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Chalk and cheese

Chalk and cheese



Questions from the BCQC session on 15th August 2011.

Questions from the BCQC session on 15th August 2011.



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    Chalk and cheese Chalk and cheese Presentation Transcript

    • Chalk and Cheeseand nothing in between
      The ABC of Pop culture
      The alf-bet-gaml of History, Geography, Politics and Religion
      BC Lawns | Monday 15th August | 1 pm
    • In the 80s Will Vinton produced a number of ads for the California raisin board.
      What was the signature tune?
    • I heard it through the grapewine
    • The mouth this river is under Blackfriars Bridge.
      This is London's longest subterranean river flowing for 4 miles before meeting the Thames.
      Name the river.
    • Fleet River
    • This is a men's hairstyle with a short, horizontally straight cut fringe.
      The hair is layered to around 2-5 cm (1-2 inches) all over.
      It is named after someone whose images frequently depict him wearing his hair in such a manner.
    • Caeser cut after Julius Caeser
    • This country is a collection of Islands and takes its name from the arabic for '2 seas‘.
      Which country?
    • Bahrain
    • The chief characteristics of the genre are that it is pop music contrived and marketed to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers, is produced in an assembly-line process, driven by producers, often using unknown singers and has an upbeat sound
      Typically produces one-hit wonders like nobody's business.
      The name comes from something popular with people of the target age group.
    • Bubblegum music
    • At the beginning of the First World War, during the September of 1914 Race to the Sea, this place became the site of the Battle of Albert.
      The battle was a five day engagement between the 25th and 29 September, with the French Tenth Army attacking at Albert and pushing toward Bapaume, and the German Sixth Army counter-attacking back towards Albert. The line settled around the town of Thiepval and remained there until July 1916, when something happened at the same place.
      So, what happens next?
    • Tanks were used for the first time
      The place is Somme
    • What now-popular activity served as a rite of passage for boys in the south pacific island of Pentecost?
    • Bungee Jumping
    • El Nino - warming of the surface of the ocean which generally happens in winter months - means 'the boy' in Spanish.
      How does it get its name?
    • As it comes in December it is named after Jesus Christ
    • Which classic show hosted by Allen Funt spawned shows like ‘People do the craziest things’ and more recently a show on MTV hosted by a person very popular on twitter?
    • Candid Camera
    • JuvénalHabyarimana and CyprienNtaryamira were assassinated.
      What started thus?
    • Rwandan Genocide
    • X featured in many big budget films including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, Broken Arrow and Hard Rain.
      He was quite a cult figure.
      Buffy's rant - "I dont want to do any of this. I just want to finish school, go to Europe and marry X"
    • Christian Slater
    • Second Lieutenant William Calley was the only person convicted for the offences, even though over 20 people were originally named.
      For what?
    • My Lai massacre
    • His first name is Horatio
      His middle name is Magellen
    • Cap’n Crunch
    • The village of Tae Sung dong is inhabited by 218 people who have to spend 240 nights a year to be allowed to maintain residency.
      It is governed by a United Nations command.
      Where exactly is this village located?
    • The DMZ between North and South Korea
    • This American model during the late 1970s and early 1980s was considered by some to be the first supermodel.
      After she became addicted to heroin, modeling career rapidly declined.
      She later became infected with HIV and died at the age of 26.
      Her death was not widely publicized and few people in the fashion industry knew of it.
      A biographical film starring Angelina Jolie, debuted on HBO in 1998.
    • GiaCarangi
    • This is a genus of 25–35 species of deciduous flowering plants in the family Salicaceae, native to most of the Northern Hemisphere.
      English names variously applied to different species include aspen and cottonwood.
      What is the most common name?
    • Poplar
      It’s okay, go ahead and make a poplar culture joke 
    • 'Can't stop the music' was a disco musical from the 1980s. it starred Steve Guttenerg as ‘Jack Morell' and his group of friends dressed in macho outfits who danced to disco music.
      This was the only big screen venture of which group?
    • Village People
    • This culture flourished from 100 to 800 ce and built an impressive system of underground aqueducts.
      However this culture is most commonly associated with something called ‘geoglyphs’ (which are very much above the ground)
      Which culture?
    • Nazca
    • In the 80s PBS TV ran an educational geography game show for teens.
      What was this show called?
      The answer is a question you all have heard
    • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
