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Demo Day 2013 preparation information for presenters.

Demo Day 2013 preparation information for presenters.



Information for presenters at DemoDay 2013, hosted by BCTIA.

Information for presenters at DemoDay 2013, hosted by BCTIA.
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  • In this presentation, I’d like to share with you some of the lessons I learned about telling a compelling story. I hope you’ll learn the formula for giving a strong pitch, but more importantly, I hope this presentation helps you think long and hard about how to refine your business strategy.
  • Invitations have gone out.Company profiles are online.Preparation3 workshops + work with your CIR in between.W1 = The MessageW2 = The StoryboardW3 = The Dry RunMandatory Participation
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Demo Day 2013 preparation information for presenters. Demo Day 2013 preparation information for presenters. Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome toDemoCamp 2013! Adam Lorant Dr. Peter Paynealorant@bctia.com ppayne@bctia.com
  • 2What is C4G?• C4G delivers services to companies when they need it the most. Get farther, faster. Community Idea On-line resources Kick-start Development Workshops, Clinics Accelerate 1 Revenue CEO-in-Residence Accelerate 10 Revenue > $1M Intense• Demo Day is bringing in people from K->A10 to celebrate today’s growth companies and emerging companies with great promise.
  • 3 Our Offer to You Refine story Polish demo Provide customer/investor exposure Introduce potential lead customer Opportunity for customer feedback Input to product roadmap Produce a video for your website Give you leads from BCTIA website Media coverage Secure beta customer Help you harden your product Generate revenue and investment
  • 4Shaw Cable TV
  • 5 Invited CompaniesCompany Name Contact Email Contact Information CategoryCineCoup Media Inc. J.Joly j.joly@cinecoup.com KDigital Backpack Mike Sommers msommer@digital-backpack.com K • Not EveryoneiWishfor Ian Hancock hancock.ian@gmail.com KProcurify Aman Mann aman@procurify.com KRDANA David Westdorp dwestdorp@rdanatech.com K will make the cut.Spokal Chris Mack chris@getspokal.com KClinicbook Robin McFee robin@clinicbook.ca A1Fundrazr Daryl Hatton daryl@fundrazr.com A1Global Fleet Management Bill Kornilo bkornilo@positrace.com A1Memelabs Richard Hungerford richard.hungerford@memelabs.com A1 • Top 4 in each category willSMART Pics Media Ray Kanini ray@smartpics.ca A1TalentClick Greg Ford GFord@talentclick.com A1Visier A1 be invited to present.RECON Dan Eisenhardt/ShaneLuke dan@reconinstruments.com A10LAYER 7 Philip Walston pwalston@layer7tech.com A10QuickMobile David Stratton David.Stratton@quickmobile.com A10Tagga Greg Smith/Jean-Guy Faubert greg@espressocapital.com jeanguy.faubert@tagga.com A10
  • 6 Timeline Invitations and Workshop #2Company Profiles Dry Run Demo Day Live DONE Tuesday Feb 26 Tuesday March 12 Goldcorp Centre for the Arts SFU, 149 West Hastings Workshop #1 Workshop #3 Overview Final Dry Run Tuesday Feb 19 Tuesday March 5
  • 7 MCs Bill Tam Mack FlavelleFirst joined the association in 2010 as an CEO of CompassEngine and an institution ininaugural CEO-in-Residence with Vancouver’s startup and gaming communities.Centre4Growth. In July of 2011, Bill took the His self-organized events are the stuff ofhelm of the BCTIA and hasn’t slowed down legend, including Co-Founder Speed Dating &since then. He is a tireless advocate for our Consoles Are Dinosaurs. His young company isindustry, leads our strategic direction and policy building social games, and he’s the guy to talkinitiatives, while at the same time staying in- to if you have an idea for bringing the localtune and connected to our membership and community together.community.
  • Demo Day ScheduleStart Time End Time Event Description 7:45am 9:00am Demo Day Dress Rehearsal 9:00am 9:30am Closed VIP breakfast reception. Casual stand up breakfast. 1 representative from each presenting company. 9:30am 10:00am General coffee reception – open to all attendees 10:00am 10:15am Direct all attendees to theatre to commence Demo Day presentations 10:15am 10:30am Demo Day commences. Bill Tam & Mack Flavelle commence MC duties. The 3 panelists take a few minutes to introduce themselves. 10:30am 11:30am 6 company presentations. Judges comment after each presentation. 11:30am 11:45 am BREAK 11:45am 12:45pm 6 company presentations. Judges comment after each presentation. 12:45pm 1:00pm MCs wrap up. 1:00pm 2:00pm Company Booths & Networking (Food & Coffee served.) Demo Day prizes awarded. Conclusion of Day.
  • 9DemoDay: Awards1. Audience Choice2. Investor Choice3. Best of Show
  • 10DemoDay: Presentations  Demonstrations max 5 minutes  3 minute panel discussion  2 minute change-over time.
  • 11IT LogisticsProvided On Site:  Elmo and projector with A/B switch controlled by AV Technicians.  WiFi and wired internet  2 Wireless lapel mikes. ? Does anyone need speakers? ? Anything else?
  • 12IT Logistics Bring Your Own:  Any props you need.  Your own laptop or mobile device.  Your own connectors to VGA.
  • 13DemoDay: Hands-on Discussions High-top tables (3 ft round) We provide the power & WiFi, you provide the rest.  Banners are okay.  no pop-up booths. 1-page flier handout, business cards
  • 14Different Formats• Solo  One presenter & demonstrator• Duet  Two presenters & demonstrators• Lead & Backup  One presenter & one demonstrator• Lead and Guest  One presenter & customer/user
  • 15Your Objective• In 5 minutes, convince your target audience that you’re interesting and that they should come and see you to find out more.
  • 16Sample from Last Year• http://www.bctia.org/Centre4Growth/Demo- Day/DemoDay-2012/Wifarer-Inc
  • 17 The Formula1. Problem and/or how you came up with the idea2. Product introduction/Solution. • Your Concept Pitch • How you solved the problem. Secret Sauce…3. Demo – walk your audience through a customer’s story. • Who has the problem • Make it real for the audience. • Drop customer names or things you’ve heard customers say throughout your talk.4. Conclusion and Call to Action • “So in conclusion, here’s the problem we solve and here’s why we’re unique.” • And one more thing…
  • 18 Tell a story. Make it somethingpeople can relate to. Put audience in the user’s perspective. Don’t demofeature/feature/featu re. Instead tell a story through your
  • 19 Our customers tell us they really like the way we do THIS. Our secret sauce is THIS. What really sets us apart is THIS. We are the first/best/only vendor to do THIS. Drop customer names for greater credibility.
  • 20Quantitative, Factual, Concise,Compelling. Jargon-Free• 10 times cheaper• 20 times faster• 9 month ROI
  • 21 Soup versus SauceDistill down your words to the few that pack the most punch
  • 22Your Homework1. Prepare your script and demo.  5 minutes (2-3 talk + 2-3 demo)2. Fill out your IT requirements form.3. Practice. Use your CIRs