CoFold Ultra Sliding Folding Door Gear Installation Instructions
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CoFold Ultra Sliding Folding Door Gear Installation Instructions



CoFold is the ultimate in exterior folding systems and opens up a wealth of new design possibilities. ...

CoFold is the ultimate in exterior folding systems and opens up a wealth of new design possibilities.
The CoFold System has been designed to maximise the flexibility of a room’s living space, removing barriers and enabling the user to have an indoor/outdoor experience by fully opening up exterior walls.
The system which operates with effortless ease combines the benefits of folding doors with the ability to keep out the weather with no corrosion worries. This modern, contemporary feature will increase available living space whilst allowing natural light to envelop the room.

System Capacity
Maximum leaf height - 3300mm
Maximum leaf weight - 100kg
Maximum leaf width - 1000mm
Leaf thickness - 35-68mm*
* For thicker or thinner doors please contact Coastal Technical Team
For doors between 35-47mm use an alternative flush bolt

􀂚􀀁 Residential and commercial timber exterior folding applications
􀂚􀀁 Specially suited to coastal environments made from 316 stainless steel.
􀂚􀀁 End folding timber doors folding to one or both sides
􀂚􀀁 Standard folding configuration features doors folding outward.
Inward folding doors can be used where the doors are not directly
exposed to the weather.
􀂚􀀁 Premium security features
􀂚􀀁 Recognised weather resistance
The folding unit is not hinged to post, but is pivoted in the track and floor. All door leaves are of equal width. A swing leaf can be included by incorporating an odd number of leaves. For full weather protection, doors, frame and track should incorporate the seals provided in the CoFold range.
Cill and frame construction should be in accordance with the CoFold fixing instructions. Intermediate hangers and hinges are non rebated.



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CoFold Ultra Sliding Folding Door Gear Installation Instructions Document Transcript

  • 1. 1 CoFold Ultra 100 Fitting Instructions Diagram 1 for top hung exterior outward folding doors SYSTEM CAPACITY Maximum leaf height - 3300mm Maximum leaf weight - 100kg Maximum leaf width - 1000mm Maximum leaf thickness- 48-68mm TRACK FIXING NOT BY COASTAL * For thicker or thinner doors please contact * If the hypotenues is more than the door width x 1.004 then a risk of camming exists. INSIDE Diagram 2 OUTSIDE JAMB CAP IN LINE WITH TRACK Diagram 3 Diagram 4 34 140 WHEN USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH ALUMINIUM SUPPORT CHANNEL 94SC THE OUTER CHANNEL DIMENSIONS BECOME 23H x 25W JAMB CAP IN LINE WITH TRACK JAMB CAP GASKET 52 39 212 ALTERNATIVE ALUMINIUM THRESHOLD ALTERNATIVE ALUMINIUM THRESHOLD SF94T94T BY COASTAL - COMPLETE WITH 94P WITH BY PCH - COMES COMES COMPLETE AND 94P AND ENDCAPS AND IS PREDRILLED FOR DRAINAGE ENDCAPS AND IS PREDRILLED FOR DRAINAGE
  • 2. 2 PREPARATION U1 2R 2L U2R U2L 3U4 78U9 10 - Pivot Assembly Set End Hanger Set Right Hand - for doors meeting a swing door and square-edged doors meeting End Hanger Set Left Hand - for doors meeting a swing door and square-edged doors meeting End Hanger Set Right Hand - for doors folding to the frame (i.e. 2 leaf, 4 leaf and 6 leaf) End Hanger Set Left Hand - for doors folding to the frame (i.e. 2 leaf, 4 leaf and 6 leaf) Hinge Set with Handle Intermediate Hanger Set Hinge Set Offset Outward Opening Rebated End Hanger Meeting Pivot Hinge required for Ultra security Face Fix Handle (Optional) Diagram 5 Diagram 6 U9 U1 U9 2L U9 U1 U9 U1 U4 U9 U1 U4 2R U4 U4 U1 U1 U9 U4 U9 U1 U1 U9 U1 U1 U9 U9 U1 U9 U4 U4 U9 U4 2L U9 U1 U1 U9 U4 U4 U1
  • 3. 3 Preparing the opening Preparing the door frame Ensure the opening is square and all load bearing areas are suitable for the weight of the system. Take particular care to ensure there is sufficient strength in the structure above the opening to take the concentrated weight of the doors, when in the open stacked position. The CoFold system provides +/3mm of horizontal and vertical adjustment. Use a plumb line to ensure that the centre line of the track and the centre line of the channel are offset by 19mm. = = Diagram 10 Preparing the door frame for U1, 2 & 9 face plates Ø10 DRILL FOR DRAINAGE AT 1000 CENTRES, 300 CENTRES FOR EXTREME CONDITIONS OR US ALUMINIUM THRESHOLD BY COASTAL Hinge Component 25 52 U9 Face Plate R6 54 36 54 70 50 Diagram 7 79 R2 0 22 50 U1 Face Plate = U9 Face Plate 22 26 40 27 27 OUTSIDE INSIDE Diagram 8 31 Frame Support Plate = U1 Face Plate 54 52 Diagram 9 For details on installation of the U9 please refer to the U9 fitting instructions 22 79 SILL Diagram 11
