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Wa w p 27 35

  1. 1. Practice ElEach group of sentences has one topic sentence and three supporting sentences. Writea T next to the topic sentence and S next to the supporting sentences.1 a Amy always understands me. b Amy is special to me. e I think Amy is beautiful. d I love the wild way Amy dances.2 a To me, my father is a great man. b My father is an excellent lawyer. e My father loves his family. d My father always has time for me.3 a Chris likes to have a good time. b Chris is short end has wavy, brown hair. e Chris is one of my favorite people. d Every day, Chris runs several miles.Practice ~Read the paragraph below. Then, read the sentences that follow the paragraph. Check(J) all the sentences that are good topic sentences for this paragraph. My grandmother ________________ . She was born 77 years ago in England. When she was a baby, her family moved to the United States. After high school, she worked in a bakery until she married my grandfather. She can still make delicious cakes! My grandfather died five years ago, so she lives with us now. My grandmother is not patient, but she never gets angry with me. She always listens to me and helps me with my problems. 1 My grandmother is tall and thin. 2 I think my grandmother is a wonderful person. 3 An important person in my life is my grandmother. 4 My grandmother had five children. 5 Let me tell you about Grandma. 6 My grandmother can make me laugh when I am sad. Chapter 2: A Person Important to You 27
  2. 2. Practice C Read the student paragraph below. Then, read the sentences that follow the paragraph. Check (.1) all the sentences that are good topic sentences for this paragraph. Capito ________________ . Hes a medium-size Labrador retriever with short, yellow hair and a long tail. In the house, he is always with me. When he comes to me, he hits everything with his tail. He also likes to come with me for a walk or a drive. Capito loves water. He loves to swim, play in the rain, and even play with the water in his bowl. He is a good student. He likes to learn, and he knows a lot of commands. Also, Capito is very gentle. He runs after cats, but he doesnt touch them. 1 Capito is my dog and my friend. 2 Capitos face is big and square. 3 My dog is seven years old. 4 Capito is my lovable dog. 5 Capito is my wonderful pet. Practice ~ Write a topic sentence for this paragraph. A Teacher to Remember _________________________ . He was a tall, thin man with red hair, and he wore thick glasses. In the classroom, he was always moving. He never sat still. When he was teaching, he always walked around, swung his arms, or tapped his feet. Mr. Jenkins put his energy into teaching us literature and drama at my high school. He was an excellent teacher. He taught us to love literature, Also, he helped the students present two school plays every year. Mr. Jenkins cared a lot about his students, too. He always had time to talk to students about their problems. I hope that I can be like him when I am a teacher.28 Writers at Work: The Paragraph
  3. 3. C Write the first draft Get comfortable, relax, and think about your important person. Use your list of categories to write a paragraph about that person. Remember, you will revise and edit your paragraph later, so dont worry about making mistakes.IlII REVISING YOUR WRITING A Analyze a paragraph Read a students first draft below. Then answer these questions. Talk about your answers with your class. 1 What do you like about this paragraph? 2 Is the paragraph about one main idea? 3 Is there a good topic sentence? 4 Are all of the supporting s~entences relevant to the main idea? 5 Are the supporting sentences grouped in categories? My Friend Eun Hee and I met in high school. When I left Korea, she cried. Eun Hee works at General Hospital, and she is never absent from work. She likes to take care of the patients, but she doesnt like the doctors. She says they dont respect the nurses. One doctor always shouts at the nurses. On the weekends, she goes to the mountains or visits an interesting place. Eun Hee is very active. If there is something that she wants to do, she does it. She is cheerful and talkative. When I had a long face and was sad, she talked cheerfully to me. Eun Hee is tall and very thin. She has small, brown eyes and long, curly, dark brown hair. She looks like Olive Oyl in the Popeye cartoons. Olive Oyl is Popeyes girlfriend. Sometimes, when my friends and I were serious, she told jokes to us. I love her, and I want to see her again soon. B Revise your writing Exchange the first draft of your paragraph with a partner. Read your partners paper, and answer these questions about it. 1 What do you like about your partners paper? Put a star next to any ideas or sentences that you like. 2 Is there anything that you do not understand? Put a question mark (?) in the margin next to any sentence that you do not understand. Chapter 2: A Person Important to You 29
