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  1. 1. HELLO, TEAM KOOPA! Here is your Midsem Check-Up Reviewer.  We hope you memorize everythingthis asks you to memorize by heart. Remember, the midsem check-up is the easier one of yourinterviews so as much as possible, try to get 100%.This is an informal interview, remember to be bibbo and smile. <3, Bettina, Chello, Kevin, Ben, Kelvin, Irene, Patty and Mark (BTW, Mark was the one who compiled most of the data in this reviewer. :D) PART ONEPersonal Information  Name  Year, Course, and Student NumberPrepare for questions such as:  Why did you join Ecosoc?  Describe yourself.  Name your interviewers (make sure tama yung names na sasabihin niyo. )  Share an interesting fact/trivia about your interviewers:Some trivia:PAOLO SELAteneo HS. His article about Noynoy was published Poveda. Former Seccom chair.in Philippine Daily Inquirer.COCOY GILBERTBrother of former Bb. Pilipinas Universe Anna Speaks in English when drunk. Never been toTheresa Licaros. CIS Minor, plans to work in DFA. prom.REG REUELHas a Facebook fan page. Youtube sensation. Econ Ateneo. Likes to play Frisbee. Lives in Fairview.Women’s Basketball Team Captain.FAYE KENNETHAA HS. Xavier. Debater ever since high school.MADS ENZOAC HS. Patrick Jalasco is her special someone. LSGH. Has a dog named Tofee. Former Ms. GrandWatched Incubus before Econ 131 Exam. TraditionJASON MYKClaret HS. Belongs in a family of accountants (His Memcom member before Sports chairperson.family has an accounting firm.) Shiftee from Educ.NOTE: They are just Execom members. Other interviewers may come from Memcom and ESLC. PART TWO 1. Ecosoc history A. Month and Year Ecosoc was founded: September 1958
  2. 2. B. Founders of Ecosoc: Group of CBA Honor Students C. First Ecosoc President: Godofredo Bamba D. 1960s a. 1966: Establishment of ESSF (Economics Society Scholarship Fund) b. 1967: Struggled for independence from CBA and opened membership to all Econ majors Received 1st Most Outstanding Organization Award c. Late 60s: Co-founded JPES (Junior Philippine Economics Society) E. 1970s a. 1975: Spearheaded the formulation of UP School of Economics Student Council as delegated from Dean Jose Encarnacion F. 1980s a. 1983: Celebrated its Silver Anniversary Received Wenceslao Vinzons’s Award as Most Outstanding Organization b. 1986/1987: Received Presidential Award for Outstanding Organization (entire UP system) G. 1990s a. 1990: Received again the Presidential Award for Outstanding Organization b. 1999: Received Alpha Phi Omega Award for Best Organization H. Ecosoc today a. Weekend day-care activities, weekly tutorials b. ESSF sends scholars to high school (7 scholars) c. 2008: Won the Astring-o-Sol event mounting challenge (party: Solstice); Golden Anniversary of Ecosoc. d. 2nd Semester AY 2010-2011 : Establishment of the Economics Society Leadership CouncilNOTE: You have to state the history continuously in chronological order. The interviewers will not stateany description or decade. 2. Ecosoc thrusts: Service, Excellence, Tradition 3. Theme for this semester: Power-Up (Note: You will also be asked why you think this is the theme) 4. Heart of Ecosoc: Community Development Committee (CDC) 5. When is CDC held: Weekdays (Tutorials), Saturdays (Day-care) 6. Committee that raises funds for ESSF: Task Force Committee 7. Name of fund: Economics Society Scholarship Fund
  3. 3. 8. 12 Committees of Ecosoc (describe each), committee heads, and vice-chairpersons COMMITTEE COMMITTEE HEAD POSITION VICE CHAIRPERSONSAd Hoc Paolo Emmanuel President Co-Chairperson: Janna Ong(Main task: celebration of ecosoc Tamase Ad Hoc Committee (memorize directors also!)month) chairpersonTask Force Selena Monica Vice President Co- Chairperson: Dhiren(Main Task: ESSF- fundraiser is Ortiga Task Force Committee KarnaniMusikapela) Chairperson (memorize directors also!)Secretariat Andres Licaros III Secretary Bing Perez(Main task: documents, Secretariat Committee Yasmin Sehobpaperwork and cleanliness in the Chairpersontambayan)Finance Gilbert Bueno, Jr.Treasurer Bettina Ramas(main task: internal events Finance Committee Simone Carpiofunding) Chairperson Ica DucanesExternal Affairs Regina Teresa Public Relations Chila Inocencio(Main task: external relations) Baron Reinoso Officer Arsenio Lukban External Affairs Committee ChairpersonAcademic Affairs Reuel Angelo Academic Affairs Von Benavidez Realin Committee Jessica Bodo ChairpersonCommunity Development Felichie Ann Ferrer Community Carmela Calugay Development Jeremae Soliman Committee ChairpersonECHOES Kenneth Anthony ECHOES Editor-in- Avril Bries (Associate(Main task: to take care of the Luigi Reyes Chief Editor)official publications of ecosoc , Hazel Sumampongthe ecosoc pages and website) (Managing Editor) -Memorize other editors as wellLiaison Madelene Ruth Liaison Committee Mark Matibag(Career opportunities and alumni Salazar Chairperson Ayla Reyesrelations)Membership Vicente Lorenzo Membership Ryan Malit(to take care of members and Clemente Committee JR Yambaoapps) ChairpersonSpecial Events Jason Paulo Special Events Risa Crisostomo Tayawa Committee Romano Alonzo ChairpersonSports Michael Joseph Sports Committee Chello Caliwan Narciso Chairperson Hari Orosco
  4. 4. 9. Your committee and the members of your committee (Memorize the names of the members of your committee from your sigsheets.) 10. Scholars and Guardians (written on your sigsheets na dapat. ) Remember: We now have a college scholar! :D 11. What does JPES stand for? Junior Philippine Economics Society Memorize also: Ecosoc Representatives to JPES: (sigsheet) 12. What does PHILCES stand for? Philippine Council of Economics Students Memorize also: Ecosoc Representatives to PHILCES: (sigsheet) 13. Successful Ecosoc alumni Robina Gokongwei-Pe (Universal Robina Corporation) Jon Santos (comedian, actor) Alex Escucha (VP, Chinabank) Manny Esguerra (UPSE Professor) Aleli Kraft (UPSE Professor) 14. Events of your committees (Carmel – CDC, Monina-seccom, Aris-Liai, Jed-Sports)CDC: Weekly CDC activities. ACDC (with Acads). Med mission. Grand Caravan. CDC Electives (Lounge,Vinzons, etc)Liaison: Career Talk, Alumni Night, Company TourSeccom: Clean App, Birthday Greetings, Spartan ClubSports: MBA, Sports cup, run for 53 15. Prepare for questions such as:  Rate yourself as an applicant.  What hinders you from being your best during application?  App Crush and Mem Crush (make sure na may sagot kayo, kahit sino na lang. Haha!)  Why is CDC the heart of Ecosoc?  What have you contributed to your committee?  What is your favorite Ecosoc event so far? Why?