GeoTools as WebQuest Tasks

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Using GPS, Google Maps and Google Earth, geocaching as part of a WebQuest task.

Using GPS, Google Maps and Google Earth, geocaching as part of a WebQuest task.

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  • 1. GPS and GeoTools as WebQuest Tasks
    Bernie Dodge, PhD
    San Diego State University
  • 2.
  • 3. Summarize
  • 4. Summarize
  • 5. Design
    Solving a problem or creating a change to achieve a pre-determined end result while working within realistic constraints
  • 6. Idea #1: Small World
    Choose a number of existing places to create a theme park
    Decide on a scale to use and calculate the dimensions
    Choose a site for your park that can accommodate it
    Organize the attractions to meet specific goals
  • 7. Idea #2: Walking Tour
    Design a walking tour of a specific place for a specific audience with specific interests
    Create the tour in Google Maps and annotate it with relevant information
    Architectural styles in our neighborhood
    Nature walks with specific trees, rocks, etc.
    Cultural tours introducing outsiders to the unique qualities of your hood
  • 8. Bonthe, Sherbro Island
  • 9. Google Lit Trips
  • 10. Idea #3: DIY Lit Trips
    Identify a book or story with identifiable locations mentioned.
    Find those locations on the map and explore their surroundings.
    Add placemarks with information that will enhance understanding of the book.
  • 11. Analyze
    Take things apart in a useful way. Identify patterns in data.
  • 12.
  • 13. Idea #4: Critter Count
    Choose one or more living creatures to study
    Provide a protocol for recording sightings
    Record sightings on Google Maps
    Analyze findings and look for patterns
  • 14. Idea #5: Latitudology
    Choose two latitudes
    Gather data from a sample of places along each parallel
    Analyze for what’s the same and what’s different
    Identify anomalies and investigate them
  • 15.
  • 16. Create
    Open ended thinking with many possible end points. Encourages surprisingness, originality while still working within the confines of a genre.
  • 17. Idea #6: X from the Air
    Create a cinematic view of places you select using Google Earth
    Select the places and views for some artistic effect
    Capture the tour and add music and titles using iMovie, MovieMaker, etc.
  • 18. Idea #7: Travel Chronicles
    Write an account of a trip you haven’t actually taken.
    Use Google Maps to identify things you would see and describe them colorfully
    Provide an annotated map to accompany your story
  • 19. Travel Bugs
  • 20. JarJar Bernie’s Journey
  • 21. Decide
    Make an informed choice from among several alternatives while taking competing ideas into account
  • 22.
  • 23. Idea #8: Site Selection
    Pick a site for something new while working within given criteria.
    Consider location, size, surroundings, costs and benefits
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26. Eight Geo WebQuests
    Small World
    Walking Tour
    Critter Count
    DIY Lit Trips
    X from the Air
    Travel Chronicles
    Site Selection
  • 27. A Challenge
    Create a complete WebQuest using one of these formats before February 1.
    If accepted, you’ll be given a 3 year subscription to QuestGarden!
  • 28. GPS and GeoTools as WebQuest Tasks
    Bernie Dodge, PhD
    San Diego State University