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Case Study: Getting Started in Location Based Marketing …

Case Study: Getting Started in Location Based Marketing
Presented by: Rick Wion, Head of Social Media, McDonald's
Awareness and coupons and games and loyalty and apps and video..oh my! The mobile social communications circus is such a wide open area of opportunity, how does a brand determine where to begin? Rick will share strategies and experiences for getting started in the mobile social age including determining what programs are best for your organization and how to test your strategies and tactics for success.

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  • 1. Getting Started in Location- Based Marketing
  • 2. A Universe of Possibilities
  • 3. Setting a Strategy
  • 4. An App is Not a Strategy
  • 5. Neither is “Engagement”
  • 6. Strategies vs. • Create tactically-led pilot programs Tactics • Build in post-mortems and stringent evaluation criteria • Make learning inherent
  • 7. McDonald’s First • Partnered with Foursquare Day Pilot organizers • Offered up 100 gift-cards to folks who checked-in on 4/16 • Leveraged our Twitter and Facebook followers
  • 8. The Results • 50+ blog posts and articles • Reach of 600,000 fans/followers • 99% positive feedback • 33% increase in check-ins
  • 9. Customer Love
  • 10. What We Learned…
  • 11. Consider All • Mobile wallet technologies Possibilities • Bolstering live events • Customer Service augmentation • Consumer generated media • Driving leads/sales • Loyalty programs • Buzz building
  • 12. Pilot and Pilot Again
  • 13. • Speed and quality is key Be Quick to our brand • Customers demand it, we have to deliver
  • 14. • The bigger the budget, Be Cheap the harder to scale
  • 15. • Resist the temptation to Be Simple cram everything in • Carefully consider phases
  • 16. • Sometimes you have to fly Be Stealth under the radar within your organization
  • 17. • Don’t rest on “old” metrics Measure • Be appropriate to the program • Tie metrics back to strategies • Look beyond eyeballs
  • 18. Showcase Your Success
  • 19. • 33% increase in foot Find Your Hook traffic in one day