The BCQC March 2012 Open quiz Elims


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The BCQC March 2012 Open quiz Elims

  1. 1. BCQC March Open Quiz Elims 24 March 2012
  2. 2. _______ is a comic strip created by JohnnyHart. The strip is generally criticised forrunning jokes and storylines that are unrelatedto its theme and setting, which is treated as anafterthought. The strip is also controversialbecause of the right-wing and Christianfundamentalist viewpoint of Hart, which hefrequently pushes on the strip. Pictured is anexample of the strip, which was slammed byIslamic groups as containing an anti-Muslimmessage. Name the strip.
  3. 3. Answer: BC
  4. 4. Mirza Abu Taleb was a Mughal noble of Persiandescent who backed the winning side in the successionstruggle after Shah Jehan’s death and as a reward wasgiven an important viceroyalty. Although he began hisviceroyalty successfully, it ended with his defeat,retreat and a small but very significant injury. TheEmperor transferred him to the East, where he wasmore succesful, winning a great victory over theBurmese Kingdom, capturing Chittagong and greatlyenlarging the regional capital of Dhaka. However, hisfirst viceroyalty cast a long shadow over his legacyand it is that for which he is best remembered. How dowe better know Mirza Abu Taleb?
  5. 5. Answer: Shaista Khan
  6. 6. What commonly used word in English means “somewhere else” in Latin?
  7. 7. Answer: Alibi
  8. 8. In 1978, members of the Jonestown basedPeople’s Temple committed mass suicide byimbibing cyanide mixed with a food gradeproduct. This gave rise to a phrase referring toa person or group’s unquestioning belief in anidea (although, unfortunately, the exact brandreferred to in the phrase was not the one usedby the Jonestown suicides). What is thephrase?
  9. 9. Answer: Drinking the Kool-Aid
  10. 10. ________, which literally means “standing dialect” was the original language of Delhi and the Ganga- Yamuna doab. As such, it is the ancestor of the modern languages Hindi and Urdu, which are grammatically identical to it. What is the name of this language, which is also known as Kauravi?
  11. 11. Answer: Khariboli
  12. 12. It is located in Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey andcontains among other, Gambon, Wilson, Chicago,Hammerhead and Bentley. What am I talkingabout?
  13. 13. Answer: Top Gear Test Track
  14. 14. What is the Tamil name for the island of Sri Lanka?
  15. 15. Answer: Eelam
  16. 16. *Julius _____ founded this company in Switzerland in 1872 where the company’s most eponymous product is a seasoning sauce that tastes close to soy sauce without containing soy. It is known in the Baltic states for its instant soups and in the USA for its bouillon cubes. Indians know it primarily for its take on an instant food invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando in Japan. Which company?
  17. 17. Answer: Maggi
  18. 18. Matthew Paul Miller is an American Jewishmusician, who converted to Hasidic Judaism in2001. Upon adopting the stricter form of theJewish faith, he decided to change his act’s namefrom MC Truth to his Hebrew name.Unfortunately, records from his circumcisionceremony were lost, and he took the Hebrewversion of his secular first name as the name of hisact. This proved to be fortunate, as his actualHebrew name was later discovered to be FeivishHershel. How do we better know Matthew PaulMiller?
  19. 19. Answer: Matisyahu
  20. 20. James, Charles and Vyner Brooke ruled thestate of Sarawak in north Borneo from 1841to 1946. By what colloquial name was thisdynasty of monarchs known?
  21. 21. Answer: Rajah
  22. 22. One of this US politicians grandfathers wasnamed Abraham Shippe ______ and the otherwas named Solomon Young. Because hisparents did not want to offend eithergrandfather by naming the boy after the other,they gave him the middle name "S", whichmakes him one of the few people whosemiddle initial is commonly written without afull-stop following it. Who?
  23. 23. Answer: Harry S Truman
  24. 24. In 1988, a Cabinet Office civil servant found astray cat, and decided to have the Cabinetadopt him as a rat-catcher. The cat was namedafter a character from Margaret Thatcher’sfavorite TV show who was also an iconicCabinet Office figure. The cat served as theCabinet Office’s chief mouser until Tony Blairbecame Prime Minister when he retired,allegedly forced out by cat-hater Cherie Blair.What was the name of this cat?
  25. 25. Answer: Humphrey
  26. 26. In House Season 4, episode 8 (You don’t want toknow), House and his team investigate a magicianwho loses consciousness in the middle of a magictrick. At the end of the episode, an event occurswhich the character Gregory House has repeatedlystated never happens. What event?
  27. 27. Answer: Lupus
  28. 28. ________ is a genre of fan fiction that originatedwithin the Star Trek fan community. The genretakes its name from the punctuation mark used toseparate the names of the two characters involvedin any particular story. While many creators of theoriginal media sources disapprove of this type offanfic, many of these franchises are friendlytowards the genre and series such as Angel andSupernatural have dealt with the genre on-screen.Name this genre, which perhaps strangely givenits content, is made an consumed primarily byheterosexual women.
