MoMo Toronto - Summer Wrap-up 2008: Introducing BC$
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MoMo Toronto - Summer Wrap-up 2008: Introducing BC$



Mobile Monday Toronto 2008 - Yearly Wrap-Up Event... I was fortunate enough to be asked to come speak about my experience in Japan and introduce my business idea for bringing MobileTV technology to ...

Mobile Monday Toronto 2008 - Yearly Wrap-Up Event... I was fortunate enough to be asked to come speak about my experience in Japan and introduce my business idea for bringing MobileTV technology to Canada more efficiently than other markets which are trying to build upon custom-built mobile Telecom/Carrier broadcast networks rather than wifi/wimax/3G/4G internet streaming networks.



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MoMo Toronto - Summer Wrap-up 2008: Introducing BC$ MoMo Toronto - Summer Wrap-up 2008: Introducing BC$ Presentation Transcript

  • The Semantics of MobileTV Bryan Copeland Email: June 9th, 2008
  • Behavior Content Money Categorization Recommendation Monetization
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo About Me View slide
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo IUJ 50+ nationalities • 4 Masters Degrees • Top MBA program (Japan) 90 min.Tokyo • 1st E-Business Degree (Asia) 1 world record • 2nd Biggest Economy View slide
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Shocked at the time… Credits: Dr. Philip Sugai, Associate Dean of IM @ IUJ
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo MoCoBe  Make sense of Japan’s Mobile market
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo What is MobileTV?  Video displayed on a Mobile  Regular TV Broadcasts?  P2P, downloaded TV Shows  Streamed Video-on-Demand  Pre-recorded Programs on DVR  Slingbox? iPods? PSP?  RFID-controlled Billboards???
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Domain Overview  Mobile - An object having the ability of motion or change, but not necessarily being in motion or changing.  Mobility then, has 2 defining qualities:  portability  variability  TV - Any telecommunication system used for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a distance  Mobile TV? Any adaptable video or audio signal transmitted to a display (possibly, but not necessarily while on the go)
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo OneSeg-MediaFlo Japan  One-Seg Data Service (BML) Ads PPV, VOD
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo MobileTV Ecosystem User
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Japan  World’s 2nd Largest Economy  Most advanced MobileTV & Mobile Data networks  2nd Highest Adoption  WHY?!?
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Canada  Wireless Cellular Data Services long kept unaffordable to most Canadians…
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Decreasing Voice ARPU  May be only way to save falling Voice ARPU
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Increasing Data ARPU  “Almost 50 cents of every dollar flowing into the Canadian telecom sector now comes from cellular or Internet service”1 1 – Grant Robertson, Globe and Mail: Cellphones, Internet step to the fore
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Data ARPU Opportunity  Loads of room for growth in Canada  Need platforms, policies & standards
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Plenty of Distractions • Useful to look back to a time when Telcos Banking Gaming Payments Messaging Internet Mobile Lifestyle Voice Movies TV Music …were most innovative & profitable
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo What Telcos Were NOT  TV Studios  Banks  TV Broadcaster  E-commerce Providers  Movie Studios  Translation Services  Web Portals  Record Labels  Search Engines  Game Manufacturers  Cartographers  Content Producers  Travel Agents  Ad Networks  Web Design company
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo What Telcos Were  TELEPHONE COMPANIES
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Proposal  Worry about Spectrum Auction  Promote Entrepreneurship  Realize benefits of Data Services and Impact of 3G devices (iPhone, Bold, N95)  Recognize lack of ecosystem, help fix it Electronista: BlackBerry Bold official, beats iPhone to 3G
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Personal Agenda?  Mobile Streaming works in Europe, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, USA, etc…  NOT CANADA… WHY?  Handsets DO support it  Network does not  REQUEST Open RTSP streaming on all Mobile Networks
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo BC$ Proposal Behavior Content Money Categorization Recommendation Monetization  BC$ is a Recommendation Engine and Video Monetization Platform
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Company – BC$  B = Behavior (non-intrusive, opt-in behavioral tracking)  C – Content (relevant content recommendations, convenience/utility)  $ – Money (promising monetization opportunities, ads & subscriptions)
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Business Model 1. Content providers will release the rights to their content to be Recommended through BC$ 2. Available content is catalogued for Advertisers’ consideration, preferred placements, targets 3. Advertisers will immediately place bids, however in “Matchmaker” style rather than “Auction” 4. Online Retailers must take a risk by offering store credits to account for the virtual currency 5. Virtual currency earned through TRUSTED Recommendations drives E-commerce sales 6. Content Producers are monetarily rewarded when their content produces sales, or, BC$ 7. Carriers claim a percentage of Ad Revenues / Subscriptions to cover Data Service fees Content Producers Carriers Advertisers Online Retailers
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Closing Thoughts…  Content Publishers & Service-providers need to cooperate, not compete, in order to provide the highest quality, most relevant content to users  We must learn from the mistakes of the Japanese Walled-Gardens, and benefits of the Japanese Ecosystem model
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo Call to Action  Looking for Developers to contribute to ongoing OpenRecommender project  Angel Funded, seeking Round 1 Capital to sustain Beta growth by January 2009  In Canada, plan to…  Fight for ubiquitous RTSP (if necessary)  Begin talks with major players (among others)
