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Syllabus 2013 fa_phya135_h 005_harris,barb

  1. 1. Revision date: 8/21/13 1 Instructor: Barbara Harris Office: on line or by appointment Instructor’s e-mail address: Instructor’s phone number :208-870-7866 Health and Physical Education Walking for Fitness PHYA 135-H Fall, 2013 Course Description This course is designed for all ages and levels of fitness. It emphasizes body mechanics and identifies concepts so the student may have a lifetime of walking enjoyment. It involves weekly goal setting incentives and focuses on a variety of walking experiences for fun and cardiovascular improvement. Course Schedule  This class meets once per week on Thursday  This is a hybrid class and will have significant interaction on line  Class will meet at 9:00 AM. Beginning August 29, 2013.  Class will meet at least 30 minutes per week unless otherwise determined by the assignment posted  Main Campus Aspen Athletic Building . Course Objectives Upon completion of this course students will be able to walk continuously for forty minutes at a minimum heart rate range of 65% of max and make appropriate individual safety modifications. Outcomes Assessment: Outcome: Students will demonstrate appropriate safety practices. Assessment: Students will complete a pre/post safety/posture knowledge assessment Outcome: Students will improve and or maintain their level of cardiovascular fitness throughout the semester. Assessment: Students will perform a variety of fitness measures at the beginning of the semester and at the end to document any changes.
  2. 2. Revision date: 8/21/13 2 Outcome: Students will walk a total of 100 miles during the course of the semester Assessment: Students will walk each week and document the accumulated mileage. Required Materials,Textbooks, Supplies and Skills No text book is required . This online class will not teach you how to use the computer, use Blackboard, navigate the web, or manage your electronic files. If you are having difficulties, you may contact your instructor, IT helpdesk (208-562- 3444), and/or tutoring services (see student resources of Blackboard for information regarding tutoring services). For those participants who fear they may not be able to navigate the technical skills of this course, please use CWI services and/or see the instructor before dropping the course. We want you to succeed. Technical Supplies  Daily access to a personal computer that has Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows XP or equivalent  Internet browser equivalent to Explorer 7.0 or higher  Dependable high speed internet access  Microsoft Word-Excel-Power Point or equivalent software with conversion capacity (OpenOffice suite) a link for downloading Open Office for free is available under the “CWI Student Resources” button  Students will need a pedometer and know how to use it. Cell phone apps are available to perform the function of a pedometer. Search the web or contact your provider  Compatibility with Blackboard is required for all software, browsers and hardware. Other Supplies:  Students will be expected to have appropriate shoes for walking based on the weather conditions. Cross-trainers, walking/running shoes, snow boots if appropriate  Students should have an umbrella or rain poncho available for wet conditions.  Students should have sunscreen, water bottles, hats, coats, gloves, etc.
  3. 3. Revision date: 8/21/13 3 Skills:  Ability to navigate and browse the Internet  Ability to access and use your CWI email  Ability to navigate and use the capabilities of Blackboard (Bb)  Ability to use software listed above.  Ability to download and listen to audio files and view video files COMMUNICATON Communication in this course will take place in several ways. The class will meet once weekly for discussion, instruction and assessment according to the assignments posted on Blackboard. Students will participate in periodic walking and stretching exercise as well as instruction on walking technique and goal setting and review. Weekly walking assignments and goal setting and self assessments will be submitted to the instructor via Blackboard or as instructed. Specific questions or concerns should be submitted to the instructor via campus email Instructor will communicate assignments and other general announcements by way of Blackboard. Don’t try to communication with me via Facebook, I am there, but if I look at it every 6 months it is an anomaly. Academic Honesty  ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: All work submitted by a student must represent his/her own ideas, concepts, and current understanding. Cheating or plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action.  This is a hybrid class, most of the work is completed outside the classroom with activities documented by the student on line. The journal is the primary grading mechanism. If a student is determined to have been less than truthful about the information provided in the journal he/she immediately action WILL be taken under policies established by the college. Absences - Late Assignments – Make ups I sincerely appreciate the challenges of school, work, family, children, church, car break downs, computer break downs, physical illnesses and all the other things students deal with each semester. However, unless there is an event that will