  29. 29. Answer: Slash Fiction
  30. 30. The 1985 release of Iron Maiden’s livealbum Live After Death featured one trackthat was not recorded live and not voicedby frontman Bruce Dickinson. The personwho voiced this track (who was also itswriter), was a winner of the Nobel Prizein Literature, among other things. Namethe track.
  31. 31. Answer: Churchill’s speech
  32. 32. In the Age of Sail, Royal Navy squadrons had three flag officers: a commander who led the ships in the center of the squadron, a second-in-command who led the vanguard of the squadron and the junior most flag officer who led the ships that came last. The position of the junior-most flag officer led to his being given a particular rank, which survives today even today in the Royal Navy and navies influenced by it. Name the rank.
  33. 33. Answer: Rear Admiral
  34. 34. _____ is the southernmost of the Scottish Inner Hebrides, and is also the smallest Scottish Whiskey region. There are eight distilleries currently functioning on the island, with a ninth scheduled to open shortly. What is name of this island, also known as the Queen of the Hebrides?
  35. 35. Answer: Islay
  36. 36. **The word X was first used by the Greeks tomean Anatolia. When the Roman Republicfirst acquired a province in Western Anatoliaafter the kingdom of Pergamum was willed tothem, they named it X Province. The word Ycomes from a tribe of people living in modernTunisia, and when Rome finally conqueredCarthage in 146 BC, they organized the newlyconquered territories into Y Province. X and Ynow refer to something else. What are they?
  37. 37. Answer: X – Asia, Y – Africa
  38. 38. The US entertainment industry uses theconcept of the “Studio Zone”, or a zone ofthirty miles radius from the intersection ofWest Beverly Boulevard and North LaCienega Boulevard in Los Angeles todetermine work rates for union workers. Thisarea has given its name to a tabloid websiteand TV show owned by Time Warner. Whatis the name of the tabloid?
  39. 39. Answer: TMZ
  40. 40. X is a military cantonment in India that was foundedas a rest station for British troops in India. Locallegend suggests that it was named when a Britishregiment destined for another city named X wastemporarily diverted to the cantonment. A series ofdelays in arranging their transport by ships headingEast failed, however, and the regiment ended upstaying for several years. In response, the British armybrass are said to have named the cantonment X. Inreality, the cantonment is likely to have been namedafter a British general and later Prime Minister whoserved in the area in the 18th Century, commandingthe Siege of Srirangapatnam, among other actions.
  41. 41. Answer: Wellington
  42. 42. *This course originally consisted of a salad or a small dish that preceded a main course. However, as the concept of a roast or other large communal main course faded away in American dining, this course became the main course in modern American meals, despite its now outdated name. What course?
  43. 43. Answer: Entrée
  44. 44. *This group of people, descended mainly from the from the Yousufzai tribe, form the major portion of the Pashtun Diaspora in India. They originally formed a large state in northeastern Uttar Pradesh, although constant warfare against the Marathas (who sought revenge for these people opposing them in the Battle of Panipat), the Nawab of Oudh and the East India Company left it a small rump state ruled by the Nawab of Rampur. What is the name of this group, which literally means mountain person in Pashto?
  45. 45. Answer: Rohilla
  46. 46. She was born in London in 1975, and workedas an investment banker between 1996 and2000 with Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan. In2000, she moved to another country to getmarried and she and her husband, a former eyesurgeon have three children. In March 2011,she was the subject of a widely criticizedprofile in Vogue magazine that described her as“a rare combination: a thin, long-limbedbeauty with a trained analytic mind whodresses with cunning understatement.” Namethis very controversial lady.
  47. 47. Answer: Asma al-Assad
  48. 48. In 1972, Bob Seger was touring with Teegarden andVan Winkle in the Midwestern US. On an overnightdrive through a snowstorm to the Dakotas, the bandstopped at a truck stop to refuel the tour bus. WhenSeger walked into the truck stop’s restaurant, he wasconfronted by a group of truckers who commentedloudly on the band members’ long hair, one of themasking whether the person he saw was a man or awoman. Seger was spurred by this experience towrite a song about his touring experiences, whichwas covered by many musicians includingMetallica. Name the song.
  49. 49. Answer: Turn the Page
  50. 50. **X is a speculative fiction novel published in 2008,set on a fictional planet. The novel contains many made-up words and phrases, which are only infrequently explained in the text. The title of the novel itself is a made up word, explained in an explanatory note as either (a) a poetic or musical invocation or (b) a ceremony by which incorrigible scholars are ejected from their scholarly communities and their work sequestered. The explanatory note also points out that the two meanings of the word have given rise to two words in the speech of people who are not scholars, the first of which means a song of great emotional significance, while the second means an intolerable statement or idea. These later two words echo English words with similar meanings, of which X can be understood to be a portmanteau. What is X?
  51. 51. Answer: Anathem
  52. 52. What iconic retail company uses the tagline “Screw Yourself” in advertising?
  53. 53. Answer: IKEA