Controlling Social Success - BDI 11/18/2010 Financial Services Social Communications: Case Studies and Roundtables


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Case Study: Controlling Social Success
Presented by: Sarah Carter, VP, Marketing, FaceTime Communications
Perspectives from global financial services organizations enabling social media, meeting compliance and risk challenges.

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Controlling Social Success - BDI 11/18/2010 Financial Services Social Communications: Case Studies and Roundtables

  1. 1. Controlling Social Success: Perspectives from global financial services organizations enabling social media, meeting compliance and risk challenges.compliance and risk challenges. Sarah Carter FaceTime Communications, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda Social Media – perception versus reality Why control Social Media? Role Based Control Requirements When Organizations Lose Control How Organizations are Controlling Socialite, from FaceTimeSocialite, from FaceTime About FaceTime Questions
  3. 3. Internet Application Usage - Perception vs. Reality Perception: 62% of IT Professionals estimated social networking was used within their corporate network Reality: 100% of companies used social networks Actual customer traffic history (150+ organizations) Representing all Internet activity from over 150K end users
  4. 4. What’s this concern with control? Data Leakage Incoming Threats Compliance & eDiscovery User Behavior Personal Information Intellectual Property Credit Card, SSN Client Records Malware, Spyware Viruses, Trojans Inappropriate Content SEC, FINRA HIPAA, FISMA SOX, PCI FRCP- eDiscovery FERC, NERC Employee Productivity Bandwidth Explosion Every employee is the face of business
  5. 5. Role Based Control Requirements Sales & Marketing Promotions Advertising Branding HR Background checks Recruiting Scientists & Researchers Information exchange Collaboration IT, Compliance Investigation of security breaches
  6. 6. When Organizations Lose Control Hackers take control Blogging gone bad Inappropriate comments Matrixx stock price Nestle
  7. 7. So what controls are being used? Data Leak Prevention/Content Protection Protect organization from employees disclosing sensitive information Malware Protection Protect network against hidden phishing/Trojan attacks through applications Identity Management Ensure that SarahFaceTime on Twitter, Sarah Louise Carter on LinkedIn & sl_carter on Skype connect back to her corporate identity Activity Control Post content, status updates, allowed for marketing. Read only access for all other staff. Issue Control Requirements Activity Control for all other staff. Moderator Control John’s posts appear on Twitter or Facebook only upon approval by Compliance Officer Granular Application Control John can access Facebook, but not use Facebook chat, or download and install any applications in the gaming category. Log and Archive Activity & Content Log all content posted, message sent through Web 2.0 and social networks Use Archive of Choice Export stored data with corporate identity credentials to email archive, WORM, for single discovery location
  8. 8. Introducing Socialite Socialite is FaceTime’s Security, Management,Socialite is FaceTime’s Security, Management, and Compliance platform for Social Networks, providing granular controls for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. F U V
  9. 9. Levels of Control: SN Widget Categorization FaceTime enables: – Control access to individual SN sites. – Allow / block application widgets on popular sites – By category or individually byindividually by searching for them
  10. 10. Social Networking Feature Control • Control features or areas of content posting by user or group
  11. 11. Content Monitoring Policy summaries Easy-to-set policies – Archiving – Moderation Lexicons Actions to take
  12. 12. Levels of Control: Moderation FaceTime – Posts to Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn held for review by following criteria: All Keyword / dictionary matches Regular expressions (e.g. Credit Card / Social Security number patterns)
  13. 13. About FaceTime Communications Secure and Enable the New Internet – 4,000+ Web 2.0 apps, Unified Communications, Social Networks Global operations – USA, EMEA, India, Asia/Pacific– USA, EMEA, India, Asia/Pacific Market Leader – 9 of the top 10 US banks – Insurance, Energy, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Government… Broadest Partner Ecosystem – Technology alliances, support for 1,000 social networks
  14. 14. 10 years expertise in real-time communications Widest industry support for Web 2.0 applications Gartner Magic Quadrant ‘Visionary’ IDC leader for 5 consecutive years Your trusted partner for real-time communications and compliance Summary Your trusted partner for real-time communications and compliance Reference Materials: – 2010 Survey results; Osterman Research White Paper
  15. 15. Questions? Sarah Carter FaceTime Communications Inc Sarah Carter FaceTime Communications, Inc.