  4. 4. Revision date: 8/21/13 4 keep you from participating in the class for an extended period (over a week) I do not need to hear from you. This course will be comprised of weekly walking assignments that you will be asked to complete. You will be asked to write a brief journal about each walk and post it to Blackboard. You will be expected to attend class when scheduled and take part walks and instruction. Individual communication will take place by way of email. You will be expected to log on to Bb weekly for assignments, and to check email two to three times per week to check for announcements, quizzes or other information. Notice of information outside the regular assignment will be delivered by way of a class announcement and you will get a prompt by email. Journals are due by 11:59 pm each week to document the week’s walks. LATE JOURNALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The link to submit a journal will open on class day at 10am and close at 11:59 Pm the night before the next class. Since this is the primary grading mechanism, it is important that you get them submitted on time. In case of VERY UNUSUAL circumstances, you can contact me by email at any time. Keep record of all your submissions in case something should go wrong. I want you to have credit for all your work. I will do whatever I can to help you to make that happen. In case of an extended illness or extreme family emergency, make-ups will be discussed on a case by case basis. I want you to succeed in this class. Class attendance will be defined as both attending the weekly class session AND submitting the journal on line. Course Evaluation Students will receive 5 extra credit points for completion of the Course evaluation at the end of semester. You will need to click “notify instructor” so I will get the heads-up that you have completed the eval. Evaluation is generally available 2 weeks before end of semester. Student Contributions This section is required. It must include:  ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: All work submitted by a student must represent his/her own ideas, concepts, and current understanding. Cheating or plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action. 1. The average student should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week journaling and completing walking assignments
  5. 5. Revision date: 8/21/13 5 2. Students will be expected to come to class wearing appropriate clothing for weather conditions and have the necessary items available for safety and complete participation 3. cell phones will be permitted for safety and may be used for timing of walks, and use of other aps related to the class activity. Music devises may be used with instructor permission. 4. Food such as power bars can be brought to class and consumed before or after class time. 5. Water bottles can be brought to class as needed You will need 60% of total available points to pass the class SEE COMPONENTS OF GRADING DOC FOR DETAILS 60% - 70% = D 70% - 80% = C 80% - 90% = B 90% - 100% = A Class time will be used for technique instruction It is important that you attend regularly. There really is no other way to get the information that will be presented and no way to make up for the absences. Class time will also be used to complete a 20 minute walk on campus each week weather permitting. Late arrival: Students will be expected to arrive on time and prepared to walk. Proper clothing: Students will not be allowed to participate in class wearing flip- flops or other footwear deemed inappropriate/unsafe for walking by the instructor. Students will not be allowed to participate in class if not dressed appropriately for conditions, i.e. coats in winter/rain gear. Non participation will be counted as an absence. E-mail and Blackboard Accounts : All registered CWI students receive a college email and Bb account. Every course at CWI has a Bb component. It is the student’s responsibility to access both accounts regularly to avoid missing important messages and deadlines. Drop Policy It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course. Students are responsible for adding and dropping courses. At the end of the first week of class, faculty may perform faculty initiated drop for non-attendance. Beyond the first week, it is the student’s responsibility to drop any course he/she does not intend to finish.
  6. 6. Revision date: 8/21/13 6 Students who stop attending a course without filing a drop request will receive a grade of F. Students should be familiar with the date on which the student can withdraw from the class. You will see a schedule of dates in the folder where you found this syllabus. Special Accommodations Students with disabilities who believe that they may qualify for accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the One Stop Student Services Center and discuss the possible accommodations with an Enrollment Specialist. If you have a diagnosed Learning Disability, please initiate this contact as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Please contact the One Stop Student Services at 562-3000 or Room 107 – CWI Main Campus. Emergency Procedures Students should follow posted instructions for evacuation located in each room. Also located in the Aspen Activities room is a first aid kit for minor emergencies or injuries. Suggestions for Success 1. Show up 2. Do your walks 3. Turn in your Journals Students should monitor the Blackboard and email. Assignments, instructional material and other announcements and communication by the instructor will be posted there.