  • 4. 4 Preparing the door leaves Door leaf width calculation 1. Decide how many door leaves you want in the opening. 2. Add together all the 3mm clearances required between door leaves and the jambs (there will be one more than the number of door leaves). This is the total clearance figure. 3. Measure the finished opening width (W) and deduct from this the total clearance figure. 4. Divide this new figure (finished opening width minus total clearance) by the number of doors to produce the actual door width. (N.B. all doors with the Cofold system are the same width). For example: For a 4 door leaf system with a finished opening width of 2345mm the door leaf width would be 2345mm minus (5x3mm) divided by 4 (number of door leaves) = 582.5mm. Door leaf height calculation Leaf height = finished opening height (see diagram 7) minus 66mm. Diagram 12 PREPARING THE DOOR LEAF AT THE JAMB Door Seals Prepare the door leaves to accept the AQ63B seal. BETWEEN DOOR EDGES Diagram 13 ADD 10mm TO WIDTH OF EACH LEAF TO CREATE REBATE ADD 10mm TO WIDTH OF END HANGER LEAF FOR REBATE Meeting Doors Use the 8 set for 2+2 rebated timber door configurations. For all other configurations use 2L (left hand) or 2R (right hand) end hanger sets. For kit handing refer to diagram 6. Diagram 14
  • 5. 5 Door hardware positioning U9 KIT U1 KIT U4 KIT U2L Diagram 15 End door leaf Preparation 7.5mm check In for U1, U2, 2 and 8 Diagram 16
  • 7. 7 INSTALLATION 1. Ensure that you have all the required parts. Unpack the components and identify the parts. Lay the parts on the ground in the same configuration as they will be when installed. It is recommended that a light smear of general purpose grease is applied to all bolts prior to assembly. Diagram 18 2. Cut the track to the required length and pre-drill for fixings in accordance with diagram 18. Please note that the extra fixings are required where the doors stack together. TOP PIVOT SECURING BLOCK 3. Cut the channel to the required length and fit in the sill. Drill drainage holes (see diagram 1). PIVOT SECURING BLOCK HEX BOLTS 4. Remove all the wheel assemblies and pivot block from the hanger and pivot bolts, and disassemble top pivot block assembly. PIVOT CAM 5. Slide the wheel assemblies and track pivot block into the track in the correct order, orientation, and position and fix the track in position. Reassemble top pivot block assembly (see diagram 19). PIVOT ADJUSTER PIVOT CLAMP PLATE 6. Remove the bottom pivot assembly and guide roller assembly (see diagram 20). Disassemble the bottom pivot assembly. ADJUSTMENT LOCK OFF BOLTS Diagram 19 7. For installation, assemble leaves in pairs via the hinges. To improve the ease of installation pre-drill pilot holes for all hinge parts. Fit kits U1, 7,U4 and U9 (optional) to first pair of leaves. Please ensure all 4 screws are fixed per end hinge. 8. Screw the bottom anchor of the bottom pivot assembly to the base of the channel 11mm from the jamb. Please note, the screw nearest the end of the bottom anchor is closest to the jamb (see diagram 21). Reassemble the pivot assembly leaving the clamping screws loose (see diagram 25). 9. Suspend pairs of leaves by engaging top pivot and hanger bolts using 5mm Allen key supplied (see top of diagram 20). 10. Attach the bottom pivot and guide assembly to their respective hinges, adjust the bottom pivot side plates position so that it engages with the hinge bolt. Tighten pivot and guide strap bolts (see diagram 22). 11. Lift the next pair of leaves into position and support their weight by screwing the hanger strap bolt into the hanger wheel assembly and fixing the second and third leaves together. Diagram 20 JAMB CHANNEL 12. Continue this procedure until all leaves are fitted. BOTTOM ANCHOR Diagram 21 Diagram 22
