Brad Donnell, Copywriter - Portfolio 2009


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Here is my current portfolio. Additional samples are available for review upon request.

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Brad Donnell, Copywriter - Portfolio 2009

  1. 1. some stuff I’ve Done. brad donnell ******* copywriter
  2. 2. Who is this Brad Donnell?I’m a Francophile, a WWII buff, and an old soul. There’s a book insideme (maybe an anthology), but for now I make my living crafting ads thatamuse and inspire. When I’m not working, I’m playing armchairpsychologist for friends and family, or laughing at someone else’sexpense. If wit were a weapon I like to think I come packing. My thirdgrade teacher told me I’d grow up to be a writer. She was right.
  3. 3. Brad | (619) 954-8335Experience Computer skillsPart-time Marketing Assistant Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative SuiteWells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA2007-present LanguagesMarketing Communications Manager Fluent EnglishGrant Thornton, New York, NY2002-2005 Extensive knowledge of French (Baccalauréat de Français)Senior Marketing WriterArthur Andersen, New York, NY Interests2000-2002 Vast and varied: art history, current affairs, reality television, making fun of people.Marketing CoordinatorArthur Andersen, Boston, MA1997-2000EducationMFA AdvertisingAcademy of Art University, San Francisco, CA2009BSc (hons) Social Policy and AdministrationLondon School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK1997
  4. 4. Mexico TourismJust because we live next door, doesn’t mean we know much aboutour neighbors to the south. Take a second look at Mexico, and discoverthere’s more than most of us expected.
  5. 5. In ancient times, Chihuahuas were used to guard Aztec temples. You wont find these killers protecting ruins south of the border, but you will experience a warm and exotic culture that offers more than suntans and cerveza. The worlds smallest dog is another example of how much Mexico has to offer. South of the expected Print
  6. 6. Tequila was meant to be savored, not slammed back with salt and lime. Finetequilas are often enjoyed after a luxurious meal, sipped slowly, like cognac. If you prefer your tequila with keg stands and drinking games, it may be time to experience something more civilized south of the border. South of the expected Print
  7. 7. The burrito you know and love comes from the American southwest, and hardly resembles the small, filled tortillas sold south of the border.Discover the real Mexico. You just might find that what you thought you knew doesn’t amount to beans. South of the expected Print
  8. 8. Nothings MoremanLy than spandex Receive a voucher for two free nights at participating hotels when you visit today. Kenny Bania 355 E. 61st Street New York, NY 10021 Professional wrestling is wildly popular south of the border. High flying moves and colorful masks distin- guish Mexican wrestlers, from their American counter- parts. Some wrestlers never take their masks off. Some are even been buried in them. Make your own wild move and unmask something South of the Expected exciting on your next vacation. Direct Mail
  9. 9. Krispy KremeKeep customers coming back for more of the sweet stuff with acampaign that teases their taste buds with the promise of hot doughnuts.
  10. 10. SANTA MONICA DALY CITY 0 R E : 1 5 0 A D Y Download timer to Timer Krispy Kreme Countdown to YummyThe Countdown to Yummy application allows users to track when hot doughnuts will be ready at Krispy Kreme locations nationwide. Smartphone Application
  11. 11. Countdown To Yummy Everybody knows that whenever a new batch of hot, fresh, yummy. Krispy Kreme Doughnut are ready, the light goes on in our window. Now you can get up-to-the-second information as to when the next batch is going to be ready without having to wait in our parking lot all day long. Next Batches New York Search Countdown to Yummy SANTA MONICA 0 R 0 E : A D 1 5 Y Download timer to You dont have to wait in our parking lot for the hot doughnuts sign to light up. Next Batches THEY ARE W M HO AD Find out when the next batch is ready with up-to-the-second information from E SE E Krispy Kreme locations nationwide. Burbank Search 0 : Next Five Batches 1 5 5 0 1 : 4 7 Most Popular Stores By Zip Code Go 0 0 : 0 3 0 2 : 1 0 0 0 : 1 5 0 3 : 0 0 0 0 : 0 2 Countdown To Yummy Everybody knows that whenever a new batch of hot, fresh, yummy. Krispy Kreme Doughnut are Next Batches THE Y AR ready, the light goes on in our window. Now you can get up-to-the-second information as to when the next batch is going to be ready without having to wait in our parking lot all day long. New York W EM HO Search AD ESE E 0 0 : 2 5 Text Comments Je : Write Your Comments : Yummy Yummy, theyre my doughnuts. Lisa: Name: They are looks so great, I can’t wait I wanna eat doughnuts right mow. THEY ARE Michelle: Post W M mmm.. I think I can eat ten doughnuts at the same time, that’s my favorite avor. HO AD E SE E Glazing A website where users can find Krispy Kreme locations, track when hot doughnuts are ready, watch doughnuts being made, and download the Countdown to Yummy smartphone application and widget. Microsite
  12. 12. Large doughnut decals, a neon sign, posters, and floor mats tempt travelers with sweet Krispy Kreme treats. Out of Home
  13. 13. Doughnut decals, neon signs, and branded signage in malls tell shoppers that hot doughnuts are always being made at Krispy Kreme. Out of Home
  14. 14. Time for another one. In-store and vehicle signage directing customers to the microsite. Point of Purchase
