BCM Institute MTE Col. Anwar Abdullah - SCDF Emergency Management & Engagement of Stakeholders


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BCM Institute MTE Series: http://www.worldcontinuitycongress.com/wcc08/mte.html

Col. Anwar Abdullah, Director of Operations, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), presents Emergency Management & Engagement of Stakeholders during a Meet-The-Experts seminar organised by BCM Institute which aims to Bridge Economic Defence and Civil Defence.

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BCM Institute MTE Col. Anwar Abdullah - SCDF Emergency Management & Engagement of Stakeholders

  1. 1. SCDF Emergency Management & Engagement of Stakeholders
  2. 2. SCOPE Introduction Incident Management  Engaging the Stakeholders Private‐Public‐Partnership
  3. 3. A Department under Ministry of Home Affairs
  4. 4. Our Mission To protect and save lives and property  for a safe and secure Singapore Our Vision To be a World Class organisation providing fire-fighting, rescue, and emergency ambulance services through professionalism, operational excellence and service quality
  6. 6. Structure & Organization In addition, SCDF operates two training institutions : - Basic Rescue Training Centre - Civil Defence Academy
  7. 7. Tampines Fire Station Tuas Fire Station … 4 are Hazmat Stations. Alexandra Fire Station Jurong Island Fire Station
  8. 8. Structure & Organisation Remaining 12 Fire Stations : •Personnel trained and equipped to conduct: • Rescue • Detection • Monitoring
  9. 9. Incident Management
  10. 10. Concept of Operations Graduated response calibrated to scale of incident. Flexibility to increase force size when needed. 1 minute activation from base. 8 minutes response.
  11. 11. Strengthening Incident Management Ops CE Plan SCDF appointed as Incident  Manager for Civil Emergencies  since 1997. Promulgated to formalise multi-agency response to major disasters.
  12. 12. Strengthening Incident Management Ops CE Plan ensures integrated incident  management. All agencies represented are organised into  Joint Planning Staff To provide specialist support.
  13. 13. Joint Exercises …Incident Management Ex Northstar Scenario of CA attack cum multiple bomb  explosions affecting public transport Large scale Maritime Disaster Exercise  Simulated Mumbai style terrorist attacks  scenarios
  14. 14. Strengthening Incident Management Integrated Forward Command & Control Capability The ideal place for command is upfront at the incident site. IM can exercise effective leadership and Command & Control.
  15. 15. Strengthening Incident Management IM to command and control incident at disaster site with Tact HQ. Tact HQ comprises 5 Forward Command Vehicles designed by SCDF. Equipped with all necessary info-comms systems.
  16. 16. Engaging the Stakeholders
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. Emergency Data Operational  Survey ORION  – over 7,800 records
  19. 19. High Risk Installations 186 across Singapore Develop contingency plans Exercised annually
  20. 20. Fire Safety Manager Floor area of 5,000 square  metres and above or Occupant load of 1,000  persons and above
  21. 21. Fire Emergency Plan (1) To ensure the safeguard of human lives  in the event of fire. (2) To establish a systematic and orderly  evacuation plan. (3) To ensure prompt raising of the fire  alarm and marshalling of first aid fire  fighting efforts.
  22. 22. Enhancing Regulatory Provisions & Preventive Measures Govern import, transport and storage of hazardous materials Hazmat Transport Drivers’ Permit HazMat Transport Vehicle Tracking System (HTVTS) Vehicle Immobilizer
  23. 23. Security Sensitive Material (SSM) Data Centre Provides comprehensive overview of all sensitive HazMat in Singapore Operates on 24/7 basis to track movement of SSM Important tool in preventing diversion of SSM for illegal or unauthorised use
  24. 24. Fire at Somerset Sub Power Station, 2 Jul 08 When things go  wrong ……. Fire at Factory Complex at Sungei Kadut, 3 Aug 08 Tank fire at JB, 17 Aug 08 Shipyard Accidents, Jun 08 Fire at Essential Oils Warehouse at Woodlands Terrace, 12 Jun 08
  25. 25. When the Problem is Nipped in the Bud……. Intervention Measures to Minimize Loss Intervention Measures to Prevent Incident • Use of fire extinguisher • Activate sprinkler • Up-right overturned system drum • Remove surrounding • Clean up spill drums Fire spread to Spill from drum Pool fire from spill entire factory Full-Blown Events Starts With an Initiating Event! Full-Blown Events Starts With an Initiating Event!
  26. 26. What is CERT? CERT consists of trained in‐house personnel to  effectively manage initiating events Spillages, minor fires etc Scale of CERT intervention to F ull-blown incident F ull-blown prevent initiating Accident incident from Accident developing into a full SCDF blown scenario Response CERT Response Emergency (Initiating) Operators at Work Small Incident Timeline Pre-Event Critical First 10-20 mins Contingency planning, training, maintenance etc
  27. 27. Private Public Partnership
  28. 28. Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) Instructional, face to face education programme Provide individuals with a holistic understanding of emergency measures
  29. 29. Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) Training available free-of-charge to public 5 Modules Basic First Aid CPR + AED Fire Safety Emergency Procedures Unconventional Threats
  30. 30. COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS (CERT) Community Emergency and Engagement Committees (C2E) was formed at the 84 constituencies Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) formed in Resident Committee Zones within each constituency Assist residents and SCDF responders during emergencies
  31. 31. Community Exercises Emergency Preparedness (EP) Days organized by Grassroots To prepare residents against unconventional threats & instil resilience 48 Exercises held annually in heartlands
  32. 32. Community Safety and Security Programme (CSSP) Examples of CSSP, projects, check with Central on  activities within CBD and Marina “Community Involvement is Paramount in Building a Ready and Resilient Singapore”
  33. 33. Safety and Security Watch Group Engaging Industrial and Commercial Groups Shenton Way SSGW – Exercise Heartbeat
  34. 34. Engagement of Schools • Integration of emergency preparedness into Social Studies syllabus • 177 Liaison Officers from fire stations be deployed to help train and prepare students to deal with emergencies under the Fire Station Engagement Programme
  35. 35. Engagement of Schools NCDCC Scheme in Primary and Secondary schools Equip cadets with essential CD Skills
  36. 36. Engagement of Schools CD Lionhearter 85 Singapore Polytechnic Students Ready for overseas deployment as part of NGOs 13 – 15 Oct 2009, 6 students and 1 lecturer  deployed to Pariaman Sumatra
  37. 37. National Fire & Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) Engages niche groups • Housing Premises • Commercial Premises • Industrial Premises • Schools and Youth
  38. 38. Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit • Community members don SCDF uniform with same status and power as SCDF regular officers • Working hand in hand with SCDF at the frontline in the areas of : - Fire fighting - Emergency Ambulance Service - Public Education - HAZMAT - Specialist Skills
  39. 39. Thank You