  • MobileTV | Problems | Solution | BC$ | Demo DEMOS Network  YouTube Integration  On Mobile  BC$  BC$  Wiki  Blog  Forums  SNS  Facebook * (Browser Plug-In… accesses site)  MySpace *  Value  Yoshonet
  • eMobile  Small number of loyal, happy subscribers  “New kid in town”  Wireless Data Services  Over Wi-Fi  Wi-Max  3G network  MobileTV (OneSeg)  1st to Introduce 7.3Mbps Download
  • Softbank  Lowest subscriber Churn, Highest Growth  Largest % of University-aged & early- career (20-28yrs.) subscribers  Considered safest for kids, kodomo keitai  Easy, Low-cost, Convenient, No-nonsense
  • KDDI (au)  2nd Biggest Market Share  Largest % of Female subscribers  Largest % of teen (13-19yrs.) subscribers  Stylish, Hip, Fashionable, Cool
  • NTT (DoCoMo)  Largest Market share  Largest % of Business subscribers  Largest % of Male & Senior subscribers  Trust, Status, Premium, Power-user, Takai
  • NTT Group  As of March 31, 2005, the NTT Group had grown to 542 companies and 201,000 employees worldwide
  • NTT R&D Vision
  • NTT – New Business Creation Initiatives
  • iMode *NEW & IMPROVED* Business Model
  • World Data ARPU
  • One-Seg MobileTV Explained
  • Japan’s Business Model Handsets Manufacturers Relevant Content & Advertisements 4 Content 2 Broadcaster 3 Mobile Carriers Aggregator 1 Content 8 Provider 5 7 Advertising Advertiser 9 End User Agency Retailer 6 Content Flow $$Money Flow Interacts with Ad link
  • Explanation of Japan’s Mobile TV Biz-Model 1 OneSeg (Broadcast via terrestrial) Content providers provide content to content aggregators and this content moves to 1 3 broadcasters when requested, through the exchange of money for content. Mobile carriers have to pay extra $ to handsets manufacturers for the added 4 features (ability to watch live TV & longer battery) Broadcasters offer end-users the ability to watch live TV by using OneSeg services 5 over the 3G Networks via Mobile carriers, free of charge. This model will work if end users will interact with the ads displayed while watching 6 TV on their mobile. Every time end users click on the ads or buy things through M- Commerce then it will create critical money flow through the system. When end users click on an ad and make a purchase, then a portion of this money 7 will flow to mobile carriers; the remaining money will be shared with broadcasters, producers and publishers. Since it’s free for the end user, advertisers will clearly support the entire ecosystem. 8 9 Advertisers will pay an advertising agency money to create an ad and the agency will pay money to broadcasters to air their ads.** **The One-Seg FREE TRIAL period comes to an end at the end of the fiscal year, future unclear!!! (Early reports indicate that users are opting for ad-supported, or premium, subscription service)
  • Bell
  • Bell (cont…)
  • Shaw
  • Rogers
  • Virgin Mobile (MVNO)
  • Telus
  • Telus (cont…)
  • On Entrepreneurship  Focus on what it is you do best… (hold on to key profit sites)  Innovate around your core products and services; partner, align, outsource on others  Myriad of ways to integrate voice into interesting and useful new applications…  Encourage New Business developments which would promote high data bandwidth consumption, driving Data ARPU
  • Spectrum Auction Companies currently vying for Spectrum are:  Younger  Likely to be considered Hipper  Hungrier  Less to lose and more to gain than you  More motivation to innovate (must innovate or die)  Driven to displace old models  Driven to displace YOU
  • Ecosystem: What would you Prefer if you ran a Telco?  Money from content providers? Individuals?  Meager amount of subscribers currently willing to pay for small chunks of content? ~OR~  A healthy portion of the advertising revenue, on large-scale service and to keep track of how your handsets/services are being used  To “better serve” consumers, right!?
  • Solution  Establish a North American, interoperable standard for tracking users’ behavior and actually provide incentives for them to tune into the network to watch  Meter their behavior securely & privately  Become facilitators of the ecosystem
  • Handsets
  • Devices
  • P2P: Missed Opportunity  REWARD Peer-2-Peer file sharing!!!  WHY persecute users?  Because they happen to like a particular TV show to want to have a copy to watch at any time? (P.S. They can relieve stress on your resources with the right model)  Just don’t let them circumvent your Ad model, unless they’re willing to pay a subscription fee  Everybody is happy (users get content, you maintain control)
  • Our Mobile Future  What Japan, South Korea (and all of us) are ultimately headed to, is:  Middleman-Optional Publishing  Middleman-Free Distribution  Metered P2P Content Co-Creation  That’s a lot of speculation, but it comes after hearing from & interviewing some of the brightest in the Mobile Industry
  • Our Purpose  Intelligent Program Recommendations  Reliable, Transparent Content Recommendations  Collaborative Filtering plus Trust Hierarchies  Comprehensive Parental Controls  Smart Advertising  Ad Relevancy  Inferred Product Placements  Integrated Contextual & Behavioral  Search-result to E-Commerce buy Relevancy Matching  Agent-based (automated) Retrieval  Skip time-consuming search process whenever possible
  • BC$ Proposal  Mobile community & industry stakeholders must work together towards commonly accepted software standards  As a matter of standards:  Open Source standard – each company provides its own unique, value-added services atop free/open software (depends on license)  De Facto standard – one major company champions software, may open through APIs or keep closed (not suggested in “Web 3.0”)  Hybridization of standards – one company develops / releases to open-source community… RFC for improvements, CSV to track, sell a non-public “enterprise version” and support companies in adhering to the standards *SUGGESTED METHOD*
  • Where we’re going…  Defensive Publication for IEEE (May, 2008)  Releasing Ontology & Description Logics as open source (Hybrid) project (by July, 2008)  Searching 1st-Round of Funding (by Fall 2008)  Launching Beta – brand new type of social media service & content portal (by Jan., 2009)