  15. 15. Colt 45By capitalizing on its urban image, an iconic brand with a bad reputationcan appeal to a wider audience without losing its street cred.
  16. 16. Print
  17. 17. T h e o n ly c a l l s WO RT Hta k I N G a f t e r t e na re booty calls. Street Wise Print
  18. 18. Print
  19. 19. www.wiseup.comThink you got what it takes? You’re short on change and you gotta get across town to your boy’s house. You... Borrow two dollars from your little sister. Sneak on the back of the bus. Hitch a ride from some blonde dude in a Convertible. Test your knowledge to see if you got The smarts to hang. You Win two million in vegas. You... Buy a porsche and a house in the burbs. take a private jet to monte carlo and bet it all. Start a record label and blow up on the music scene. Street Wise Take your hatchback back to the burbs. no room for posers like you on the block. Wise up. earn some respect with Col 45 gear. t Street Wise Damn Son. You must be an urban genius. You’re smarter than most. Street Wise represent. Show off your knowledge with Col 45 gear. t A quiz where users can test their street smarts. Street Wise Microsite
  20. 20. 40 oz. screw top ShortiesLife’s like an arcade are like the subway portable partyMore coin means more play Hot, busy, and stoppin’ all over town Walking Billboards
  21. 21. Cable Car MuseumBy telling the history of the cable cars, the campaign will drive localsand tourists to discover more about these San Francisco icons by visitingthe Cable Car Museum.
  22. 22. GAVE US GOLD,JEANS,ANDIn 1873, an invention for moving rock was taken out of the gold mines and brought to the streets of SanFrancisco. From Victorian ladies to dot commers, cable cars remain this city’s favorite way to get around.Hop onboard the Powell-Mason or Powell-Hyde lines, and visit the Cable Car Museum at 1201 Mason Street, to discover what keeps these icons moving today. History in motioN Outdoor
  23. 23. isn’t the only thing thatIn 1869, Andrew Hallidie witnessed five horses dragged to their deaths carrying a heavy load up Jackson Street. An inventor, Hallidie developed a cable-driven rail system capable of climbing San Francisco’s steep hills. 136 years later, these cars remain both an icon of the city, and an active part of its transit system.Take the Powell-Mason or Powell-Hyde lines to the Cable Car Museum at 1201 Mason Street in Chinatown. Time and technology may change things, but you can still catch a ride on Hallidie’s famous invention. History in motioN Outdoor
  24. 24. IN 1873 iT WASN’t An OIL CRISIS THATIt was steep hills and dirty streets. Victorian residents were so concerned with animal welfare and cleanstreets, that one of them invented a new form of transportation. Take a ride on the Powell-Mason orPowell-Hyde lines to the Cable Car Museum at 1201 Mason Street, to learn why cables and gripmen replaced horse-drawn streetcars, and how these San Francisco icons continue to carry passengers today. History in motioN Outdoor
  25. 25. Watch the city travel back in time on a cable car. Banner
  26. 26. Direct Mail
  27. 27. Coasters
  28. 28. VotingBy reminding young voters that they are old enough to make adultchoices, they’re also reminded that one of the most important choicesthey can make is in the voting booth.
  29. 29. Exercise another right. Old enough to vote. Package wraps on beer
  30. 30. Wa rn ing: No Ho t the in pefu sm the ll art vo y yo est tin u’l de g b l th cis oo ink io th. cl n. ea re Old r ww en w.N ou oO gh ne Un to de vo r18 .co m te.Warning labels on tobacco products
  31. 31. ything to h ide anNot n eeding d is just ur beun der yo nefit. r be anothe . o vote ld en O oOneU n www.N Protective sleaves on men’s magazines
  32. 32. Liberty MutualMotorcycle InsuranceHelmets protect your head. Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insuranceprotects everything else.
  33. 33. It’s more fun to tear through the open road than your wallet. Liberty Mutual motorcycle insurance has plans and prices to suit every kind of biker – from weekend warriors to lifelong outlaws. Whether safe in the bank or safer in your saddle bags, we’ll help you hold onto your money a little longer. Receive two months free when you purchase two years of motorcycle insurance. R We’ve got you covered. Motorcycle Insurance R Motorcycle InsuranceCrank up your engine. Mr. Gabriel JohnsonNot your insurance bill. 737 Post Street, Apt 421, San Francisco, CA 94109 Direct Mail
  34. 34. Liberty Mutual protects not only your bike, but all the accessories and customizations that make it yours. We’ll even replace a new bike if it’s stolen or totaled within one year of purchase. If you take care of your bike, it will take care of you. Even the soft bits. Take 15% off when you insure two or more rides. R We’ve got you covered. Motorcycle Insurance R Motorcycle InsuranceProtect every inch of your ride. Even the 5’10” of Mr. Gabriel Johnsoncrusty, old biker riding it. 737 Post Street, Apt 421, San Francisco, CA 94109 Direct Mail
  35. 35. Liberty Mutual insures all kinds of bikes and all kinds of bikers. From choppers to scooters, if it’s got two wheels we’re all over it. So rev up, and keep your mind on the road. We’ll mind the rest. Enjoy six months of free roadside assistance when you sign up for a one year motorcycle policy. R We’ve got you covered. Motorcycle Insurance R Motorcycle Insurance There’s only one thing onyour mind in the morning. Mr. Gabriel JohnsonHow late you’re going to be. 737 Post Street, Apt 421, San Francisco, CA 94109 Direct Mail
  36. 36.