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MHIF Annual Report 2007
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MHIF Annual Report 2007


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  • 1. Imagine the possibilities MHIF 2007 Annual Report
  • 2. Imagine a world without heart disease... a world filled with new medical possibilities in the form of more effective diagnostic techniques and treatment protocols – a world where individuals live healthier, more productive lives by addressing cardiovascular risk factors before they become a problem. This is the vision of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Through ground-breaking clinical research, education initiatives and health behavior change programs, we are making a tangible impact on improving individuals’ health and reducing the mortality rate associated with cardiovascular disease. We invite you to join us in envisioning the possibilities. With your support, together we can create a world without heart disease. Imagine the possibilities 2 3
  • 3. Imagine the possibilities... Dear Friends, 2007 signaled significant investment by the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation in people, programs and processes. As you’ll see in At the Annual Meeting in April, Marna Fullerton and Emily Anne Tuttle were elected to the Board of Directors, the pages that follow, we achieved substantial program and financial outcomes, including successful research and education initiatives, new representing the Board of the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation. Sid Mallory, Executive Vice President leadership and team-building, and development and expansion of external relationships. of the Allina Office of Philanthropy, and Rich Meyer, President of the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation, have joined as Ex-Officio members. MHIF Board members Ann Bentdahl, Frazier Eales, MD and Thomas A. Keller, III were similarly elected to the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation Board as part of an agreement between Our research programs grew in the past year, with approximately 60 studies actively recruiting and a total of 130 open studies. At the same Allina, ANWF and MHIF. time, the Foundation assumed responsibility in 2007 for Continuing Medical Education, conducting the Grand Rounds program each Monday morning and sponsoring a well-attended Vascular Masters CME program. Publications of articles and reports in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at national scientific meetings and organizational leadership have achieved an all-time high, again reinforcing the Brigid Bonner and Archie Smith completed two terms on the Board in April and Katherine Hiyane-Brown resigned standing of MHIF among the top ten cardiovascular clinical research and education centers in the nation. from her position in June. To them we offer our deepest thanks for their energetic service and contributions to our growth. Financially, the year resulted in positive unrestricted net assets for the first time since 2003, with significant and positive operating results. Stuart Nolan Audited total liabilities and net assets show a balance of $22,976,891, up from $21,236,362 in 2006. Total support and revenue was Jackie Boucher, Vice President for Education and Joseph Cosico, Vice President for Research Operations, began their $9,312,014 and unrestricted revenue was $7,951,136, with expenses of $6,928,915. work in spring of 2007, bringing new dynamism and experience to the leadership team of MHIF. More funds were contributed than ever before. Special events such as the Golf Event, the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner and house parties We wish to extend our personal appreciation to all of you who contributed to this success with your time, knowledge set new records. Leadership gifts from the Jon Holden DeHaan Foundation, Medtronic, Piper Jaffray & Company, Mr. A.W. Cherne, Mrs. and resources. Special thanks to our Board of Directors for their oversight, wisdom and 100% participation in our Judy Dayton, Mrs. Beverlee Dorn, the Charles F. Koplen Estate and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Lowe set the momentum for a financially Annual Fund; to the Minneapolis Heart Institute® physicians and staff who contributed generously to our programs strong year. We wish to thank our very generous sponsors and donors for their support of our pioneering cardiovascular research and in many valuable ways; to our dedicated, talented and loyal staff; to our Research Partners for working with us to education programs. achieve remarkable results; and to our many wonderful donors for joining us in our drive to create a world without heart disease. Many individuals and organizations assumed major leadership roles to reach a record $1.6 million in annual gifts. Special thanks to Jerry Johnson, Chair of the Development Committee; Ray and Shirley Bentdahl, Chairs of the 25th Anniversary Gala; Kevin and Irene Graham, We look forward to continued growth and success in 2008. Physician Chairs of the 25th Anniversary Gala; and Andrew Kiernan, Chair of the Annual Golf Event. We extend our thanks to these James V. Toscano individuals and all of the wonderful volunteers who helped ensure unprecedented success this past year. Sincerely, Stuart Nolan James V. Toscano Chair of the Board of Directors President 4 5
  • 4. Developing Emergency Cardiac Service Protocols to The Face Of Heart Disease Reduce Mortality not who you expect. “ As a cancer survivor, I had beaten the odds – until I collapsed from a ruptured artery. Thanks to the innovative therapeutic hypothermia program and the wonderful care I received, I’m When an individual is experiencing heart attack symptoms, every second counts. That’s why optimized emergency cardiac service protocols are so critical. back to 100% and able to see my kids grow up. ” Sarah, 32 Dr. Timothy Henry, Director of Research at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, has led efforts to define a standardized protocol and integrated Cardiovascular disease is not always predictable. Such was the case when Sarah – a physically fit nurse transfer system to move heart attack victims within a 210 mile radius to a and mother of two teenage children – arrived at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Emergency Room qualified emergency cardiac treatment facility in under 90 minutes. This after collapsing in her own backyard. When the paramedics arrived, Sarah was in cardiac arrest and not Level One protocol has resulted in a 50% reduction in mortality rate and the breathing. They revived her and rushed her to the hospital. Foundation has trained over 50 hospitals around the country to leverage this life-saving team approach. In August, the Wall Street Journal featured a front- Completing a CT scan upon admission, physicians quickly diagnosed Sarah with a coronary artery page article on the program’s potential to shorten treatment time and save dissection. She was quickly transferred to a cath lab where her body temperature was lowered as an tens of thousands of lives. emergency angioplasty was performed. The immediate application of therapeutic cooling prevented irreversible brain damage. Dr. Michael Mooney’s extensive research on therapeutic hypothermia has advanced the Level One protocol by immediately lowering the After just two and a half months, Sarah is back working full time as a nurse and enjoying quality time body temperature of heart attack victims to prevent the onset of serious with her children. “How blessed I feel to live in a community where such advanced cardiovascular neurological damage. Foundation researchers have also extended Level practices are available.” One principles to more quickly diagnose and treat other life threatening conditions such as aortic dissection – a potentially catastrophic occurrence in which 1-2% of patients die each hour surgery is delayed. Fact: Brain damage can occur just 4-6 minutes after the heart stops pumping blood, making time and It’s through generous contributions like yours that new success stories are being told every day. temperature critical in successfully treating cardiac arrest. 6 7
  • 5. Identifying Risk Factors and Creating Guidelines to The Face Of Heart Disease Save Lives ...could be a family member. “ I feel like the guy on the cell phone commercial who has all those people standing behind him. All the folks at the HCM Center ensured that I received the highest level of care. I am truly One in 500 people currently have a genetic predisposition for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a leading cause of sudden death – and don’t even know it. An estimated 600,000 Americans live with HCM, more than grateful for them. ” Karen, 49 multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis combined, and 6,000 die each year from this genetic disorder. “My first brother died from HCM at age 20 and another died at age 34. Ten years ago my Dad was Dr. Barry Maron, Director of the HCM Center at the Minneapolis Heart diagnosed and then my son after passing out before a basketball game. In 2003, I was told that I had the Institute Foundation, is a clinical research pioneer in the diagnosis, treatment disease as well.” and management of HCM. Based on his research, he was the first to recommend managing HCM with implantable cardioverter defibrillators Karen, a kindergarten teacher in Duluth with five adult children, fully understands that HCM can strike without (ICDs) and has developed leading-edge guidelines for the effective care of notice. She knows this genetic predisposition is hereditary and apt to affect many members within the same individuals living with this condition. Dr. Maron was honored with the family. She counts on the guidelines developed by the HCM Center to ensure that her family is managing their American Heart Association’s Heart & Stroke Hero Award in 2007. condition in a way that will prolong their lives. The HCM Center plays a leading role in learning how to prevent sudden After being diagnosed with HCM, Dr. Maron recommended that Karen have an ICD implanted. Shortly thereafter, death in athletes, a growing public health concern resulting in 125 deaths she was awakened at 5:30 am with a jolt. Her quarterly check-up indicated that her ICD had delivered this life- each year. The HCM Center is gathering information critical to scientific saving shock. Last August, again while she was asleep, the device saved her a second time. Karen repeatedly expresses investigation. Preliminary statistics from its National Registry for Sudden her gratitude for being given a longer lease on life. Death in Athletes show that HCM is responsible for 5-10 times more deaths than originally predicted and indicate that women and African Americans are not receiving adequate levels of diagnosis and treatment. Fact: Out of the 1,000 individuals in the HCM Center’s patient registry, over 150 have already received a life- Your contributions have a direct impact on reducing mortality, improving health saving shock from their ICD. and increasing quality of life. 8 9
  • 6. Pioneering Research to Improve Health and The Face Of Heart Disease Quality of Life ...might be standing next to you. “ I was told that I was not in good enough physical condition to undergo surgery. This new What do you do when heart disease negatively impacts your health and quality of life – and you’ve been told that your condition cannot be research procedure worked wonders and now I’m back singing with the Troubadours. Robert, 84 ” controlled with medications and that you are not a viable candidate for open heart surgery? Robert, a retired minister who lives in Northfield with his wife of 62 years, was suffering Current research being conducted by the Minneapolis Heart Institute from memory loss, insomnia, coughing and loss of breath. His physical condition prevented Foundation has yielded highly promising results using a patient’s own him from undergoing invasive valve surgery, so he sought other solutions that would improve his health stem cells to grow new blood vessels and heart tissue. The Foundation’s and offer him the same quality of life he previously enjoyed. OPTIMIST Program is applying these ground-breaking research protocols and is tracking 1,200 patients from more than 30 states in its database. A Minneapolis Heart Institute® cardiologist in an outreach clinic informed Robert about the new research Led by Dr. Timothy Henry and Dr. Jay Traverse, the National Institutes of procedure called RADAR being piloted by the Foundation. In lieu of open heart surgery and the difficult Health has designated the Foundation’s collaboration with the University recovery period that follows, Robert elected to undergo this catheterization and radiation procedure. After a few of Minnesota, the Veteran’s Administration and the Hennepin County days, he was able to return home and soon resume his daily activities. Medical Center as one of five Centers of Excellence in cardiovascular stem cell research in the country. The other four centers include Cleveland Clinic, Robert is now back singing with the Troubadours, a community men’s chorus, as a first tenor. His blood flow has University of Florida at Gainesville, Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s greatly improved, allowing him to walk more, sleep better and enjoy conversations with his friends – the simple Hospital and Vanderbilt University. things that most of us take for granted truly make a difference for Robert. Led by Dr. Wesley Pedersen, the Foundation is sponsoring the national RADAR pilot study which employs balloons led by catheters and applies radiation therapy to open aortic heart valves. This protocol allows older patients suffering from debilitating chest pain to regain a high quality of life without the risk of surgery or need to enter a long-term care facility. Fact: MHIF has conducted more adult cardiovascular stem cell transplants than any other center in the U.S. There’s still so much left to discover. Your gifts improve cardiovascular health in our community. 10 11
