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Moving Towards Zero Downtime
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Moving Towards Zero Downtime


Published on

Johann Owen Gallyot, …

Johann Owen Gallyot,
Solution Architect,
Vision Solutions

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Moving towards Zero DowntimeJohann GallyotVision Solutions.
  • 2. Corporate Overview Global Leader in Business Continuity Easy. Protection Affordable. Operational Innovative. Excellence Compliance
  • 3. Global Customer Presence25,000+ Customers
  • 4. •Leaders Have Vision and Vision Has Leaders
  • 5. •Why moving towards ‘Zero Downtime’? Worldwide Continuity SpendingBusinessIssue Eliminate Planned DowntimeVision Applications and users are never offlineAdvantage during system maintenance or migration!BusinessIssue Eliminate Unplanned DowntimeVision Vision’s trusted brands meet the mostAdvantage aggressive RTOs to protect businesses.Business Recover Data Quickly to Any Point inIssue TimeVision Vision Continuous Data Protection meetsAdvantage maximum RPOs with zero data loss.BusinessIssue Comply with RegulationsVision Meet the most stringent government andAdvantage industry compliance regulations.BusinessIssue Improve Service Levels to End UsersVision Offers around-the-clock CustomerCareAdvantage centers across the globe. Source: IBM Market Research
  • 6. Remember Thailand Flood in Nov 2011 Or Brisbane Flood in Jan 2011…
  • 7. •Australian Bank- Data Corruption• Data Corruption happen on 25th Nov 2010• Millions of people were stranded without cash for days• Almost 20,000 bank accounts still have uncorrected mistakes five days after a corrupted computer file crippled the National Australia Banks payment system, causing processing and transaction delays.• A steady stream of disgruntled customers filed into the branch yesterday demanding answers.• FIVE days after its payment processing system crashed, the Bank still cant say when the problem that has delayed millions of people getting paid will be resolved.• To date, thousand of customers have sought compensation arising from the crisis, through a process the bank has put in place.
  • 8. Educating Customer how to justified for HA/DR
  • 9. •How do you justified the need for HA/DR. Use ART. What is ART?• The Availability ROI Tool • Lite version of Business Impact Analysis • Short questionnaire on IT environment • An effective, graphical ROI tool for IBM i (i5/OS) ,AIX, Wintel • Displays how much they could save by using Vision’s products • Recommends best products to suit their organization’s needs
  • 10. Where can you find ART?
  • 11. •How can you access ART? paignId=70160000000XMwr&RequestType=Redir&FilePath=ART- Tool.aspx
  • 12. •Make use of our Whitepaper and case studies to help to convince customers the need for HA/DRCheck our website for all the hundreds of whitepaper and case studies
  • 13. Vision addresses six key business issues.1. Protect data and applications across multiple platforms2. Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime3. Quickly recover data to any point-in-time4. Improve service levels and comply with regulations5. Migrate physical and virtual servers with no downtime6. Easily share database information in real time
  • 14. •One ProductDowntime Data Loss Geographic Distance Virtualization • Real-time Replication • Minimize data loss and downtime • Replicate over existing WAN bandwidth • Virtualized Failover • Protect vSphere or Hyper-V environments with host- level management and real-time replication • Failover P2V, V2P, P2P, or V2V • Application Protection • Exchange, SharePoint, SQL • Cluster Integration • Create “Stretch Clusters” using the GeoCluster feature • Replicate from clusters to standalone servers or clusters
  • 15. •Exclusive Research for IT Executives
  • 16. •Central Issues for Organizations Organizations are Engaged with Disruptive Technologies These New Technologies Do Not Necessarily Guarantee Efficient, Automated Data Protection and Recovery Business Directives to Provide 24/7 Data Availability are Driving the Adoption of Resiliency Strategies.
  • 17. •Adopting New Resiliency SolutionsDisruptive Technologies Like Virtualizationand Cloud Add ValueBut Can IncreaseRisk To TheBusiness.
  • 18. •Central Issues for Organizations
  • 19. Data Protection&High Availability
  • 20. •Recovery Time Objectives One Minute One Hour One Day
  • 21. •Recovery Point Objective One Day One Hour One Minute
  • 22. Virtualization & Cloud Journey
  • 23. Virtualization & Cloud Journey
  • 24. •For More Information…
  • 25. •Thank You 26