Actiance - BDI 6.14.11 Mobile Financial Services Communications Leadership Forum


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Presentation by: Sarah Carter, VP, Marketing, Actiance

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Actiance - BDI 6.14.11 Mobile Financial Services Communications Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Mobile, Social & Financial ServicesSarah Carter, VP MarketingActiance, Inc.Confidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc.All rights reserved. Actiance and the Actiance logo are trademarks of Actiance, Inc.
  2. 2. About Actiance Enable the New Internet – 4,500+ Web 2.0 apps, Unified Communications, Social Networks Global operations – USA, EMEA, India, Asia/Pacific Market Leader – 9 of the top 10 US banks – Top 5 Canadian banks – 3 of the top 5 energy companies Broadest Partner Ecosystem – Technology alliances
  3. 3. Why am I standing here today? I run social media for Actiance I have a global remit, with varied experience– From driving taxi’s, to taking companies through IPO, to training teams on Social Media, to implementing campaigns, to an officer of the company. I work with financial services customers on policies, best practice Social Media adoption, engage with the regulators My name is Sarah and I’m social. Twitter: @SarahActiance LinkedIn: My biggest challenge? 2
  4. 4. So what would we want to use it for anyways? Sales & Marketing Promotions Advertising Branding HR & Admissions Background checks Recruiting Scientists & Researchers Information exchange Collaboration IT Investigation of security breaches Students Collaboration
  5. 5. Impact of Mobile Social media accelerating mobile growth More flexible working arrangements Sophistication of mobile phones Availability of more services Means you can get to anyone wherever, whenever
  6. 6. Mobile simply exacerbates risk.. Data Leakage Incoming Threats User Behavior Personal Employee Malware, Spyware Productivity Information Viruses, Trojans Bandwidth Intellectual Property Inappropriate Explosion Credit Card, Content Every employee is SSN the face of the Patient Records business
  7. 7. Pg. 7
  8. 8. FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-06:Guidelines for Social Networks Regulation Social Network and Web 2.0 ImpactSEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 andNASD Rule 3110 Retain records of communications related to business Electronic forum & chat rooms, content posted to social media may constitutePublic Appearances a public appearancePrior Approvals Wall postings require prior approvalsParticipation Real-time participation on social networks equals participation For instance communications between research and investment bankingFINRA Regulatory Notice 07-59 departments should be restricted Only those subject to firms supervision should have access, provide trainingRestrict Personnel prior to engagement, prohibit or restrict those who pose a compliance risk. Restrict access with technology.
  9. 9. Mobile, Social and Finance 98% of college students use a mobile device 40% of them cannot go without checking their social connections for more than 10 minutes– SOURCE: CourseSmart and Wakefield Research, June 2011– ( 250 million of the 600 million on Facebook access through a mobile device– SoURCE: Facebook, May 2011 15% of online banking users are aware of a mobile banking site/application 10% use mobile to bank <1% - have used an application to bank 42% want the bank to contact them through the mail.– SOURCE: Forsee Results: United Kingdom Data ( ) In the USA Gen Y accounts for $2.4 trillion worth of personal income In 2025 Gen Y will account for 46% of personal income Source: Javelin Research 94b7-992ab12d9f97.html?print=1
  10. 10. Contact
  11. 11. Adoption of Social by Demographic 87% of Gen Y have at least one social networking account, this drops to 77% when looking at Gen X. Gen ZZZ (the seniors) bottom out at 47% Base 26,749 online adults, USA, Source: Forrester Research, June 2011 Percentage of those who check financial accounts at least once a month on a mobile device Gen Y: 16% Gen X: 12% Young Boomers: 6% Old Boomers: 3% Seniors: 3% Base 24,382 US online adults who own a mobile phone, Forrester Research June 2011Pg. 12
  12. 12. It’s easy to see results..Pg. 14
  13. 13. Perhaps the worm is turning…15 Confidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. More Info?www.actiance.comVisit the Actiance Collateral Library at Questions? @SarahActianceEmail: scarter@actiance.com650 631 6452 (desk)415 806 9504 (cell)+44 (0) 7970 729068 (UK mobile)
  15. 15. To infinity….. And beyond..Sarah Carter, VP MarketingActiance, Inc. Twitter: @SarahActiance