  • 7. Ensuring Accurate Diagnosis for Appropriate The Face Of Heart Disease Cardiovascular Care female, 51% of the time. “ They thought it was just anxiety – but it proved to be a heart attack. We all need to better understand how heart disease affects women. ” Kim, 44 More women die each year from heart disease than men, yet a much lower percentage of women are diagnosed and given treatment in a timely and effective manner. This is due to a knowledge gap among the general public A competitive college swimmer and physically active mother of four, Kim at age 36 knew something was and medical communities regarding the unique heart health risk factors and wrong when she experienced long-lasting flu-like symptoms and felt winded after climbing a flight of disease symptoms experienced by women. stairs. She went for a stress test and was told that her negative results were probably anxiety driven. Given her elevated cholesterol levels and state of distress, Kim’s husband insisted on calling a cardiologist who The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation is committed to discovering diagnosed that Kim was indeed suffering a heart attack. the most effective methods of heart disease diagnosis and treatment specific to women. Historically, women have comprised only 25% of participants in After her recovery, Kim found it difficult to find support from other young women who shared all heart-related clinical research studies indicating that more investigation her experience. She felt alone and unprepared to deal both mentally and emotionally with her heart is necessary. To this end, the Women’s Support Group was piloted as an disease. Six years later, she had another severe cardiac arrest, after which she joined the Women’s Support Group – a approach for reducing feelings of isolation in women recovering from a heart pilot program offered by the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. This care group provided the support she had attack, which is a serious risk factor. Another current pilot study is testing the been seeking, as well as education from experienced cardiologists. efficacy of three stress intervention techniques including social support, web- based strategies and the practice of mindfulness meditation. Today, Kim is enjoying her active life and has become an activist for educating others about the unique heart disease risks and symptoms associated with women. By adding to the body of cardiovascular disease research specific to women, the Foundation is directly improving the health and quality of life for mothers, daughters and their entire families. Fact: 8,000,000 American women are currently living with heart disease and 6,000,000 of them have already As a supporter of Foundation research and education, you are helping change the face of heart disease. experienced a heart attack or angina. 12 13
  • 8. Innovating the Next Level of Cardiovascular Treatment The Face Of Heart Disease being treated in new ways. “ My leg cramps prevented me from doing the daily activities that allowed me to live independently. The CLEVER trial helped me realize that simple exercise and The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation is identifying and educating the professional community about less costly and less invasive clinical practices to enhance quality of life and reduce mortality associated with heart disease. medication could make a huge difference. ” Don, 70 Having created the country’s largest database of patient CT angiogram images, the Foundation is helping to construct protocol guidelines, train Don, a widower of seven years, is accustomed to taking care of his daily needs. When severe leg physicians and write board examinations for using advanced imaging cramps made it no longer possible to go shopping or do yard work, he sought medical treatment. techniques to diagnose and treat cardiovascular risks before they become Twice, cardiovascular procedures targeted at alleviating the pain had to be aborted due to his physical disabling. The financial impact of these new medical practices is significant. condition. Dr. Robert Schwartz, Director of Pre-Clinical Research and Imaging, estimates that heart scans and preventative actions range from $800 to Then, Don met Dr. Alan Hirsch and learned about the CLEVER trial he was conducting for $2,500 per patient, versus the average $50,000 spent on post-heart attack individuals suffering symptoms similar to his own. Don joined the program and began a regular surgery and care. The Foundation is working to identify and prevent regimen of cardiac rehab therapy that included walking an hour on a treadmill three times a week in cardiovascular disease at the earliest possible stage. combination with taking a drug to dilate his femoral arteries, allowing the blood to flow more freely to his feet. Dr. Alan Hirsch is leading a 20 site clinical trial (the CLEVER study) evaluating the benefit, risk and economic impact of leveraging angioplasty, After just six months, stress tests showed that Don had increased his ability from walking just four minutes on exercise and pharmacologic therapies in lieu of more invasive surgical a level grade to over 14 minutes on an incline. He no longer experiences leg pain and is now able to enjoy yard practices to treat peripheral arterial disease (PAD) – a condition which can work, fishing and playing with his four grandchildren. Don continues to walk on his treadmill and is grateful for cause pain and, in severe cases, result in the loss of a limb. Clinical research regaining the ability to once again be pain free. and education initiatives like these are changing the way that heart disease is prevented, diagnosed and treated. Fact: Peripheral arterial disease affects 8,000,000 Americans. Diagnosis is critical and those with PAD have a Many donors like you are creating a lasting legacy by making endowed gifts. 4-5 times higher risk of heart attack or stroke. 14 15
  • 9. Financial Highlights Imagine the possibilities... Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Audited Summary of Revenue and Expenses - 2007 Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Audited Balance Sheet Summary - 12/31/2008 Temporarily & Permanently Revenues Restricted Revenues 16% Contributions 19% Education Improves Our Future Assets Cash and Equivalents $1,314,014 At the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, research and education practices inform one another and in concert, Investment Gains 12% Investments $17,963,684 improve the health and care of individuals with cardiovascular disease. In 2007, the Foundation added new professional Sponsorships 10% Contributions Receivable $385,687 education offerings to its already strong base of community education initiatives. The Foundation educated hundreds of Pledges Receivable $1,679,858 health professionals on the latest cardiovascular research protocols and findings through national Level One trainings, a Income from Services 7% Other Receivables $1,414,340 national satellite symposium on refractory angina and numerous local programs. Licensing Fees 7% Other Assets $18,395 Research Study Revenues 29% Fixed Assets (net) $200,913 At the same time, the Foundation conducted screenings and health presentations at over 260 sites and reached nearly 5,000 Total Assets $22,976,891 Contributions $1,801,165 4th graders across the state of Minnesota through the HiTECH Heart program. Development of an interactive electronic Sponsorships $884,982 curriculum for K-12 students is underway, as well as a new web-site providing online communities and health behavior Research Study Revenues $2,689,025 Liabilities change programs. Moving forward, the Foundation’s educational approach is to develop programs that reach more people, Licensing Fees $684,816 Accounts Payable $330,181 have greater impact and significantly improve the overall health of our community. Income from Services $692,631 Accrued Payroll $378,338 Investment Gains $1,115,510 Accrued Pension $297,614 Temporarily & Permanently $1,443,885 Other Accrued Expenses $205,235 Restricted Revenues Annuity Payment Liability $183,509 Planned Giving Enhances Your Impact Sources of Revenue $9,312,014 Deferred Revenue $155,921 Total Liabilities $1,550,798 What do you want your legacy to be? What will be your impact on heart disease? Expenses Administration 12% Net Assets At the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, we aim to understand your needs first and then match your wishes with the goals of the Unrestricted $522,316 Foundation. Our role, in collaboration with your advisors, is to help you integrate personal planning and philanthropic goals with tax and Unrestricted - Board Designated Fund Raising 10% Endowment $5,837,730 financial planning objectives. Research 69% Temporarily Restricted $2,908,921 This is the role that Michael Schroeder fulfilled for Dick Haag, a generous life-long donor who expressed an interest in endowing the research Restricted $12,157,126 of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. This interest grew out of a friendship with the late auto dealer Rudy Luther. Both Dick and Education 9% Total Net Assets $21,426,093 Rudy set plans in place to strengthen the financial base for future cardiovascular research. Total Liabilities and Net Assets $22,976,891 Program Services Education $593,354 Dick, with the assistance of his attorney and accountant, established a Charitable Gift Annuity that pays an income to him during his lifetime. Research $4,764,548 At his death, the annuity will distribute the assets to the Foundation to perpetuate its clinical research. Total Program Services $5,357,902 We look forward to assisting you as you define your own personal legacy plan. To better understand how a planned gift might be structured to Supporting Services benefit you and provide a lasting legacy at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, please contact us at 612-863-3833. Administration $849,647 Fund Raising $721,366 Total Supporting Services $1,571,013 Fact: In 2007, MHIF coordinated Grand Rounds and the Vascular Masters Program to promote continuing medical education in the field. Change in Net Assets $2,383,099 16 17
