of Cain Restoration doesn't come without indemnity. But who pays indemnity, Abel or Cain? Abel! Did you do it?
    113. 113. Natural Subjugation of Cain If not then heaven cannot help you and you cannot prosper. Understand this point very clearly. First become Abel on the individual level, and next, the blessed family must become the Abel for the Cain family. God is always working in this way. /SMM 1992
    114. 114. EMBRACING AS CAIN AND ABEL The story of Cain and Abel is a legend, but through the lips of Dr. Moon it takes on new aspects that modern human beings urgently need to understand. Cain is represented by our material world, with its closely connected business, money, and material interests.
    115. 115. Many times such interests cause enmity between nations, between people of different creeds, or even between members of the same family. Abel is represented by the other side of existence. In this world of heart, the main characteristics are sacrifice, compassion, mercy, humane feelings with the main role being played by love, faithfulness, virtues and fellowship. /Dr. Edvardas Rudys
    116. 116. I often think of Cain and Abel as representing reactionary and revolutionary consciousness in the wider political spheres we see around us today. By “revolutionary” I mean the idea of “revolt” like Cain’s, and not peaceful revolution. These two different approaches to politics each claim to be right and when they compete with one another for political power, often end up repeating the “Fall” on a national scale. Gordon L. Anderson
    117. 117. The revolutionary recognizes the need for change but wants to violently jettison the past. The French Revolution and Communist Revolution in Russia are examples of “Cain-type” revolutions that led to violence and murder on a massive scale. By wiping out the traditional “reactionary” rulers, the Ancien Regime in France or the Czarist feudal system in Russia, and starting over, creating a new society, they ended up re-inventing many wheels and causing much evil, death and human suffering.
    118. 118. This understanding of Cain and Abel consciousness can also help people to understand the divisions among the children of True Parents in the Unification Movement, some of whom have been, for the most part, behaving as children. According to Divine Principle, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, if they had been True Parents, Cain and Abel would not have exhibited behaviors that led to the murder of Abel by Cain, for both would have been capable of transcending reactionary and revolutionary attitudes and gained parental consciousness.
    119. 119. Whatever problems might exist in the movement’s leadership level, neither reactionary nor revolutionary approaches will advance God’s providence. Only when each person can transcend the naïve and childish attitudes of reaction and revolt can he or she begin to engage in the constructive transformation of the church or the world that is desperately needed. The world needs True Parents, and constructive transformers, not reactionaries or revolutionaries, leading it forward.
    120. 120. Mankind seeking True Freedom! Arab spring 2011
    121. 121. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/M Foundation for Messiah TRUE PARENTS True Parents INDEMNITY OVER! Blessing 2003 Blessed Couples Members
    122. 122. God Adam AA God Man Abel CainF/F F/M Foundation for Messiah NEW AGE - CHEONG IL GUK True Parents Blessing 2013 Blessed Couples Members
    123. 123. Within the church, you should know how to discern who is Abel and who is Cain. If there are two people, one is surely Abel and the other Cain; if there are three, one can be the Abel figure, one can be Cain, and the other can be in either Abel’s or Cain’s position. You should be able to clearly discern between the most central Abel and Cain. (3-206, 1957.11.1) 1957
    124. 124. Cain and Abel should not be disunited and separated. One side is the right hand while the other is the left. Therefore, everyone should seek and attend their Abel figure with the belief that my God is your God and that He loves me as well as you. Each should do their best to avoid the position of Cain. If you fail to become such a person, you should clearly understand that at any time you will end up being caught by heaven’s judgment. (3-206, 1957.11.1) 1957
    125. 125. Where are the positions of Cain and Abel decided? Cain and Abel positions will not be decided in some nice and comfortable place. Why do we need Cain and Abel? They are needed for the sake of restoration through indemnity. What do we have to do to undertake restoration through indemnity? We have to become a sacrificial offering. (34-91, 1970.8.29) 1970
    126. 126. Where does God decide upon the Abel figure? He makes the choice in a place where Satan cannot accuse. This is the position where unity with God is achieved, but this is not a position of joy, but the most sorrowful and difficult position. In other words, in the position where one is willing to die in the most miserable situation, you can become one with God. (34-51, 1970.8.29) 1970