  4. 4. 3 Is there a topic sentence about the main idea? If there is a topic sentence, underline it and write TS above it. If there is no topic sentence, write "no topic sentence" at the top of the page. 4 Do all of the supporting sentences give information about the topic sentence? Are there any irrelevant sentences? Put parentheses ( ) around any irrelevant sentences. 5 On the bottom of your partners paper, write one question about the paragraph. Ask about something you want to know about the important person. Your turn ~ Get your paragraph back from your partner. Reread your paragraph. Then, follow these steps to revise it. 1 If there are any question marks on your paper, write those sentences more clearly. Ask your teacher or your partner for help if you need it. 2 Answer your partners question about your important person. Add that information to your paper if you want to. 3 Think about the questions in Analyze a paragraph on page 29. Do you need to make any other changes to your own paper? 4 Look at your Progress Check on page 17 of Chapter 1. Use it to help you revise your paragraph. C Write the second draft , Rewrite your paragraph, and make any changes that you need. Write a title at the top of your paragraph.Il!I EDITING YOUR WRITING A Focus on sentence grammar FRAGMENTS In English, every sentence must have both a subject and a verb. If a sentence does not have both a subject and a verb, it is called a fragment. Fragment means "broken piece." A sentence fragment is only a piece of a sentence, not a complete sentence. There are three problems a fragment can have. • No subject Also loves to follow my teenage brother around . • No verb He short for his age and a little heavy. • No subject or verb And big, brown eyes.30 Writers at Work: The Paragraph
  5. 5. Practice ~Read each sentence fragment and identify the problem. Write NS for no subject, NYfor no verb, or NSV for no subject or verb. 1 My wonderful old grandmother. 2 Every morning of her long life. 3 Fixes breakfast for her family. 4 A cigarette always in her mouth. S Often worry about her. 6 An important person in my family.Practice HWrite F next to the fragments and S next to the complete sentences. 1 My niece is a special person in my life. 2 Only nine months old. 3 Her silky, black hair. 4 Likes to play at three in the morning! S My niece is very cute. 6 I love her. CORRECTING A FRAGMENT There are several ways to correct a fragment. • Add a subject or a verb. Fragment: Also loves to follow my teenage brother around. Sentence: He also loves to follow my teenage brother around. Fragment: He short for his age and a little heavy. Sentence: He ~ short for his age and a little heavy. • Add a subject and a verb. Fragment: My wonderful little brother. Sentence: He is my wonderful little brother. • Add the fragment to another sentence. Fragment: And big brown eyes. Sentence: He has dark, curly hair and big brown eyes. Chapter 2: A Person Important to You 31
  6. 6. Practice rn Read the following pairs of sentences. In each pair, one sentence is a fragment. Correct the fragment either by adding something to it or by joining it to the other sentence. There are several possible ways to fix each fragment. Write only one. 1 An important person in my life is not a person. He a cat. He is a cat. 2 One night he came to my door. And cried for food. 3 After that first night. Tramp has stayed with me. 4 Tramp is a large, gray cat. With one torn ear. 5 He sleeps a lot during the day. And hunts at night. 6 He tries to catch mice. Too fast for him. 7 My cat and some of the neighborhood cats. They fight sometimes. 8 In the evenings. Tramp watches 1V with me. 9 Likes to sleep on my bed. At night. 10 Day or night, he a good friend to me. He keeps me company. RUN-ON SENTENCES A common writing mistake is a run-on sentence. A run-on sentence happens when two simple sentences are run together without correct punctuation to separate them. Run-on sentences: Adam is a sweet boy he really loves animals. Adam is a sweet boy, he really loves animals. To correct a run-on sentence, make it into two simple sentences. Put a period at the end of the first subject and verb group. Start the second sentence with a capital letter. . Correct sentences: Adam is a sweet boy. He really loves animals.32 Writers at Work: The Paragraph