  • 10. Dr. and Mrs. Terrence Longe Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Senneseth Estate of Eva G. Holmes* Dean I. Moore Demitre Nicoloff Contributors Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lucker Leonard* and Zetta Shapiro Excel Bank Mr. and Mrs. John Mooty Endowment for Research in Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lundeen Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Flom Ms. Jolene C. Morgan Cardiovascular Surgery The men, women, corporations and foundations whose names appear below have made an important financial contribution toward creating a world Walt* and Jan* Lundeen Sieff Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fong Murphy Insurance Agency Mrs. Beverlee Dorn Lunds Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. Frank Mastoloni & Sons, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Musser Mrs. Sheiva Kudishevich without heart disease. Lupient Automotive Group Mr. and Mrs. Archie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ivan A. Gelabert Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Dan Luther Mary A. Smith Estate* Gerilyn, Paul, Jr., Tom and Sarah Giel Ms. Lorraine W. Neuger $100,000 and above Mr. and Mrs. David Luther Spell Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery C. Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Nordstrom Mrs. Beverlee Dorn The Foundation is thankful for their contributions and is pleased to recognize their generosity. The inclusion and spelling of your name is important. Luther Family Foundation Mr. Dan J. Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Goodman Ms. Joan E. Noun Mrs. Judy Dayton Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lynch Maurice* and Mitz* Spiegel Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gornick Mr. and Mrs. Jerry V. Noyce Jon Holden DeHaan Foundation Please call the Foundation at 612-863-3958 if you notice any errors. Thank you. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mackay Family Philantropic Fund Dr. Elizabeth Grey and Dr. Martin Asis Ms. Ellen M. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Koplen* Dr. and Mrs. James Madison Jack and Elva* Spillane Ms. Joan M. Harper Ms. Doris Overby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Madison Mr. and Mrs. William H. Spoor Dr. Kevin and Ila Harris Dr. Luis Pagan-Carlo Medtronic, Inc. Legacy Circle Founders Society Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mathisen Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Burton Greystone Foundation Mr. George A. Mairs III Mr. and Mrs. Gary St. Marie Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hartig Ms. Rebecca A. Patient Estate Provision Minneapolis Cardiology Associates Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Burwell Groves Foundation Ms. Rose Mallinger* Estate Dr. and Mrs. Peter Stokman Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Paulson $25,000 - $99,999 The Founders Society recognizes pledges and John W. Mooty and Jane N. Mooty Business Data Record Services Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grundhofer Marbrook Foundation Clair* and Gladys Strommen Dr. Tim Henry Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Pearson Abbott Laboratories These individuals and couples have cumulative giving of $25,000 and greater. Foundation Trust Mr. Billy Bye Dr. Kevin and Ila Harris Mary A. Smith Estate* Mr. and Mrs. Lee N. Sundet William T. Hession, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Pedersen Allina Health System committed to ensuring that the future of the The Founders Society includes the four Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Nolan C.H. Carpenter Lumber Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Hawkins Robert* and Cynthia McGarvey Dr. and Mrs. Chuen Tang in memory of Brendan Hession Peter Storm, Inc. Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Foundation is financially secure through an giving levels denoted below: Old Dutch Foods, Inc. Cardiac Surgical Associates Hawkins, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. McGlynn Tapemark Company estate designation: Paul G. Allen Foundation Ted* and Katy Carlsen Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hazen Mr. Richard F. McNamara TCF Foundation Principals SciCom Data Services Mr. Jeffrey Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Heltne Mr. and Mrs. William McReavy Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Telander Thelma Aaby* $1,000,000 and above Sit Investment Associates, Inc. Ceridian Corp. Mr. Larry Hendrickson Meritex Foundation Thelma E. Aaby* Evelyn Inger Anderson* Abbott Northwestern Hospital Spell Family Foundation Mr. James Chafoulias Dr. Timothy Henry Midway National Bank Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thesenga Ward and Linda Anderson Mrs. Beverlee Dorn Spring Lake Park Lions Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Chavez Dr. William T. Hession Rolf Andreassen, M.D. Tom and Mari Lowe St. Jude Medical, Inc. Mr. A. W. Cherne Mr. and Mrs. Al Hilde, Jr. Midwest Vending, Inc. Dr. Jay and Sarah Traverse “Our community and the wider world is uniquely fortunate to Dr. and Mrs. Simon Milstein UBS Financial Services, Inc. Conley Brooks, Sr. Rudy* and Shirley* Luther Fund of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Mr. Lloyd G. Cherne* Mr. Louis F. Hill The Minneapolis Foundation / Varitronic Systems, Inc. have Dr. Robert Schwartz and his team exploring the cutting- Ellen Daufney* The Minneapolis Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chestnut Hoechst Marion Rousel, Inc. Mary Durda-Knapp Medtronic, Inc. Jean and Sheldon Wert Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horovitz Ankeny Family Fund Virchow Krause & Company, LLP edge of technology, research and treatment for the human heart The Minneapolis Foundation / ViroMed Company, LTD. Dorothy Ewing* William Randolph Hearst Foundation Mr.* and Mrs.* Sidney Cohen Horton, Inc. James and Chriss Renier Vital Images, Inc. at the outstanding Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation.” Willard Goltz* Benefactors Community Credit Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. Richard Haag $250,000 - $999,999 Founders Mrs. Marilyn Conlon Dr. David and Stacey Hurrell Minnesota Thoracic Associates, P.A. Thomas J. Von Rueden, MD Judy Dayton Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Mitchell Mr. John von Steinbergs M. Leonore Hannon* Boston Scientific $25,000 - $99,999 Consulting Radiologists, LTD. International Dairy Queen Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mooney Wallin Foundation C. Charles Jackson* Community Health Charities Minnesota Abbott Laboratories Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cooperman Jack J. Jorgensen Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. John Morrison Walter G. Anderson, Inc. Joyce A. Johnson* Kenneth* and Judy Dayton Abbott Vascular Devices Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cote Mr. C. C. Jackson* Mr. Michael T. Mulligan Mr. William F. Wanner Viola Johnson* George Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mike Allen D.J. Kranz Company, Inc. Jacobs Management Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Naegele Mr. David Weiner Patricia Kelsey* Mr. Richard Haag Allianz Life Insurance Company David* and Dorothy Dalquist Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray Mr. and Mrs. William Naegele Lucille S. Wellington Estate* Harold Kiecker* Jon Holden DeHaan Foundation Allina Health System Dr. James Daniel and Mrs. Judy McMahon Mrs. Patricia Jaffray Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Nelson Wert Family Foundation Historic Plymouth Building Pikovsky Management, LLC Arbor Capital Management, LLC Jerry Kiernan* Mr. William A. Ross/William Ross Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Almquist Col.* and Mrs.* Thomas Davis The James & Jane Welch Foundation Mr. and Mrs. El Roy Nerness Mr. Dewey White* Dr. and Mrs. Morrison Hodges Ms. Ruth A. Pochucha Bacoustics, LLC Charles* and Shirley* Koplen Foundation Mrs. Jeanne Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dayton Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jennings Dr. Demetre* and Arde F. Nicoloff Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Wikner Ms. Barbara M. Howe Dr. and Mrs. Anil Poulose Mr. B. John Barry and Mrs. Cheryl Charolette Krueger* Mr. and Mrs. W. Shelley Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Anderson DeCare Dental Dr. and Mrs. Randall Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Noble Max* and Helen* Winter Foundation Dr. David and Stacey Hurrell R. William and Mary Ann Reilly Sandeen Eleanor Larson* Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Anderson Deikel Family Foundation Joseph Durda Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William Northrup III Mr. and Mrs. David M. Winton Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ingber Foundation Timothy and Marque Ann Barton Grace Idella Mahlberg* Guardian Mr. John E. Andrus III Mr. and Mrs. Yale T. Dolginow Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Joyce Northwest Anesthesia, P.A. Wipfli, LLP IV Corp. Mr. Clifford M. Roberts Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bentdahl Rose Mallinger* $100,000 - $249,000 Apache Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Dorn, Jr. Thomas A. Keller III and Victoria H. Keller Mr. Earl B. Olson Mr. Michael Wright Ms. Lenore Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rollefson Business Data Record Services Ivan Mathes* Ames Construction, Inc. Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Mrs. Lucia Duff Patricia Kelsey* Estate Mr. and Mrs. Vance Opperman Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Zitzloff Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jernell Royal Pearl Company Mr. A. W. Cherne J. Donald Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Bacich Applied Power Products Mr. Jaye F. Dyer Mr. Andrew Kiernan Dr. John Overton and Dr. Ann Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rudberg Community Health Charities A. Louis and Dorothy Neste Mr. B. John Barry and Arbor Capital Management, LLC Eagan Lion’s Club Mrs. Janet King Dr. Luis Pagan-Carlo The following gifts and pledges were Ms. Karen L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Schoenborn Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dayton Gordon Olson Mrs. Cheryl Sandeen Ark Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William J. Edlefsen Dr. and Mrs. Michael King Paper Warehouse, Inc. received between January 1, 2007 and Ms. Joan D. Jorgensen Ms. Lory A. Schoffman DeCare Dental Aleck Ostrow* Dr. and Mrs. Ford Bell Dr. and Mrs. Kit Arom Dr. and Mrs. Robert Emery Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Kiser Parke-Davis December 31, 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kahler Mr. N. Theodore Seglem Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Eales Donald and Lucile Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bentdahl ArrowHead Capital Management, LLC Ernst & Young Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klas Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Pearson M.B. Kaplan, M.D. Dr. Scott and Patricia Sharkey Excel Bank Ralph J. Peterson Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc. Bacoustics, LLC Mr. and Mrs. James Fetterly Dr. Thomas Knickelbine and Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Pedersen Paul Giel Endowment For Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith Ms. Barbara L. Forster Ilene Saunders* Mr. and Mrs. Conley Brooks Sr. The Baker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fink Mrs. Heidi Chen Pfizer, Inc. Cardiovascular Research Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kerber Dr. and Mrs. Peter Stokman Great Clips Inc. Margaret Schaefer* Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dircks Ms. Constance Bakken First Bank National Association Mr. and Mrs. David A. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Phillips Ms. Diane Anderes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klas Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Chuen Tang Lake Region Medical Alyce Scholten* Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Eales Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bakken Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Flavin Dr. Vibhu Kshettry and Piper Jaffray & Company Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Anderson Dr. Thomas Knickelbine and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thesenga Luther Family Foundation Paul J. Seyer Excel Bank Timothy and Marque Ann Barton Dr. Bjorn Flygenring and Mrs. Vala Hafstad Dr. Sharon Kshettry Mr. Raymond N. Plank Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Arbeiter Mrs. Heidi Chen Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas M&I Bank Mary Smith* Frederick O. Watson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baszucki Ms. Barbara L. Forster Lake Region Medical Mr. Carl Pohlad / Carl and Eloise* Ms. Katherine L. Arbeiter Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Koplen* Mr. and Mrs. Onan A. Thompson Mr. George A. Mairs III Roger Smith* Great Clips Inc. Mr. Craig Bentdahl and Mrs. Marna Fullerton Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lamoureux Pohlad Family Foundation B & A, Inc. Mr. Gerard W. Kranz Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Tickle Piper Jaffray & Company Elva Spillane* Great River Energy Ms. Stephanie Simon General Mills Foundation Mr. Joseph Langer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Poole Mr. B. John Barry and Mr. and Mrs. Allan Krejci Mr. and Mrs. David Tollefson Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family George Steponovitz* Guidant Mrs. Patricia Bergstrom Dr. and Mrs. Fredarick Gobel Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Larson John* and Margaret Potter Mrs. Cheryl Sandeen Mr. and Mrs. William S. Lapp Ms. Ardith B. Toman Foundation Lois E. Thompson* Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldberger Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lastavich Dr. and Mrs. Anil Poulose Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Bauerly Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren Dr. Jay and Sarah Traverse Mr. William A. Ross / William A. Ross Frank Wallace* Holmes/CSM Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Boysen Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Goldenberg Dr. Casey Lawler and Dr. Marc Pritzker Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Utterberg Foundation Lucille Wellington* Hormel Foods Corporation Dr. Robert* and Maryann Brandenburg Dr. and Mrs. Irv Goldenberg Dr. Royce Lawler Protective Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Bergstrom Dr. Casey Lawler and Dr. Royce Lawler Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel Spell Family Foundation Ms. Elizabeth H. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Don Goldfus Mr. and Mrs. Larry Le Jeune Mr. William A. Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Blaylock Dr. John Lesser and Dr. Julie Knier-Lesser Venture Bank Mr. Dan J. Spiegel James F. Bell Foundation Irving* and Beverly Brooks Mr. John B. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Lein Mr. and Mrs. Noel Rahn Branch Landscape Nursery Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Lietzke William & Stuart Jewelry Co. St. Jude Medical, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Jundt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brosig Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gornick Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Lieberman Jerry* and Lillian Rau Ms. Zoe Ann Brandberg Mr. and Mrs. David G. Lillie Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wills ViroMed Company, LTD. Jerry* and Linda Kiernan Dr. M. Nicholas Burke and Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Graham Lifetouch, Inc. Mr. Tom Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Bristol Ms. Karen A. Lindgren Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Wilson Wert Family Foundation Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles F. Koplen Estate Susan Slattery-Burke Mr. James Grantman Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lindquist Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rempfer Ms. Patricia D. Brooks Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lips Mr. John F. Woodhead, III Dr. John Lesser and Dr. Julie Knier-Lesser Dr. and Mrs. Durand Burns The Greater Metro Auto Dealers Dr. William Lindsay Richard M. and Sandra J. Schulze Dr. M. Nicholas Burke and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zagaros $10,000 - $24,999 M&I Bank Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burnside Association of MN Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lips Family Fund Susan Slattery-Burke Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lupori Mr. and Mrs. Michael Afremov Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roitenberg Dr. and Mrs. Durand Burns Mr. and Mrs. James W. Marshall The following gifts were received between Alfred W. Erickson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Safley Ms. Phyllis L. Carrico Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Martyn January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007 ArrowHead Capital Management, LLC Margaret R. Schaefer* Trust Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Chavez Mr. and Mrs. William J. McGlone Atritech, Inc. Schneider (USA), Inc. Ms. Yvonne M. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Daryl S. McLinden Fredarick Gobel/Robert Van Tassel Mr. and Mrs. John Bacich Fact: MHIF researchers published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented their findings at Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Conrad Medtronic, Inc. Endowment for Research in Cardiology BankFirst Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schwartz Mrs. Judy Dayton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mielke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas De Fore Boston Scientific Corporation over 125 lectures & poster talks in the past year. Ray* and Marie* Schweigert Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Eales Ms. Laverne H. Mitby Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dircks 18 *Deceased 19
  • 11. Mr. Donald Anderson Ms. Patricia K. Blanch Mr. Keith P. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Counihan Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Donohue Contributors Mr. Donald M. Anderson Mr. Kenneth E. Blatz Mr. and Mrs. G. William Burkhardt Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Cradit Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D’Orazio Mr. Douglas Anderson Ms. Helen V. Block Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Burmeister Dr. and Mrs. James Craig Mr. Victor W. Dorn Frederick O. Watson Foundation Mr. Andrew Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Birchen Ingenix, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Silvestri Mr. and Mrs. Garith Anderson Ms. Ann Bloom Rev. and Mrs. Daniel Burow Ms. Katherine F. Cranney Mr. Wesley Dorr General Mills Foundation Mrs. Linda Kiernan Ms. Patricia Black Jack J. Jorgensen Charitable Trust Mr. Ronald Simon and Ms. Karen Sheenan Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Bloom Burt Investment Corp. Mr. Geoffrey T. Craven Mr. James R. Dorsey Greystone Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klas Sr. Mrs. Brigid Bonner and Mr. Tim McCarthy Jerry’s Floor Store, Inc. Mr. Tim Skaja Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Leslie L. Burt Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Crews Mrs. Sarah J. Doud Mr. Richard Haag Dr. Thomas Knickelbine and Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Stan Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Edson Spencer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James D. Anderson Mrs. Marilee Bluhm Mr. Robert D. Buth Mrs. Dawn Crosby Mr. Fred W. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Roger Headrick Mrs. Heidi Chen Bromley Printing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kahler Mr. David Stassen Mrs. Jeanne Anderson Ms. Peggy Blumenthal Ms. Vera Butterworth Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Crownhart Ms. Kathryn M. Doyle Mr. Richard B. Hirst Dr. Vibhu Kshettry and Mr. and Mrs. Conley Brooks Sr. Dr. and Mrs. William Katsiyiannis Mr. Paul Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Anderson Ms. Marie Boeder Ms. Norma L. Buxton Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Cunniff Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Doyle Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. Dr. Sharon Kshettry Mr. Brian Buhl Ms. Katharine L. Kelly Steve and Michelle Hoyt Fund Mrs. Lynn M. Anderson Ms. Helen M. Boerner Mrs. Sandra A. Cadman Ms. Barbara S. Cyrus DSD Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Bunker Mr. Brady Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Anderson Mr. Otte M. Boersma Mr. Marc W. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Cziok Mr. Everett Beson and The James & Jane Welch Foundation Dr. John Lesser and Dr. Julie Knier-Lesser Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burnside Mr. Spencer Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. John Stielow Mr. Robert Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Bohn Mrs. Ruth A. Cameron Ms. Sharon K. Cziok Mrs. Dolores S. Du Toit Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Burton King Pharmaceuticals Mrs. Ruth Stricker Mr. Walton Anderson Mrs. Hazel Bohn Mr. Gerald L. Campbell Mr. Clifford Dahl Ms. Roberta M. Duchesne Marbrook Foundation Lifetouch, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bush Koch Companies Mr. Timothy C. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Andler Mr. Orville Bohnen Mrs. Jacqueline Campbell Mrs. Ellen Dahl Ms. Betty Duddleston Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Nolan Mr. and Mrs. John Lindahl C.H. Carpenter Lumber Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Krier Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Swanson Mr. Ottar Andreasen Ms. Cynthia S. Boisen Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cantwell Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Dahle Mr. Gerhard Duesterhoeft Old Dutch Foods, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lips Mr. and Mrs. George Carisch Mr. Joseph Langer Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Sweatt Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Anson Mr. Otto G. Bonestroo Mr. Allen Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Dahlen Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Duininck Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lucker Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carpenter Dr. Royce and Dr. Casey Lawler Symbology, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Arbeiter Mr. Richard L. Boniface Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Carlson Mr. John H. Dahlmeier Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dungey Ms. Lory A. Schoffman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lundeen Celebration Music Endeavors Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Leavenworth Tapemark Company Mr. Peter H. Archibald Mr. and Mrs. John S. Bonnesen Mr. Paul E. Carlson Mrs. Gail Y. Dahlstrom Mr. Philip Dunlap SciCom Data Services Lyman Lumber Company Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Chapin LeJeune Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Telander Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Arendt Mr. David A. Booth Mr. Truman B. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. John D. Seaberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maxwell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chestnut The Lerner Foundation The Integra Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Arendt Ms. Eve R. Borenstein Mrs. Elsa Carpenter Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. McCarthy-Bjorklund Foundation Mrs. Siobhan Cleary Dr. and Mrs. Terrence Longe Dr. Norma Thiessen Mr. Richard A. Arens Mr. Delmond W. Borg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Carrico Spring Lake Park Lions Mr. Peter McNerney Mrs. Angelina M. Colliander Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Tickle Ark Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Borrman Mr. Vernon L. Carver Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel Medicines Company Conceptus LLC Marna Fullerton Revocable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tonnemaker Ms. Georgeann R. Aro Mr. David E. Bosanco Mr. and Mrs. Benton J. Case Jr. Vital Images, Inc. Meristem Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Barry Maron Mr. and Mrs. Edward Toth Mr. Karim Asemi Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boulay Mr. Michael S. Cassidy “My dad died of a heart attack at 52 and I had a heart attack Metropolitan Dental Management Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cooperman Marsden Holding, LLC UBS Foundation USA Matching Gift Ms. Donna M. Aske Ms. Kimberly T. Boursier Mr. Robert Catron $5,000 - $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. John Mooty Mr. and Mrs. Burt Corwin Mr. and Mrs. John Martinsen Program Ms. Lynda Axberg Ms. Sherry R. Bowie Ms. Adeline Cellotti at 38. MHIF is on the frontier and I am proud to partner with Accenture Moss & Barnett, LLP Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cote Mrs. Jane K. Mauer UMI Company, Inc. Mrs. Susan R. Bach Ms. Jeannett Boxrud Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Ceminsky them. With the research they are doing, there is no limit to the AGA Medical Corporation North American Banking Company Mrs. Beatrice Cowle Mr. Robert McDonald United Properties Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Bader Mr. Loren P. Boyum Ms. Gloria M. Cessna Mr. and Mrs. Andy Anderson Ms. Ellen M. Olson Culp Family Foundation Ms. Judith McGrann Vascular Solutions, Inc. Mr. Ben Badiner Ms. Jane Brackney Mr. and Mrs. Eapen M. Chacko amount of good that can be accomplished.” Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Pedersen D.J. Kranz Company, Inc. Medivance, Inc. Dr. Yale Wang and Dr. In-Zu Tuan Dr. and Mrs. Russell Bagley Crystal Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Ellard Chamberlain Jon H. DeHaan AstraZeneca Pfizer, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeFore Metro Mitsubishi/Hyundai Mrs. Susan Warmka Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Braget Mr. and Mrs. John R. Chamberlain Ms. Ann Bentdahl Pierce Family Fund of Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Dirks Midwest Vending, Inc. Mr. Stan Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Brian Baliatico Mrs. Jane N. Braman Ms. Margaret R. Chang Biotronik, Inc. The Minneapolis Foundation Mr. Raymond J. Dittrich Dr. and Mrs. David E. Milbrath Ms. Ellen Wells Ms. Gladys Banke Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Brammer Ms. Margaret C. Charmoli Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Bowen Dr. and Mrs. Anil Poulose Mr. and Mrs. Yale T. Dolginow Minnesota Distance Running Association Mr. and Mrs. Clark Winslow Mrs. Linda J. Banks Branch Landscape Nursery Mr. Stuart Chazin Dr. M. Nicholas Burke and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rempfer Ms. Patricia Donovan Mr. and Mrs. William Naegele Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Winton Mrs. Evelyn Barnhill Mr. and Mrs. John Brandau Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cheeseman Susan Slattery-Burke Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi, LLP Mr. and Mrs. David Dovenberg Minnetonka Moccasin Co., Inc. Wipfli, LLP Mrs. Gena M. Bartlette Mr. Patrick C. Brandt Ms. Audrey Chen Dr. and Mrs. Durand Burns Mr. and Mrs. James Safley Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dryer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Mitchell Mr. Michael Wright Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Bartz Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Branscomb Mrs. Marian C. Cherwien Mrs. Nancy R. Dale Mrs. and Mr. Patricia M. Dziedzic Campbell Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schwartz Eagan Lion’s Club MSP Communications Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Zitzloff Roger Baumgartner, DDS Ms. Laura Bratland Ms. Sally T. Chicos Ms. Jane Dalrymple Mrs. Doris Eckhart Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell Dr. Scott and Patricia Sharkey Mr. Tim Eickhoff Mr. George W. Nelson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bealka Mr. Craig A. Bratsch Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Chipman Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Daly Mr. and Mrs. William N. Edberg Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sill Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. James W. Nelson $25 - $999 Mrs. Mary F. Bear Dukes Mrs. Martha Bray Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Christensen Ms. Susan W. Dammen Mr. Donald J. Eder Consulting Radiologists, LTD. Sit Investment Associates, Inc. Estate of Eva G. Holmes* Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Nelson Mrs. Mavis A. Aas Mrs. Shirley A. Bechtel Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Bremer Ms. Jane Christenson Mr. and Mrs. John D. Danielson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Edlefsen Crown Bank Mr. and Mrs. Archie Smith Executive Health Care, P.L.L.C. Owen J. and Doris Jean Newlin Ms. Maxine Aas Mr. Peter Beck Ms. Julie L. Brennan Mr. Allen Christians Ms. Suzanne M. Dankers Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Edwards Dr. James Daniel and Mrs. Judy McMahon SonoSite, Inc. FAF Advisors Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Nolan Mr. Thomas R. Abel Mr. William Bedard Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Brenny Mr. Charles Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Norm Dann Mr. and Mrs. Miles E. Efron Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Dorn, Jr. Stereotaxis, Inc. Jack and Bessie Fiterman Mr. Joseph Novogratz Mrs. Grace Aberle Mrs. Lorraine Beeson Mr. Timothy M. Bridges Mr. and Mrs. David Christopherson Mrs. Barbara Danson Ms. Alice B. Ehresman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ehlen Dr. and Mrs. Peter Stokman Dr. Bjorn Flygenring and Mrs. Vala Hafstad Mr. Moe S. Nazari Mr. and Mrs. Jay Abramovitz Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Beetsch Mr. Keith M. Brings Ms. Vicki K. Chryst Data Recognition Corporation Mrs. Virginia D. Eiden Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fleischacker Stone Pier Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George Fox Mr. Gordon Olson Mr. and Mrs. Kent Adams Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Behnen Mr. David R. Brink Mrs. Nicole Cina Ms. Gertraud Daugherty Ms. Ann Elfstrom Mr. Joe Fleischhacker Stuart Management Dr. and Mrs. James A. Furda Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Olson Mrs. Mary A. Aderinkomi Mrs. Judith Belter Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Brisbin Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Clark Ms. Kari B. Davis Mr. Andrew J. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. James Giertz Dr. and Mrs. Chuen Tang Mr. Dan Gladney Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ordway Ms. Christine R. Aerts Mr. Michael Bender Mr. William E. Britton Dr. Margaret L. Clausen Mr. and Mrs. Keith C. Davison Ms. Lisa Elmore GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James V. Toscano Mr. and Mrs. Don Goldfus Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. Mrs. Sylvia J. Ahlgren James and Linda Bendt Mr. and Mrs. Russell Broden Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Clay Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Dayton Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Elverum Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gornick Dr. Jay and Sarah Traverse Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Graham Dr. Luis Pagan-Carlo Mrs. Jolene Ahlstrand-weber Mrs. Betty Bengtson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Broder Sr. Connie Clayman Mr. and Mrs. Roderic De Voe Mr. and Mrs. David Emmons Mr. James Grantman Mr. and Mrs. W. Shelley Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Graiziger, Jr. Mr. David Parry Mrs. Rohini Ahluwalia Mr. Timothy L. Benjamin Mr. Herbert Brokering Mr. Michael Cleary Mr. Randall Debruyn Mrs. Laesha M. Emmons Great River Energy The Greater Metro Auto Dealers The Patch Foundation Nobuhiko Akimoto, DDS Mr. Cordell A. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Conley Brooks Jr. Mr. William Clemens Mrs. Sarenja M. Decandiabetz Mr. and Mrs. Perlon Engelby Dr. Elizabeth Grey and Dr. Martin Asis $1,000 - $4,999 Association of MN Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Poole Dr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Alcorn Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bennett Ken Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clendenen Mr. James L. Dechene Mr. James P. Engelhart Haag Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Almquist Groves Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Octavio P. Portu Mr. Saleem E. Al-hakeem Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Bennett Ms. Linda M. Brooks Ms. Phyllis M. Clifford Ms. Julie R. Defer Mrs. Marlys L. Engler Dr. Kevin and Ila Harris Ameriprise Financial Mr. and Mrs. Thom Gunderson Preferred One Mr. Mir M. Ali Mr. Beverley Benson Ms. Patricia D. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Close Mrs. Herbert DeGenere Mr. Russell F. Engstrom Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hauser Mr. Steven Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Halls Protective Insurance Mr. Burton Allen Jr. Mr. Bradley E. Bentson Mr. Brian W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Roland G. Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Degriselles Mr. Roger Enos Hawkins, Inc. AngioScore, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Harrison Quadion Foundation Mrs. Elizabeth J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Benz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown Ms. Janice L. Cloutier Mrs. Vicky Deigman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Enrooth Dr. Tim Henry Mr. and Mrs. Phil D. Ankeny Mrs. Janice Hazen Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rappaport Mr. and Mrs. Lester G. Alseth Mrs. Margo Berdass Mr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Neal Cohen Mr. and Mrs David Deming Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Erickson Dr. William T. Hession Applied Power Products Health Fitness Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Reedy Mr. Peter Althoff Mr. and Mrs. Harlow E. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Coller Mr. and Mrs. Keith DesJardins Mrs. Kay O. Erickson Dr. Alan Hirsch and Dr. Laurie Curtis ATG Corporation/Alora Ambiance Carol Heen, PhD and Charlie Boone Rosemount Inc. Mrs. Donna R. Amann Ms. Mary L. Berg Ms. Carolyn S. Browne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colwell Mrs. Begeh L. Dibba Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horovitz Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bae Ms. Patrice Henning Sabes Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Amell Mr. and Mrs. Curtis O. Berge Mrs. Karen A. Brown-hepp Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Combs Mrs. Carol J. Dickison Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Erickson Ms. Elizabeth H. Howell The Baker Foundation Mr. Brian F. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Corey Sargent Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Anderberg Ms. Krista Bergert Melanie Brownlee Community Shares of Minnesota Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dickmeyer Ms. Tamra M. Erickson Dr. David and Stacey Hurrell Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barry Mrs. Dorothy Hill Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schachtman Mrs. Joy A. Anderberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bergstrom Mr. Swetto Bruich Mr. Gerald Compart Mr. Jim Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Erickson Johnson & Johnson Mrs. Kelly A. Bellini Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Hill Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schwalbach Mr. Kenneth Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Bergstrom Mrs. and Mrs. Napoleon Bruneau Conceptus LLC Ms. Marie Dietel Mr. Gary H. Erlander Joseph Durda Family Foundation Mr. Craig Bentdahl and Dr. and Mrs. Morrison Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Schwalbe Mrs. Ardell Anderson Mrs. Wendy J. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brunnell Mrs. Rebecca Condon Ms. Nancy K. Dieter Mr. Larry D. Espel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Kamp Ms. Stephanie Simon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holtz Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Seibold Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David Bessel Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brunner Mr. James J. Connolly Jr. Mrs. Linda J. Dietzler Mr. Daniel W. Esters Thomas A. Keller III and Dr. and Mrs. John Bernhardson Dr. and Mrs. Mark Houghland Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Senneseth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Ms. Patricia Bick Ms. Janette D. Bryant Mrs. Ann M. Conser Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dillon Mrs. April A. Estes Victoria H. Keller Mr. Ted Bigos Mr. and Mrs. Russell Huffer Mr. Jerry Seppala Mrs. Darrolee Anderson Mrs. Anne D. Biernat Mrs. LaVonne Buckentine Mr. John G. Conser Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Dimond Mr. and Mrs. John L. Estrem Ms. Kathy Bique Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Buhl Mr. John M. Conway Mr. Lawrence Dirlam Ms. Diane Evans Mrs. Rachel Bird-Anderson Mr. Robert Bunkers Mrs. Eva E. Cook Ms. Kay H. Dixon Mr. Lawrence J. Evans Mrs. Lynn Bisek Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bunnell Ms. Jennifer Coombs Ms. Mae Dobbs Mrs. Rachel Evans Mr. Barry Bishop Mr. Larry Burandt Mrs. Diane Coplandonohue Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Dobesh Ms. Cheryl L. Eveland Fact: Thanks to our generous donors, the 2007 Dinner and Gala raised over $1 million for cardiovascular Mrs. Lynn C. Bjorkman Mrs. Patricia A. Burgraff Mr. Mark S. Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Doble Mr. Paul J. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Blackford Mrs. Carol A. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Coss Mr. James E. Doll Mr. John H. Faber research and education. Mr. and Ms. Michael Blake Mrs. Esther Burke Mrs. Suzanne M. Costello Mrs. Carol Domke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Faber 20 *Deceased 21
