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Leading the Change In Healthcare - BDI 2/25/14 The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit
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Leading the Change In Healthcare - BDI 2/25/14 The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit


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Presentation: Leading the Change In Healthcare Education and Delivery: how to surmount the barriers. …

Presentation: Leading the Change In Healthcare Education and Delivery: how to surmount the barriers.
Presented by: Dalal Haldeman, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, John Hopkins Medicine
What does the triple aim really mean and how do we get there? How can strong brands in healthcare influence outcomes, research and patient wellbeing for a healthier future in America and in the world.

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  • 1. Leading the Change In Healthcare Education and Delivery: how to surmount the barriers Presented by: Dalal Haldeman, Ph.D., M.B.A Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications Johns Hopkins Medicine February 25, 2014
  • 2. Johns Hopkins Medicine • School of Medicine • 6 academic & community hospitals • 40 community health care & surgery centers • Regional primary/specialty care network • Home care service • Managed care plans for military & employers • Johns Hopkins Medicine International Affiliations
  • 3. 3
  • 4. 4
  • 5. The Healthcare Economy: Challenges & Opportunities with ACA Challenges: § Cuts in federal funding of research and in payments § Affordable Care Act expands insurance coverage to millions more Americans Opportunities: § The triple aim: experience of care, health of population and cost per capita § National focus on reducing costs of care. • Manage the decrease in provider payments • Increase efficiencies • Emphasize preventive measures, population health • Decrease inpatient stays and readmissions § Change in Health Care Waiver in Maryland 5
  • 6. The ACA Implications For Marketers and Communicators § There is an influx of new consumers, local and global § The uninsured will be required to purchase a policy § Local targeting and health exchanges will increase § Consumption of medical services will increase in initial phases § The need to pay more attention to patients, empowerment, and to educating the decision coaches will increase § The need to provide CUSTOMIZED HELPFUL, HONEST and QUICK information and interactions 6 will continue to increase
  • 7. Implications for Communication § § § § § Shared decision making tools Telemedicine New mobile applications Content and interactivity Connections 7
  • 8. Strong Brands Before today, which of the following have you heard of? (Select all that apply) McDonald's 90.5% Google 90.1% Coca-Cola 89.9% Apple 88.4% FBI 86.5% PepsiCo 86.0% Johns Hopkins 80.2% Mayo Clinic 79.1% Kaiser Permanente 45.7% None of the above 4.2% 0% 25% Base: Aided responses of national sample of 22,139 adults Source: NRC Ticker, fielded during the month of July, 2013. 50% 75% 100% 8
  • 9. Influence On Outcome Average Survival Score 9
  • 10. What is the main reason you prefer Johns Hopkins if you needed to travel for specialized care? Reputation for innovation in medical research 59.1% City of location 20.7% Quality of care 17.0% Ease of appointment and visit facilitation 3.1% 0% 20% 40% Base: National sample of 5,237 adults preferring Johns Hopkins and answering this question. Source: NRC Ticker, fielded during the month of June, 2012. 60% 80% 100% 10
  • 11. Which ONE of the following universities has the best reputation for its medical school? Johns Hopkins 29.5% Harvard 9.3% Stanford 3.7% University of Pennyslvania 2.0% Washington University - St. Louis 1.8% UCSF 1.6% I don't know 52.1% 0% Base: Aided responses of national sample of 24,414 adults answering this question Source: NRC Ticker, fielded during the month of November, 2013 25% 50% 75% 100% 11
  • 12. Patient Well Being Removing the Barriers: Which Clinician when? § Not everyone needs to see an MD. The role of NPs and RNs could be significantly optimized. § Members of a multidisciplinary team must be willing and able to operate at the top of their licensure to optimize a care team. Non-Hopkins conducted research 12
  • 13. Which of the following health care professionals have you seen during the past 3 years? (Select all that apply.) Medical Doctor 79.3% Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant 39.5% None of these 15.3% 0% Base: Aided responses of national sample of 21,498 adults Source: NRC Ticker, fielded during the month of August, 2013. 25% 50% 75% 100% 13
  • 14. If your doctor needed to cancel an existing appointment for a potentially serious health concern, which would you prefer to do? Reschedule the appointment with your doctor for a later date 60.4% Keep the appointment, but be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant instead of your doctor 39.6% 0% Base: Aided responses of national sample of 21,498 adults Source: NRC Ticker, fielded during the month of August, 2013. 25% 50% 75% 100% 14
  • 15. Patient Well Being Removing the Barriers How do you simultaneously improve patient health and the quality of health care while lowering health care costs? 15
  • 16. Removing the Barriers: Maryland Unique Payment System (Waiver) A special federal waiver allows the state of Maryland to set the amounts that patients and insurers pay hospitals. A new revision, approved January 10, ties the growth in hospital budgets to the state economy and rewards hospitals for keeping people healthy instead of paying them by the number of patients they admit. 16
  • 17. D Removing the Barriers: Changing the Payment System The new system means that hospitals will: § increase their efforts to keep patients healthy after discharge so they don’t need to return to the hospital; § increase efforts to lower the number of patients who get new illnesses while in the hospital; and § provide the most appropriate care at the lowest cost. 17
