Excellence and Innovation in Lutheran Education
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Excellence and Innovation in Lutheran Education



presentation for the English District Principal's Conference

presentation for the English District Principal's Conference



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    Excellence and Innovation in Lutheran Education Excellence and Innovation in Lutheran Education Presentation Transcript

    • Excellence &Innovation in Lutheran Bernard.Bull@cuw.edu Education www.etale.org @bdean1000 online.cuw.edu
    • Video removed of Dorothy arriving in Oz.
    • POP QUIZ!What are the twofastest growingsegments in P-12education today?
    • POP QUIZ!Why are they thetwo fastest growingsegments in P-12education?
    • POP QUIZ!Lutheran educationis a(n)…a) artb) sciencec) ministry
    • 4 Convictions 10 Traits 4 Tasks
    • 4 Convictions
    • It is time for…a R & D Engine for Lutheran
    • It is time for… Customer First schools that are persistently shaped bymission, the best research and the needs & interests of the students.
    • POP QUIZ!List 5 Significant ResearchFindings about How StudentsLearn from the Last TenYears
    • It is time for…quality that matches or exceeds the
    • It is time for…Lutheran schools that are taking prayerful, strategic, bold risks.
    • 10 Traits
    • InnovationForward-looking AND Ahead of the times
    • InnovationA creation resulting from study and experimentation
    • A personaljourney…
    • Traits of Innovative Schools1. Visionary leadership, but not necessarily earth-shattering inventions.
    • Traits of Innovative Schools 2. One or two clear,unavoidable, school-shaping concepts
    • Traits of Innovative Schools 3. “Tough” mindset from principals and teachers.
    • Traits of Innovative Schools4. Extensive research before implementation.
    • Traits of Innovative Schools5. Once the vision was clear,strong alliance by vision rather than proximity.
    • Traits of Innovative Schools 6. Near addiction toeffectiveness and impact data– and obvious use of that data (especially related to student learning)
    • Traits of Innovative Schools7. Unusually high turnover
    • Traits of Innovative Schools8. Highly protective of what (or who) they put in the water.
    • Traits of Innovative Schools9. Significant time and money put into ongoing professional development, especially investing in new people.
    • POP QUIZ!Describe what your school does toensure that teachers new teachers are fully on board and current teachers are equipped with the best research and skills.
    • Traits of Innovative Schools10. Committed to sharing their “secret” with others.
    • AssociatingQuestioningObservingExperimentingNetworking
    • POP QUIZ! Name three ways that you haveexperimented or networked in the last year. Name three ways that you canexperiment and network in the next 12 months.
    • Space & Lutheran Students Facilities IdentityExistingBeliefs &Tradition s Ecosystem for Parents Educational ExternalCommun Excellence & Standard ity sTeachers Innovation Leadersh ip School Research Funding Culture
    • You have to lean into the futureand realize that most of thesmart people don’t work for yourcompany…so you need topartner, network, acquire…– paraphrase from Steve Case
    • 4 Challenges
    • 1. Move beyond the “Integrating Technology” Model
    • How can we integrate moretechnology into our _______?
    • How do we avoid either of these two extremes?
    • Get informed about the… possibilities,affordances and limitations. Associating Questioning Observing Experimenting Networking
    • Edsurge.com plus.google.comEdutopia.com Visit 10 Innovative SchoolsEdudemic.co Twitter.com Online.cuw.e
    • Ask vendors for the research and the credentials of the design anddevelopment team.
    • POP QUIZ! Describe the process that yourschool/team uses to evaluate neweducational resources. In additionto cost, what drives the decision?
    • 2. Beyond the Mass Production Model “One Size Fits All”
    • What is non-negotiable in our school… from the perspective of the Scriptures, administrators, teachers, parents, students?
    • “One of most critical attributes of the thriving 21st century school is adaptability.”
    • Mass CustomizationDifferentiated Instruction Adaptive Learning
    • POP QUIZ! Does your school adapt for the unique needs and interests ofstudents, or do you expect students to adapt to unique needs and interests of the school? Discuss.
    • Amazon,Apple,Facebook,Google,Bing,Verizon, andWikipedia
    • Weight-bearing Walls (WBL)grade levels, students assigned toclassrooms, bell schedules, courses,textbooks, a traditional letter grade system,report cards, and a nine-month school year
    • Watch the Flipped Classroom Video on YouTube
    • For a full article that I wrote in the Flipped Classroom, go here.
    • POP QUIZ!Name 2 resources that your school has/uses to provide personalized and adaptive learning.
    • http://www.subtext.com/
    • http://www.carnegielearning.com/
    • http://www.dreambox.com/
    • http://www.lumosity.com/
    • http://www.sheboygan.k12.wi.us/warriner/
    • https://www.inbloom.org/
    • https://www.khanacademy.org/
    • http://www.kickboardforteachers.com/
    • http://www.bloomboard.com/
    • http://www.udemy.com/ http://www.edx.orghttp://www.coursera.org/ http://www.canvas.net
    • https://p2pu.org/en/
    • 3. Beyond Learning Objectives and Standards to Immersive Learning Environments “literate versus fluent”
    • problems with current efforts to address the “digital divide”“extended discourse immersion”
    • play, games, experimentation, service learning, immersion,project-based, community-basedproblem-based, informal learning
    • Time, Over-learning,Authentic, Fluency (not just literacy)
    • POP QUIZ! What is the most immersivelearning experience that students have at your school?
    • “The Best Question in the World”http://www.slideshare.net/betsystreeter/the- best-question-in-the-world
    • 4. Beyond the classroom…
    • Remembering Our Roots
    • Excellence &Innovation in Lutheran Bernard.Bull@cuw.edu Education www.etale.org @bdean1000 online.cuw.edu