  • 8. 8 ADJUSTMENT Height Adjustment (± 3mm) 1. Close leaves and adjust the door height to achieve an equal gap between the top of the leaves and the track (a 9mm gap is recommended). (see diagram 23). INSIDE LOCKING HANGER GRUB SCREW ON INSIDE OF DOOR 2. Once the adjustment is complete use the Allen key to tighten the locking hanger grub screw until secure. Lateral Adjustment 1. With the unit still in the closed position, slide the set of leaves towards the jamb to obtain the desired gap between the jamb and the pivot door. A gap of 3mm is recommended using the adjustment cam. Once in position tighten the clamp screws. (see diagram 25). U4 ILLUSTRATED. SAME METHOD OF ADJUSTMENT APPLIED TO U1, U2L, U2R AND 8. Diagram 23 2. Fold the leaves and adjust the bottom side plate using the Allen key provided so that the gap between the door and the jamb is the same over the full length of the door. 3. Tighten the two clamping screws to lock the side plate to the bottom anchor. 4. Once the pivot door is in the correct position insert and tighten the locking pivot grub screw from the inside position. (as shown in diagram 24) INSIDE CLAMP SCREW LOCKING PIVOT GRUB SCREW ON INSIDE OF DOOR CLAMP SCREW ADJUSTMENT CAM Locking Off Tighten grub screws on hangers, guides and pivots. Diagram 24 CARE AND MAINTENANCE To provide years of trouble free operation, it is recommended that the track is kept free from dirt and debris. Periodically replace the general purpose grease on all bolts. To prolong the appearance of the exposed hinge parts, it is recommended they are periodically washed with soap and water. Maintenance is required on all components including stainless steel to validate manufacturers warranty. For further maintenance details please refer to our website. TIGHTEN GRUB SCREW CLAMP SCREW ADJUSTMENT CAM CLAMP SCREW BOTTOM ANCHOR JAMB SIDE BOTTOM SIDE PLATE ADJUSTMENT Diagram 25
  • 9. 9 Aluminium Threshold Jamb Kit 51 25.5 25.5 21 94 25 Jamb Cap Jamb Cap Gasket 51 15 34 19 Threshold 94T 8 27 2.5 83 Pre-drilled 10mm diameter drainage holes at 300mm centres Endcap 2.5 51 140 51 25.5 25.5 23 27 8 15 34 Jamb Cap Jamb Cap 2.5 2.5 Jamb Cap Gasket Jamb Cap Gasket 51 140 21 94 25 52 39 Endcap Endcap 83 Jamb Cap Jamb Cap Gasket 52 (All dimensions in mm) 39 Endcap
  • 10. 10 U9 Intermediate Pivot Set 1. The CoFold U9 intermediate pivot set shown in Diagram 1, should be fitted to the pivot door mid way between the U1 top and bottom pivot assemblies. The U9 hinge must be positioned on the same centre line as the U1 top and bottom pivot hinge bodies. 5. Screw the frame support plate and the face plate onto the opening frame preparation, as shown in Diagrams 3 and 5. 2. Rout the door and drill the pilot holes as shown on Diagram 2. Fit the hinge body using the four screws provided. 7. Fit the U9 cover sleeve on to the U9 hinge body and drop the main strap bolt into position, as shown in Diagram 6. 3. Using Diagram 3, 4 and 6 locate the position of the threaded link arm receiving hole on the the opening frame. Starting from the central point of the threaded link arm receiving hole (as indicated on Diagrams 4 and 5) mark the location of the two screw holes for the face plate. Using the face plate as a template mark out the routing detail for the face plate and rout. 8. Screw the threaded link arm fully into the frame support plate. The centre of the threaded hole in the link arm should be positioned to receive the strap bolt. Screw the strap bolt in to the link arm until there is a 2mm gap between the head of the strap bolt and the hinge body, as shown in Diagram 6. 4. Drill the Ø12mm hole for the threaded link arm receiving hole and rout the opening frame to mount the Frame Support Plate flush if required (Diagram 3). 9. Adjust the U9 pivot set to ensure the clearance between the pivot door and the frame is uniform (Diagram 7). 6. Fit the pivot door into position using the U1 pivot set. Note: These fitting instructions should be used in conjunction with the CoFold Ultra Fitting Instructions 7.5 17.5 Main strap bolt U1 Hinge body 100 U9 Cover plate R17.5 U1 Cover sleeve Diagram 1. ole ph dee m 28m Diagram 2. Ø12 Optional 2.5 deep rebate for face plate Pilot holes 36 18 R12.5 R6 mm 2.5 dee 25mm p 26 41m m Opening frame INSIDE Door in closed position 28mm Hole centre to door face 8mm OUTSIDE Ø12 Threaded link arm receiving hole Diagram 3.