    127. 127. Cain-Abel relationships between members When we look at the members of the Unification Church and ask the question who is Cain and who is Abel; horizontally, those who joined earlier are Abel, while vertically, those who joined recently are Abel. In the vertical and horizontal relationships, the horizontal (older members) must be attentive to the vertical (younger) and not the other way around. (49-214, 1971.10.10) 1971
    128. 128. What is the secret in becoming an Abel figure? It is safeguarding the tradition. One who does not rebel even when facing death can become Abel. You have to understand this. Jesus is said to be the young lamb, right? Therefore, even if you are pierced, you must not rebel. (49-214, 1971.10.10) 1971
    129. 129. Abel must love Cain. He must subjugate him naturally with love. He must stand in the position of loving him with tears and blood. He must give love that is the loftiest. Otherwise, Cain will not relent and restoration cannot be carried out. We must do this for the sake of the Christian church, the Republic of Korea, and North Korea. This is the reason that I am praying for North Korea right now. (34-283, 1970.9.13) 1970
    130. 130. What does Abel have to do? He has to restore three generations. First, Cain must be restored. Then, parents must be restored. Then God must be liberated. These are the three great missions. In other words, without liberating the satanic world, parents cannot appear. Without liberating the parents, God cannot be liberated. It is Abel’s mission to be responsible for the three realms of liberation. (58-68, 1972.6.6) 1972
    131. 131. There are those crazy ones who say, “Hey, I am Abel because I joined earlier and those who joined later are Cain, so you should serve me!” What kind of person is Abel? Abel is the one who lives according to God’s will. The one who is more public-minded is Abel. Who is Cain? He stands on the side of Satan. Satan starts off from selfish thoughts. Abel begins with thinking not about himself, but about God. You should understand this. (58-68, 1972.6.6) 1972
    132. 132. Today I'm going to tell you about the relationship between Cain and Abel, which is most important in the Unification movement. If you have the wrong idea of the relationship between Cain and Abel, it is apt to lead you nowhere, or to the place opposite to where you should be.
    133. 133. Cain is on the side of Satan, while Abel is on the side of God, the side of Adam before the Fall, too. As you know, man fell by being tempted and by not being able to resist Satan's temptation. But he cannot go back to the original stage all by himself.
    134. 134. At the time of creation, God created man in consultation with the archangel; if around you there are persons in the position of the archangel, in restoring you, God can consult with those people. God created the angels, especially the archangel, to praise God and be consultants to God, co-operating with Him.
    135. 135. The purpose of God's sending the Messiah in the position of perfected Adam is to re-create the whole world, re-create mankind. So before sending him, God had to send someone like the archangel.
    136. 136. In the spirit world, those who correspond to the archangels or the angels on God's side are good spirits who did many good deeds while living on Earth. They are in the position of the angels before God's creation of man, so before God sends His son the Messiah, they have to come to the human world to co-operate with good people and elevate them, preparing them to receive the Messiah.
    137. 137. According to the Principle, Satan cannot dominate men above the level where Satan invaded Adam. If you are above that level, Satan cannot invade. You have to reach that point. Then how exactly can we reach that point? Here the question of the relationship understand where Abel is situated, what his position is.
    138. 138. When you are barely in the situation of Abel, alone, those angels on God's side will push back the satanic power and protect you, to push you ahead to God's side. That's the Principle. Do you feel that there are angels protecting you all around? (Yes!) Then you can order the angels, "You must attack Satan, protect me!" Are you doing that?
    139. 139. Those who are born first are in the position of Cain, the younger one is in the position of Abel. If you are so arrogant as to call yourself Abel because you are old enough in the movement, you are apt to fall into the position of Cain, and even into the position of Satan. However, if you are in the position of Cain, but co-operate with God and work in place of God, then you can remain in the closer position, like successful Cain.
    140. 140. In the. external world there's a battle taking place between the democratic world and the Communist world. In the internal world of religion, there's a battle between Christianity and other religions, and between the Unification movement and other Christian groups. Established Christians are in the position of Cain, because they are first-born. We are newly-born, and we are in the position of Abel.
