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  • 1. Polygamy
  • 2. Background Information • Polygamy is a rare practice where one man has multiple wives and usually many children. • It is also known as plural marriage because one man will have multiple spouses. • Some different religions around the world practice polygamy. In the U.S. polygamy is illegal outside of the Mormon church. • In the U.S. the Mormon religion is the only religion that practices polygamy and out of the 6 million Mormons in America only 37,000 (less than 1%) live in polygamist families. • The practice of polygamy was introduced to the Mormon religion by Joseph Smith Jr. who also started the Mormon religion. • Utah along with Texas, Arizona and Colorado are the states where the majority of America’s polygamists live.
  • 3. Things to Consider • In polygamous marriages girls as young as 14 can be matched or sealed to a middle-aged man. Often times these situations cause sexual or other abuse. • If you as much as question any aspect of polygamy or the Mormon religion you will never be welcome or fit into the polygamist society again. • Women have fewer rights than men in polygamous marriages and their fathers can beat them or threaten them if their fathers forces them to a marry and they refuse. • Lots of underaged pregnancies occur in polygamist marriages. The majority of which are teen pregnancies, which is against the law.
  • 4. Should Mormon polygamy be allowed in the U.S.?
  • 5. Position My position on this issue is to prohibit Mormon polygamy in the U.S. My reasoning for this is the amount of sexual abuse within polygamous families where a man has been matched or sealed to a teenager and she has been impregnated, which is breaking the law. The prophet of the modern day polygamists is in jail for these reasons plus the accomplice of rape and the officiation of a wedding between a minor and an adult. These are just some of the negative aspects of polygamy.
  • 6. Counter Argument Rebuttal • The Mormons who practice •Polygamist children have very polygamy strongly believe that little exposure to the outside the environment that they live in world and lack important life is a healthy and happy skills, like the ability to environment that does not include function in society. Women lack television, junk food and social these abilities as well. pressure of the outside world. •While husbands have many Polygamists spouses they will often sexually •Polygamists also believe that by abuse or impregnate younger obtaining many spouses they are wives that have been sealed to populating and replenishing the them which is breaking the law. Earth.
  • 7. Conclusion My essential question was: Should Mormon polygamy be allowed in the U.S.? No, I think that polygamy should be prohibited in the U.S. Firstly, within polygamist marriages there is lots of underaged marriage and sexual abuse; secondly, women have fewer rights such as if men are found unworthy, all of their wives and transferred to another man without question; thirdly, if you ever question polygamy or Mormonism you will never be welcome into the society again; lastly, if a father forces his daughter into a marriage and she questions him she could be threatened or even beaten. These are the reasons that I think Mormon polygamy should be prohibited in the U.S.
  • 8. • http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=sVGK2Aa4uEk