  • 11. Locating and drilling guide for U9 face place 22 Ø6 Face plate 53 Threaded link arm receiving hole 31 50 100 OUTSIDE INSIDE Frame support plate Diagram 5. Door shown in the open position 8mm HALF DOOR HEIGHT +79mm Face plate 2mm gap 53 Threaded link arm receiving hole Main strap bolt Line from bottom of the hinge body 31 20mm 22 Frame support plate Threaded link arm Frame support plate Screw the frame support plate and the face plate onto the opening frame preparation, as shown in Diagrams 3 and 4. 100 Diagram 6. Door shown in the open position 50 2mm gap Adjustment: 3mm in to the frame 6mm out to the frame Diagram 4. Diagram 7.
  • 12. 11 Outward Opening Flush Bolt For top hung exterior folding doors. For use in conjunction with standard outward opening fitting instructions. Follow routing instructions for the bolt keep and flush bolt length to be fitted, fit both with the screws supplied. Suitable pilot holes for screws are recommended. Routing detail for 450mm Top Flush Bolt Routing detail for 600mm Top Flush Bolt HEAD BOARD LINTEL 12.5 FASCIA Routing detail for 190mm Top Flush Bolt 18 Routing detail for 190mm Bottom Flush Bolt PLATE 600 450 580 190 430 170 30 INSIDE 4 190 Enlarged detail showing the sectional routing dimensions for all 3 bolt sizes 40 OUTSIDE 170 TOP FLUSH BOLT 22 17 Note: Routing detail is the same for both locking and non-locking flush bolts. Door height Recommended Bolt length for top of door Recommended Bolt length for bottom of door Upto 2200mm 190mm 190mm Upto 2450mm 450mm 190mm Over 2450mm 600mm 190mm BOTTOM FLUSH BOLT Routing detail for bolt keep sockets Top Flush Bolt into Head Bottom Flush Bolt into Sill Fixing screw centres 40 Ø18 PLATE Ø18 10 12.5 4 10 12.5 40 10 40 30 25 12 KEEP LINER SILL REBATE 65 40mm fixing screw centres - Use fixing plate as drilling template SILL 18 12.5 Section through door showing flush bolt rebate detail (All dimensions in mm) Coastal Joinery Hardware, Global House, Bojea Industrial Estate, Trethowel, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 5RJ. Tel: 01726 871726 Fax: 01726 871731 Email: Part No: 220946 Issue 8 - January 2013
  • 13. ENQUIRY FORM FOR BI-FOLD DOORS Please enter your address here: Your Details/FAO Address Telephone: Fax: PROJECT TITLE: Email: LOCATION: SPECIFICATION SHEET System Capacity: 1. Opening Size: BI-FOLD DOORS Maximum Leaf Height: 3300mm Maximum Leaf Width: 1000mm Maximum Leaf Weight: 100kg Leaf Thickness: 35mm-68mm mm Height: 2. Door Configuration: Number of leaves sliding (viewed from the outside) Width: mm RH LH 3. Outward Opening: Due to weathering, outward opening Is highly recomended. Yes No 4. Locking None Espagnolette Sash lock 5. Finish Satin Stainless Steel PVD Brass Polished Stainless Steel 6. System CoFold CoFold Ultra (High Security) 7. Gear Types Choice only applies to CoFold system & not the CoFold Ultra. Mortice Non Mortice 8. Weatherseal Required: None Brown White PRE-TENSION Coastal Group | T 01726 871726 | F 01726 871731 Email | Visit