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Requesting Technology Validation SupportAll requests for technology validation support should be directed to an IRAP Indus...
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NRC-IRAP technology validation program


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Transcript of "NRC-IRAP technology validation program"

  1. 1. Last Modified: December 2010 Document for Clients IRAP Small Projects for Technology ValidationIRAP Support for Technology ValidationDoes your product reduce costs, increase revenues, open new markets, increase productivity, savetime? It’s faster, stronger, cheaper, better, but how much does it actually help your customer? What isits measurable real-world value to your potential customers? How do you prove it?IRAP supports technology validation to help SMEs whose technologies have passed the prototype stageand now require real-world “early adopter” validation to measure value and prove the advantages oftheir innovations to customers.Proving the Value of InnovationTechnology validation provides an opportunity for innovative SME’s to work with an early adopter tomeasure the real-world impact of their product or service and gather the proof needed to show the valueof their solution and encourage customer adoption.IRAP Technology validation helps SMEs to conduct an experiment to measure the value of their productto an early adopter to prove their innovation’s value to customers by helping them to:  Connect and work with appropriate early adopters  Test innovations in production environments  Conduct an experiment to measure the real-world value of their solution  Document the value of their product or service through a case study  Develop expertise in the deployment and value proposition of their productsThe specific technology validation project depends on the needs of the firm but examples of the projectsthat IRAP could contribute to include:  Measuring operational time savings or production increases  Measure cost reductions  Measuring customer reliability improvements  Measure effectiveness in meeting other measurable customer needs  Measuring changes in market size, reach or responsiveness  Other measurable criteria that overcome customer skepticism about the product or service’s value propositionIRAP SupportIRAP’s small technology validation projects support SME technical salaries to develop, conduct andreport on a 1 to 3 month experiment working with an early adopter to measure the impact (value) of theSME’s solution on the early adopter’s business.
  2. 2. Requesting Technology Validation SupportAll requests for technology validation support should be directed to an IRAP Industrial TechnologyAdvisor (ITA). Firms without an ITA should contact IRAP to find an appropriate advisor to work withthem.Considering a Technology Validation ProjectTo ensure you are prepared for technology validation you should consider the following aspects of anypotential project:Project Objectives  What is the overall purpose of the technology validation project for YOUR firm?  How will having a quantifiable measure of your value help your firm?Measurable Value  What is the key competitive value customers should expect from your solution?  What are the specific customer criteria you will measure during this project (improved productivity, cost savings, faster response time, client capacity increases etc) that will prove this value to potential customers?  How will the results from the experiment prove the competitive value of your innovation to potential customers?Early Adopter Support  Identify the specific early adopter that will deploy the solution, how they will make use of the solution and how they will evaluate the innovations.  The early adopter must agree to support the test by deploying the solution under real world conditions and agreeing to allow the SME access to the data needed to support the test  The early adopter must agree to allow the measured results of the test to be used by the SME as anonymous commercial validation of the innovation’s effectiveness. However the early adopter is not required to give the SME permission to use or associate their name with the results, just to publish anonymous results.Project Plan  Outline the plan of work for the project. What tasks are required to prepare, deploy and conduct the tests needed to measure the value of your solution?  What is the minimum solution you need to deploy and how representative would this be of a typical customer deployment?  How will you measure before and after data to measure your solutions value?  How will you monitor the ongoing experiment?  How will you ensure the early adopter maximizes the value of your solution?Project Outcomes  How will you use the results to the technology validation experiment to help commercialize your innovation?