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About us

  1. 1. :: Barcelona :: 16, 17 JuneOrganized by the Music Technology Group of the UPF and SonarPro Original idea by Dave Haynes
  2. 2. What is Sónar?Sónar is a pioneering event in A groundbreaking format and Sonar is a trademarkSpain and a leader in Europe. programmeSónar is the only event of its kind in Sónar perfectly combines entertainment With a strong base and a prestigiousSpain and one of the most respected proposals with experimental works. This identity, Sónar has succeeded inand influential festivals on the combination, together with educational becoming a trademark. Sónar symbolizesEuropean calendar of cultural events. activities or special projects oriented modernity, quality and authenticity. towards professionals are what give the Spain’s most important event when it festival its unique character. comes to creating and promoting trends in the world of music, leisure and urban culture. Original idea by Dave Haynes
  3. 3. What is the Music Technology Group?The MTG aims at:Improving technologies applied to sound and music communicationPromote interdisciplinary approaches based on knowledge / methodologies from both scientific / technological and humanistic / artistic disciplinesKey figures: • 50+ researchers • 13 patents • 50+ publications / year • ~1,4 M€ annual income from projects • 2 spin-offs:Research Interests:1. Audio Processing2. Sound and Music Description3. Table-top interfaces for music interaction4. Sound and Music Communities5. Gesture modeling Original idea by Dave Haynes
  4. 4. Music Hack DayWhat exactly is a Hack Day?The first Music Hack Day took place at the offices of The Guardian in July 2009. Over 200 participants created 40 brand new musicapps and hacks in just 24hrs. After significant interest for this hugely successful event, Music Hack Day quickly spread to 12 events in9 other cities in just over 12 months.Mission- To fast prototype and create brand new music apps (web, mobile or physical) in just 24hrs.- To bring together the music industry and the developer community.- To highlight and showcase the platforms and API’s of companies working in and around music tech.- To foster cross-platform and cross-device innovation.Overview- Taken place in 9 cities in different countries: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm, Barcelona, Cannes &New York- Over 1.200 people taken part including developers and invited members of press/music industry.- Over 60 companies officially involved and associated with Music Hack Day.- Over 200 apps built during Music Hack Days, some of them launched commercially. Original idea by Dave Haynes
  5. 5. What is SonarPro?In 2010 more than 1500 SonarPro accreditation holders coming from 38 countries participated, and in total, 724 businessesregistered representing a 27% increase in respect of last year.The 17th edition of Sonar closed to great public acclaim and some unforgettable artistic moments. In total, 84976 peopleattended Sonar 2010 in Barcelona, a number that confirms the publics interest, the firmness of the programming, theartistic proposal of this years edition and the internationalization of the festival. 59% of the Sonar public comes from Spain,19% from UK, 5% from France and 4% from Italy.Amongst the most successful activities, the new SonarPro Forum that puts specialized labels in touch with the festival’spublic, the Demo Area where the latest trend in upcoming technology are put to practice, or Meet The Expert whereaccredited professionals were able to exchange information and insider tips with experts in distinct sectors related to thecreative and cultural industries. A special mention should also be made to the Digital Music Days 2.0, that this year brokerecord attendance.SonarPro 2010 quotes:Spectators: 84.976SonarPro professionals 2010: 1558Companies participating in SonarPro: 724Demos: 21Tutorial Demos:12SonarPro Forum:18 Original idea by Dave Haynes
  6. 6. Music Hack Day in the frame of SonarProIn 2011, SonarPro is working with the Music technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra to organize a Music HackDaythat will be held at Sónar 2011.Music Hack Day is:•The challenge is to build something totally new in just 24 hours. Web mashups, mobile apps, physical hacks - as long as it’sabout music.•12 events so far in 9 countries.•Over 50 music and tech companies such Soundcloud, Firefox, Ableton, BBC, Spotify, Topspin…•Over 1.200 participants worldwide Original idea by Dave Haynes
  7. 7. Music Hack Day in the frame of SonarProMusic Hack Day ScheduleMusic Hack Day will take place over 2 days and includes a 24-hour hacking session and final presentations of the results andprize-giving for the best hacks. Overnight hacking is not only allowed but encouraged and space/access is provided to workthrough the night. With the goal of making the weekend more enjoyable and to give hackers the chance to take a breath,SonarPro Music Hack Day is going to take place at Sonar by Day inside the Sónar Festival. Here is an example schedule.Thursday- 10am Registration-11-12am Introductions + sponsor announcements- 12-2pm Workshops + API tutorials- 2-3pm Lunch- 3pm 24hr hacking starts- 8pm dinner + beer- 9pm Hack continues through the nightFriday- 9-10am Breakfast- 1-2pm Lunch- 3 pm Hacking ends, all projects submitted to wiki- 3-5pm Demos- 5pm Prize giving + closing remarks Original idea by Dave Haynes
  8. 8. ContactIf you are interested please contact with:Arancha Bailo: sonarpro@sonar.esAlba Rosado: bcnmusichackday@gmail.comThanks!Check our sites at:http://musichackday.org/http://2011.sonar.es/es/sonarpro-2011.phphttp://mtg.upf.eduAdvanced Music S.L. .Tel 34 933208163 . www.sonar.es Original idea by Dave Haynes