  • 18. Hospital charges shown to vary widely Some bill more 'because they can' “For Mr. Gray's last round of outpatient chemo at Johns Hopkins on Jan. 10, 2013 -- including medications, IV therapy, supplies and pharmacy service -- the hospital charged $2,544.65 and was paid $2,493.06 by the insurer. Two weeks later, for the same procedure and ancillaries, the other hospital charged $13,789.75 and the insurer paid $7,704.40.” Source: By Steve Twedt / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 18
  • 19. Removing the Barriers: Fundraising To Improve Research, Outcome, and Patient Well Be $350 M Johns Hopkins Medicine $319 $313 FY 2012 FY 2013 $300 M $261 $250 M $200 M $227 $200 $150 M $100 M $50 M $0 K FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 19
  • 20. Connecting People to People JHM’s Internet Strategy “…to connect the people of the world with the people of Johns Hopkins Medicine” Research Teaching Patient Care Create opportunities for meaningful interactions and access to a complex organization – – providing the right information at the right time. 20 – connecting the right people at the right time.
  • 21. Integrate Content & Social Strategies Goals – Provide basic information and scientific perspective – Increase visitation to key pages – Promote online chat – Call to action: request appointment 2/28/2014 21
  • 22. Connect with Content: Integrate Content & Social Strategies Home Page Twitter Facebook 22
  • 23. Connect and seek out audiences & conversations “Could somebody explain how this happened?” “I thank everyone who acted on our concerns. My sister’s surgery date is now set…Thank you!” 23
  • 24. Know Channels & Audiences Facebook: Major Characteristics • East Coast • Female • 18-44 years of age • Patient Stories, Well-Packaged Research Content World-wide Audience • Strong East Coast • Major cities across the country 24
  • 25. Know Channels & Audiences Twitter: Major Characteristics • East Coast • Slightly male dominated • Heavy 35-44 demographic • Research Content & Institutional Content World-wide Audience • Strong East Coast • Major cities across the country 25
  • 26. Impact on Wellness Wellness Benefits for Employees § Discounts for gym memberships § Weight Watchers, Innergy § 8 week HeartSmart program 26
  • 27. Impact on Wellness Medicine for the Greater Good All internal medicine residents at Bayview must do a project that promotes health in the community. Curriculum Goals § Train physicians who have a broader sense of the determinants of health and of health disparities § Promoting the health of patients and populations 27
  • 28. Impact on Wellness Johns Hopkins Community Health Partnership (J-CHiP) 28
  • 29. Communicating Biomedical Discovery and Education
  • 30. Communicating Clinical Innovations: Double arm transplant
  • 31. Communicating Clinical Innovations: HIV cure
  • 32. Communicating with Physicians and Nurses globally
  • 33. Technology: The Future The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Source: 33
  • 34. Technology: The Future The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Source: 34
  • 35. Technology: The Future The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Source: 35
  • 36. Companies Changing Healthcare: HealthSpot • Private, walk-in medical kiosk that reinvents a visit to the doctor • Patients can visit a HealthSpot for a variety of primary care conditions. There, they interact with board-certified healthcare providers using highdefinition video conferencing and a suite of connected medical devices that stream biomedical information in real time. 36
  • 37. Companies Changing Healthcare: MyHealthDIRECT • Web-based platform that connects health plan members and patients to the right care, at the right time and at the right place. • Enables health plans, hospitals, physician groups, and other participants in care delivery to search for, schedule, and confirm appointments on behalf of patients. • Text and email confirmations are sent to ensure appointments are kept. 37
  • 38. Companies Changing Healthcare: PokitDok • Web and mobile health marketplace where consumers can request a quote and purchase a service directly from health providers with insurance, health savings accounts, or cash. • Physicians and other care providers can set up a virtual storefront on PokitDok to market their services. • Over 1,000 practices have signed up to the beta. 38
  • 39. Factors Affecting Patient Choice of Health System Source: 39
  • 40. 40
  • 41. National Patient Survey: Information Sources Used to Select a Facility for a Procedure 11% Doctor/provider 9.0% Friend/family Other 80% Note: Categories are not mutually exclusive; respondents could select multiple categories. Base: National sample of 13,500 adults. Source: Center for Studying Health System Change. Research Brief, December 2008. 41
  • 42. Our Patients’ Decision Process New Patient Survey Questionnaires were mailed to 13,508 out-of-state Hopkins patients new to a specific clinical area. Results n=3087 October 2010 42
  • 43. Measure: National and International New Patient Survey Note: based on those respondents deciding to come to JH mostly on their own. n=3087 October 2010 43
  • 44. If you needed treatment for a serious medical condition, would you consider traveling more than 100 miles for treatment? Yes 74.9% No 25.1% 0% 25% Base: Aided responses of national sample of 21,330 adults Source: NRC Ticker, fielded during the month of May, 2013. 50% 75% 100% 44
  • 45. Performance Out-of-State Consumer Outreach Pennsylvania Delaware CNN Physicians Network Markets CNN Airport Network and Southwest Airlines In-Flight Markets Google Search Ads and JH Health Newsletter Markets Over 123 Million Impressions
  • 46. Performance Website Visitors by Region
  • 47. Performance Performance JHH Out-of-State Volume Growth Discharges: Out of State 11k Outpatient Visits: Out of State 150k 140k 10k 130k 120k 9k 100k 8k 100k
  • 48. A Healthier Future In America And In The World: Collaborations 1. Trusted brand • Medicine for the greater good 2. Share the knowledge • Quality Collaborations via our Armstrong Institute for quality and safety • “Best Practice” Collaborations • Management Services Agreements • Joint Operating Agreement/Joint Ventures • Expansion of Network of Care and Mergers 3. Connect 48
  • 49. Thank you! Dalal J. Haldeman, Ph.D., M.B.A. Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications Johns Hopkins Medicine 410-955-0071
  • 50. Link to Pediatrics Urology Video: Cloacal Exstrophy • 50