Marc Monseau, Johnson & Johnson Presentation - BDI 3/17/11 Healthcare Social Communications Leadership Forum

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Presentation by: Marc Monseau, Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media, Johnson & Johnson …

Presentation by: Marc Monseau, Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media, Johnson & Johnson

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  • 1. m1 Online Engagement Marc Monseau Johnson & Johnson March 17, 2011 Twitter: @JNJCOMM @MDMonseau
  • 2. Slide 1m1 mmonseau, 3/10/2010
  • 3. People increasingly turn to SM before making health decisions 61%of Americans go online for health information * *Social Life of Health Information, Susannah Fox, Pew Internet and American Life Project, Jun. 9, 2009.
  • 4. Professionals are also increasingly turning to online resources 43% of HCPs strongly agree that the internet is essential to professional practices * ePharma Physician® Online Communication Channels Between Physicians & Pharma/Biotech Companies, Manhattan Research *.
  • 5. Professional Use of Digital Technologies • 69% of HCPs use the Internet/Email on a Handheld device for Professional Purposes • In the past 12 months, 61% of HCPs have read an online blog and 79% have watched an online video clip for personal or professional usage • Regarding activities done for professional usage, 35% of HCPs watch video clips online, 21% read an online blog, and 3% author/host an online blog • 16% use online communities specifically designed for physicians • 66% of HCPs use online message boards, chat rooms, or blogs as a professional resource, for product, condition or treatment information • 27% of HCPs check them weekly, 24% monthly, 15% yearly, and 34% never Source: Manhattan Research Taking the Pulse: Physicians and Emerging Information Technologies, v. 10.0, 2010
  • 6. Apps: Black Bag• Feeds from multiple sources (Reuters, FDA, Healthday)• Multiple therapeutic areas 5
  • 7. ConnectingProfessionals • Closed communities • Private conversations Benefits for audience • Extracting insights 6
  • 8. Professional Community: Diabetes Institute Strategic planning: • Benefits for audience • Community management • Content moderation Unique Community Needs: • Target audience low social media awareness • Programming for mixed targets within community!default.jspa
  • 9. We can…Encourage direct dialog between our company, products and brands with different stakeholder groupsCreate relationships with key online influencersIdentify deep insights about the people who use our products and services and the markets we operate in
  • 10. From Broadcast…
  • 11. …To Relationships
  • 12. ng: Corporate Sites J&JDifferent Communities/Different Outreach
  • 13. www.JNJ.comEditorial Team Determines Which Platform to Use JNJBTW health channel KilmerHouse Facebook Twitter Feeds
  • 14. Developing Relationships with Physicians
  • 15. Measuring Success: Partnerships
  • 16. Measuring Success: Interaction“I love these JNJ videos. they playthem in my intro to nursing classand I try to hold back the tears. Ichanged my major from pre-medto PT and never felt content until Idecided to do nursing. I cant waituntil I get my RN degree. I evenhave a JNJ Be a nurse brochure “This is a very nice video.hanging in my dorm…” Comment on Thanks for posting this. ItsJ&J Health Channel video on nursing. great to see, just to learn about it.’’ “Thank you J&J Health for making this and to everyone who watched it! ’’ Comment on J&J Health Channel video on nursing.
  • 17. Measuring Success: Projects
  • 18. ng:Becoming Part of theDifferent Communities/Different Outreach Nurse Community
  • 19. ng:Becoming Part of theDifferent Communities/Different Outreach Nurse Community • Launched May 2010 • Leveraged existing newsletter • 5,000 + members • Highly engaged community • Enabled closer relationships with key influencers
  • 20. ng:Becoming Part of theDifferent Communities/Different Outreach Nurse Community • Leverages other properties • Amplify messaging
  • 21. The BasicsListen to the conversation Who is talking, where are they gathering what are they sharing and whyEstablish your role Determine behaviors you can displayIdentify key influencers Build relationshipsEstablish policiesStreamline approval processes Publication process Interacting with 3rd Party sitesResource appropriatelyEmpower teamsRemain flexible
  • 22. Listening Indentifying InfluencersMonitoringChatter Tracking Sentiment
  • 23. Policies
  • 24. Streamlined Approval ProcessesManaging “Own” sites/communities• Simple copy approval process - “Guardrails”• Moderation system• Empower teams to make decisionsEngaging with 3rd party sites• “Listening” platforms/approaches• Engagement process• Designate a “voice” of the company
  • 25. Engaging with 3rd Party SitesWeb post/Content is identified that MAY needa response. (PR identifies) ListeningQ: Is it accurate/misleading? If accurate,do we have something to add? NoQ: Is it a topic we want to engage in? Inputs PR, Legal Reg.,Q: Is it a blogger/writer we can Brandeffectively engage with? ManagementQ: Is content already prepared/is it withina predetermined communications scope? Regulatory Legal Management Response by designated No response given spokesman
  • 26. “Guardrails”Streamlined Approval for Managing Our Content Content Within predefined Outside predefined scope scope Content Team Legal Decides Regulatory Management PR Publication
  • 27. m3 Online Engagement Marc Monseau Johnson & Johnson March 17, 2011
  • 28. Slide 26m3 mmonseau, 3/10/2010