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The Evolving Patient Journey - BDI 2/25/14 The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit
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The Evolving Patient Journey - BDI 2/25/14 The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit


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Presentation: The Evolving Patient Journey …

Presentation: The Evolving Patient Journey
Presented by: Meredith Ressi, VP, Multichannel Marketing Solutions, Decision Resources Group
Healthcare communications today require an understanding of the complexity of patient decision making and how patients navigate the health system to get the care they need. What are the emerging trends in patient engagement, and how does channel reliance vary along the treatment continuum?

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  • 1. Navigating the Patient Journey: Patient Support Programs in 2014 Meredith Ressi, VP, Multichannel Marketing Solutions @meredithressi
  • 2. What Does Today’s Patient Journey Look Like? Today’s patient journey has many forks in the road… • Managing health costs; navigating coverage restrictions • Working with multiple stakeholders; managing care across specialists • Ongoing health management, aka, “outcomes” • Navigating multiple sources of content and information 2
  • 3. The Path To Treatment Was Once a Funnel…
  • 4. …But is Now a Maze that Patients are Left to Navigate 4
  • 5. The Promotional Lifecycle: the Classical Online Model Brands often chart a three-stage marketing plan for their product’s on-patent life, though for patients, the journey is seldom so linear a process Pre-launch Awareness/ education • Unbranded website • Disease education advertising, PSAs • PR and events Launch Acquisition/ conversion • Product website • Branded advertising and promotion, sponsored content and adjacencies Post-launch Adherence/ retention • Branded online support programs • Info kits by mail • Sponsored patient communities
  • 6. Online Health Moving from Info-Only to Interactive Health Services 65% online consumers: “The internet is essential for finding health and medical information.” 45% online consumers*: “The internet is essential to managing my disease or condition.” 44% online consumers: “The internet is essential to making health and medical decisions.” Online  health hits an  inflection point  Among online consumers *Among online consumers who manage a chronic condition Source: Manhattan Research, Cybercitizen Health® U.S. 2013
  • 7. Physicians Express Patient Support Programs from Pharma Source: Manhattan Research, ePharma Physician® 2013,
  • 8. Formulary Decision Makers within Payer Community Express Interest in Pharma Support Partnerships Pharma services of interest among P&T committee members: Hospital MCO PBM 0% Interested in any form of ongoing support from pharma Developing provider education materials Developing economic models Developing patient education materials Developing patient adherence programs/resources Facilitating communication between P&T and pharma Source: Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse® Formulary Decision Makers 2012 50% 100%
  • 9. Analysis of Pharma Patient Support Programs Q3 2013 review of 200+ pharma websites yielded 65 patient support programs for analysis across 19 therapeutic categories and 33 companies Number of Branded Support Identified Hepatitis C 4 100% Atrial Fibrillation 3 100% Precocious Puberty 2 100% Multiple Sclerosis 7 78% Chronic Pain 2 67% Cushing's Disease 1 67% Rheumatoid Arthritis 6 55% IBD 3 50% Leukemia 3 50% Alzheimer's 2 50% Fibromyalgia 1 50% Type 2 Diabetes 6 45% Low Testosterone 1 33% Anaphylaxis 1 33% Opioid Dependence 1 33% IBS 1 33% Prostate Cancer 2 29% Breast Cancer 1 14% ADHD 1 13% Depression 9 Share Within Brand Category (# programs/brands tracked) 1 13%
  • 10. Nurse or Navigator Hotlines Provide Treatment Questions; Assistance Navigating Insurance 41% of branded support programs reviewed offered nurse or navigator hotlines
  • 11. Live Local Events Offer Education; Social Support 13% of branded support programs reviewed educational classes/live events
  • 12. from BI Captures the Complexity of the Patient Journey
  • 13. Data Tracking on Product Sites Still Low-Tech; Primarily Paper-Based 8% of branded support programs offer some form of data tracking
  • 14. Outcomes-Driven Reimbursement Will Drive Next Generation of Pharma-Sponsored Patient Support 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. Key Takeaways • Digital health has advanced from info seeking to care management – pharma services are beginning to adapt • Look to companies who are investing in these programs for examples of the next generation of patient engagement • Consider partnerships to expand distribution – pharmacy/specialty pharmacy, ACOs; next generation of engagement platforms – patient portals; EHR; etc. • No longer dumping customers into “the funnel” – how can you help patients navigate the maze? 16
  • 17. Navigating the Patient Journey: Patient Support Programs in 2014 Meredith Ressi, VP, Multichannel Marketing Solutions