  • 12. Mr. and Mrs. William Kolb Mrs. Margaret H. Lepp Mr. LeRoy C. Marin Ms. Bernadine M. Mills Mr. Donald A. Nelson Contributors Mr. Jerome Koll Mrs. Judith J. Lesak Mr. Edward C. Markgraf Mrs. Rita M. Minars Mr. Greg Nelson Ms. Irina I. Kolova Ms. Ann Leschisin Mr. Jay Markstrom Ms. Frances Mitshulis Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Nelson Mr. John A. Koltes Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Lester Mr. Jay D. Markstrom Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moberg Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Nelson FairIsaac Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gerend Carolyn Hallin Mrs. Jay M. Hester Payne Mr. and Mrs. Vernon W. Jahn Ms. Krisha J. Komarec Ms. Rena M. Leverington Mr. Herbert Marth Mr. and Mrs. Winton E. Modin Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Nelson Ms. Mary T. Fajack Ms. Rosa Gerrels Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hallin Mr. Thomas W. Hewett Mr. and Mrs. Blair L. Jenness Mr. Owen G. Kornkven Mr. Albert Levin Ms. Dorothy Martin Mr. and Mrs. Bill Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Newell N. Nelson Ms. Bonnie J. Farb Mr. Richard J. Giambrone Mr. Robert Hand Mr. Cline Hickok Ms. Mary Jensen Mr. Thomas Kortsch Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Levin Ms. Pauline Martinson Mr. William A. Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Nelson Mrs. Suzanne Fattah Mr. and Mrs. Ed Giel Mr. and Mrs. Donald Handahl Mr. David Hicks Mr. Bruce Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Koser Mr. Jack R. Lewis Mr. Ronald C. Mawby Mr. Tom Mogren Mr. Robert E. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Dean Faulks Gerilyn, Paul, Jr., Tom and Sarah Giel Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Haney Ms. Elizabeth V. Hicks Mrs. Doris F. Johnson Ms. Charlotte Koshiol Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lewis Ms. Malini Maxey Ms. Marilyn A. Mohr Mr. and Mrs. William F. Nelson Mrs. Luba Feinstein Mr. and Mrs. David L. Giese Mrs. Mary L. Hankins Mr. David Hiivala Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Johnson Joe and Muriel Koskovich Ms. Patricia J. Libby Ms. Monique M. Maxwell Ms. Ada G. Moline Mrs. Elaine Nerhaugen Mrs. Arlene Fellows Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gieselman Dr. and Mrs. James H. Hanneman George O. Hilgermann Mr. and Mrs. Duane V. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Kosman Mr. and Mrs. Heiner Lichtenberger Mr. Robert Maxwell Mr Lawrence R. Molsather Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Neste Mr. and Mrs. John Fellows Ms. Hulda W. Gilbert Mr. Michael P. Hannon Mr. and Mrs. David Hill Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Johnson Mr. Mauri E. Kotila Mrs. Jody C. Liddicoat Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Monick Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nettestad Mr. and Mrs. Jennings G. Feroe Ms. Margaret Gilbert Mr. Stanley E. Hannon Mr. and Mrs. Glenn K. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kottke Mr. Ben Liman Mr. and Mrs. Sevren D. Maynard Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Monson Ms. Berniece A. Neuberger Ms. Aldora M. Ferrian Mrs. Erin I. Gilbertson Mrs. Kristi M. Hansen Ms. Jane Hill Mr. and Mrs. Howell Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kovarik Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linck Dr. and Mrs. D.P. McCormick Mr. Theodore A. Monson Ms. Lorraine W. Neuger Mr. Jeremy J. Ferris Mr. Scott Gilbertson Mr. Norley Hansen Mrs. Vera Hillstrom Mrs. Jean A. Johnson Ms. Ellen Kozel Mrs. Sheila M. Lind Ms. Phyllis McCoy Ms. Rosemarie Montagna-Glover Mr. Ellsworth E. Neumann Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fetz Mr. Tad A. Gilbertson Mr. and Mrs Richard R. Hansen Mr. John Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Johnson Mr. Karl J. Kozumplik Ms. Clarice Lindgren Mr. and Mrs. M.E. McElrath Mr. and Mrs Dale B. Montgomery Ms. Kathryn M. Nevers Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fey Mrs. Loretta Giles Mr. Wayne R. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kraemer Ms. Michelle M. Lindgren Mrs. Marjean C. Mcelrath James Montgomery Ms. Kathyrn Nevers Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fideldy Mr. James D. Gillund Mrs. Bernice A. Hanson Historic Plymouth Building Ms. Marlene Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kraft Ms. Mary Lindner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moonen Ms. Cynthia Newsom Ms. J. Marie Fieger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilson Ms. Doris Hanson HLB Tautges Redpath, Ltd. Mr. Orland R. Johnson Mrs. Lauri M. Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Lindquist Mr. Thomas M. Mcgraw Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mooney Ms. Karen L. Newstrom Mrs. Linda F. Fieldman Ms. Elaine L. Gingold Mr. and Mrs. G. Calvin Hanson Ms. Thuy Hoang Mr. Orvel E. Johnson Mr. Bernie Kramer Mr. John G. Linn Ms. Tonjia M. Mcintosh Mrs. Katherine Moore Lily Ms. Karen Newstrom Mr. David Fink Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gjetson Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. G. C. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Hoeft Mrs. Paulette M. Johnson Mr. Dan Kramer Mr. Alan Linoff Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. McIntyre Mr. James A. Moores Mr. Loc T. Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. James Fink Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery C. Gleason Mr. Howard B. Hanson Mr. Joseph Hoehn Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Johnson Mr. Gerard W. Kranz Mrs. Jane Lisko Ms. Jacqy A. Mckay Mr. Mark Moores Mrs. Ardelle F. Nicoloff Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fischer Ms. Verna A. Glessing Arlyce Harms Paul W. Hoffmann, MD Ms. Shirley M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jake Krasnik Ms. Emily Litell Ms. Mary Mckenzie Ms. Alice K. Moormann Mr. and Mrs. Donald Niece Ms. Dolly J. Fiterman Mr. Joel H. Glotter Mrs. Julie M. Harms Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hofmeister Mrs. Tara C. Johnson Ms. Barbara Krell Len and Pamela Little Mr. and Mrs. Omar E. McMillan Mrs. Katheryne J. Moran Mr. Robert H. Niederkorn Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fiterman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Glover Ms. Myia L. Harrer Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hofschulte Mr. Craig D. Jonson Mr. Richard E. Kremer Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Littlefield Mrs. Paula M. Mcmullen Mrs. Christy J. Morey Mr. and Mrs. William R. Niemi Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Fitzsimonds GMAC ResCap Community Relations Mr. and Mrs. Murray P. Harris Mr. Mark S. Holasek Mr. and Mrs. James Jung Ms. Renee Kringlen Mr. Robert I. Littlefield Mr. Robert B. Mcwhite Mr. John E. Morgan Mr. Edmund Nightingale Mr. and Mrs. George P. Flannery Mr. Thomas L. Godlewski Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Holler Mr. and Mrs. Jim Junker Mr. David A. Kristal and Ms. Andrea Liu Ms. Georgia J. Meath Mr. and Mrs. James J. Moriarty Mrs. Barbara C. Nilles Mr. Dennis Flavin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Golberg Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hatch Ms. Cathy A. Holman Mrs. Marjorie Jurkovich Ms. Cristiana Giordano Mrs. Beverly Loche Mr. Dennis A. Medrano Mr. and Mrs. Philip Morrow Mr. Richard C. Nix Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Flavin Mrs. Kaye Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hatlie Mr. William Holmbeck Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jutting Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Kroshus Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Locher Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Meents Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Mosiman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Noel Mr. Thomas P. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Goldenberg Mr. Charles Hauck Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Holmgren K.C. Drywall, Inc. Mr. William J. Kryzda Mrs. Deborah Locketz Mr. Richard R. Meier Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Mosley Mr. and Mrs. Noah E. Nohl Mr. and Mrs. Dale Flo Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Haugen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Holmgren Mr. Vijay Kadam Rev. Michael Kudanovych Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Lodewyck Ms. Charlotte A. Melin Dr. and Mrs. Donn G. Mosser Ms. Marion G. Nord Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Flom Ms. Wendy Goodchild Ms. Ethel Haugen Ms. Hazel I. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Yakov Kudishevich Mr. Theodore P. Loescher Ms. Elizabeth Melquist Mrs. Janet Mosser Mr. and Mrs. Michael Norman Albert G. Flor DDS Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman Mr. Raymond Haugland Mr. J.G. Holtz Mr. James J. Kalaher Mr. and Mrs. Reuben D. Kvidt Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lofgren Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Melter Mr. James Mossman Mr. James Norwick Mr. and Mrs. David Floren Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gornowich Lloyd and Barb Hauri Mr. Robert Holz Ms. Dorothy L. Kalkhoff Rita Ladd Lois B. and Jonathan S. Bishop Ms. Della R. Meschures Mrs. Yer Moua Ms. Joan E. Noun Mr. Joseph Flynn Ms. Mary R. Gould Mr. Joseph F. Havel Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Hoogenraad Mr. Gerald T. Kaplan Ms. Violet C. Ladwig Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Metro Assemblies, Inc. Mr. John E. Mracek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Novak Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Grady Mr. Clay Haverkamp Mrs. Ruth Hopperstad Mr. Albert Karels Mr. Amine Lahmeur Mr. Donald Loken Mr. and Mrs Dennis C. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mueller Richard A. Novak, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Forrest Mr. Chris Graham Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Hawes Mr. John Horsch Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Karg Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Laing Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Long Ms. Vickie L. Foster Ms. Phyllis A. Graikowski Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Horst Mrs. Paula Katzenmeyer Lakeville Lakeside Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Lorentzen Ms. Ella Foulkrod Mr. Melvin N. Granos Mrs. Laura J. Hawkinson Mr. Andrew Horstman Mr. Edwin Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lambrecht Mr. Raymond Lorenz Ms. Paula L. Fowke Grant Thornton LLP Mr. Allen Hayes Mrs. Carolyn J. Hosford Mrs. Donna Kavanaugh Mrs. Katherine A. Lamm Mrs. Ruth A. Lotsof Mr. David Fox Mr. and Mrs. William F. Graper Mr. Dave Hebert Mr. Frederick J. Hosto Mr. Donald J. Keenan Ms. Janice L. Lamphier Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Loughrea Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Grazzini Mr. Eugene Heck Mr. Robert G. Hougen Ms. Karin Keitel Mr. Donald J. Land Mrs. Rebecca A. Lowe Mr. Harold C. Fratzke Mr. David L. Green Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Heckt Mr. Richard Houston Mr. Richard G. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Landsman Mrs. Hazel D. Lue Mr. Alan Frecon Mr. Mark A. Greenawalt Ms. Charlotte Hed Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kerber Mr. William Lane Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lund “Dr. Maron deals with HCM all day, every day. He is the best Mrs. Barbara E. Fredrickson Mr. and Mrs. Morton Greenberg Mr. John W. Hedberg Ms. Barbara M. Howe Mr. and Mrs. David Kerkow Ms. Cheryl Lange Ms. Judith A. Lund source of information on this condition and he is constantly Mr. Raymond A. Fredrickson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greten Mrs. Rose Mary Hedner Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Howell Sr. Mr. John Gifford Edward and Lois Langerak Mrs. Phyllis Lund Mr. and Mrs. John O. French Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Griver Mrs. Hedwig G. Heeb Mr. Robert L. Howendobler Mrs. Marilyn Ketter Mr. Robert D. Langford Mr. Richard T. Lund asking new questions. I am glad I can support his research.” Mr. and Mrs. Harlen R. Fricke Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Groe Mr. and Mrs. David Heegaard Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Howitz Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Keup Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lapensky Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Lundeby Marque Ann Barton Ms. Mary B. Frickson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groen Mr. David H. Heffron Mr. and Mrs. David A. Huber Mr. Darryl W. Kieser Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren Mr. John M. Lundsten Mr. Jack E. Friedline Randy Groff Mr. Bruce T. Heidtke Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Huber Mrs. Marianne I. Kilker Ms. Ann M. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lupori Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Gromek Mr. Earl Heldt Mrs. Louise H. Huff Mr. and Mrs. Truman A. Kingsley Mr. Charles Larson Ms. Barbara L. Lykken Mr. Jeffrey R. Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Al Gross Mr. Osmond J. Hellen Mr. Robert Huffman Mr. Donald Kinter Mr. George Larson Mr. John Lynch Mrs. Jennifer L. Fritz Herman and Judith Gross Ms. Desiree J. Heller Ms. Jeanette Hughes Mr. Alan R. Kircher Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Urban Fritz Mrs. Laura M. Gross Ms. Verna A. Hemmersbaugh Ms. Phyllis K. Hullett Ms. Laurel C. Kirschbaum Mr. and Mrs. James W. Larson Mr. Timothy J. Lynch Mrs. Jacqueline K. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Linden Gross Bitsy Henderson and Sid Mallory Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hult Mr. Robert N. Kisch Mr. and Mrs. Lee Larson Ms. Ruby L. Lynk Mr. J. D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mukina Mrs. Irma Novotny Ms. Brunilda H. Fullerton Mr. Charles Grossman Mr. and Mrs. John T. Henderson Mrs. Lucille Hultgren Mr. and Mrs James W. Kissinger Mr. and Mrs. Merle Larson Mr. John C. Lyon Mr. Richard Meyer Mr. Donald A. Mullenbach Ms. Edith M. Nowicki Mr. David E. Funk Mr. John Grudnowski Ms. Murlane D. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Don Huntley Mrs. Gracia L. Kitelinger Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Larson Mrs. Leslie G. Macho Mr. Lyle Meyer W Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mundt Ms. Elysa L. Nowling Mr. Charles W. Gaillard Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Grund Mr. Harley N. Hendrickson Mrs. Anne Hussian Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Kjellman Mr. Thomas C. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Mackdanz Mr. James P. Michels Mr. Michael Munns Ms. Patricia K. Nutt Mr. Gene F. Gaines Ms. Shari L. Guenther Mr. and Mrs. Larry Henneman Mr. Terry L. Hutchinson Mr. Richard C. Klaseus Heather and Gregory Lassale Ms. Aleta S. Macon Midwest Medical Insurance Murphy Insurance Agency Mrs. Katarina Nyindombi Mrs. Rebecca Galligan Mr. Chris Guillemette Anthony and Patti Henry Mrs. Colette Illies Ms. Bernice L. Klask Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lastavich Dr. Robert F. Maddocks Mr. and Mrs. Valdis Mikelsons Mary D. Murphy Dr. Eugene O’Brien Mr and Mrs. Frederick R. Gamble Jr. Mr. Donald F. Gumphrey Mr. Brian Hepp ING Ms. Deborah Klatt Mr. Jaime W. Laughlin Mr. Manuel Madeiros Mrs. Velta H. Mikelsons Mr. Timothy S. Murphy Mr. Kevin O’Brien Mr. Donald Gamboni Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gunderson Mr. and Mrs. Glen Herfurth Iowa Heart Center Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Klause Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lavintman Mrs. Surinder Madhok Mr. Steven T. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murray Mrs. Nichole M. Oconnell Ms. Robin J. Gast Mr. Peter Hafiz Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ireland Mrs. Anne E. Klawiter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lawrence Mr. Gerald F. Madison Mr. George D. Millard Mr. Stephen R. Murray Mrs. Dianne L. Odonnell Mr. Russell R. Gaul Mr. and Mrs. Milo Hagen Mr. Ed Herr Ms. Mindy Isaacs Mrs. Jennifer Kleven Mrs. Nancy E. Layman Mr. and Mrs Kenneth A. Madole Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Miller Mr. Fred M. Muschenheim Mrs. Stella T. Oelfke Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gauthun Mrs. Ardyce Haglund Mr. Elliot J. Herstein Ms. Sandra A. Isaaman Mr. James Klobuchar Mrs. Thunguyet Le Mr. and Mrs. Steve Madrinich Mrs. Bridget Miller Mr. Michael Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oerterclark Mr. Robert J. Gaylord Ms. Eleanora Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Hertaus Ms. Ann Jackson Mrs. Ordell Klucas Mr. and Mrs. James R. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maertens Mrs. Elin K. Miller Ms. Myra Nagel Mr. Kurt T. Okerman Mrs. Mary R. Gelhorn Mr. Richard Hains Mrs. Kathryn L. Hertenstein Mr. James J. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. David L. Knudtson Mr. Kenneth W. Leaf Mr. and Mrs. Terrance J. Maglich Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Nagle Ms. Betty L. Olson Mr. and Mrs. John C. George Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Hall Mr. Edward T. Hesse Mr. Emil Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kohls Ms. Janis A. Leafgren Maguire Agency Mr. and Mrs. James A. Miller Jr. Dr. and Mrs. V. G. Nagobads Ms. Debra Olson Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gephart Mr. and Mrs. Curtis A. Hallberg Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hessevick Mr. David E. Jaeger Mrs. Mary Kohn Mr. James H. Lecocq Mr. Gregory R. Maiers Marcia Miller Nashville Township Community Chest Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Olson Ms. Cathy J. Lee Mr. Craig A. Maki Mrs. Mildred H. Miller Mr. Michael A. Nehmzow Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Olson Mrs. Hilda Lee Ms. Corey B. Malecha Mr. Raymond Miller Mrs. Kathleen L. Neirby Mr. and Mrs. Howard Olson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lee Mrs. Sharon L. Mallory Steven and Penny Miller Mr. and Mrs. William Nellis Mr. Jeffrey F. Olson Fact: At the TCT annual meeting, one of the top international cardiovascular conferences in the world, MHIF Dr. Walter Lee Malta Township Combined Fund Mr. and Mrs. Willard Miller Mr. and Mrs. Allan Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Leech Mr. and Mrs. John D. Maney Mr. Robert Milless Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Nelson Mr. Kenneth M. Olson cell therapy protocols were presented live via telecast to over 4,000 cardiologists. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lenning Mrs. Patricia K. Margarit Mrs. Angela Mills Ms. Diane L. Nelson Mr. Lawrence E. Olson 22 *Deceased 23
  • 13. Mr. Clifton H. Stedje Judy Turner Ms. Mary J. Wheeler Gordon Anderson Bev Glass Contributors Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stein Mr. and Mrs. F. Owen Turnlund Mr. Thomas R. Wherley Mr. and Mrs. Milton V. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Delroy G. Bruss Mr. Jolyon Stein Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tutewohl Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Whitcomb Clyde Asbell Louis Grefe Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Gedney Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. James P. White Jeffrey S. Huxford Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cowing Mrs. Marjorie R. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Peterson Mr. Elton Rhoda Sayer Charitable Foundation / Mr. Siri R. Sethi Mrs. Eva Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Tom Twiss Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. White Mary Batzli Floanne S. Hanson Mrs. Marlys Olson Mr. Ralph J. Peterson Mr. Loren Richards Mr. George W. Sayer III Mr. and Mrs. Doug Seylar Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stenbeck UBS Financial Ms. Halene Whitfield Dr. and Mrs. George Hilgermann im Berman Mrs. Norma C. Olson Russell and Joyce Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Richardson Scanlan International Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shakman Mrs. Jane Sternberg Mr. Francis O. Uko Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Whitfield Stanley Bauer Marilyn Hays Mr. Ross A. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Peterson Ms. Lori J. Richardson Eileen and Ed Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shalles Ms. Esther M. Steuck Ms. Jean Uldrych Mrs. Leona Whitmer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Meyer Tadeusz and Jacqueline Gierymski Mr. Chris Omdahl Mr. Thomas Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rinek Ms. Hilda Schafbuch Ms. Marion M. Shea Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stevens Mr. Corey J. Ulrich Mrs. Stacy L. Wicklund Concietta Rose Bay Grant Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. O’Neil Mr. Dale Petit Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Rines Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schaitberger Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shegstad Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ulrich Mr. Charles Wiedl Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maki Thelma Hendricks Ms. Ann E. Oppenheimer Mr. Ralph Pettyjohn Boyd Ring Ms. Fannie S. Schanfield Ms. Mildred J. Sherman Mrs. Margaret A. Stone United Communities Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wiener Glenn Bergstrom Harvey Hopps Ms. Patricia S. Orcuttbaker Mrs. Patricia M. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Ward Ring Mr. Herb Schaper Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. James D. Stoneburg United Way of Minneapolis Area Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wifall Gerilyn, Paul, Jr., Tom and Sarah Giel Mr. and Mrs. James Nomeland Dr. and Mrs. Quirino Orlandi Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Ms. Patricia S. Ringer Mr. and Ms. Jim Schell Ms. Barbara J. Shin Ms. Kathleen M. Straiton Mr. and Mrs Todd Urness Mrs. Irene C. Wiken Merlin Belland Lionell R. Iverson Mrs. Joan F. Orourke Mr. Robert Piche Ms. Teresa M. Riste Ms. Faye M. Schilling Mr. John E. Shogren Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strand Mr. Manuel Ursini Mr. Marvin D. Wikstrand Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hopps, Mr. and Mr. Stan Orr Mr. Lynn E. Pierce Ms. Michele Rivera Mrs. Janine G. Schimmelman Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Siefert Ms. Rebecca M. Strange US Bank Mr. and Mrs Kurt L. Wild Alan J. Berg Mrs. Allen Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lula Osman Andrea and Jason Pighe Mr. Jim Robbins Judge and Mrs. J. W. Schindler Mrs. Phyllis Sieve Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Strobel Mr. Stephen Vajgrt Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilkinson Mrs. Kathryn Hertenstein Nomeland, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ost Ms. Phyllis Pilgram Mr. and Mrs. Ken Roberts Ms. Tracie D. Schirmer Mr. Morton Silverman Mrs. Gladys Strommen Ms. Sandra L. Valley Mrs. Rita Willert Jim Berman Nomeland Ms. Ann Osterhus Mr. Robert K. Pillsbury Jr. Ms. Janis Robins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Schlasinger Mrs. Karen M. Silverstein Ms. Kim M. Strout Ms. Susan Valo Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Willette Ms. Florence Hanson Robert Katzmarek Mrs. Charlotte Oswood Pillsbury United Communities Ms. Marcia S. Robinson Ms. Ruth Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Nakhaya Simandyev Mr. and Mrs. James Stueber Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Van Dover Mrs. Anne M. Williams Dr. Ronald Berry Mr. and Mrs. James Bias, Mr. and Mr. Melvin Otte Mr. Joel R. Poeschl Mrs. Violet E. Rocek Mr. Lloyd Schleicher Mr. Ronald Simblist Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Van Meter Mr. Daniel Williams Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schwimmer Mrs. Donald Hanson, Mrs. Nancy Ms. Sabrina C. Otte Mr. Andrew Pogoler Mr. and Mrs Robert J. Rock Mrs. Carolyn M. Schlener Mrs. Kelly Simer Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Sullivan Mrs. Carol Van Ort Mr. and Mrs. James A. Williams Herb Bissell Katzmarek, Schmit Towing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jed Otteson Stephen and Ceil Poindexter Ms. Lavern Rod Ms. Jean Schlenker Bob & Linda Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Lee N. Sundet Mr. Robert Vandendriessche Ms. Norma J. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel John F. Kircher Mr. William B. Otting Mr. William A. Polak Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Rohde Mr. and Mrs. John Schley Mrs. Marilyn A. Sindelar Mrs. Fikre Y. Sundseth Mr. Alden Vanderpol Ms. Phyllis L. Williams Beatrice Blackwell Alan R. Kircher Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Otto Mr. Donald Pomplun Mr. David J. Rolek Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Schlink Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sinette Mrs. Nicole Sundt Mrs. Joyce Vann Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson Robert Blackwell Al Koch Mr. Charles B. Overby Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Porte Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Rome Ms. Beverley L. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Singer Ms. Bernice C. Sutliff Mr. Gregory J. Vara Mr. David G. Wilson Florence Burns Ms. Dona M. Allshouse, Larry Norder Ms. Doris Overby Mr. and Mrs. John Pouchnik Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rootness Mr. Bruce D. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sipe Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Vennewitz Mrs. Jolene M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson and Family Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Owens Mr. Carl L. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rose Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Schmidthuber Mr. and Mrs. David Sipprell Mr. Sigvald Svendsen Mr. Willard Vetsch Mrs. Sara-Jane Wilson James Canine, M.D. Ted Larson Mr. Harvey R. Ozmun Mrs. Kristin M. Prajka Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Rose Mr. and Mrs. John Schmisek Mr. and Mrs. David Skeldon Mr. and Mrs. Glen L. Swanson Mr. Roque Villarreal Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gingold Mr. and Mrs. David Mogck Mr. and Mrs. Mark Palen Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pray Mr. Gary Rosenberg Mr. James Schmuck Mrs. Carol J. Slater Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen Viltoft Ms. Victoria P. Wilson Milton Chazin Marian Laurel Mr. Kurt B. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Premack Mr. Justin L. Rosenblatt Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schnedler Mr. Michael Small Mr. and Mrs. Loren E. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Vipond Mr. Warren E. Wilson Mr. Harlan Blumenthal, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Laurel Mrs. Judy M. Palmgren Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pressnall Ms. Robyn M. Rosenfield Mrs. Delma Schneewind Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smalley Mrs. F. J. Swartzendruber Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Vogt Mr. William E. Wilson Donald Brody, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Arthur Lehman Ms. Janet S. Paper Mrs. Stacy N. Price Roseville Properties Management Company Mr. Kent Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smiley Mr. Fred E. Swenson Mrs. Joanne K. Voltz Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Winczewski Schmeisser, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Serber, Ms. Debra L. Lehman, Richard C. Mr. Jeff Parell Mr. Norman Priebe Mr. and Ms. Paul A. Roskowitz Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon C. Schneider Ms. Shannon D. Smiley Dr. and Mrs. James A. Swenson Mr. Eli Von Bank Mr. and Mrs. Duane T. Windahl Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Stein, Barb, Swanstrom Mrs. Mary R. Parker Mr. and Mrs. David L. Prin Mrs. Anita L. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Schoenborn Mr. William Y. Smiley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Swenson Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Von Ohlen Mr. Bruce Winslow Todd, Eli and Sam Striker Wilfrid Leitschuh Mr. and Mrs. William Parpart Private Trading Group, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rossing Mr. Mark Schommer Mr. Kenneth E. Smira Mr. and Mrs. Sarojini Tallapragada Mr. Keith B. Waataja Mrs. Eleanor C. Winston Alfie H. Clarke Edward D. Orenstein Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Paske Mr. and Mrs. Robert Proebstle Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roth Mrs. Jane Schosberg Ms. Bernice S. Smith Ms. Colleen Tate Mr. Richard A. Wacholtz Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Winston David E. Jaeger Joan Lindquist Mrs. Kathryn L. Patterson Mrs. Lois L. Propp Ms. Ruby Roth Rev. and Mrs. Norman W. Schramm Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Smith Mr. Bruce A. Tatge Mr. John Waetjen Mrs. Robinette L. Winterfeldt Dol Lores Classen Mr. and Mrs. Bob Axberg Mrs. Kathryn Patton Mr. and Mrs. David C. Prosser Mrs. Margaret M. Roubinek Mr. Harold L. Schroeder Ms. Gloria M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Archie E. Taxdahl Mr. and Mrs. David Wagner Ms. Sarah M. Wirth Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Timgren Mr. and Mrs. Dean Madison Mr. and Mrs. Derek Patzman Mr. and Mrs. David C. Prosser Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Rovick Mr. Willis D. Schroeder Dr. Nadine W. Smith Ide Ming L. Tchou Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walden Ms. Olga Wise Earl L. Clemants Gerald F. Madison Michael Paul Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Provost Royal Pearl Company Ms. Sandra Schuehle Ms. Jessica L. Smith Mr. Harry S. Temple Dr. and Mrs. Donald Waletzko Mrs. Tammy Wiskus Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Oltmans Dick Mahaffey Ms. Betty J. Paulsen Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Pye Mr. and Mrs. Dudley M. Ruch Mr. Charles S. Schuler Mr. and Mrs. Leland Smith Mr. Peter Tennefos Ms. Dorothy M. Waletzko Dr. Osmund Wisness Lena Cooperman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson Mr. Richard J. Pauly Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Quast Ms. Marian C. Rud Mr. John W. Schultz Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie O. Smith Mr. Kenneth R. Tennessen Ms. Maggie Wallner Mr. Michael D. Witte Ms. Maria Spinak Lillian Martyn Mrs. Dorothy J. Pawlcyn R&S Rappaport Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Delbert R. Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Lavere E. Schultz Ms. Lorraine P. Smith Ms. Andrea M. Tennis Mr. and Mrs. Loren W. Walter Ms. Shirley D. Wolfe Guy DeLambert Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson, III Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pearson R. William and Mary Ann Reilly Mrs. Elizabeth R. Ruedy Mr. and Mrs. Roman V. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Smith Mr. Terry Terman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Walz Ms. Anita Wolff Mavis and Rix DeLambert Dick Mahaffey Ms. Marjorie M. Peckham Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ruedy Mr. Terrence L. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Emery N. Solberg Mr. Marvin J. Theis Mr. John T. Wanner Ms. Ellen L. Wolff Dr. Ken Dirlam Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson Mr. Alvin L. Peetsch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rademacher Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Ruefenacht Mr. Jeffrey A. Schutz Mrs. Heather L. Solberg Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Thieman Mr. and Mrs. James Wanshura Mr. Steven Wolner Shauna, Carly & Philip Dirlam Lillian Martyn Mr. Bryant A. Peltier Ms. Joann J. Ramig Mr. Allen D. Ruehmann Mr. Alvin M. Schwab Jerald Solberg Ms. Luella Thiessen Ms. Dolores J. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Lowell J. Wolter Jeffrey Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson, III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peper Ms. Maryann Rampi Mrs. Gail F. Ruhland Mr. Ronald M. Schwalboski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Soller Mr. and Mrs. James F. Thoermer Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Warren WSB & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Dale Harris Ted Matsuyama Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Perreault Mr. Charles Ramsbacher Ms. Pearl E. Runyan Mr. Charles R. Schwartz Mrs. Deloris M. Solseth Mrs. Nancy A. Thom Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Weathers Mr. Joseph H. Wyers Candace F. Dow Ms. Joan Carlson Ms. Mary M. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ramsdell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rutter Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Schwecke Ms. Malinda J. Somers Mr. Donald C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Allie J. Weber Ms. Karen Yaeger Ms. Barbara O. Dow John A. Mayer Mr. Daniel F. Perschau Ms. Delores L. Randby Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rutzick Mr. Denis L. Schweitzer Mr. Russell Sons Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Weber Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Ylitalo Scott Duncan Ms. Ruth A. Kopnick and friends Ms. Carla Z. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. James Rarick Mr. and Mrs. David Ryerse Ms. Lou Score Mr. L.S. Sorem Ms. Kayla L. Thomasson Mr. David Weber Mr. and Mrs. Barry Yocom Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson Ruby Melcher Mr. Keith D. Petersen Mr. Jay B. Rasmussen Ms. Marion M. Rys Mrs. Anne G. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Eldon J. 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Zobitz Rick Farnhorst Sherilyn Miller Mrs. Sara Remsbottom Ms. Mary D. Sauter Ms. Muriel G. Senn Stanton Group Mr. Lawrence E. Torell Mrs. Victoria Wenkstern Mr. Clement Zotta Ms. Valeria E. Zirbres Eugene Timgren Ms. Beth C. Renier Mr. Thomas A. Savoie Mr. Frank D. Serratore Mr. Herbert B. Stead Mrs. Mildred A. Toso Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wenzel Mr. and Mrs. Philip Zwieg Dr. James Finstad Marlene Morse Mr. Steve Rensenbrink Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Sawvel Mrs. Ingabritt Sertic Ms. Gloria Steahr Mrs. Jennifer A. Tourville Mrs. Audrey M. Werlinger Ms. Sandra Lee McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Swenson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rethemeier Mr. Nardi C. Saxon Mr. Marshall L. Sether Roger and Rachel Stearns Mr. and Mrs. Tim Traff Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wert Memorials and Tribute Gifts Over $25 Dennis Floren Obert Nelson Dr. Larry Traynor Mr. and Mrs Meldon E. Wesley January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007 Mr. and Mrs. David Floren Mr. and Mrs. James Rieman Mr. Jack Tripp West Union Township Combine Charities Kay Flynn Florence Nelson Mr. Thomas L. Trost Mr. and Mrs. Arden L. Westerlund Cedric Adams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeFore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly, Ms. Mary Fact: Dr. Robert Hauser was instrumental in creating a patient registry and research protocol following HCM Ms. Mary K. Trueman Ms. Violet Westman Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Adams Dorothy Gimmestad Seipp Ms. Ruby A. Tudahl Mr. and Mrs. Knute Wevley Margaret Alverson Gordon Olson Hildur Norell patients with a recalled ICD lead implant. Mr. Francis T. Tuma Mrs. Aryel Wheeler Werlyne G. Keeler Norell Family 24 *Deceased 25
  • 14. Contributors 2007 Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Anne M. Olsen (Stockey) Robert Schmidt Joan Stolz Frank Berman John Morrison Fellowship Board of Directors Development Committee Frank Tonnemaker Kevin M. Harris Alan T. Hirsch Susan and Roger Hart, John E. Longton, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Swenson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel Ingber Family Mr. and Mrs. George Carisch, Phil Ankeny Ann Bentdahl James V. Toscano Robert G. Hauser David G. Hurrell Louise F. Monahan, Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Schultz Don Stuber Joel Bloom Mr. Charles Gaillard, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Barton+ Bradley Chapin Timothy D. Henry Randall K. Johnson Stockey Chris Nimmer, Tom LaSalle & Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson Ms. Judy Bloom Robert Hauser, Barbara Forster and Ann Bentdahl Jerry Johnson, Chair Investment Committee Alan T. Hirsch William T. Katsiyiannis Bill Olson Associates Charles Sweatt, Jr. Pam Brin Larry Hendrickson, Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. 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Univeristy Of Rochester ATS Medical/3F Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Harvard Clinical Research Institute Partners Healthcare Univeristy Of Toledo Theresa Arndt, RN Timothy D. Henry, MD Gretchen Peichel, RN Baxter Healthcare Center Hennepin Faculty Associates Philips Ultrasound University Of Washington Rhonda Beane Natalie Hicks Alicia Phillips Beaumont Hospital Conor Medsystems, Inc. Ingenix PPD Development Via Pharmaceuticals Richard Birkett Morrison Hodges, MD Victoria Pink, RN Charlene Boisjolie, RN Emily Jacobs Michael Schroeder Berlex Corautus Genetics, Inc. Medicines Company Quintiles/Innovex Viromed Jackie Boucher, MS, RD, CDE Kristen Johnson Robert S. Schwartz, MD Bioheart, Inc. Cordis Corporation Medtronic Rhode Island Hospital Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Deanna Bulthuis Beth Jorgenson, RN William Snow Boston Scientific Corporation Crofessionals, LLC Myocor, Inc. Roche Diagnostics Yale University David Chose, RN Margaret Karppinen Kathryn Sowell Bridgepoint Medical Cryocath Neuronxy, Inc. Sanofi Aventis Joseph Cosico, MA, CRA, CCRC Sam Kirstein Daniel Stennes-Rogness Anna Mae Crotty Jennifer Krech Carol L. Stone Gary Crowe Dean Krueger Brenda Thompson Cheryl Dasson Shari Larsen James V. Toscano Peg Demmer, RN Holly MacDonald, RN Desiree Trebesch Deborah Diskerud Barry J. Maron, MD Mary Beth Undem Jackie Dosmann Karen S. Meyer, RN Teresa Walsh Alison Dummer Patricia Mitchell, RN Deborah Wilder JoAnne Goldman, RT Jill Morgan Kari Williams Tammy Haas, RN Anne Nelson Betsy Wilson, RN Teresa Hanson Rachel Olson, RN Denise Windenburg Fact: MHIF had over 100 on-going clinical studies in 2007 investigating better methods of diagnosis and Karen Harvey, RN Sara Olson, RN treatment. Writing and Design: Vetta-Zelo 26 Photography: Heidi Ehalt
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