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Cancer.Net Mobile: Helping Patients Take an Active Role in Their Cancer Care - BDI 2/14/13 Mobile Healthcare Communications Summit
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Cancer.Net Mobile: Helping Patients Take an Active Role in Their Cancer Care - BDI 2/14/13 Mobile Healthcare Communications Summit


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Case Study: Cancer.Net Mobile: Helping Patients Take an Active Role in Their Cancer Care …

Case Study: Cancer.Net Mobile: Helping Patients Take an Active Role in Their Cancer Care
Cancer and cancer care have become increasingly complex. For patients, navigating these complexities can be overwhelming. Learn how one major cancer organization addresses these needs with an award-winning mobile application, allowing patients to take a more active role in their care.
Presented by: Brendan Kelly, Manager, Cancer.Net Operations, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Cancer.Net Mobile Helping Patients Take an Active Role in Their Cancer CareBrendan KellyManager, Cancer.Net OperationsAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology
  • 2. About ASCO• World’s leading professional organization representing physicians caring for those with cancer• Serves more than 30,000 members• Improves cancer care through: – Scientific meetings – Educational programs – Peer-reviewed journals• ASCO Mission: ASCO is a professional oncology society committed to conquering cancer through research, education, prevention and delivery of high quality patient care.
  • 3. ASCO Promotes and Provides For:• Lifelong Learning for Oncology Professionals• Cancer Research• Improved Environment for Oncology Practice• Access to Quality Cancer Care• Expertise of Global Network of Oncologists• Educated and Informed Cancer Patients
  • 4. ASCO Patient Information Program• To increase accessibility of accurate and credible cancer information• To be the authoritative source of high-quality cancer education materials• To provide reliable materials for ASCO members to give to their patients• To disseminate timely information to help put cancer issues/advances in context for patients
  • 5. Guiding Principles• Audiences: Primary – patients, their families and friends. Secondary – ASCO members, nurses, other healthcare providers, and patient advocates who reach patients.• Expand ASCO’s capabilities to deliver high quality educational materials directly to patient (formerly a small section of• Brings the “voice of the physician” to people living with cancer.• Designed to be an integral part of ASCO’s vision of improving cancer care and prevention.• Adapting to new technologies to deliver patient information in the most efficient way.
  • 6. “I have cancer”… But which one? Stage 0 LUNG Non-SmallCANCER Cell Stage I Adeno- carcinoma IIA Small-Cell Stage II Squamous cell IIB Stage III Large cell undifferentiated Stage IV
  • 7. Cancer  CancersLung cancer in the “molecular era”….
  • 8. Cancer care: “Knotted Up”
  • 9. Untying the Knot: Three Major Patient NeedsReliable, comprehensiveinformation…Accessible whenever it’s needed…With practical tools to helpPatients navigate their care
  • 10. “Who can I trust forinformation?”
  • 11. Reliable Information: 2002
  • 12. But…Accessible when needed?How Patients Access Health Information onMobile• 85% of US adults own a cell phone and 53% have a smartphone• 31% of cell phone owners have used it to search for health information• 52% of smartphone owners gather health information on their phone• 19% of smartphone owners use a health app (exercise, diet, and weight are the most popular)• 13% of people with smartphones who identified as having a “significant health change” over the past 12 months have downloaded a healthappPew Internet 2012
  • 13. Making it accessible: More than amobile website Cancer.Net’s Intuitive Oncologist- Best New Driven Content Interface Features
  • 14. Making it practical: Addressingfour key patient challenges Accessible Information Tracking medications Recalling symptoms Getting questions answered
  • 15. Cancer.Net Mobile• iPhone App released April 27, 2011• Android App released April 23, 2012• Together more than 35,000 downloads since launch
  • 16. Accessible Information
  • 17. Tracking medications
  • 18. Recalling symptoms
  • 19. Getting questions answered
  • 20. Feedback “Where the app truly shines is in App Store user reviewthree key features: Ability to store “As a cancer survivor…I findquestions, medications and this to be a great tool. Thesymptoms. The way this app implements information is updated and I lovethese key features is absolutely stunning, that I can use it to save questionsand makes the application a must have and have easy access tofor cancer patients and their family resources.”members.”
  • 21. Cancer.Net Mobile 2.0• On-the-fly content updates• Passcode lock• Rating reminder• iCloud backup• More robust user analytics
  • 22. Advertising• Advertising has been geared toward both professional and consumer-oriented audiences• Included in overall digital advertising campaign• Print ads include a QR code that can be scanned by both Apple and Android devices that take folks to the respective app store
  • 23. Advertising• Varied messaging to appeal to more audiences• iPhone and Android pocket cards for distribution during exhibits/meetings
  • 24. The Road Ahead• Maintenance update currently in App Store• Spanish-enabled version, Q1 2013• Full app update Q3 2013
  • 25. How Mobile Can Assist inHealthcare Decisions in the Future Patient- Patient- Physician- Directed Directed Directed App Data Center Physician Patient Physician Discussion Decisions Discussion
  • 26. Thank You! Cancer.Net Mobile: