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Bridging the Functional Gap with Social Media at Harvard Business School - BDI 7/21/2010 Social Convergence & The Enterprise
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Bridging the Functional Gap with Social Media at Harvard Business School - BDI 7/21/2010 Social Convergence & The Enterprise


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Keynote Case Study: Bridging the Functional Gap with Social Media at Harvard Business School …

Keynote Case Study: Bridging the Functional Gap with Social Media at Harvard Business School
Presented by: Brian Kenny, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Harvard Business School
Silos are all too common in large complex organizations and Harvard Business School is no exception. So what can social media do to help knock down those artificial divides? How can tools that are designed to engage customers and provide external visibility improve internal communications and processes? As it turns out – employees are social too and social media has made it fun to connect across the functions. Brian will talk about how HBS has organized around social media platforms like Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter both to engage external audiences and to improve sales and customer service across the enterprise. Brian will also share Harvard Business School cases that demonstrate examples of how major organizations are integrating social throughout the enterprise.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Bridging the Functional Gap with Social Media Business Development Institute – July 21, 2010 Copyright © President & Fellows of Harvard College.
  • 2. First some context. 2
  • 3. Increase in usage of social media networks since 2007 Information Week, Alison Diana, June 28, 2010
  • 4. Growth in Social Media since 2007 4
  • 5. Growth of Facebook users over last 2 years 5
  • 6. Facebook growth in increments 6
  • 7. Number of Tweets per month as of May 2010 Double the number from December 2009
  • 8. Twitter growth over 6 months 8
  • 9. Videos viewed on You Tube in April 2010 MediaPost, Jack Loechner, June 2010, Center for Media Research –
  • 10. What about mobile? 10
  • 11. Projected number downloaded over I Tunes inin 2010 Number of apps of apps to be downloaded 2007
  • 12. Smartphone Use Among MBA Students Android iPhone Do not use a smartphone Blackberry Other 12
  • 13. How are companies engaged in social media? 13
  • 14. Way back in . . . 2008! “Businesses will rush to the community and try to connect, but essentially they won’t have a mutual purpose, and they will fail.” 14
  • 15. Global Fortune 100 Engagement in Social Media Burson-Marstellar Fortune Global 100 Social Media Study – February 2010 Graphic: 15
  • 16. Four ways companies are using social media 1. Leverage an already existing community 2. Create your own community 3. Accelerate message distribution 4. Conduct research ©2009 R2 Integrated; Matt Goddard, There are Only 4 Real Ways to Leverage Social Media 16
  • 17. Use of Social Media in Organizational Departments • From the authors of Groundswell Department Objective Application R&D Listening: gaining Innovation customer insights communities Marketing Talking: engaging Blogs, user-generated customers content Sales Energizing: third party Social networking advocacy Customer Support Supporting: customers Support forums, Wikis help customers Operations Managing: employees Internal social helping each other networks ©2008 MIT Sloan Management Review: Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li 17
  • 18. Bridging the Functional Gap with Social Media at HBS • Social Media today at HBS • Future Vision for Social Media convergence at HBS • HBS Cases – Other enterprises bridging the gap Nasa Intuit Threadless 18
  • 19. Harvard Business School • 100 Years • 850 Staff • 13,000 Exec Ed • 220 Faculty • 1,800 MBA • 70,000 Alumni
  • 20. The Social Media Imperative • Embrace behavioral shift • Harness viral marketing opportunities • Leverage third party advocates • Build sustainable communities • Enhance, monitor and protect the HBS brand
  • 21. HBS and Social Media HBS Social Media Footprint Twitter 184,000 Linked In 38,000 Facebook 140,000 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 21
  • 22. Areas for Collaboration Mobile Analytics/Metrics Twitter Social Media Integration Opportunities Search Engine Facebook Optimization Linked In Sharesites 22
  • 23. Functional areas engaged in Social Media @ HBS Publishing Executive Ed Marketing and Communications Alumni Relations MBA Admissions Career Development Human Resources Traditional Publishing Social Publishing Interaction
  • 24. What we are doing today. 24
  • 25. HBS Publishing – moving from broadcast to engagement • Blogs • (400k weekly) • Twitter (172k) • Facebook (123k) • You Tube (500K) 25
  • 26. Engaging readers in discussions with each other . . . 26
