The open wall concept - bringing the outside in


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The open wall concept - bringing the outside in

  1. 1. Coastal Group The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. White Paper
  2. 2. The Open Wall™ Concept Coastal recognised HS Portal as a unique opportunity to introduce clients to the Open Wall™ Concept. Open Walls™ are the absolute epitome of seamless indoor-outdoor living. Homes are converted into open, convivial spaces where the outdoors is as vital as the indoors using the HS Portal System. They are a dream come true for both green and fresh air fanatics, and there is a certain simplicity about them that promotes friendliness and good cheer. The Open Wall™ Concept is becoming more and more popular with clients as they personalise their homes to take full advantage of views through glass. “It’s all about maximising the view and the feeling of openness ” The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 1|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013 Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions Coastal Group launched the renowned Siegenia-Aubi HS Portal Lift & Slide Door System in May 2013.
  3. 3. HS Portal lift and slide doors can make such a big difference to the way we experience living in the house. Lift and slide doors allow huge openings and bring an abundance of natural light right into the house. They are also functional and super-light to operate - even kids can open and close the doors with ease. Excellent too for the elderly and less-abled, the HS Portal Lift and Slide door has a large, positive action handle for simple operation. Unlike a conventional sliding patio door, the HS Portal Lift and Slide Door can be opened for ventilation and locked into position securely. By turning the handle the door lowers and locks into place, which prevents the door from sliding further open until the handle is turned again to unlock its position. Why limit your views if you are building or renovating your dream home with panoramic vistas or spectacular landscaping when you can create a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior of your home? HS Portal Lift and Slide doors are the ultimate in space-saving that is equally at home in an übermodern or traditional settings. “Such a huge door – and it just glides!” The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 2|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013 Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions What is a Lift & Slide Door?
  4. 4. When it gets hot, don't you often wish you could open up your living space with just a single turn of a handle? With Open Wall™ provided by the HS Portal system, it really is as simple as that. It’s time to make your dreams come true - through this highly technically advanced sliding door system. Sliding doors are subject to high requirements in terms of thermal insulation. Although the glass area is of great importance due to its large size, the frame and, in particular, the centre mullion also make key contributions. Thanks to thermally insulated profiles and high quality SP Weatherseals from Deventer, the HS Portal provides an excellant solution all round, and has passed PassivHaus requirements with flying colours. Through appropriate basic depths and face widths, HS Portal perfectly complements the appearance of windows, and doors and conservatories - after all, the overall impression is just as important as the individual details. The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 3|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013 Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions Sunshine and Fresh Air
  5. 5. Before the partnership with Siegenia-Aubi, joiners and clients using existing Lift & Slide Door Systems were faced with slow delivery lead-times, leading to projects being unreasonably delayed. Coastal Joinery Hardware saw it as a challenge to turn this around so that joinery manufacturers could now enjoy complex Lift & Slide Systems delivered to their workshops next day, coupled with fully trained in-house technicians on hand to offer superb technical assistance as required. That challenge has now been well and truly met. The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 4|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013 Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions The Challenge
  6. 6. Ultimate Adjustability In addition to the standard runners, Coastal can now offer the fully adjustable runner bogies, offering the joiner a +/- 3mm adjustability for ease of installation. Ideally suited for sash weights up to 300kg, Coastal also offer uprated standard runners for sashes right up to 400kg. UltraStile Meeting Stile Kit The new UltraStile for timber units specialises in forming a tight seal around the spaces between the active and fixed sashes. The secret here is its ingenious PVC construction: the UltraStile is warp-resistant, protects against the build-up of condensation and can be easily upgraded to a burglar resistant security level at any time. The principle on which it is based is both simple and efficient. Three rear gripping security devices can be attached to the rail additionally if required, to effectively prevent the sash from being prised open. The UltraStile also far surpasses pure timber and aluminium solutions when it comes to thermal insulation and the prevention of cold bridging – outstanding U-values being achieved due to its cleverly conceived 3-chamber design. The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 5|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013 Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions With the acceptance of the Siegenia-Aubi HS Portal system distributorship, Coastal are keen to highlight the 3 key major developments to the product range, which are available as optional extras.
  7. 7. Those looking for convenience – and the peace of mind which comes with a Coastal-endorsed product – will love the new UltraLock. When installed, moving heavy lift & slide sashes – up to 400kg – requires virtually no effort at all. The technology behind the UltraLock is an integrated damper unit which assists in lifting the sash into the sliding position. This invisible “power pack” has other benefits, too: it makes it amazingly easy to open and close the sash, and prevents the handle from snapping back on release, a typical flaw in systems of this kind. The Specifications Opening Size Range Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme Scheme A C D E F G G2 H K L Maximum Sash Weight Sash Height Range Sash Width Range Sash Thickness 1,470 – 6,700mm 2,812 – 13,332mm 1,470 – 6,700mm 1,470 – 6,700mm 2,812 – 13,332mm 2,097 – 9,987mm 2,175 – 10,020mm 2,097 – 9,987mm 2,812 – 13,336mm 4,092 – 19,872mm 300kg (400kg available with HS1-400 Runner Set) 1,325 – 2,825mm 720 – 3,335mm 56 – 68mm Thermal Properties With the new highly insulated threshold, the HS Portal range from Siegenia-Aubi provides thermal insulation well above the requirements of energy conservation regulations. The Uf value is 1.67 W/m2K. Please see to configure your design now. The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 6|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013 Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions UltraLock Lift Locking Gear
  8. 8. The Coastal Group and Siegenia-Aubi are excited about this partnership to promote the HS Portal Lift & Slide Door System. Full technical support is now available at the disposal of architects and joinery manufacturers, opening up a world of new and exhilarating design opportunities for the end user. Visit Coastal Joinery Hardware at or call 01726 871726 to discuss your design ideas today, or to get you in touch with a professional joiner who help you realise your dreams through stunning craftsmanship and sheer professionalism. Connecting Craftsmanship with Solutions We are excited. Coastal Group Global House, Bojea Industrial Estate, Trethowel, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 5RJ While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information in this document, some typographical or technical errors may exist. Coastal Specialist Ironmongery cannot accept responsibility for customers’ losses resulting from the use of this document. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. This document contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright. This document, in whole or in part, may not be photocopied, reproduced, or translated into another language without prior written consent from Coastal. Coastal Group is at the leading edge in joinery hardware. Customer care and quality are at the core of everything we do – you can be confident that a call to Coastal will be the only call you need to make for all your joinery hardware needs. Coastal. At the Leading Edge. The Open Wall™. Bringing the Outside In. 7|Page © Coastal Specialist Ironmongery 2013