    • My verse may share both great and little worth,
      Its theme sublime—I lowlier than the earth.
      A father's virtues shall it far proclaim
      And vaunt the glory of a brother's fame:
      He, touchstone of all wisdom, who inspires
      My strain with sweetness that a world admires;
      If through a riper age, I pass him by,
      In merit, centuries between us lie.
      What though the branching savin taller grows,
      What gardener mates its beauty with the rose?
      This is a translation. Who about whom?
    • Faizi about AbulFazl
    • He made his first appearance in comic books in 1958 in Harvey comics.
      His TV debut came in 1959 as a part of Matty'sFunday Funnies and not looking back from there he haunted ABC's Saturday mornings for over a decade.
    • Casper
    • If you had just gone through the 'navjote' ceremony, which religion do you now follow?
    • Zoroastrianism
    • What are they called?
    • Cats Eye glasses
    • X is an Arabic noun used as a collective name for the whole of the recurring Islamic phrase for "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful".
      This phrase is recited before each sura, except for the ninth; according to others it constitutes the first verse of 113 suras/chapters of the Qur'an, and is used in a number of contexts by Muslims.
      The numerical representation of this phrase is 786.
      What is X?
    • Basmala
      The entire phrase is “Bismillah al rehman al rahim”
    • What revolves around the lives and the little victories and defeats of a few students of Birchwood elementary and a few creatures?
    • Peanuts
    • This guy was the son of Omri according to the Hebrew bible and the husband of Jezebel.
      His name means 'brother of the father'
      He shares his name with a character who said " .. to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.“
    • Ahab
    • What starts with Charles Townshend Associates hiring three candidates fresh out of the police academy?
    • Charlie’s Angels
    • Zebu (Bosprimigeniusindicus or Bosindicus), sometimes known as humped cattle, indicus cattle, or Brahmin cattle are a type of domestic cattle originating in South Asia, particularly the Indian subcontinent.
      This animal features on the seal of which country?
    • Madagascar
    • Name the 200 year old, 8 foot tall co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon.
    • Chewbacca
    • Cambodian schoolchildren in French Indochina at one point in the early 1940s began their schoolday with prayers to X opening with the words, "Our father, who art in Y" where Y was a city with which X's name was strongly attached at the time. X and Y?
    • Field Marshall Petain
    • China flats for women are called ‘china dolls’.
      What are china flats for men called?
    • Kung Fu shoes
    • This is a variant of anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism that developed in the late 1970s due to a split in the Maoist movement, appearing after the ideological row between the Communist Party of China and the Party of Labour of Albania in 1978.
      Albania was declared to be the world's only state legitimately adhering to Marxism-Leninism after 1978.
      What, named after the Albanian leader at the time?
    • Hoxhaism
      Named after EnverHoxha
    • In 1970, the BBC refused to play “Lola' by the Kinks until they changed the lyrics to adhere to the stringently non-commercial nature of the BBC.
      What change?
    • Coca Cola changed to Cherry Cola
    • Lapis is the Latin for "stone" and lazuli the genitive form of the Medieval Latin lazulum from the Persian place 'Lazhward'.
      The name of the place came to be associated with the stone mined there and, eventually, with its color.
      What word for the colour comes from this?
    • Azure
      The stone is blue
    • This English singer-songwriter, musician, and radio personality's 1987 song was a #1 hit single in 25 countries.
      He holds the record for being the only male solo artist to have his first 8 singles reach the Top 10 in the UK and by retirement in 1993 had sold approximately 40 million records worldwide.
      He was voted "Best Act Ever" by Internet users at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008.
    • Rick Astley
    • Haifa, Israel's third largest city is located on the northern slope of this mountain.
      Archaeologists have discovered ancient wine and oil presses at various locations here.
      What place?
    • Mount Carmel
    • According to a mock news blog ‘Ponderings from Pluto' this actor is bored with winning oscars and now wants to reprise his first role - that of a surfer dude - because the character used to say stupid things much like hedoes now-a-days.
    • Sean Penn
      The character Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    • The english word ‘horde’ comes from slavic which comes from a mongol word which passed into slavic in the 1500s.
      Which Mongol word?
    • Ordo / urdu
    • The Mamluk dynasty ruling Egypt from 1250 ruled from a place on the Mediterranean coast - thus getting a name meaning 'of the sea'.
      The dynasty that succeeded them ran their empire from a citadel east of Cairo and take their name from 'of the tower'
      Name both
    • Bahri
    • www.bcqc.net