  • 27. . . . And with subject matter experts 27
  • 28. Engaging Alumni to strengthen relationships Engaging alumni. 28
  • 29. Engaging Alumni to strengthen relationships • Twitter 847.222.3000 • Linked In • Facebook MBA 1975, Section B • Alumni Navigator 847.222.3000 MBA Harvard Business School 1975 29
  • 30. Reinforcing networks for alumni
  • 31. Engaging alumni with each other
  • 32. Facilitating Alumni networking • Interactive classnotes 32
  • 33. Engaging executives. 33
  • 34. Building sustainable communities 34
  • 35. Facilitating connection points
  • 36. Making engagement convenient
  • 37. HBS Executive Education on iTunes U
  • 38. We see convergence along 3 dimensions • Across functions • Across audiences Publishing Alumni • Across platforms Social Mobile AlumniMedia Applications Exec Ed Relations Senior General Executives Managers Marketing 38
  • 39. Convergence Vision I – Leveraging Social Media for Recruiting 39
  • 40. Convergence Vision II - Convergence driven by social media 40
  • 41. How others are bridging the gap. 41
  • 42. “93% of all innovations that became successful started off in the wrong direction” Clay Christensen Harvard Business School 42
  • 43. HBS Case-let on NASA • Business: Space exploration • Challenge: Seek innovative solutions to research and technology problems that impact human health and performance in short- and long-duration human spaceflight • Approach: Open source innovation 43
  • 44. Open Source Innovation 44
  • 45. Partnered with Top Coder and Innocentive initially 45
  • 46. HBS Case-let on Intuit Brainstorm • Business: Creator of Quicken and Turbo Tax, provides business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses • Challenge: Creating visibility for and participation in collaborative innovation efforts across the company. • Approach: Developed social platform – Brainstorm – that makes innovation collaboration visible, fun and social. 46
  • 47. Intuit leverages social to spur innovation Ideas start raw and improve with collaboration 1 Diverse perspectives and expertise help an idea grow and evolve. An idea is like a seed that when put into a collaborative environment is better able to reach its potential. Collaboration requires visibility 2 Be where the eyeballs are Some want to share their ideas, others want to find ideas…connections help everyone win Visibility is created when communication Leaders must be able to find relevant ideas fast is easy and has a fast payoff
  • 48. Previous solution focused in the innovations • Captured the needed information • Generated great reports • However, the data was rarely updated • And low visibility meant few connections Ideas languished as innovators lacked a way to advance their ideas
  • 49. Winning solution focused on the innovators Grow ideas Build Teams Evolve your idea by Recruit from across the capturing notes, todos, company or let them find documents, and links to you. relevant information. Collaborate Get Help Take advantage of the Locate those with needed collective wisdom of the skills. Reach out to leaders company through to remove obstacles. comments and discussion.
  • 50. Increased Quantity of Innovation 1 Ideation up over 1000% 2 Participation up over 500% Intuit now has over 200 new ideas preparing for release *for citations, see last slide in the appendix
  • 51. Increased Quality of Innovation Collaboration with experts anywhere in the company… …leads to a diversity of thought that creates higher impact innovations.
  • 52. Decreased Time-to-Market • ViewMyPaycheck went from a napkin to customers’ 3 hands in less than 3 months now has 90,000 users & created a distribution channel to 77 million employees *for citations, see last slide in the appendix
  • 53. Delighted and Engaged Employees Brainstorm spread throughout Intuit by word of mouth and became the de facto source of innovation I didn’t even know these individuals who “appeared” from various functions and across business units to lend support and help guide me along. As a result, I was able to assemble an implementation strategy without a lot of background experience. You have one team out in Texas, and 2 teams in San Diego who didn’t know each other. Through Brainstorm, they realized Matt Gotchy, that there were other teams out there and Product Manager they joined forces. Zack Zackirson, Marketing Manager *for citations, see last slide in the appendix
  • 54. HBS Case-let- Threadless • Business: Retail clothing design, manufacturing and sales. • Challenge: Engaging community as product designers, reviewers and buyers. • Approach: Let community drive innovation and product development – sales will follow. 55
  • 55. Threadless Business Model 57
  • 56. Threadless by the Numbers • Over 500,000 community members • 800 designs per week are submitted • 134,000 designs from 55,000 individuals • Each design gets over 600 votes – total 80M votes have been cast!
  • 57. Thank You! 59