    141. 141. Here is the strategy to win over Satan. Satan wants you to become like him. So, if you fall prey to him, becoming like him, he will not attack you. When Satan wanted to tempt Eve, did he go attack with a battle-cry to scare her, or with smiles and tenderness? You are going to employ the same tactic. You must be able to even warm the heart of Satan by your tender smile and all those sweet things.
    142. 142. Another attribute of Satan is that he's arrogant. You must be as humble as possible. Always exalt God above you, then you can tell Satan, "You uplift yourself, you become loftier than God; but we uplift God, we exalt Him first." Then Satan will test you to prove whether or not it is true. Satan will test you through the person you brought into the movement. Very possibly, by your witnessing to him and bringing him into the movement, his whole family, all his relatives, neighbors, and friends will persecute him.
    143. 143. If you are ready to receive nothing in return then you become like God, because God is always giving out love with His whole being, getting nothing in return. That's the point where Godliness starts. A leader is not a person who can give orders to people below him, but one who can serve them, be exemplary to them, and smooth the way for them. That is the qualification of Abel. By doing that alone, you are placing yourself in the position of Abel in the place of God. Givers are always blessed and entitled to become like God.
    144. 144. Master went through untold persecutions, in North Korea, but also in South Korea. That is the attribute of Cain or Satan; he won't just bow down before you and welcome you with open heart and extended arms. He would first of all attack you and want to shatter you; but if you are not shattered and stay intact and strong enough to come to him with love then he will listen to you.
    145. 145. So, you must fight against him with an all-out effort, concentrating and focusing on the battle, and investing your whole being on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level, and world-wide level. Then alone, Satan will leave you.
    146. 146. From the viewpoint of your being in Abel's position, you have to be able to move this nation. You want to win the battle over individuals, families, nations, and the world. But before you do that, you must go back to the satanic world to subjugate Cain on the individual level, you must go back to the Cain-like family and restore it successfully, and then you must win a nation out of the Cain position back to the right side.
    147. 147. Would you rather do that step-by-step, or all at once? (At once!)  There is one thing you must have and that is faith in me. If your faith in me weighs 1,000, you will win 1,000. If your faith weighs 10,000, you will win that much. And if Satan is chasing us, then you must turn back and fight against him.
    148. 148. You are still in the position of the fallen archangel; by participating in the same battle and turning around to fight against the satanic powers to annihilate them, you are going to become triumphant angels. Then alone, the providence of Cain will be terminated. You will be elevated to the standard of being adopted sons of God.
    149. 149. Without being able to subjugate Cain, you cannot be elevated to a higher standard. And without you as an Abel, Cain cannot be restored. So, you share in a common fate with me. You need Abel, I need Cain. You need your Cain, and Cains need their Abel.
    150. 150. If you have really strong faith in Father, and carry on the fight in your assigned nations, the whole world will explode at once within seven years' time. With all this knowledge, I want you to be the victor, not the defeated. The strength of your faith and your courage will determine whether or not your battle will be successful. You must go this way all through your life. Cain-Abel Relationships               /Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Barrytown, New York, March 15,1975
    151. 151. Never Command Cain I don't know where this kind of strange thought that Abel is the central figure and in the position to command came from. I don't know how that idea crept into our movement here in America. Many young members have left the church because of their leaders. Abel does not kick someone out of the church. Abel is the one who will bring people in and embrace them. Abel is the one who cries together with his Cains.                                                               /Sun Myung Moon November 6, 1983
    152. 152. 1974-75
    153. 153. 1990
    154. 154. From Hyung Jin Nims Lecture Restoring the Marriage of Jesus
    155. 155. From Hyung Jin Nims Lecture Restoring the Physical Fall
    156. 156. 2003
    157. 157. From Hyung Jin Nims Lecture Restoring the Spiritual Fall
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    159. 159. End More slides at slideshare bdp003/
    160. 160. Remember the beauty in Gods pure nature is there to inspire our inner pure potentials! Have a great Blessed week. Prepared for 2nd, 3rd Gen inspiration by Bengt, Sweden-Finland.