Marketing and Messaging Apps: What you need to know to activate on behalf of brands? - BDI 7/31 Direct Messaging Marketing Forum

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Presentation: Marketing and Messaging Apps: What you need to know to activate on behalf of brands? …

Presentation: Marketing and Messaging Apps: What you need to know to activate on behalf of brands?
Presented by: Eytan Oren, Director of Partnerships, IPG Media Lab
Earlier this year, the IPG Media Lab released “Messaging Apps: The New Face of Social Media and What It Means for Brands”- the most comprehensive research to date on messaging apps. The 28-page report is a result of two years of intensive research and interviews with influencers and messaging app developers. This comes at the heels of the IPG Media Lab’s recent work on behalf of client Syco/Columbia Records for the launch of the One Direction Kik Card. Today, Eytan Oren, Director of Partnerships at the IPG Media Lab will take a closer look at what is going on in the messaging app space and how marketers can join this social conversation.

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  • 1. Messaging Apps: The New Face of Social Media and What It Means for Brands July 31, 2014
  • 2. Messaging Poised To Overtake Social Networks
  • 3. Social Networks vs. Messaging Apps
  • 4. What Do We REALLY Want From Social Media? “We keep on treating social media like it can be a broadcast mechanism. It won’t be.” -danah boyd
  • 5. Downsides of Traditional Social Networks
  • 6. Social Networks vs. Messaging Apps What’s the difference? One-To-Many VS. One-To-One
  • 7. Facebook Users Becoming Passive 57% of UK WhatsApp users say they use Facebook less than they used to.* Usage of Facebook Messenger jumped from 27% to 40% in the UK since it became a standalone product.* *GWI survey
  • 8. The Current Messaging Ecosystem
  • 9. From SMS Alternative To Multimedia Hub
  • 10. Massive Scale, Hyper-Fragmentation
  • 11. Global Reach, Regional Preferences
  • 12. Industry Challenges
  • 13. Limited Targeting and Analytics
  • 14. Lack of Turnkey Brand Solutions
  • 15. Case Studies From 5 Popular Messaging Apps
  • 16. LINE Based In Japan The “Fun” Messaging App
  • 17. LINE Leads The Pack On Revenue 480M+ registered users $338M revenue in 2013: Ÿ 60% in-game purchase Ÿ 20% stickers Ÿ 20% official accounts + other features
  • 18. Paul McCartney Official LINE Stickers
  • 19. LG HomeChat turns appliances into friends
  • 20. WHATSAPP Based In the U.S. The No-Frills Messaging App
  • 21. WhatsApp Conquers The Globe With Simplicity 500M+ active monthly users 8% of U.S. mobile users Up to 80% in other countries
  • 22. WhatsApp World Cup Campaign In Spain
  • 23. SNAPCHAT Based In the U.S. The Ephemeral Messaging App
  • 24. Snapchat a Huge Hit With Teens and College Kids 77% of college students use Snapchat daily* 70% of students say they’d add brands as friends* Peak usage during evenings and weekends* *Source: Sumpto
  • 25. A Favorite of Digital-Savvy Brands
  • 26. New Feature: Geofilter Sticker Overlay
  • 27. New Feature: “Our Story”
  • 28. KIK Based In Canada The Web Browsing Messaging App
  • 29. Kik Creates Browser For The Mobile Web 140M+ registered users 70M+ in the U.S. 20 = the average age of users HTML5 based open platform Often used to meet new people
  • 30. 1D Builds Community of 1M+ On Kik
  • 31. Weinstein Company Taps Kik
  • 32. TANGO Based In the U.S. The Multicultural 25+ Messaging App
  • 33. Tango Proves Messaging Isn’t Just For Teens 215M+ registered users 66M+ in the U.S. 70% of users are 18-44 Notably diverse user base
  • 34. Tango Launches “Channels”
  • 35. Tango Tests Native Ads
  • 36. Best Practices
  • 37. Selecting A Platform What to consider when comparing apps 1. Audience 2. Location 3. Action
  • 38. Creative Best Practices For Brands 1. Enhance the conversation. 2. Create opportunities for fans to interact. 3. If you have to hard sell, give them something they really want.
  • 39. Building A Community
  • 40. Emerging Third Party Partners
  • 41. A New Mindset For A New Ecosystem
  • 42. Thanks! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: Email: Kik: @helloeytan Twitter: @eytanandembassy