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Apache Stanbol Incubation Proposal
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Apache Stanbol Incubation Proposal


Published on

Slides of my presentation of the Stanbol incubation proposal at Apache,

Slides of my presentation of the Stanbol incubation proposal at Apache,

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. STANBOL code comes out of the EC-funded IKS project IKS - Interactive Knowledge Stack for Semantic Content Management Systems Apache STANBOL The project formally known as Apache FOO ApacheCon Atlanta - November 2010 Semantic extensions for CMS Bertrand Delacrétaz Senior Developer, Day Software/Adobe ( Member and Director, Apache Software Foundation NOT a semantic guru! not even incubating yet ;-)
  • 2. Project Lead and Coordination Salzburg Research Wernher Behrendt Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H. Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3 | 5020 Salzburg, Austria T +43.662.2288-409 | F +43.662.2288-222 Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) Universität St. Gallen Consiglio Nationale delle Ricerche (CNR) Software Quality Lab Unversität Paderborn Software Research and Development Consultancy Ltd (SRDC) Hochschule Furtwangen Nuxeo Sa. Alkacon Software GmbH TXT Polymedia Pisano Holding GmbH Nemein Oy Day Software AG The IKS Consortium
  • 3. IKS - revolutionary semantic CMS stack? Picture: pschubert on rocket science? maybe just 4 layers?
  • 4. Complexity? Existing CMS RESTful interface IKS FISE semantic engine plugins infrastructure stanbol.FISE - RESTful semantic engine Register content item Get/update semantic view Execute query Picture: pschubert on
  • 5. Existing CMS RESTful interface IKS semantic engine infrastructure stanbol.FISE semantic engine vision Register content item Get/update semantic view Execute query Pictures: mconnors, jusben on Semantic Plugins API RESTful interface Engine Framework Basic Plugins Later: Semantic Plugins Rocket Science... no rocket science (yet) researchersindustrial partners
  • 6. stanbol.FISE: semantic images similarity Pictures by myself, for once More on POST both images to FISE (runs alongside your CMS) Semantic Engines «see» objects (car, house, boat etc.) Semantic metadata: rich links between content objects. Researchers plug in better semantic engines. describe those on the phone! maybe, tomorrow ;-)
  • 7. ! ! !"#$% !"#$%&'(&)*&+,&-&"./.0#")/"')*&/-#"0"( &'()*+,%-#./0,+1%2#3%#".#%#(0&-4%,1%&-% /05%+06#7#01#%-8-,#.-%9,&/-#"&,-: 6*))*2+0;%/%+/..&,"23/-&')/++,#/45< ! *0,*)*;+#-%/7#%;7*=(#5%+0%%>-1*(#-> ! 7=)#-%/7#%(/1?#5%+0%>7#1+(#-> /05%,@#04%/)-*< ! ,&&"(0"&&,%0*0A"BC%7#-*=71#-% 9DEF%/05%BGE$:%,*%"BC ! ,&6/4.#,%"BC%;7/(@-%=-+0;%7=)#- H,*.+1%-#7I+1#-%AJ%*78961%)-#7I+1#- 8./"'/,'-<%"BC4%KLF4%$L"F4% $MH"NF4%KLFF+0?%OOO stanbol.KRES: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • 8. My Entities Web Resources Paris Mappings Paris Paris Local Cache Paris Reuters Freebase Specific Resources My Site Referenced Sites Remote Sites geonames cache stanbol.RICK Reference Infrastructure for Content and Knowledge … and Mappings to external Sources Support for fast local Caches Out of the Box Support for Linked Data Support for specific Sites via Extensions Manage Your Entities Configure which Properties to import
  • 9. Join the fun at more info at I’m @bdelacretaz on Twitter Apache STANBOL: what’s next?