  7. 7. Practice rnWrite RO next to the run-on sentences and CS next to correct sentences. R0 1 I want to own a company some day I hope to be a good boss. 2 I remember my first boss, he was terrible. 3 He never listened to us. He only shouted. 4 He helped some workers a lot other workers got no help from him. 5 He also stole from the company and blamed the workers for it.Practice mlCorrect these run-on sentences.1 A person important to me is my twin sister her name is Iody.2 Iody and I are the same height, we both have blonde hair and green eyes.3 We enjoy the same things for example, we both love hot dogs and chess.4 Iody understands me better than anyone, she knows me very well.5 We live in different cities we usually visit each other on weekends. .6 I cant live without my twin, once a day we call each other and talk on the telephone. Chapter 2: A Person Important to You 33
  8. 8. Practice m In this paragraph, some of the sentences are run-ons. To correct the run-on sentences, add periods and capital letters. Take out commas if you need to. Mac 1Mac is a special guy. ~e have been friends for a long time. 2Now we are at college together. 3Mac is tall and very thin, my mother calls him Stringbean. 4He has a tough life. 5He takes classes during the day and drives a taxi every night. 6His father drinks too much and sometimes fights with his mother Mac tries to help her. 7He also likes to have a good time. 80n his night off, he goes out with his girlfriend, sometimes he drives to the beach at three in the morning! 9He is amazing. Practice rn Read Saras paragraph about Adam. Underline all of the subjects and verbs. Then, find and correct the fragments and run-on sentences. Adam 1Adam is a delightful boy. 2My wonderful younger brother. 3He is ten years old and the youngest in our family. 4He has dark, curly hair. 5And big, brown eyes. 6He often smiles. Tfhen you can see his ~ig, wide smile. 8He short for his age and a little heavy. 9Adam goes to school every day he often plays soccer with his friends after school. 10They arent very good, but they have a lot of fun. 11Also loves to follow my teenage brother around. 12He drives my brother crazy! 13Adam is a sweet boy, he really loves animals. 14Sometimes, he tries to take ..care of hurt wild animals. 15Also, very smart. 16He loves school, and he gets good grades. 171 love him because he is funny and cheerful, too. 18He talks and laughs a lot, he makes everyone laugh with him. 19Now, I in this country, and I miss him very much.34 Writers at Work: The Paragraph
  9. 9. B Edit your writing Use the Editing Checklist below to edit your second draft. Follow these steps. 1 Underline all of the subjects in your sentences. Circle all of the verbs. 2 Using the checklist, look for only one kind of mistake each time you read your paragraph. For example, the first time you read your paragraph, ask yourself, "Does every sentence have a subject and a verb?" The next time you read it, look for a different kind of mistake. 3 Use Quick Check on pages 123-140 to help you fix your mistakes. 4 Look at your Progress Check on page 17 of Chapter 1. Use it to help you edit your paragraph. ", EDITING CHECKLIST [If Look at each sentence. D 1 Does every sentence have a subject and verb? D 2 Are there any fragments? D 3 Are there any run-on sentences? Look at each verb. D 4 Do all of the verbs agree with their subjects? D 5 Are all of the verbs the correct tense? D 6 Are all of the verbs the correct form? Look at the punctuation and capitalization. D 7 Does each sentence begin with a capital letter? D 8 Does each sentence end with the correct punctuation? Look at the words. D 9 Is each word spelled correctly?C Write the final draft Write your final draft, including your changes and corrections. Use correct format. Chapter 2: A Person Important to You 35