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IKS early adopters workshop - introducing FISE
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IKS early adopters workshop - introducing FISE


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Introduction to the IKS FISE RESTful semantic engine - , for the first IKS Early Adopters Workshop, Salzburg, June 22nd, 2010 - …

Introduction to the IKS FISE RESTful semantic engine - , for the first IKS Early Adopters Workshop, Salzburg, June 22nd, 2010 -

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. veryvery alpha! IKS Early Adopters Workshop Salzburg, June 22-23, 2010 Introducing FISE, the IKS RESTful semantic engine Bertrand Delacrétaz NOT Senior Developer, Day Software ( a semantic Member, Apache Software Foundation ( guru! IKS – Interactive Knowledge Stack for Semantic Content Management Systems
  • 2. FISE: Furt wangen IKS Semantic What? Engine («phase») does FISE do and How? See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 3. FISE server and plug-ins Working code + APIs Queries (Apache Clerezza) RESTful HTTP Storage (in-memory/Clerezza) interface POST content GET enhanced content GET query results FISE server (OSGi-based) SPARL queries as well FISE EnhancementEngine API FISE EnhancementEngine API Plug-in APIs for more engines... Named Entity Recognition Autotagging See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 4. FISE demo: SACE client 2a 1 3 2b SACE http FISE 4 client server 5 See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 5. SACE client GETs RDF from FISE <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:j.0="" xmlns:j.1="" xmlns:j.2="" > <rdf:Description rdf:about="urn:enhancement-ce190f1b-698c-5038-3057-88da26c3f722"> <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/> ... <j.2:extracted-from rdf:resource="urn:content-item-sha1-8559dbc3ce78b24"/> <j.0:creator rdf:datatype="">eu.iksproject....EntityMentionEnhancementEngine</j.0:creator> <j.2:entity-reference rdf:resource=""/> <j.2:entity-label rdf:datatype="">Berkeley, California</j.2:entity-label> <j.2:confidence rdf:datatype="">3.4116923809051514</j.2:confidence> <j.2:entity-type rdf:resource=""/> <j.2:entity-type rdf:resource=""/> <j.2:entity-type rdf:resource=""/> <j.2:entity-type rdf:resource=""/> </rdf:Description> The EntityMentionEnhancementEngine thinks that content item is related to the «Berkeley, California» Place from dbpedia. See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 6. The FISE scenario 1. POST raw content RESTful HTTP client HTTP interface FISE server (OSGi-based) 3. GET enhanced content FISE extension APIs 4. Add more engines... Enhancement Engines 2. Enhancement engine plug-ins See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 7. SPARQL endpoint powered by Apache Clerezza http GET <sparql xmlns=""> ... <results> <result> <binding name="content"> <uri>/11</uri> </binding> <binding name="engine"> <literal datatype=""> FISE server (OSGi-based) eu.iksproject.fise.EntityMentionEnhancementEngine</literal> </binding> <binding name="extraction_time"> <literal datatype=""> 2010-06-21T23:22:15.802+02:00</literal> </binding> <binding name="enhancement"> <uri>urn:enhancement-d7c755a7-09d0-8a1f-5a15-ff177c1d3593</uri> </binding> </result> <result> See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 8. the Architecture of FISE See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 9. FISE vision: RESTful semantic engine add-on for existing CMS HTTP HTTP CQ5 web content CQ5 Applications (Day or custom) manager Semantic Engine Editing Dialogs Apache Felix / OSGi framework Concept extraction JS API Rendering Intelligent tagging Components Semantic search Javascript Widgets Workflow Engine Apache Sling Component Framework OSGi JSR-170 WebDAV Console CRX Explorer Persistence (CRX, Apache Jackrabbit) Day’s cq5 platform, as an example CMS See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 10. FISE: minimal core with plugins RESTful HTTP front-end Enhancements EnhancementEngine plugin Job Manager EnhancementEngine plugin ... Reasoning plugins? OSGi framework Query Engine plugin Enhancements Java VM Store plugin indicates plugins See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 11. OSGi for modularization Maven plugins and OSGi console provided by Apache Felix. Launcher provided by Apache Sling for standalone server. Semantic components provided by Apache Clerezza See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 12. the FISE Services API excerpts See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 13. FISE ContentItem API FIXME Adapter pattern instead of getInputStream? Helpers to add Enhancements to the Graph? See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 14. FISE EnhancementEngine API FIXME Collaboration between engines: Android-like intents, event- based tuple space? See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 15. current FISE Enhancement Engines See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 16. FISE EnhancementEngine plugins early June 2010 NamedEntityExtractionEnhancementEngine: Uses OpenNLP sentence detector and name finder to detect persons, places and organisations. EntityMentionEnhancementEngine: Semantic Creates EntityAnnotations using an index of DBpedia entities. Engine LocationEnhancementEngine: Contest? Creates fise:EntityAnnotations based on the dataset. Tagging using the Zemanta API: Simple wrapper for Zemanta Language identification: Identifies a text as: German(de), English(en), ...., Slovenian(sl), Danish(da), Hungarian(hu) FIXME Metaxa text extractor: Extracts metadata and text from document formats like PDF, Word, Fat bundles, etc. need to optimize dependencies. See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 17. EnhancementEngines collaboration Entity extraction dbpedia entities Geonames locations data flow Engines use metadata from other engines as input. FIXME Iteratively enhance incoming content. Resulting output: Currently based on engine ordering. content entities dbpedia geonames Need a better mechanism, intents, tuple space etc. See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 18. Getting Started See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 19. Getting started with FISE Start at index.php/FISE or Google «IKS FISE». Binary downloads are available there. Build from source code, not for the faint of heart currently (Maven snapshots!) java -Xmx512M -jar!iks-fise-server-rNNN.jar (add -h at the end to see more options) Then open http://localhost:8080 See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 20. What’s next? See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 21. Conclusions...and What’s Next? Our main goal is to build a community of FISE users, which provides feedback on semantic features that add value to existing CMS. And contributes to FISE! Ideas from the full IKS stack will percolate into FISE based on actual use cases from the field. Please Let’s keep FISE simple, understandable and robust, Let us know if while allowing our researcher’s «wild ideas» plugins to be FISE would add used for more experimental work. value to your CMS! See or Google «IKS FISE»
  • 22. The IKS Consortium Project Lead and Coordination Wernher Behrendt Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H. Salzburg Research Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3 | 5020 Salzburg, Austria T +43.662.2288-409 | F +43.662.2288-222 Deutsches Universität St. Gallen Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) Consiglio Software Nationale delle Quality Lab Ricerche (CNR) Unversität Paderborn Software Research and Hochschule Furtwangen Development Consultancy Ltd (SRDC) Nuxeo Sa. Alkacon Software GmbH TXT Polymedia Pisano Holding GmbH Nemein Oy Day Software AG